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Babel Movie Stills: Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett

Babel Movie Stills: Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett

Brad Pitt has committed to star in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button about a man who hits age 50 and begins aging backward. Complications ensue when he falls in love with a woman of 30. Button will likely start production late Fall 2006.

Brad is also considering Universal’s "State of Play," the Americanized adaptation of the acclaimed British miniseries which Matthew Carnahan is writing. Brad is interested in playing a journalist and former campaign manager of a fast-rising politician who unravels a murder conspiracy involving his former boss. 

The Babel trailer has also been released.  Watch it below; be sure to check out the plethora of screencaps in the gallery.  Enjoy!

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babel movie stills01
babel movie stills02
babel movie stills03
babel movie stills04
babel movie stills05
babel movie stills06
babel movie stills07
babel movie stills08
babel movie stills09
babel movie stills10
babel movie stills11
babel movie stills12
babel movie stills13
babel movie stills14
babel movie stills15
babel movie stills16
babel movie stills17
babel movie stills18
babel movie stills19
babel movie stills20
babel movie stills21
babel movie stills22
babel movie stills23
babel movie stills24
babel movie stills25
babel movie stills26
babel movie stills27
babel movie stills28
babel movie stills29
babel movie stills30
babel movie stills31
babel movie stills32
babel movie stills33

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  • true

    wow am i 1st?????

  • LD

    Babel is going to be so goooood!

  • lisa


  • Passing Through

    The movie does look good…but Brad’s make-up is kinda crappy.

  • Jeannified

    I can’t wait for this movie to come out! I just love the cast! I hope they all get Oscar noms!

  • true

    i was 1st….. cool. just the trailer had me on the edge of my seat. looks like a great story can’t wait. gael garcia bernal & brad pit!!?? how am i gonna keep my seat dry?

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared, this movie looks so good I can’t wait to see it, its so intense wow

  • Xan

    Thank you Jared,Bradley is defintely working and I like that in him. He’s choosing better projects. This movie is going to be quite a film. I can’t wait to see how its received at Oscar time.

  • QQQQ

    Thanks Jared, i cant wait for Oct for this movie to be released and i really hope Brad gets nominated come award season

  • youknowwho

    WOW I’m so glad he is slowing down on work to spend more "family" time.

  • gitane

    jared, you’re killing me. i can’t wait to see this movie as it is. you’re just making adding fuel to my fire!

  • The real lou

    Goodmorning all!Thanks for the new pictures Jared.Yes Brad will be busy,but his FAMILY will be with him and that’s what counts.

  • stef

    looks good, i cant wait!hey i have started to read mighty heart! all i can say is it is good, this woman has such an intense love for her husband, him with her too! the book is very gripping, you just wanna find him, but we know the outcome but still the power that love provides is amazing! this will be an amazing film and after reading some there is no way X could play her, not in a million years! the character is very much on the same wave as angie, with her work, the things they have experienced, her herritage is simular, there are certainly two spectums when it comes to a character that x could make and then what angie could make! angies being the soulful on, x’s being the wrong one! i really wanna know if the people who think x had a chance what were their reasons to say this! my 14 year old sister has experienced and has more knowledge more of this situation than the X! that is just strange! or odd, maybe both!

  • Frenchy

    Great! Benjamin Button will film in New Orleans.Can’t wait for Babel. The buzz is that it’s like the film CRASH but with more layers , depth and emotion.Have a good weekend everyone. I just popped in the office for special breafast buffet. I’m outta here!

  • *me*

    WOW, I’m a chicken for drama movies…I don’t know if I’ll get the guts to go watch this. It looks very VERY intense and good……I saw Amores Perros by accident and I was like….O.O……I couldn’t get it out of my head for days….Hope is does great come award season!

  • *me*

    # 14 | Frenchy ———————This movie is actually part of a "trilogy" of sorts….to get the hang of the style and how it’s more likely to be you can rent Amores Perros (i think it has subs..can’t remember) and/or 21 grams….both great movies but very raw…..

  • Me Again!

    He rminds me sooooo much of Robert Redford!Age with grace…loving it.

  • BradPitty

    Man he doesn’t age well

  • jk

    to all Brad’s fans:–make sure everyone goes see his movies on the weekend it releases.i shall definitely go see it.i hope the movie will bring him an oscar.he is a good man.

  • sara

    # 17 | Me AgainWell really they aged him for the film. He’s supposed to look older and haggared, Richard ,his character is a 49 years old man married with Susan, cate blanchett .

  • angelah

    I cannot wait to see this movie! Thanks j@red for this new thread & screen caps.

  • crazy bamzers

    hey stef, how well do you know JA?? You know what you read in the tabloids and on thses sites where ye all lash her. YOU DO NOT know her personally i assume otherwise you wouldnt be a BAMZ fan!!! dont say stupid things like she has no experience like the ones in the book??!! YOU DONT KNOW HER!!

  • OMG

    Brad Pitt is the new Robert Redford. Check out Redford when he was Pitt’s age. WOWAnyway check out US magazine’s mock up of their magazine 25 years in the future. They have a computer generated photo of how the celebritiy babies will look like. Zahara Jolie Pitt is on the cover along with Suri Cruise and others.

  • sara

    please no more X or JA…this post is about brad,babel or brangelina …leave jennifer aniston alone!

  • Lynn Campbell

    Here is a link to the Babel press conference in Cannes for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Cate says such wonderful things about Brad, such as "he is like chocolate, wonderful and glorious." But we all already knew that!

