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Benji Schwimmer: SYTYCD

Benji Schwimmer: SYTYCD

Cousins Benji Schwimmer and Heidi Groskreutz were partners on last night’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance.  They danced phenomonally to Broadway and Mambo.  Watch their Broadway routine below.  More pictures in the gallery from last night and the TCA summer press tour.

WHO’S GOING HOME? :: Ryan!  And Donyelle?

(Video removed)

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  • Maria

    GO BENJI & HEIDI!!! LOVE THESE TWO. Their Mombo routine was BRILLANT!!!

  • crybabyAniston

    I love Donyelle but isn’t she injured and been having trouble keeping up. I didn’t get a chance to watch the show this week but I do luv me some Donyelle. Benji is a true gift…he loves dancing and it’s a joy to watch him dance. All way bring it.

  • KristenLeigh

    Benji and Heidi are fantastic together as dancers and I couldn’t be happier for them to get to dance together, especially in the finals! I think all of these dancers are great, but at the end of every week, Benji is still my favorite and that hasn’t changed since I first started watching this season. He’s fantastic and I really hope he wins! You can tell he truly loves dancing and like crybabyAniston said, he’s simply a joy to watch. GO BENJI!!

  • Marr

    does ne1 have a site to watch some of the dances from last nite, i missed it!

  • Sally


  • Maria

    I loved Benji with Donelle. They were so electric together. I also want Benji to win. I think Allison is very good as well, and Heidi too — love my Heidi, but Benji is just a joy to watch. I think Natalie is hurt as it Donelle. I’m hoping the 10 come to New York so I can see them in person. That should be so much fun. These 10 look like they really, really live each other. I think Ryan and Natalie are gone next week. I hope Donelle can stay another week and dance with Benji again.

  • mr. maichan

    Heidi and Benji’s mambo was in credible, but really, I feel sad for all the girls who have crushes on Benji.It looks like it’s Ryan’s time to go tonight, but for some reason, I could see Travis going home, too. And as much as I hate to say it, Donyelle is probably going home tonight.

  • Maria

    #7. Can’t see video. What happened? Benji is a ‘church going’ guy and won’t do the ‘wild thing’ unless he’s married, so ‘yes’, I feel sorry for the gals who have a crush on him. I don’t think he’s gay, do you? If so, WHO CARES — Love the way he dances. I think it’s Natalie & Ryan. They had ‘zero’ chemistry last night. Keeping fingers crossed our favourites stay another week.

  • maichan

    Benji is actually a "temple-going" Mormon, so yeah, no premarital horizontal mambo for Mr. Schwinner.

  • maichan

    ^^Oops, mistyped his name – Pardon moi, Mr. Schwimmer.

  • Ryan go home

    Ryan Must go home. It’s tooooooo late.He is So gay. Like a girl (Girl who has no attractive).He must go home. or Gay bar.He’s smile and dance move disgusting.I know he is good dancer! but…So Fag.

  • mr. maichan

    Yay! Homophobia at JJ!Um Ryan probably isn’t gay…he was totally crushing on Natalie at the beginning. Unless he likes his fag hags hot instead of fat…or something.



  • ms mimi

    #12/ I also think Ryan is a Gay. That’s so obvious! lol Yeah He was totally crushing on Natalie because she has her own Queen style like Madonna. We all know that Gay man loves that kind of style of woman. That’s the reason Ryan loves Natalie. He is A GAY. I’m not Homophobia but I also Ryan is too much acting like a GAY. That’s not intersting.

  • Michelle

    It has to be Ryan. And hopefully Natalie. I love Allison too much to see her go!!

  • Richgirl

    I too believe Ryan is gay. I used to dance as a kid and teen, and he so reminds me of a friend of mine is is paralyzed now. He had the same grin as my friend has. He also has the mannerisms of a gay man, no doubt. I know a little something like that, since a family member of mine who died recently was gay.In any case, I felt Ryan was one of the better dancers there. So sorry he was booted tonight. I definitely voted for him several times.I’m absolutely shocked that Alison was booted. Thought she would have won the whole thing, according to the judges’ early call when the show began this season. Allison looks to be of mixed race. Does anyone know her ethic background? Just curious.Also, I hate to say this. But although Donyelle is a good dancer and all. I’m just not that into her. I feel as though her weight issues take away from her form — her line — asthetically. I just don’t see her as a dancer, let alone dancing in Celine Dion’s Vegas show. I could have seen Martha in that role more than Donyelle.Oh. And I believe the big guy got a new one ripped after that comment about Heidi looking like a Cabbage Patch Doll when she winces and dances. I’m sure Mary and others informed him that it was an insult to Heidi, rather than him being funny and cute. He sure made a point of correcting himself afterwards. As he should.Anyone out there agree? Could give me more background info on the cast members?– Richgirl

