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Prince Harry: Erection?

Prince Harry: Erection?

As reported in a UK-based newspaper this morning… Polo-loving Prince Harry, 21, caught the sun — and admiring glances from passing fillies — at a match yesterday.  Onlookers wondered if he had a polo mallet in his porkcet, or whether he was just glad to see gorgeous girlfriend Chelsy Davy, 21, at the game in Windsor.  An onlooker scowled: "Some blokes have all the luck.  Chelsy must be a very happy girl."  Inset (right): Prince Harry takes a ciggie break with girlfriend Chelsy Davy.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • yindi


  • angelah

    2nd!! he’s hot!

  • who

    i can’t figure out who he looks like, his dad or mum?

  • C

    I seriously think that he’s more of an animal than his brother. Hot as Hell!

  • Pierre-Yves.

    Let’s remember that bastard dressed up as a Nazi soldier once.What a douche bag.

  • hotness

    Way hotter than his brother. Love the red hair. mmmmm….

  • ????

    you know Will looks like a mix between his mom and dad. Now about Harry’s looks….um you think Charles is the father? Don’t go crazy, but I can’t see any resemblance to his dad at all. A little of diana. And does anyone else in that family have red hair? I think not. Just a theory.

  • shirls

    that 1st pic cracked me up lol

  • Erich

    ‘Let’s remember that bastard dressed up as a Nazi soldier once…’HOT!

  • Jake

    It’s been suggested many times that Harry is a bastard. He looks quite a bit like the riding instructor that Diana cheated on Charles with, but nothing like Charles.

  • Alex

    He’s so much hotter than Wills.

  • Cheddar

    Good Lord I’ll be thinking about that first pic at work all night tonight!!! First it was those hot pics of Brad in those jeans (what kind of jeans were those?) squatting next to a bike and now this, it’s too much for one gal to take!!!To #7- Red hair is a Spencer trait. Diana’s brother Charles has a hint of red in his hair. I know what you are trying to get at with the whole Hewitt scandal, and it is entirely possible that Harry is not a Wales since Diana openly admitted to the affair. There are times when I see a resemblance of Charles in Harry. As for William, I think he is looking more like his uncle the Earl Spencer. :)

  • ????

    Thanks for the explanation Cheddar. I knew Diana had an affair but I didn’t really know the details of it. I still don’t think he looks like his father. Anyways wherever his genes came from, Harry is a hottie. lol. ;)

  • Maria

    Charles is decended from German line and from Elizabeth the 1st — who had RED HAIR! I mean the only true ‘English’ person in that whole line was Diana! She was a red blue blood. All the royals are from German stock and as mixed as some of the royal dogs. Both boys are lookers – again, thanks to Diana. AND remember that Diana’s brother is also a red head.

  • ****

    Diana didn’t meet her riding instructor beau until after Harry’s birth. Diana’s brother and one of her sisters have red hair. Harry looks just like the sister. When he was born, there were reports in the U.K. press about Charles’ disappointment that the child looked so much like a Spencer.

  • Maria

    #15. Thank goodness Harry looks like a Spencer and not a Windsor. My gosh, have you seen the Queen’s daughter Anne? Queen Elizabeth was such a pretty girl when she was young as was sister Margaret. She’s still a pretty mature woman. I mean, really, Charles is nothing to look at as is the younger brother. Andy was a looker, but then he must be from the ‘French’ side of the family. All in all, the royals are not very pretty people. Everyone must be happy Camilla can’t have any more children. Imagine what would come from that breeding — Charles & Camille. YUCK!!!



  • harry is hot

    #17 VenessaStop shouting, you egocentric American! This is an international forum, for one thing…. For another, how has his life "gone to crap"? By all accounts, he is the most like Diana. He does the most charity work, and so does his girlfriend, whom he met while taking a year to work in Africa with refugees and AIDS victims. He has a lot more going for him than Brandon Davis, or that messed-up twit Fabian, or Talan Toriero or whatever his name is, or other rich young idiots.His mother would be proud.

  • creativegirl

    I think it’s sad that Diana is not here to see what her boys have become. It’s coming up on 9 years now. I remember getting up at the crack of dawn when I was a little girl to watch her wedding on tv. Then how upset I was for some reason the night she died. It was like – how could Princess Diana be dead, things like that just don’t happen. Anyway – I used to think Wills was better looking he clearly does remind me of Diana in many ways but lately in photos it appears like his hairline is receeding a bit. I used to think Harry wasn’t so attractive, but he’s grown into his looks and I’m sure will get better with age. Either way, thank goodness Diana had them in their formative years they will definitely do some good and have not done anything any more crazy than all normal teenagers and young people do.

  • Original jpf

    Let’s remember that his judgement was bad on that one (the nazi uniform), but that it shouldn’t cancel out all the sincere giving of his time to those things that have carried on his mothers legacy such as his voluntarily spending time in Africa lending a helping hand to AIDS children.jpf

  • Diana

    I love Harry. He’s so hot.

  • cam

    You guys have to check out Harry’s cousin, George MCCORQUODALE (by his mother’s side). They’re SO much alike! They looked like twins when they were kids.

  • cheddar

    #13- You are welcome! :)#20- You are 100% right. The poor guy has appologized for it. When I think about all the foolish stuff I did in my teens and early 20′s, Im just glad it wasn’t broadcasted on TV and in every magazine.#22- Yeah I’ve seen a pic of him. He and Harry look a lot alike.

  • clay

    You should also remember that there were rumors about Andrew’s birth. He was conceived and born at a time when Queen Elizabeth was pretty unhappy with Prince Philip. And when he turned out to look very different from the rest of the Windsor men, eyebrows were lifted. When you are Queen, you can get away with a lot of things.