  • Frenchy

    16 | *me* THANKS . I saw 21 grams. Very good. OK I’m really outta here. I mixed my carbs & proteins BIG TIME at this buffet with croissants, bagels, muffins, omlettes, hash browns, etc..and add to that , fruit smoothies & espresso! I’m gonna be crashing soon. Peace to BAMZS & their fans.

  • myself

    #22, crazy bamzersI hate to state the obvious here, but you don’t know her either. I don’t understand why y’all are so fiercly defensive and obsessive about a family that you’ve never met.

  • Reet Petite

    Sorry guys, off topic: Have you guys seen the US Weekly with Tori Spelling? Well, they have a section “What will Hollywood look like in 2026? The picture of Maddox is awful. There is no way he will look like that…. and apparently he disappointed his mom and dad after a quickie Vegas wedding to Bella Thornton. Who is Bella Thorton? Does she even exist? Isn’t there a Bella in someone’s fan fict. They are so lurking here….CREATE YOUR OWN FANTASY, Janice Ming.…

  • KIKI

    # 18 | BradPittsDick | Your post was rather pointless. If Brad is playing a 49 year old man, he must look that age. Don’t you think my dear dichhead? But you know nothing of these kind nuances, as your idol, a certain Aniston always feels that at the age of 37 she must dress like a tenyear old girl, and every role must be played with perfect hair. But perfect hair and makeup doesn’t equal talent.This movie will be so good, i want to see right now. OOps, I’ve just noticed that Cate Blanchett doesn’t look perfect too! Her hair is dishevelled and in some scenes she looks dirty! How disgusting LOL!

  • sara

    about brad in babel:It showed a hyper, frenzied, salt-and-pepper-haired Pitt, playing, as Inarritu described, "a 49 year-old…a guy who’s been through some tough times." The footage showed Pitt’s character, who is called Richard, helping to carry his wounded bleeding wife (Blanchett) through the streets of a small Tunisian village."I approached Brad and Cate in, I think, January or February of ’05, and they said yes and we were shooting by May 2nd. It was a very fast process. Brad is playing an older character. I want to give him a kind of gravity so he looks older. No more boyish, and I think he looks great. I told him, I think you will be a very interesting old man.

  • angelah

    # 28 | Reet Petite they probably are. Bella is a Jolie-Pitt though.

  • sick of bamzers

    #27 I dont claim to know the slightest thing about JA personally . never said that!!

  • Lynn Campbell

    # 28 | Reet Petite Reet Petite, Bella Thornton is BBT’s daughter. I believe she is a few years younger than Maddox.

  • done with you

    # 32 | sick of bamzersIf you’re sick of us, make yourself well and go away!

  • Z is Jolie

    31 | angelah Who’s Bella? I just clicked on the Us Weekly link and Suri Cruise is the cover with Zahara Marley Jolie Pitt & Sean Preston Federline on the cover

  • OMG

    Here’s the link. Just click on the kid’s picture and see what the editors version of them grown up is:

  • angelah

    # 35 | Z is JolieBella is a fan fic character. #28 Isn’t there a Bella in someone’s fan fict

  • Amazing Bradley

    This movie looks AMAZING! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  • QQQQ

    # 37 | angelah | Yeah, in Cold Hard Math ffs

  • Alexanderina

    # 38 | Amazing Bradley | – ITA, can’t wait to see it, Brad’s performance looks amazing,if this role does not garner him a Oscar nomination I don’t know what will

  • Me Again!

    I’ve asked this before..can someone (here) do a digital enhancement of Shi? Or JJ, I’ve asked you this before as well, can you do it?How can I respond back to USMag…I want a digital of Shi…I’m like a drug addict without my drugs…I want to see a pic of Shi!!!JK…it’s really not that serious but I would like to know what she may look like in 20yrs…


    HAPPY FRIDAY!Thanks Jared for the new thread! This movie looks AMAZING!Frenchy, I read somewhere that they are calling BABEL a international CRASH…..Cate Blanchett has the honor of being Brad’s leading lady, not once, but twice! | #37 angelah |ARABELLA, Bella for short.Hope everyone has a good day!

  • alexei

    bella thornton is the daughter of billy bob…you should really check facts before you say she doesn’t exist ugh

  • alma

    How can I respond back to USMag…I want a digital of Shi…I’m like a drug addict without my drugs…I want to see a pic of Shi!!!scan from us weekly:

  • Me Again!

    # 44 | alma …thanks.I hope she looks like her dad too…at least a little

  • Estelle

    # 44 | alma -Thanks for the link, Shi will be beautiful for sure.

  • Estelle

    # 42 | COLD HARD MATH -love your latest chapter…when is the next chapter?..LOL., now with the link, I can pic. Shi, Z and Mad in the future…

  • Gracie

    41 | Me AgainI’m addicted too, I wish the pap can caught some picture of Shiloh, ( I know I’m bad). I bet Brad might bring Shiloh and his other kids to the set of OC13 , flaunting it in front of George and co.. he seem so proud of her kids and proud to be father.

  • Whocares

    For everyone who thinks AJ is "natural" big differences noted:1.upper bridge of nose narrowed, refined2. nose tip upturned from original bulbous one3. lower lip DEFINITELY narrowed,4. Speaking of chins, she looks like she had some chin implant5. eyebags removed

  • christine

    With Brad performance in Babel, I’m sure he’ll be nominated in both Oscar and GG. and I wish He could win one of it.