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Pharrell Skateboard Contest

Pharrell Skateboard Contest

Pharrell Williams describes his first solo album ‘In My Mind’ as "cultish and small" and it’s exactly that.  Highlighting a diverisifed man, the album is broken into two: 7 rap songs and 7 R&B songs.  "It’s for members only, like a secret handshake… we’re a genre of idealistic thinkers, and we’re growing," Pharrell says.  "We have our own purpose. And it’s called ‘art.’""  Catch Pharrell (or Skateboard P, as he calls his youthful alter ego throughout the album) performing tomorrow on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

LISTEN :: Pharrell - "In My Mind" (Full Album)

PRIZES UP FOR GRAB :: (1) The Grand Prize Winner will receive: Pharrell "In My Mind" Skateboard deck, a copy of the new album "In My Mind," a $100 giftcard, and a Pharrell "In My Mind" mini poster.(2) Second Place: A copy of the "In My Mind" album and a Pharrell "In My Mind" mini poster.  (3) Third Place: A copy of "In My Mind" album

HOW TO WIN FREE SWAG::  To win the Pharrell "In My Mind" contest, leave a comment in this entry with a 5-10 line rap about the one and only Pharrell (no explicit lyrics).  One entry per person.  Be sure to include a valid email address (not published).  Entries must be made before Friday, August 4 @ 7PM EST.  May the best rapper win!

UPDATE :: Here are the winners… check out their raps, they’re sick!! Thanks to everyone else who entered, I really enjoyed reading them all. *drumroll* (1st) #12 Vanessa (2nd) #19 E.N. (3rd) #11 Joey Ofori

Pharrell feat. Kanye West – "Number One"
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  • Mark

    I have no idea who that is. Is he supposed to be black or Phillipino? Not that it matters but he’s just a little weird looking.I’m guessing its the jackass from NERD? Since when were they even that popular. Ah well. I don’t want his album and if I rode his stupid deck I’d have to kick my own ass.

  • chris

    whoa hey its the better half of n.e.r.di hate that i have to make a rap to win thisthe only thing i want is the deckso i can be a poser like lupe fiascofiascos a hater for one reason onlyits because PHARRELL CANT SKATEview the weeklydrop episode 10 to get the reference to lupe

  • Ed

    I listened to Pharrell todayHe sounds tough, but he looks gayI bet he and Kanye be spooningWhen Pharrel gets it up the butt he be crooningWhy do his beats for Brit sound hotYet his own "hits" do notI loved his work with GwenHe goes by Skateboard P? Since when?Is he trying to pull a DiddyIn the second pic he looks prettyIs Pharrell trying to be white…what a pity.I’m not a rapper or pretending to be like Pharrell, but I tried my best. I do respect Pharrell and love half of his beats…mostly the ones that aren’t his. I wish he came out like Lance though. Have you guys seen his Louis Vuitton ads? Come on… he looks so gay in those. I think he even has lipstick on in the ad. I can’t stand that really homo video with him and Kanye. Since when do straight men like Louis Vuitton and wear loafers with no socks. Also when Pharrel is not dressing preppy, he’s trying to be a skateboarder…give me a break. A black man that skates? WTF? I don’t buy it. (BTW YES I’m a gay black man so I’m not being racist or homophobic)

  • Frank

    Pharrell is the manThe man of his artMusic Beats Music BeatsSome may even call him a N.E.R.D.He may well be the Bach of beatsBusta, Diddy, NellyGo to the man ofMusic BeatsWow my first rap and it could possibly be the worst thing I ever written but I gave it a try. It’s better then most people can say and I’m talking about the ones that can only post negative comments. Good luck to all.Pherrel if your out there, can I live your life for a day? Ladies Ladies everywhere

  • surburban

    i come hood / where honey’s b lookin good/ where brothers b smokin good / can’t tell us nothing we up to no good / we fight 4 tha wrong / trow rocks at good/ how many times do hear this story /. feelin / like traped hood cause dirty bird on us .

  • jonathan m.

    look closely, pharrell looks like Kermit the Frogyou won’t catch him hanging with miss piggy or a ugly hogHe makes beats that got me to drop like its hotNot too flashy, so he can’t be a snotA ladies man, he got gwen to hollabackif you don’t know Skateboard P, you don’t know jack

  • LD

    OMG all those comments cracked me up. My favorite so far has to be number 3. Ed everything you said is true. I love Pharrell he is so sexy and I want to have his kids. I love his new song Number One with kanye. I’m not even gonna try rapping for the swag, but it doesn’t matter because I already have his CD.

  • Kay

    Heavy on the boards/Smooth on the mic/Slick with his fashions/ Lived up to the hype/ Creativity’s his game/ Won’t scarifice intregrety for cash/ Skateboard P is his name/ Though he aint known for ridin fast/_________________________________So there you go. *shrug* Hey atleast I tried right?