  • Rachel

    i guess he holds his own when compared to his brother.

  • jackie

    mmm he is quite a gentleman i wish i was his gf

  • Marcheline

    Okay, first of all this boy is fugly. Nasty red hair and washed out complexion – ew! Nobody would give him a second look if he wasn’t the son of royalty. Secondly, his pants are obviously creased from being seated, and the angle of the sun is what is making the shadow – not his package.Let’s get back to ogling the really good-looking guys, shall we? Hell, I’d rather ogle good-looking girls than this boring lump!- M

  • sarah

    mmmmm yummy. he is so hot. i prefer him over his brother any day

  • Kari

    His thing looks about as thick as the cigarette. Please!!

  • ryanstarr

    hubba hubba!! chelsy’s one lucky bitch!! by the looks of that pic he’s got a long schlong! a royal standing ovation! heh. he shud be king with that size of a dong! i know i’d worship him. hott beyond hott! (:

  • jayme

    YES its real… i know a gal who blew him, she said it’s huge, and he’s a heavy cunner.

  • andrea

    chelsy is really ugly. harry deserves better

  • Dean

    so the royal jewels are well built? big deal….most of the british lads I’ve mucked around with..( and there have been a few of em too, thanx boyz ) have had a good mallet to swing be sure… we need to see him in a speedo…tucked or primed for business…any fella worth his salt in the sac….can tell if another bloke is packing or not!!

  • bookworm1171

    Red hair comes from blondes. Wills and Harry are both hunks. Thank God they didn’t take after their father and his big ears.

  • florida

    Nice package. I wonder what William has to deliver? Would really love to eat (oop "met") them both.

  • Andy

    Ah yes.. Diana- the poor little wanna be hasbeen who betrayed her class, her husband, and her country!

  • Tilly

    To #36. How dare you insult Diana like that you classless piece of trash! Were you raised in a barn? Obviosly. Diana was madly in love with Charles when she married him. No doubt your so shallow if given the chance you would mary him regardless. Diana did the best she could under the pressure of the media, her husband, and the whole British monarchy. She was a loving, caring person who truely wanted things to work in her marraige. She did so much good in the world and is deeply missed. She loved her boys more than life itself and has reshaped the British monarchy forever. The reason Harry has done some of the stupid things he’s done (Nazi custome, smoking), is because he doesn’t have his mothers guidence. Not that that makes up for the Nazi custome insident. That was a severe lack of judgement on his part and he has apologized. Luckily, she was around to shape him and instill values in him that Camilla could have never done if she had raised him. I’m sure if she were alive she would slap Harry for those things. Charles cheated with Camilla the homewrecker before Diana cheated on him. Diana was a loyal woman. Granted, it was wrong for her to cheat, and Charles cheating on her is no excuse to do so. But she tried to make things work until she came to relise it was no use. You disgust me. What is wrong with you? Are you too stupid to see all the good she did in the world, or was there no cable in the hole you lived in? Go crawl back to your cave.

  • Abbey

    i agree w/ tilly. all the way. go crawl back to ur hole 36. Harry rocks.

  • beachbabe86

    #36, ur an idiot. get a back bone and integrity. like diana

  • Sasha

    Hello andy. First I would like to start off by saying i totally agree with tilly. She was wrong about one thing you weren’t raisd in a barn, u just wollowed there amoung the pigs. As a true british patriot it is my duty to inform you about the real story. Diana loved Charles. Why would she marry him if she didn’t love him. She had money before. So obviously it wasn’t about the money or stardom. It was about LOVE. And anyway, what would you know about love, eh. You proboble just shag anyone who walks by you. Besides, the british monarchy would not approve of you so you should just not talk about them. You put people down so you can feel better about yourself. My mum is a social worker and here is a phone # where u can get help. I hope your parents know that you are gay. 1-800-543- GAYS

  • dan

    Maria posted:
    Charles is decended from German line and from Elizabeth the 1st — who had RED HAIR! I mean the only true ‘English’ person in that whole line was Diana! She was a red blue blood. All the royals are from German stock and as mixed as some of the royal dogs. Both boys are lookers – again, thanks to Diana. AND remember that Diana’s brother is also a red head.

    Sorry, Elizabeth was a Tudor, and had no children, at least none that were in the lineage, and if I’m not mistaken, the last Tudor.
    Yes Harry and William are from the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha line.
    That was the last name of the royal family until WWI, when they changed their last name to Windsor, due to being at war with Germany.

  • Anne

    #27 and #29: Some statements we make about others make US look bad.

  • david

    Harry is horribly ugly, girls say hes hot cos the the prince (as if thats something to be proud of)

    and if anybody wants to say I am jealous, I will more than happily show pics on my computer which prove i am way better looking


  • Lovesick Billy

    I know this is OLD, but have you seen the Prince Harry sculpture by American Artist Daniel Edwards? Check it out:

  • wills

    Harry is his well leat 8,5 inchos,Per his .mates from the afganistan service..Hot and more like a Hewitt spencer !!!

  • britsoldier

    yea i was in Afghanistan with hime and when we showered together i was shocked by his size because im like 9 inches but we measured it and his dong was over 11 inches and he had bright red pubes

  • britsoldier

    yea i was in Afghanistan with hime and when we showered together i was shocked by his size because im like 9 inches but we measured it and his dong was over 11 inches and he had bright red pubes

  • Izzy

    I will open my legs for him, name the time and the place, Harry!

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  • Tiara

    OMG. Harry way so ugly when he was little. Can’t believe what a HOTTIE he’s turned into. Never thought i’d hear myself say that a redhead is HOT. Mmmmmm!