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Prison Break 2 Spoilers

Prison Break 2 Spoilers

Wentworth Miller said his character, season one’s mastermind, will carry a lot less clout in season two.  "Now that we’re outside, there’s no reason for anyone to listen to Michael anymore," he said. "My goal is to get my brother to Mexico as quickly and safely as possible." His brother has other ideas, which creates even more conflict.

Michael’s famous tattoo blanketing his torso will retain its prominence in season two, as it also contains secrets to the men’s survival in the real world.  Much to Miller‘s chagrin: It requires four hours in the makeup chair to apply the thing. "As far as the tattoo, they were smart enough not to tell me and I was foolish enough not to ask," he said, smiling wryly. "At this point, I’m much less of a fan of the tattoo. But it’s such a cool special effect. It’s one of the reasons people tune in. It’s such a great set piece, so it’d be a shame to let it go. So I’m willing to sit in the chair for a few more hours."

Pictures are from yesterday afternoon when Fox held its TCA summer press tour at the Ritz-Carlton in Pasadena, CA.  Also included are screencaps from the upcoming Prison Break :: Season 1 DVD, which is due out August 8th.  The bottom righthand picture is from the behind-the-scenes featurette "Behind the Ink" about the creation of Wentworth‘s tattoo. Thanks, Moondropz! More pictures in the gallery!

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  • crazy fan


  • moondropz

    Aww, you’re most welcome! Love the pictures! Thuds.

  • wentlover

    Great pics. Went is so hot and so handsome. And sexy!!!

  • ChaCha

    Thanks for all the pics Jared like always you’re the first who’s always on top of the game providing us with everything about Miller. Only Went can make those gross tattoes look hot.

  • Doug

    Season 2 DVD?????

  • Duude

    Thanks you Moondropz!And thanks to Jared for the images of ALL the cast (esp Wenty & Dom) at the event.

  • Just Jared

    Haha, thanks Doug. *hits forehead*

  • Me Again!

    Hey just curious…is it true WM is gay? Why does Lainey/Perez label him like that…To each his own…doesn’t discredit his as an actor…look at RHudson….I love Rock…have all his movies…great guy…Just curious.

  • idunno

    omg…. went why are you so hot???? and can’t wait for the DVD of Prison Break…..

  • Melissa J

    Went looks a little sad In the first pic, but he still looks just as pretty as advertised!!! Love him!!!

  • Zack

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  • thirty

    went look sooooooooo handsome. thanks JJ for posting.

  • NM

    GOD HES SOO DAMN HOT !! but u knw those rumours about him bein gay gonna tell me if its tru or not coz am now wonderin…. dnt want him 2 be … :)

  • geniass

    Good lord Jared! A little warning beforehand? Does this mean that WM will be some parts of the Behind the Scenes stuff? Sweet!

  • help

    I really need to know if he’s gay or not, now the wispers are becoming screams, everything inside me says yes……but a small part of me wants to hear no.# Post 8I love the old Rock Hudson movies too.However I’m in shock over the whole gay-thing, I’m sure he’s a nice person, but I don’t want to be decieved…..I just would like to know the truth at this point.I’m sure the producers & network are trying to push the show now and cove-up the whole Wentworth is gay thing….I understand that because there’s a lot of money involved.But … a fan I need to know…’s turning me off hearing all this stuff.

  • ErinMarie79

    Thank you Jared.! Went looks amazing. Amaury is a cutie too.

  • meemee35

    Can’t wait for Season 2. Went looks hot as always. Thank you Jared!

  • WentsTattoo

    Jared – for posting those sexy front and back torso shots of Went, you are officially my HERO! As for the sexual-orientation questions, this is neither the time nor the place to ask cause none of us could truthfully answer those questions except for Wentworth himself. Why worry about it? Almost every hot, talented and single actors out there are being rumored to be gay – even Oprah fell victim to the rumors. Why? I don’t know but I sure as heck don’t give a hoot.

  • stelvill

    Hey giv the guy a break…I beliv it’s OK if Went is gay don’t you think? He also has the right to stardom. But don’t you think it’s also unfair saying that he’s gay and what if he’s not??? Hope we’d just let him be coz the truth will always reveal itself…in time, whatever it may be.

  • su

    wowowow….Jared you are the best… you know how much i love you…….nice…nice…nice……Went you are hot²…….gggggg………..

  • Madi

    As for the tats..just have a 2nd skin shirt made with all the tatoos for Went to wear. Save Fox big bucks not to mention hours of Went gettiang airbrushed. God he is hot!!!

  • LovinWent

    Wentworth Miller is one HOT guy! Not only is he super handsome, but he’s such a talented actor as well. As to the gay rumors…who the hell cares. We should love Went for his acting talents, gorgeous looks and for what he brings to the show – Prison Break. Who he sleeps with is his own business. We ALL are entitled to be happy in life, whatever that happiness means for each individual person. None of us should stand in judgement of another’s life. After all, it’s not like any of us has a snowball’s chance of actually being with Wentworth in real life. Whatever Went’s sexual preference is, the final say about his personal life belongs to him, not us.

  • Annabelle

    Ok, so I don’t know how to post a pic but I am so excited about finally PB coming to DVD that I want to share my fav Went pic…, if you haven’t seen this one, make sure you are sitting down.