  • Gary

    P-H-A double-R E-L-LCould he be under the spellTo be, well of with his debut al-bumStylin’ the way to the hearts of fans-domTelling his thoughts Light-up the charts from time to timeHey, pass me a skateboard, PCos’ it’s in my mind!

  • Rachel

    i love that cartoon of him!

  • Joey Ofori

    Skateboard P he the Startrak RepresenterThrow up the sign it dont get any betterHe finally released all the thoughts In His MindPut it into music and flowed well on every lineIt aint wastin time cause P makes all the hitsHis beats are as good as the way he spitsPharrell got it good and now he comin backTo hit yall wit the hits and thats where its at

  • Vanessa

    He told ya’ll that P stands for PolishGot that International Swagger Abolished/World Wide, The Ice Cream Man Does His Deals,whether it’s for The Clipse or Neptunes the beats be so FAREAL, PHARRELL? Naw thats fa real cus he the realest/Skateboard P’s style is Prolific,face it, your method aint nuthin teriffic/To be specific yall aint on the grind like P can’t shine like P can’t even discover your mind Like PTryin to Rhyme like P bcuz you see the star in P/His lyrics are like medication think of em during meditation check it this is just his occupation workin any operation any weak mc’s in sight is just a violation/Iller than aids his rhymes are poetry in motion/Mayne he’s a dictionary he comes sick wit it find you a style and stick wit it.-My Name is Ness thas the ways it goes while other katz be eatin’ my flowz!

  • samir

    yo the haters hate because they love what you made but i love the shit you do and made i like the new in my mind album its how you introducing your self to the fans and thats that good thing STAR TRAK 4LIFE BAPEBBCICECREAM 4 lIFE

  • Rochelle

    The video really sucked as well as looking kind of "gayish" In my opinion and from previous video, Mr. Pharrell is the "woman" of the rap crew if you follow me! He needs to stay behind the sceens…yuk yuk

  • lisa

    "woman" of the rap crew? rocheclle wtf is you talking about? all of yall need stop hating on successful people, when you know they are doing a million times better than you. Now if you aint posting a rhyme then dont post at all.

  • Candice Loud

    Straight from the stratosphereThis some ish you gotta hearBob ya head, throw up the "V"This is Skateboard P’s yearDrippin with knowledgeLike he’s straight outta collegeA lifetime of philosophyDedicated to you and meHaters words turn to invisible vaporsCause P’s constantly stackin’ paper

  • christina

    so what if he is only 5 ft tall and he weighs 140 lbs in allso what if he can’t sing a note in keyand wears the same outfit all the timethat skinny little man is still mine

  • Derek

    if you want to hear a story about a true hustlathen listen to pharrell’s he aint no bustagrowin up hard in the VA streetsmet up wit chad hugo to make some VA beatsnow we talking about man with three or more millsand his ice cream clothing gives peoples the chillsand he still keepin fresh without rocking grillzlike he said hes the number onegrindin on rails thats skateboard p, son

  • E.N.

    For me to be, I give props to lil skateboard P//See lyrically he’s a beast and takes bites out the beats//Defeats the streets, they all listen when he speaks//Similar to chuck D with Number 1 feeling like the public enemy//It feels like he’s sending me, messages In My Mind//I zone out with every line, my seats back recline//Musical notes defined, with the track listing behind//Go through 15 songs fine, then bring it back come rewind// Analyzing his rhymes, telling me I Can Do It Too//So I put to use what is true to do hip hop in a form that’s brand new//-E.N.

  • Thirrteen

    in his mind, P knows how to design,the beats and the rhymes-est, the skateboard’s finest,"it blows my mind" how he reigns "number one",Classic, beats burn like the sun,"good girls" be "frontin" on how they could "rock n roll",but even "if" "that girl" is an "angel", he keeps controlice creams on his feet melt from that "hot" sh*t,"raspy sh*t" "put’s em up" with that "pop sh*t",rock sh*t, flows hard like muscle, the big skateboard P will "sow you how to hustle"–by thirrteen

  • Rafael

    Where’s the dude of yellow truker hatHe is now rocking polos and those Lui Vuiton’s MillionaireHe is changing and getting bigger than 2pacCause he is producing and chilling with huge names of the rapSkateboard P is raping and rocking with big shining chainsPharrell is singin like no one else ever did it in this gameBack in the day i heard Grindin of the ClipseI was like "who is this cause this beat and rhymes are sick"Since that day i became a big brazilian fanlisten to rosco, n.e.r.d, vanessa and fam lay I will love if i can rock t-shirts of Billionaire Boys ClubBut for now i just belong to Broke boys Clubteen girls love him, models want himteen girls hate me, models dont even know that i ecxistbut i dont wanna be Skateboard P, not even be Pharrelljust been a fan for real, its enough for RafaelP is showin how to hustle, the same time how to love Jesuslike the way he works with Justin and then with Snoop D.O. double GizleStill like you are P, still changing your mindListen to all kind of music to get inspiredstill giving to us ur hot beats that burnAnd u will still been for us "the man" "the number One"was too hard for me do this, cause my english sux, i never studed, so if i win this, damn i will be shoked for real, lol, Brazil is in that house homie… lol

