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Allison Holker: So You Think You Can Dance

Allison Holker: So You Think You Can Dance

BOTTOM TWO GIRLS :: Natalie, Allison
BOTTOM TWO GUYS :: Ryan, Travis
SENT HOME :: Allison, Ryan

Ryan Rankine and Allison Holker were eliminated from last night’s results show of So You Think You Can DanceBusta Rhymes performed "I Love My Chick" off his latest album "The Big Bang." Last season’s SYTYCD winner Nick Lazzarini stood up and enthusiastically cheered for Travis. Added a couple more photos of Travis from the TCA’s. More pictures in the gallery!

Cousins Benji Schwimmer and Heidi Groskreutz as little babies.
Cute as buttons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Video removed)
So You Think You Can Dance 2 Group Dance

Chicago (OBC) – "Cell Block Tango"
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  • Melanie

    I can’t believe Allison was cut. She was one of the best dancers there, if not the best.

  • Mariam

    yea i loved allison, she was sucha gud dancer. natalie should have gone home, shes always in the bottom & the judges save her. i think just cuz allison is young.

  • Maria

    Gosh, hard to pick between the two when they were both excellent, except that I think Alison has an edge on Natalie.

  • Dawn

    What is going on w/ Alison and Travis.. seemed like something was going on


    I think Allison was sent home b/c something was going on with her and Ivan. Everytime they are around eachother it seems more than dance chemistry! Which is great I think. Did you see the kiss she gave him on his neck after they performed? She was by far one of the best. I loved her and Heidi. Natalie should have gone. Her personality gets on my nerves. Just too over the top all the time. Allsion should have stayed. I thought Travis was gay?

  • Randy

    I am glad someone else picked up on the Allison-Travis thing! He seemed more broken up about it then Ivan. And that last solo dance thing where he was standing forward and she danced around him and stuff…seems like they had more of a connection than was shown on the show. She didn’t deserve to go yet. It is down to the final six and it is getting too close to call…they are all really good.

  • ILWM

    Allison was robbed last night…Donyelle should’ve been in the bottom 2 with Natalie and been eliminated. Allison was indisputably the best female dancer there because she was so incredibly versatile.

  • meh


  • Ed

    I think Natilie should of gone home. She’s always crying. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

  • diane

    donyelle should have left! the judges like natalie so that’s why she was saved. i felt the vibes between travis & allison too. the way she danced around him and then when the show was closing they danced together. woo hoo!can’t stand ivan!! hope he leaves soon…

  • Meaghan

    I really didn’t care that Allison went home. She was a good dancer but they are all good dancers. I was a little sad Ryan had to go even though last week he was the weakest male, i still liked him. Really i say as long as Benji and Heidi make it to the finals and Benji wins all is right with the world. Gosh, i don’t think i should find a sweet little mormon boy that hot.

  • emmy

    i was devastated last night because allyson should not have gone home- if anyone went home it should have been doynelle. i am a dancer and am so frustrated with america right now. i think the judges made a stupid decision when they decided to let america control the results- they should keep it where america votes for the bottom and the judges decide…..keep in mind that the winner dancecs in celine dion’s show with mia michaels, so its going to be someone who is a lyrical dancer……

  • crybabyAniston

    I’m glad Allison is gone and I guest I’m one of the few who thought Allison didn’t connect with her audience the way the other female dancers did. She was in her on little world too much. And when the dancers are in the judges hands anything comes to the table, like how she works with the other dancers…does she follow directions, have she grown as a dancer with all dancing styles and how does she connect with the audience with her performances. I thought it was very telling how the live audience wasn’t sad that Allison got the boot. They were more upset that Ryan got the boot then they were of Allison going.I still remember Allison talking about Hip Hop being ghetto in the begining and she didn’t know how to do ghetto.

  • crybabyAniston

    rEgarding: Donyelle when she is dancing @ 100% she gives the best performance but since she’s been hurt, her dancing has not been up to par but her heart is great. I love me some Heidi, she’s a fighter and has great personality.The problem with Allison is that she is a very good dancer but where she falls short is connecting with the audience and jumping into all the different dancing styles with grace. Why this and American Idol is so great is that the audience is a deciding factor…it mirrors real life. Who want to pay money on an artist if they can’t connect with the audience…that’s the missing ingredient and the most important.

