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Jennifer Aniston Legs: Most Perfect in Hollywood

Jennifer Aniston Legs: Most Perfect in Hollywood

How hot are Jennifer Aniston‘s legs?  According to a "scientific" study, Jennifer Aniston has the most perfect legs in Hollywood. Scientists came up with a specific formula, which involves multiplying the proportions of the leg and thigh, and the texture of skin, to calculate the perfect pair of pins.

Aniston scored an impressive 14.67, the highest score of anyone tested because of her "ideal" proportions of her legs and her smooth skin. Dr. Aric Sigman, who conducted the study for electronics giant Braun., said: "For men, the ideal leg is shapely, full and smooth with a semi-gloss sheen. Women want the same thing – only two sizes smaller." The study also showed most British men preferred women to have more shapely legs like curvy Beyoncé Knowles.

[Pictures include Jennifer Aniston in and out of Moxie Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, California on July 12 (pink shirt) and 18.]

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315 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Legs: Most Perfect in Hollywood”

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  1. 1
    lety Says:

    She always looks great!

  2. 2
    What!!!!!! Says:

    What STUPID THING…. IS THIS FOR REAL?Who cares…..

  3. 3
    thank gods Says:

    Jared,Thanks for this thread. Now the JA fans have their own sandbox to play in.

  4. 4
    puzzled Says:

    Smooth skin?Don’t know about that.!!!How smart this Huvane guy.Always trying to get his gal in the news.

  5. 5
    Couldnt agree mor Says:

    I couldnt agree more, she has the best legs, well done Jen! She loks fab in thses pics as always, fresh & natural!!But then again, shre always looks great, never has to get her kit out to impress anyone, kee p it up JEN!!

  6. 6
    Jen Fan Says:

    Perhaps brangelians would be happier if King Jared just didn’t put JA up on his board–and perhaps Jen’s fans wouldn’t even mind that so much either. Speaking for myself, seems unlikely that her fans would come here anymore for ‘news’–plenty of other good sites for that. I think Jen’s fans mostly come here because they need to defend her against that steady stream of of visciousness, often unfounded in any truth at all. Just saying…. lol.And #3, just curious–who are those gods you’re thanking?

  7. 7
    oh come on! Says:

    No, her legs are too short. Somone like Heidi Klum or Giselle Bundchen have beatiful legs; hers are sort of stubby. Her publicist paid someone off as usual.

  8. 8
    Ummm, Clinq... Says:

    Before you embarrass yourself too much you may want to the check the dates on the pictures?Don’t bother responding because unlike you, I don’t hang on J all day. Out.

  9. 9
    fan Says:

    Hey, Cliniqua, get out of here!! Sad nutters like you arent wante don this thread. This pic of Jen is about 3 weeks old if you look on tmz so looks like your marriage wrecker is copying Jen with her smock top!!!!!!!!!!! Know your facts before you start Jen bashing you fruit loop!!!!

  10. 10
    thank God Says:

    And #3, just curious–who are those gods you’re thanking?Typo. Should have been "thank God."

  11. 11
    Maria S. Says:

    Ansiotn leg ?where is Maria Sharapova and Giseel B. ? this was just like Maniston honoring as the man of the year in GQ mag.

  12. 12
    Maria Says:

    I agree with #9. Her legs are too short. Giselle has beautiful legs. How much money to JA pay for th is study?

  13. 13
    QQQQ Says:

    Why Jared, why?????? It was great not seeing her for a while

  14. 14
    Me Too Says:

    This is one of the most desperate newsworthless items they could come up with to keep her in the news. Way to go Huvane. Can’t wait till Babel comes out and then there ought to be a flurry of Jenny beauty items.

  15. 15
    zzzzz... Says:

    ZZZzzzzzzz….BORING……..Don’t pay attention to # 6 | Jen Fan you rock and she knows it…after all she’s here!

  16. 16
    zzzzz.... Says:

    Goodness, these pictures a soooo boring that I forgot to ad that I was telling JARED to nevermind that #6.

  17. 17
    TDancer Says:

    I think Nicole Kidman has much much better legs! Just my humble opinon (I know I know–keep it to myself on this thread). However, Nicole’s legs just go on and on and on…Jen’s legs to me look too heavy in the calves.

  18. 18
    creativegirl Says:

    I’m a BAMZS fan, but I wouldn’t hesitate to say she has great legs for her size proportion. Not amazonian supermodel legs, but great none-the-less.I defer back to those B&W pics of her and Vince on the cover of EW or Premiere – I don’t remember which, but they were really great. I’d love to have them.I just know that 30 years from now she will look back and say her biggest regret was not having a family with Brad.

  19. 19
    AddictedtoBAMZs Says:

    Her legs are fine. They are flat out not the best in Hollywood. Note that these "scientists" limit the contestants for this title to "those tested." Perhaps J A was the only volunteer to be "measured and calibrated"…meaningless and pointless and self-serving from her publicist. And don’t honest -to- goodness genuine scientists have better things to do these days than measure Jennifer Aniston’s legs, like global warming and tidal waves and all? Pretty sketchy story, sorry…

  20. 20
    gee Says:

    Man, her hair looks like crap without extensions. Check out the back. So very raggedy.

  21. 21
    X is Fugly Says:

    She still looks like Dustin Hoffman. Just Fugly as Fugly can be.

  22. 22
    clever publicist Says:

    HA ! so only the legs are worst getting TOPS in polls ??? Whatever happen to the face ? Oh I get it – the once the face is associated with the legs , everything that the publicists hoped to achieved with the poll get washed down the drain . Ya , it’s quite tough being her publicist, got to get creative with marketing this client of his. But he got something going, he completely fabricated an empty uninteresting girl into some fraud iconic symbol called" American sweetheart" NOT ! One word to sum it up …FRAUD , she is a FRAUD !just a recap of what Ms Ansition really look like ..follow this link

  23. 23
    No way Says:

    Please. I see cellulite.

  24. 24
    oh come on! Says:

    # 14 Maria—-Just because her legs are tan and she wears very high heels does not mean she has good legs. The real test is when a woman wear flats, because heels make anyone’s legs look sexier. Jessica Alba comes to mind as well. Look at the behind picture of JA–those are OK legs but not great. It’s just another PR stunt for her because she’s not getting married or having a movie come out.

  25. 25
    Madison Says:

    JA reportedly beat out Jessica "stumpy legs" Simpson and Christina Aguilera with this. Well, if those two are her competiton, I’ll say she is the run away winner!!! Good job Huvane!!! Best Legs compared to women who have the worst legs in Hollywood!!! lol

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