  • Meredith

    OMG!!!! i am a HUGE Allison & Ivan fan, and i was SUPER shocked to see her go home……and so was Ivan, as u can see if you saw his face……..he was about to cry……i know i did…..for like an hour……..i guess that proves how big of a fan i am of hers….i just LOVE them 2gether……..they should totally date…………cause they look CRAZY good together, and their chemistry is AWESOME!! he was super excited when they got paired up again, so you can tell he really likes her…………and i were her, i’d like him too…………..and if i were him(which i’m not, cause i’m a girl)i would like her too……..she’s gorgeous…….but i’m a straight girl, so nvrmind…………………I was outraged at America’s decision, i voted 4 her like A LOT, so i know it’s not my fault, but i still feel like i could’ve voted more………..but she, Ivan, me, and all the other Alli fans i know were COMPLETELY & UTTERLY shocked……….Allison should’ve won it ALL, and Donyelle or Nat should’ve gone home 2night………i am pi$$ed……… no end…………….America made the worst decision EVER, and they will regret it………….especially when some crappy girl makes it to the end………..

  • Amanda

    i loved allison and ivan too i was so happy when she picked him out of the hat.. it just shows how much better they dance when they are partnered..i was very depressed to see her go tonite and i could tell travis and ivan were very sad too…i voted for her and ivan like crazy last nite so i dont know what the hell happened…im sorry but natalie should have gone home

  • nonono

    I love Ivan But he should go home.His dance suck.This is the show for real DANCER!

  • Maria

    Alison’s gone!!!! Wow, I really thought it would be Natalie. I think both girls were amazing, but Alison had a edge over Natalie. I knew Ryan was leaving, that was a sure thing, but he is an incredible dancer. I’m so glad the 10 are going on Tour. I got the dates from the web and they’ll be in New York in October. Can’t wait to see the 10 in person!!Doesn’t matter who’s gay or who isn’t. What matters is that they entertain us. At least that’s what matters to me. Heck, I knew Richard Chamberlain was gay, but that didn’t stop me from loving him in Shogun. A person’s private life is their own and we should all be happy that we have dancers – whether gay or not that entertain us. Righ? Righ! Oh, Benji’s a Mormon. Oh well, who cares. Love the guy. Just love him!

  • Ari

    I totally thought it was going to be Natalie last night, but I have to say that I am very, very pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t. Allison has royalties coming in from "High School Musical" already, so it’s not like she’s going to be lacking either exposure or further career opportunities. At this point, any of them could be cast tomorrow in any number of Broadway shows. It was time for Ryan to go—he simply lacks the versatility that the other guys have…and even though I think Benji is the greatest, it’s Ivan who has grown the most through the show. Does that make him the best? No, but kudos to him.Why has no one mentioned little Travis? It’s a TRAVESTY that we’ve left him out. All tearful and boo-hooing through the ending? I thought he was going to throw up when they were reading out the results. Did anyone notice that one guy in the audience totally queening out and screaming his name? He was in a blue tshirt with the perspiration soaking though—-but he was hollering so forcefully I thought he was going to charge the stage and make mad boy love to Travis right there. Check your Tivo folks, and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Maria

    #21. Oh you saw him too!! I thought he was going mad. I love Travis, but the spinning is not going to win it for him. He’s got to be more versatile. Ivan has show he’s totally grown. That routine with the umbrellas was wonderful, but poor Travis is still just spinning. Not that he’s not good, but remember last year, the Asian girl that always had the high kick and was told by the judges after one of her dances when she didn’t high kick (she was runner up) that they were pleased and they were getting a bit bored with the move all the time.

  • xavier

    for god sakes it’s on tv get a cute guy like travis to win it not a dog like benji…woof

  • xavier

    lets get a cutie like travis to win not dog face boy benji

  • D.

    okay.seriuosly benji CANNOT win. stop voting for him he isnt that good all he can do is swing! think about it-the winner has to perform in celine dions show which is lyrical which benji cannot do! why is everyone so in love with him? i dont get it he is so annoying to me and ive never liked him since the show began. TRAVIS is the one you should all be voting for!!!!

  • nikki

    I have major crushes on dmitry,ivan, and travis but I think travis should win not just on his looks lol but he is a really good dancer


    I love BENJI SCHWIMMER so much and he is totally going to win!! Why do so many people think he is gay? Well he is not and he is so hot and I am a girl! I am happy he is not gay!!! I think either BENJI or TRAVIS are going to WIN! I loved it when BENJI and TRAVIS (Tranji )preformed together! I loved how they came out in nerdy clothes and then turned into like gangsters! BENJI is so gonna win the whole entire thing! ID you know that the winner gets 100,000 dollars and a new car and a 1 year contract with Celine Dion! KENZ

  • monica

    I just love benji, Hes a really great dancer and i trully think that hes going to win. Benji is the hottest guy up there. I watch the show every wednesday and thursdays. I know that benjies not gay cause u can tell hes not. some people are just ideots. any way love you benjie. Cant wait to see you win.

  • Tabatha