  • thirrteen

    ok, i was entry number 20, and i put some "sh*t" words up …but thats just because thats the titles of the songs [Pharrell - Raspy Sh*t, ODB / Dirt McGirt - Pop Sh*t]…if you understood what i was doin, youd get why i did it…so isnt there an acception?–by thirrteen

  • Patrick

    Pharrell is along time inspiring mc’sNow he is out rapin named Skateboard PHe is singer, raper, hustler, skater and a bachelorand he is just chiling with girls but this not make him stop of searching for… a a girl?hell no, for the perfect beatthat kind of beat that hit you out of your sithey mr. P, are u listen to me? dont loose your touch in the keyscause it’s me, in front the pctrying to rap what you are for me"the number one of the beats"yeahhh dude, i want that deck i want it…lol…

  • Candace

    I already have the cd IMMwhen i listen to it our souls become innertwinedI would love to meet him somedayI am a 757 representer from VAHe is a beautiful person, outside and inHe makes christians want to commit sexual sinsI may be a "young girl" but i am matureIf you ask me to "take it off" i will say sure (lol)I’m not a rapper, but i’ll say how i feelPharrell’s nothin but the truth, he’s real

  • mandy

    pharrell deck?oh heck!I’d give it to a friend,who loves to grind and bend,this would make his day,Oh yea!Pharrell?For-real!(That was so dorky, but at least I tried…LOL)

  • Rafael

    Teen girls just love him, models want funk with himteen girls hate me, models dont even know that i existbut i dont wanna be Skateboard P, not even be Pharrelljust been a fan for real, its enough for RafaelP is showin "How to hustle", the same time how to love Jesuslike the way he works with Justin and then with Snoop D.O. double GizleStill like you are P, still changing your mindListen to all kind of music to get inspiredstill giving to us ur hot beats that burnAnd u will still been for us "the man" "the number One"I am posting this verses again cause i kinda cross the line of 10 lines lil bit, lol, so if i can choose to do it again, i will do this part..ok??? soplease gimme the cd, is not even out in here yet…lol…thanx…

  • Dan

    Pharrell got the beatsTo get you off your feetsHe’s got the billionaire boysso make some noiseHe’s got the ice creamsThat’ll make your dreamsAnd melt it over your sneaKASmore precisely your bapeSTAS

  • Gabby Renee

    P to L Its PharrelI love this boywait he a manwatch out! Whats that about? I hear heard him say You Got it Like Thatbut i dont fratcause he aint no bratI love him! hahhaha I cant rap…but hey i tried…

  • desiree jonsson

    I love pharrell and everyfing about him ! And i would love to win this contest !

  • http://justjared travis

    yo the kid is real smooth and real dope from the ice cream shoes 2 the gold link rope 4 all yall haters out ther he makes yall choke he can make you drop it like its hot and make it clean without no soap so when u c this man u betta act like u know starktrak boy and this aint no joke!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://pharrell,justheremeoutaiight jordan wesley

    alright umm im a girl alright so dont get confused with the name
    ive always loved pharrell and his superb style,now im not on here to get a little autograph,or a little thank you,or a little “Stay in school!” NO im here because i personally think that i should be Pharrell’s Protege, i am 15, a very intellegent girl,sophmore at west orange high new jersey,i model for mc2 model managment,and i dress incredible. I love to rap, sing, dance,skateboard(DGK,ZERO,ELEMENT ETC.),and get my self noticed. I love BBC,IceCream and all of that type of stuff,I love Japan, and Japanese is my second language (Torimaku Kono Sekai Ini Shirori Woh toh mei kaga mori tu aui) im not japanese i am actually black and german,my style is wonderful,like i love the 80s,florescent colors,neon colors, and just bright stuff thats in you’re face! i love rock ,hip hop ,and soul im not retarded to the things around me i know whats going on with politics and Barack and what not, i am a blunt person, but not to the extent on where i drive people away, i love being crazy funn , and just every where, but i am also serious when its time to be, people love being around me ,and people can not get enough of me, i am not a HOE! i do not have sex and go around and be little nasty nasty. Also! back when i was younger lol i just figured this out but all my favorite songs that i liked had something to do with Pharrell,wether or not it was him producing it, or him just in the chorus, it was incredible! oh i love skateboarding i have 3 boards a dgk, zero,and an element board. Im not a poser, ive been skateboarding for about 4 years now and my favorite trick is the fakie pop shovit pivot! yay! but yeahh you should contact me, if you dont, then what ever but if you do then that would be fantastic because i am PHARRELL’S NEXT PROTEGE! <333 paccccccccceee niggtakkiss

  • jordan wesley
  • faith

    i love pharrell <33333333333333333

  • Car stereo

    Hi, I cant understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please :)

  • Steve Holmes

    Violence won’t solve a thing. It makes it more challenging to solve, though. Bring on Chuck!