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Jake & Matthew Biking Again!

Jake & Matthew Biking Again!

The studs in spandex are back!  Biking buddies Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConaughey were out cycling through Malibu again yesterday afternoon. Tour de France champ Lance Armstrong was MIA this time around though…  he’s making a surprise visit in Iowa to ride in the bike tour called Ragbrai (pictures available). Thanks, Jenny

HMMM :: Are the biking shorts and skin-tight spandex becoming all too common for the Jakester?  Are Jake and Matthew wearing matching hats and sandals?  Cute!

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jake matthew biking spandex 01
jake matthew biking spandex 02
jake matthew biking spandex 03
jake matthew biking spandex 04
jake matthew biking spandex 05
jake matthew biking spandex 06
jake matthew biking spandex 07
jake matthew biking spandex 08
jake matthew biking spandex 09
jake matthew biking spandex 10
jake matthew biking spandex 11
jake matthew biking spandex 12
jake matthew biking spandex 13
jake matthew biking spandex 14
jake matthew biking spandex 15
jake matthew biking spandex 16
jake matthew biking spandex 17
jake matthew biking spandex 18
jake matthew biking spandex 19
jake matthew biking spandex 20
jake matthew biking spandex 21
jake matthew biking spandex 22
jake matthew biking spandex 23
jake matthew biking spandex 24
jake matthew biking spandex 25
jake matthew biking spandex 26

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  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Oh my God, yes! Matching hats, too!

  • Just Jared fan

    Where is matts spandex, I would not mind at all to see his member out lined in some skin tight shorts &:>

  • Rinna

    They are so hot! But Jake’s hotter, that smile is so cute!!!!

  • moonbeams

    Excuse me while I have cardiac arrest! OMG! Jakey in spandex! Delicious!

  • LD

    I love Jake’s spandex!!

  • Just Jared fan

    too bad his shirt is not buttoned down like last time…. when his welcome matt was out for every-one to see

  • yindi

    wowwwww~~~~~Jake is so cute and sexyyyy!!!I love him…

  • Reet Petite

    OMGoddess…I hope Perez doesn’t get a hold of this picture. ‘They are so gay’ seems to be his battle cry. I think MM is all man though…..

  • Perez

    OMG they are so gay. They might as well put a big sign in front of them saying ‘Gay men walking’. So ghey…

  • telecritic

    Good lord, people who bike WEAR SPANDEX!! I really do love your site the best out of all of them but honestly, your comments border on the ridiculous when it comes to things like this.I also think how much it would suck ass to be trying to live your regular life and do things like go cycling with your buddy and have photographers following your every move. Think about how much that would suck! I know, people will jump down my throat and say they’re rich and famous, it’s what they signed up for…I don’t agree with that though. Their chosen profession, like any of ours, doesn’t and shouldn’t extend into their private lives.

  • movie?

    so is all this spandex & biking for a lance armstrong movie? who’s gonna star as lance jake or matt?

  • cheddar

    I love this blog!!!#8 & #9- You two are funny! :)

  • Frankie

    Jakes got hot legs. But come on guys would it hurt to shave?

  • anasazy

    The clothes are the same because it’s all from Nike’s L. Armstrong -fashion line (10/2 or something)

  • spanky

    The reason that Lance is MIA is that he is in Iowa doing RAGBRAI and plans to testify Friday at a Senate field hearing on cancer research and funding at the University of Iowa. Go Lance!



  • lemon

    I love bikes and riding races. I think jake’s really hot even in such pretty tight pants. But on these pics his hair seem to look almost blond – anyway brighter than othertimes, doesn’t it?Just his beard isn’t very neccesarily (or how ever you write it!) He looks good hairy – but he looks better cleaned out *g*

  • justMe

    they look like twins! wtf? even both have white unbottoned shirts in one photo!

  • Kelly

    DAMN!!!!!! Jake I love you

  • junglegirljlt

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PFFF

    CAMEL TOE!!!

  • decanus

    Drool :) i love jake!

  • moonbeams

    I am impressed that Matthew was wearing his seat belt. But I worry. It has been reported that Matthew doesn’t like to wear deodarant and is totally natural so he must stink after riding and sweating. I don’t want him to upset Jakey with all his odors. Jakey is god! I LOVE him.

  • g121


  • Nato

    Shut up beyochesJakey is all MINE!!

  • Rachel

    oh i swear. i never want to see pictures of them biking anymore.

  • no_matter

    awwww jakey and this body of his…. yummm

  • gestell

    they look like two "FREDS"

  • georgi

    I agree with telecritic. There has to be a comfort level somewhere between a photographer and his subjects.