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Danity Kane Promos

Danity Kane Promos

The girls from MTV’s Making the Band 3, Danity Kane, will drop their self-titled debut album on August 15, led by their first single, “Show Stopper.”  All five girls — Aubrey, Aundrea, D. Woods, Dawn, and Shannon — wrapped up the final episode of Making the Band 3 this past Monday with a concert held at Empire Fulton Ferry State Park in Brooklyn, NYC.  More pictures in the gallery including from the concert!

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  • Betsy

    I was shocked when Diddy/Puff/Whatever name he is currently using told D. Woods that she was one cheeseburger away from being out of the group! I didn’t think she looked fat at all. I do agree with ^^^^^in that they don’t seem like they’ll sell a million but hey, I could be wrong.

  • Bruno

    What pissed me off is that Diddy told Aubrey that she looked like she had a bootleg wig on (when she died her hair brown). Doesn’t his mom wear a bootleg platinum blonde wig? Also if Ashlee Simpson can go triple platinum, dont underestimate these girls. They will at least go platinum. Especially if they are reeling in more than 3 million viewers a week.

  • Rockmelon

    The pictures are not ggod. Most of them look barrel bellied and some of the shots make their legs look too masculine. If Diddy is really guiding their careers, he is not doing a good job by letting this particular group of pictures out.

  • creativegirl

    I’m surprised to see Aundrea in booty shorts and Aubrey all covered up, usually it’s the other way around. I really hate their name, but I’m addicted to the show since it’s been around 3 seasons now so I’m sure I’m not the only one who will be curious to hear what the end result is.

  • Santeezy

    I’m excited. Cop that.

  • sweet pea

    i am so sick of aubrey!!! all she says is " i dont want to be known as the pretty white girl" you are not all that girlfriend . aundrea is ALOT prettier. get over yourself.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like their name.

  • Rachel

    i doubt if they will make it far in the business.

  • tracyt

    hay I hope they do well I like them girls… Aundrea looked like a fool chasin that dude… shes better off without that fool won’t he look dumb when they make it big!!!

  • Jewellz

    Everybody needs to stop hating for real!!!! These girls will go far in the business as long as they have fiath which obviously yall haters don’t have in them!!! Good Luck Danity Cane *Holla*

  • brittaney

    well i disagree wit all yall. da problem with tha other bands was they didnt have any good singles.but i think diddy got great producers to help wit that problem. i think they gon make it. and i will be gettin their album. dust dem haters off ladies.

  • Mariah

    I lyke D.Woods the best. Her and aundrea are the best ones on ther don’t get me wrong I lyke the group but I think P.Diddy can do WAYY better. So keep doing ur thing D!!!!

  • lmao

    I am so glad I found a website that speaks the truth about this show and the band. I loved this show until p diddy picked this wack ass band. Dawn may not be beautiful but she can sing. Aundrea is cute and she can sing. D woods can sing and I like that she doesnt look like a toothpick, the cover of their album is so prejudice to thick women, she is the only one with her legs covered up. Now let me really get going.. Me and my man watch this show together and crack the hell up when Aubreys man looking, too tan, too skinny, too much make up wearing, scraggly ass hair, weird boogy eyed, bird mouth, non singin ass talks about how she is sick of being the beautiful one that cant sing. do you ever notice when she says that whoever she is talking to dismisses it like yeah whateva!!! She is so fuckin diddy it isnt even funny. Remember when she got mad because she wasnt on that one song and diddy was like dont be afraid to say something and she was like I knowwwww i dont have to be. You could fo sure feel the tension between the two. That creepy toothed bitch makes me want to reach through the screen and smack her. my little daughter sings better than her. I know the shit is mean to say but she just irritates me with all the pretty pretty aubrey shit. Also shannon is okay though she makes weird faces when she sings and dominique was the best singer of all of them. p diddy is a fool i wish him luck because he is going to need it. and to all who think im just hatin, im not , i am just speaking the truth and not only ugly people hate because I look way better than that two dollar hooker.

  • Baby girl

    I can’t stand D-woods. She tries too hard to be the center of attention. Her name is wack and not very feminine. It seems like she wants to be a solo star. The name of the gorup is catchy, and I like it. IS it me or doesn’t it seem like Aubrey and Shannon are best friends…and Dawn and Andrea are best friends. D-woods just does her own thing. I thought it was Aubrey and Andrea who were supposed to be clicky clicky since day 1.