  • sassycrab

    get over it!!! if went is gay who really gives a f*%#??!! the man is hot!! hot!! hot!!! his sexual preference will not make one bit of difference!! those of you hung up on his sexuality need a reality check–it’s not like you ever had a shot at being with him!!! it is what it is–went is hot and his show rocks!!!

  • J

    Just saw the pic 1693 no wonder there are rumours out there about him being or not.He really shouldn’t be posing like that not sexy at all.

  • mr. maichan

    I don’t get all this adulation for The Pretty. He can’t hold a candle to Peter Stormare or Robert Knepper. Abruzzi and T-Bag rock my world! ;)

  • june

    That little glimpse of Went’s tighty whities gives me the vapors. Mercy! *fans self*

  • Glamour Diva

    Is he or isn’t he blah, blah, blubbity BLAH! To all the people who insist on commenting/asking about his sexuality, what the freak does it matter? Would it turn you off if he were? Would you not be able to watch the show or any other project he was in? It’s not like you’re ever gonna meet him and become the Missus (or Mister) so why keep going on about it? Your fantasies are just that – FANTASY! So it doesn’t matter what his true sexuality is because what you’re thinking about doing to him is a F.A.N.T.A.S.Y.! Personally I hope he is gay or bi because then I’d only have to share him with the gay boys and the girls like me who could care less! Mmmmmm…nothing better than seeing two (or more) hot, sexy men get it on! Please come out MW and have PDAs all over the place with some equally pretty, young male thing so I can watch and get off! LMAO!

  • Lara


  • prude

    call me shallow but I must admit I’m a little turned off by him now that I’ve heard all the posts about him being g**

  • miss

    Hey # 30 -Prude U R SHALLOW…U people dont even know him and im not sure why u care soooo much about him and his personal life…JUST enjoy the pictures and focus onyour OWN life

  • sillyme

    Dear Wenty Poohow are youplease tell me it’s not turedo you want a man or a woman for your booall the gay talk has got me bluewill I get a chance to meet youI will stick with you like glueI love you so please don’t mis-consturewe wish you well Wenty poobut I’m begging you to give us a clue

  • louveciennes

    Oh, come on… that picture is quite obviously fake. The bizarre body-to-head position screams "Photoshop!", and we all know Went isn’t that skinny. He’s got a little bit of a tummy.

  • Erin

    #23 that is a fake picture. Someone photoshopped Went’s head on. It’s actually of model Jamie Dornan. Google it. *eyeroll*#18- Thank you. Well said.

  • Momo

    does him being gay really matter anyway? it’s not like any of you will ever have a piece of him. :P snap back to reality pls~ umm ya the pic is sexy, i love how u can still see a glimpse of his shyness even when hes trying to look provocative! YUMMY!!! Even if he’s really gay, i love him anyway~ :)Peace Wenty Poo Poo

  • yamioctober28

    it doesn’t change my impression of him,he is such a good natured guy, very decent.he is so sexy,’re just jealous of his popularity that’swhy, you invent and manipulate suchthings which are all baseless. so peopleplease do not ever be insecured, muahhto wenty, of course. i love him to death.yamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii forevever, wohoooo!

  • Pinky

    Robert Knepper is looking GOOD for a 47 year old!!! WM is still my fave though practically every guy on this show is hot, I love PB, I just cant believe this has turned into another gay debate #15 "As a fan i need to know" stop acting like you have a right to know. I could not be more bored of the gay shit man.

  • Grace

    eeeeeee! Robert looks HOTT as a blond. yum!

  • Nicole

    Not that I beleive he is gay but whatever he chooses is his choice but if, in fact, he does turn out to be gay it doesn’t take away from his beauty and talents and frankly, I would be worried if he was gay only if i knew I had a chance in him going out with me. But that aint happening, so do I care. haha

  • Sarah

    I can’t believe that you are all still going on about Wentworth being gay, does it really matter what he like’s women or men, me and the rest of world are never going to meet him, let alone do what we all would want to do to him, so just sit back and enjoy what we see and let him do what he is good at, also can’t wait for season 2 to be show in the UK, if the pictures are anything to go by season 2 is going to be awesome, Wentworth is just so HOT and SEXY in them.

  • NazCa

    Hey!!! we are from Nairobi Kenya in Africa!! and we looooooove Went to death all the way from here..Went if you can hear us MUUUAAAAHH !!!

  • Pabble

    Sleepy Wenty, um, better to take a nap. =) Thanks JJ. ;-)

  • Jan – England

    i love this show, however i was a bit gutted at the ending of season one ,lets hope season two is better , but by the promo pics it looks like it will meet the fans expections. wentworth is gorrrgous, and so is dominic. all the characters deserve alot of reward for outstanding acting.

  • hussein

    hey everyone . how can wentworth be gay i mean get the crap out of this , u saw him kissing sara in prison break , beside every super star get a peice of the pie in hollywood so as far as that shit i realy don’t think he is .

  • NeNo :)


    Wentworth Miller and dominic




  • mocka


  • Olatomiwa

    I want to know what happened to wentworth miller , please send the reply back to me on my box.

  • Olatomiwa

    Tell me more about wentworth miller,Is him still alive? Please tell me more about him because am had rumour here that he’s dead, is it true? Please me back at because am a fan of Wentworth Miller 111. Olatomiwa from Nigeria / Africa.

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  • Dan @ Survive Prison

    Pretty scary stuff…