  • Glamour Diva

    Excuse me but did any of you people actually pick up he phone and vote? Yes talent is good but this show is, at it’s heart, a popularity contest. So in other words, suck it up or vote! And I agree with #8 Meh – Dmitry is gone so I really don’t care. BTW, as much as I liked drooling over him he didn’t grow at the same rate as the others so I wasn’t surprised when he was voted off.

  • liteflyr

    yea seriously, wth! allison was THE best one, sorry i’m totally not a natalie fan, she does NOT deserve to stay.anyways, dude find out what’s up w/allison and travis, they definitely got something going on ;)

  • KristenLeigh

    I was sad to see Allison go, but it didn’t shock me that Ryan went. He’s a beautiful dancer, but he lacked something…I can’t quite put my finger on it, but none of his performances stood out in my mind after they were over. I appreciated them while he danced, and then I forgot about it. I absolutely love watching Benji though and honestly, my heart is set on him winning. He’s the whole package: personality, talent, versatility, passion, etc, etc….he’s great. I honestly thought it would be Donyelle and Natalie as the bottom two girls and Ivan and Ryan as the bottom two boys, and I thought it was crap that Travis was in the bottom two, but at the same time, Ivan has shown a lot of growth…’s always hard when you narrow it down to the last few in any competition because all of the finalists by that point are fantastic. I still can’t help but root for Benji and Heidi though…lol. I honestly hope Benji wins this thing!

  • Hannah

    Does anyone have the video of the FOX preview thing above?

  • Chelsea

    Travis and Allison….No WAY!!! It’s her and Ivan all the way! I think Travis is gay. But he’s so cute!

  • danielle

    yah im also a competitive dancer in all fieds for 16 years and from a professional perspective donyelle should of gone home…yes she is a beautiful girl but her dancing cannot compare to the other three esp allison…i was disgusted that she would be sent home…technically her dancing abilities exceed all the other girls..its too bad most of america doesnt no dancing too well….as for the boys travis is amazing but i just love benji and i kinda think he mite just take the whole compeition…but yahh donyelle has to go and so does natalie…shes just a little too much

  • Patricia Carter

    Dancing is very emotional, and so there is no surprise that Natalie, a very great interpretive dancer, cries often. Difficult challenges such as the ones the dancers face make their bonds more than a little close and emotional. Allison is a brilliant dancer, but I think too talented to be relegated to a floor show for Celine Deon. I’m sure she and all the others will have far greater opportunities than Las Vegas to showcase their amazing abilities.

  • Troy

    Yeah I think Travis is gay too. I saw a guy holding up a sign saying "I LOVE YOU TRAVIS" and in a recent article on a bunch of the dancers it said that Travis was "in a relationship" but all the other dancers said the names of the people they were in a relationship with. I think he’s gay and just trying to keep it a secret. He’s freaking HOTT though!

  • the truth

    My little sister is a dancer in Virginia Beach. Her studio routinely dances against the one for which Travis dances. The truth: Travis is gay. Now you know.

  • asifiwould

    Its okay Meaghan- Im an orthodox jew and I think benji the mormon is hot.

  • asifiwould

    Its okay Meaghan- Im an orthodox jew and I think benji the mormon is hot.

  • Sharon

    Allison definitely should NOT have left the competition. And I disagree, she DOES connect with the audience. Her lyrical dancing has so much feeling behind it and the one where Mary Murphy cried was fab! She can do ANY dance style and has such a goofy personality–it shows week after week and from the beginning I could not help but love her! I think she and Travis are buds cos they both are so good at their dance style–she probably chose him as the prop as her way of saying goodbye to her friend. I thought she would have chosen Ivan since he had been her partner so many times, but hey, it was HER last time. She did what she felt. Ivan is not a lyrical dancer so she didn’t dance with him when the credits were rolling. The top 3 should have been Benji, Heidi, and Allison. Travis after that. Maybe Natalie’s knee brace helped her get the sympathy vote. Bottom line, Alli, you are wonderful. You will go far despite this show (which I truly love and plan to see when they tour!). All right America LET"S VOTE!

  • jonesie

    Does everyone know that Benji isn’t the only mormon on the show? Him, Heidi, Allison, and Jaymz are all Mormon.