  • monica

    I think all of those making positive comments, get shout outs. All of those that are hating even on one of the members sound nuts. I think you are just jealous. I think they are all fab and just because one offers something another one doesn’t (singing/dancing/looks) doesn’t matter. I mean duh, that would be why they are a group. And look at the other seasons where are they? This group will be the one that makes it. I will definitly be buying the alblum. So quit hatin and give the girls some credit. I bet any of you that are critizing don’t have anything any of them have to offer!

  • monica

    Oh yeah, I forgot to say one more thing. To lmao I wonder what you can do. Those were some pretty harsh things you said. I don’t think anyone is intitled to be that mean. And who cares what she is doing with diddy. More power to her, hot man, lots of money, she is living it up. I think you want what she has.

  • Mariana

    umm yeah i think alot of u girls are just hatin on them and to the girls that agree with the rest of the world that these girls will make it .. More power to you ! yeah Lmao is a bitch and u are no one to say all that crap u dont even know them so shut ur mouth !Aubrey does act a little full of herself but u have no say in what she does Im not too crazy about the name but watev im still gonna get the album Good luck girls

  • kk

    First of all let me say you can not form an opinion of a persons personality after viewing them for only 6 hours. Each show is only 30 minutes long and after comercials you only see 15 min of actual footage (that has been edited down). that means the public only sees an hour a month so with that being said you dont know who these girls are, Niether do i, all i know is they can sing and they are all very talented. All of the people hating and making assumptions really need to grow up ,get hobbies, and learn how to deal with their insecurities in ways other than trying to tear down some one eles self asteam. If you dont like them or support them then why are you watching the show. So what if you dont like a member for whatever reason you believe to be true, keep that to your self. Its ashame to see women disrespecting and making degrading comments about other females who they dont even know. Its not like they did anything to any of yall. If yall dont like them stop viewing the show. Obvisiouly you like something if you keep watching the show, or maybe your misserable and have nothing better to do with your time than make fun of people you dont know. Anyway, I hope they go far because they diserve it and worked hard to get it. Its hard for some people speak in front of a small audience. So look at how brave these girls are to allow the media and millions of people to view their life. if you dont like them you have to respect their strength and confidence. I give all of these girls mad props for that. I wish them the best of luck and i will be buying their album.

  • Krista

    first off Aubrey dont listen to any one ur beautiful ma, i know its hard to be a white girl trying to make it n black peoples world. I stay in an all black hood, and im not. and Diddy the band is hot! and show stoppin is mah jam. im from the dirty south, hot Texas baby! so im guna keep yall jamin down hurr. all yall girls are beautiful , D. u give the pirfect touch with ur thickness, shannon ur beatiful darlin! dawn and drea yall get yall singin on! good luck yall are liven yalls dream wish it could be me! i got the looks and moves, but not the voice. but i dont hate yall i appreciate yall doin what ya gota do. so if u sale one album in South Texas it went to me! but yall guna go all out, dont stop jus show stop baby!~~~ love from your girl

  • jb

    actually if u read they thank yous everybody is like dawn is there best friend!!! Shannon says "God has tried to make them cross paths earlier but neither one of us knew it" Both of them was cheerleaders for NBA teams Dawn-New Orlean Hornets Shannon Denver if im not mistaken but everybody says dawn is like their soul mate in the band

  • jb

    Houston, Texas!!!!! They were selling out here!!!

  • kaneisha1015

    i think he couldve done better than aubrey and shannon. i think aubrey is annoying and cant even sing. and it also looks like shes starting to not be able to dance either. and all that stuff about being pretty ooo baby somebody lied to her. and all them closeups of her in the video showstopper you know she must be doing somebody. dawn, aundrea, and d woods could make a great group. To tell the truth i think that aubrey and shannon is holding them three back. Aubrey and shannon need to go back where they came from and give up on music. plzzzzzzzzzzzz! but dawn, aundrea, and d woods keep doing yall thing, you go gurls.

  • Morgana

    I LOVE DANITY KANE the album is great not a bad song on it. Though to be honest I was pissed when Dominque was not picked that girl can sing her ass off so what if she wasn’t a poster child for ananorexics she could have been the next Aretha but who knows maybe she’ll come out with an album too. But the Danity Kane CD which I bought as soon as it came out is really good can’t wait for the next one. But can anyone answer me this? Where the hell are the videos and why don’t radio station play their songs. Diddy or whoever is managing them needs to get them more exposure I’d hate to see them disband. Love all the girls and doesn’t Andrea look a little like christina Agulria?

  • freshandfab

    well look at them now haterzzzzz!!!!!!!

  • makayla

    ok i am so confused who the hell is who. tell me name by name with some characteristics on how hey look!