  • Meredith

    i love Allison, and i am PISSED that she was sent home…Natalie or Donyelle should’ve gone….Nat is WAY over the top, and it’s fine a few times, but by now, i’m tired of it….and Donyelle was the weakest girl last week….i just don’t know why America would vote her off…me and all my Allison fans voted a lot…..but now that she’s gone, i will start voting for Ivan…..that is, if i decide to watch it again, cause i’m really angry with this stupid show……and yes i do believe Travis is gay, and Ivan has a girlfriend, and Allison has a boyfriend……which sucks, cause they look TOTALLY CUTE together!!!!!

  • Meredith

    ok…… i MUST post something about all these people saying she doesn’t perform well, and that she doesn’t connect with the audience…….i am at home watching it, and she connects with me….i guess it’s maybe cause i’m a dancer, and i understand the little things you do to connect with the audience, but apparently some people don’t understand how hard it is to perform at 150%, and still do facial expressions, etc to connect………and if you think back to her broadway dance, when her hat fell off, and she did that little facial expression, and picked it up……that is called connecting with the audience…….and actually PERFORMING the dance…….and PERFORMING the mistakes………it’s instinct for dancers to do that stuff……..and it’s habitual for GREAT dancers to think of stuff like that……..and i guess that’s why she did it, cause she’s GREAT!!! i do agree with Ryan going home……..he usually drags his partner down, and so it’s good he’s gone…(in my opinion)……but Allison, she should’ve stayed til the final 3 at least…………..if not winning it……..i’m am very upset, and extremely flabbergasted that people would say such TERRIBLE things about her…… heard that in an interview with Allison after she was booted, that she said Ivan was crying like hysterically back-stage after he heard she got booted……….

  • Shelby

    ok i have been a competitive dancer for about 9 years now and allison should not have gone home she is just plain out amazing!!!! she can do any kind of style and i don’t agree with everybody on how she doesn’t connect with the audience!!! yes she does i think she is the one that connects with the audience the most whenever she dances i just get a feeling that is telling me that she is amazing!!!! she just lights up the stage!!! and the whole allison ivan travis thing ok i am pretty sure that travis is gay… but him and allison just got to be really good friends!! but allison and ivan…. was it just me or did anybody else see the kiss she gave ivan after they did there hip hop… and i think that they r just so cute dancing together and they would just be an amazing couple!! and i think donyelle should have gone home this week becuz she was the weakest dancer last week and it is down to the time where everybody is good and they all have to go sometime… but in my opinion allison should have WON!!!!!

  • Gerald

    does anybody have VIDEO of Allison and Travis dancing at the TCA press tour? Now that Allison is off the show, we’ll never get to see them dance together.

  • J

    I am so devastated at the loss of Allison. When she was kicked off I almost cried. She was pretty much the only reason i watched the show and she will be greatly missed. I Love You Allison!

  • J

    Oh and one more thing. If anyone knows Allison’s E-mail, Cell Number, or AIM name PLEASE post it. Thank you

  • J

    if i even continue to watch the show now that Allison is gone (which i am still sad about) my prediction is tommorrow natalie and travis will leave then donnyelle and ivan and then benji will win over heidi in the finali. But i still think Allison should have won the whole thing from the begining.

  • J

    if i even continue to watch the show now that Allison is gone (which i am still sad about) my prediction is tommorrow natalie and travis will leave then donnyelle and ivan and then benji will defeat heidi in the finali. But i still think Allison should have won the whole thing from the begining.

  • Allisonalldaway

    This is very suck…The bottom 2 girls should b Donnel and Natalie bcuzz they were very suck da night b4….I’m a very very BIG fan of Allison and Ivan…Allison gone home is the stupidiest thing….She’s one of the BEST dancer there and she should win this compitition…I don’t really like Heidi, she is a good dancer but she is too anoying…Just don’t like her…Wish she go home this week…

  • L

    ALLISON is the reason I love this show, and now she’s gone…Don’t fell like watching anymore…But Ivan is the only reason that keep me there..ALLISION AND IVAN ALL THE WAY..

  • ALI

    Who ever say that she doesn’t connect to the audience….You are so so so wrong….If she doesn’t connect to them then why there were so many people like her..SHE IS THE BEST DANCER EVER IN " SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE"

  • J

    Hey Alison I would like to appologise for all the morons who either did not support you and/or did not vote for you because you were the best dancer on the whole show. America may be the home of the free but when it comes to regonising a greatly versatile dancer such as yourself it has some sierious issues. Love you Allison!

  • J

    By the way, has anyone found Allison’s e-mail address, cell number, or AIM name yet? If so PLEASE post it soon.

  • Jaz

    you guys really need to do a little research before posting comments. If you did you’d know that Allison and Travis grew up together and they’ve competed nationally together at many dance competitions. So after all those years they’d better have chemistry. He lost his dear friend that night. Its like when you and your bestfriend decide to go to two different colleges on opposite ends of the world! Secondly, Nigel says all the time they are looking for AMERICA’S FAVORITE DANCER. Yes, Allison was my favorite along with Natalie and Donnyelle. Heidi should’ve went home. She’s really good at what she does but she just looks awkward doing the other stuff. But don’t worry the other girls will have a plethera of opportunities. I think Ivan and Ryan should’ve been in the bottom two and either one could’ve been voted off. I’d like to see Ivan do a lyrical dance and make it look good!

  • Birdie

    I am still bitter that Allison is no longer on the show. What are people thinking. She is an a mazing dancer and is wonderful to watch. I think Heidi should have gone home. As cute as she is… I don’t think she will be able to hang in the Celine Dion show. But we will see. CURSES!!!!

  • mEH

    Stop crying already you’re all making me sick.. Allison was a fine dancer but obviously not the best dancer there for several reasons.. It doesn’t matter who’s brothers sister uncle’s aunt grandparent you know or hopw long you’ve been dancing yourself.. This show isn’t about you and your biast opinions.. When it’s all said and done it’s about the dancer with the most appeall and diversity.. Allison by far doesnt have that over any of the remaining dancers.. One dancer that I can say appeals to a large majority of fans, both dancers and non dancers is Donyelle.. She has a presence when she dances that is extremely appealing and she is extremely versatile.. So stop snivelling cause there are others watching who believe that the right person left..You wished natalie got the boot cause she cry’s too much.. What kind of lame criteria is that..

  • Erika

    Okay, gonna jump right in here. I, too was terribly upset that Allison was voted off. What’s wrong with America? I think that the flaw in these types of voting shows (So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol…) is the elimination. I truly belive that Mary’s prediction that "Allison will be in the top 2, if not the overall winner" was the kiss of death for Allison. What that did to many, I feel, is think that they DIDN"T have to vote for her. Many probably thought."she’s in the top 2, so I’m going to vote for those that need the extra vote." Are you listening, So You Think You Can Dance? And besides, who the &^$% wants to dance for a Celene Dion show? THAT, and a mere $100,000 all you could give these dancers as the final prize? Other shows that don’t require talent often give $1,000,000 as their grand prize. At least have the winner come back as one of the main choreographers and judges!!

  • tony

    I loved Allison. I just lost interest in the show when she was voted out.

  • Michael

    Allison was by far the best dancer in the competition. she is sooo beautiful, and is amazing. i cant beleive she is gone, i seroiusly CRIED when she got voted off, im not kidding. i was soo sad. and i never cry, but she made me cry. what a great dancer. ima miss her :(

  • sema

    omg im so sad that alison got cut and i was sad wen ashley got cut too! it was fair i guess but i luved her so much!! she was awesome. and omg travis gay? really? haha thas too bad cuz he looks like one of my friends!! haha its scary they have the same head shape!! anyway i luv travis and ivan they’re my favs but seriously everyone is like so sad that alison is gone they ought to put her bac in thats how bad it is. i want travis or ivan to win now, but im gonna miss alison so much she was so awesome!!!!!!!



  • J

    okay natalie just got the boot. is everyone happy now cause i sure am. she should have left a long time ago anyway. Oh and erika your theory is absolutley correct and it makes me sick just thinking about it. I have run out of colorful ways of describing how depressed i am at the loss of allison. Oh and MEH you r far from correct. you brought up some good points but Allison was the best dancer there and do you have any idea how sick we all were of Natalie’s completely RIDICULOUS sobbing. The only time she didnt cry her eyes out was when she was kicked off the show. Try to make any sense out of that. Once again if anyone knows any way 2 get it touch with allison PLEASE post it for god’s sake. Love you Allison!

  • J

    Oh and one more thing you anti-Allison idiots do you have any idea how many MEN (including me) have posted that allison either made them cry or made them want to cry after she left the competition!? that just shows how much everyone liked her. You won’t hear that kind of global reaction when someone like Donnyelle gets eliminated now will you. If Allison read this blogg she would be both happy and sad (the sad part coming from you small group of people who are happy she is gone and what not) and that dosen’t seem right considering this is a blogg about HER. Love you Allison!