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Gwen Stefani: Primrose Hill = Promiscuity Hill

Gwen Stefani: Primrose Hill = Promiscuity Hill

Primrose Hill is fast becoming the British Beverly Hills, according to Forbes.  Its website even offers a slide show featuring the British homes of America’s A-listers including Primrose Hill’s Gwen Stefani and Belsize Park’s Gywneth Paltrow.

The area has become synonymous with a so-called Primrose Hill party set including actress Sadie Frost and her ex-husband Jude Law but pundit Mr. McCririck said he certainly was not aware of any shenanigans. He added: "It’s known as Promiscuity Hill – I only wish I was part of any orgy. I don’t know where they are taking place."

Promiscuity Hill.  Haha.  Other celebrities who have traded in their Los Angeles’ 90210 and New York’s 10013 for hip British postcodes include Madonna, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Kevin Spacey.  Above are pictures of new mom Gwen Stefani heading back to a Hollywood recording studio yesterday with two-month-old son Kingston.  More pictures in the gallery!

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gwen stefani primrose hill01
gwen stefani primrose hill02
gwen stefani primrose hill03
gwen stefani primrose hill04
gwen stefani primrose hill05
gwen stefani primrose hill06
gwen stefani primrose hill07
gwen stefani primrose hill08
gwen stefani primrose hill09
gwen stefani primrose hill10
gwen stefani primrose hill11
gwen stefani primrose hill12
gwen stefani primrose hill13
gwen stefani primrose hill14
gwen stefani primrose hill15
gwen stefani primrose hill16
gwen stefani primrose hill17
gwen stefani primrose hill18
gwen stefani primrose hill19
gwen stefani primrose hill20
gwen stefani primrose hill21

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  • jodie

    What a little cutie she looks a great mum always has him with her


    I still maintain that she wears the ugliest clothes known to man…or woman.

  • Lissy

    Ugh, she is by far, hand’s down, the WORST dresser I’ve ever seen. And I’m so over her Kabuki facepaint. She looks like a hag – a washed up cross-dresser.

  • aaa

    awwww kingston is so cute! but i wanna see shiloh???

  • Jess

    # 3 | Lissy |if all people like you can do is bag the hell outa celebrities hen y come to sites like this and look at pictures of them?????? her cloths arnt the sorta things i wouldwear but that doesnt make her a hag or a cross dresser……..she looks like he is having the time of her life being a mother to her lil man and good on her for bein out thre with him and enjoying it and not being in he gym for hours on end more concerened with loosin the baby weight than spending time with her new bubs!!! thouh i know she isnt that big it is still something she wouldnt be used to… but good on her cause she looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Go Jess!

    OK. Jess, I doubt I would have been up to being that passionate about it, but since its out there…rock it!Don’t get what’s driving Clinqua’s critcism though since she seemed to be lovin’ Gwen & Gav when her J-clique thought they might be able to ‘arrange’ a marriage between Shiloh and Kingston. lol

  • Tasha

    I like how she isnt racing to fit into her skinny jeans and appears to be gaining back her figure at a NORMAL rate, like the rest of us mere mortals. Good on her for not looking picture perfect after having a baby, she looks healthym happy and comfy! Bout time a celebrity enjoyed the first few months of motherhood rather than ‘do a posh’.

  • jewbacca

    You guys are weird. On one hand, a celeb is constantly criticized after having a baby for not immediately getting a figure that took a long ass time in the first place to get back, and on the other hand, you’re criticizing someone who wants to get back in shape by hiring a personal trainer, and working out hard(minus Vic Beck, because she has a disorder).I guess we must love Gwen to bits, because she’s managed to get away with just about everything(minus the baby carrier).No one fusses about her having hair extensions, or her having her bra hanging out of her clothing or even getting in between Gavin and his own daughter at some point, and not to mention the "side project"(the list actually goes on)I guess it’s hard to criticize someone who appears to be so nice and easy going for most, but can we get real here?Gwen is beautiful, yes, but I’m starting to feel like even if this woman started running a brothel or even murdered someone, people would still adore her.This outfit is indeed hideous, and to be honest with you, she’s kind of pulling a Britney in this here set…

  • Lissy

    First of all, I made NO comments about her body. I think it’s great she’s taking her time to get back into shape. I just can’t stand the way she dresses. The leopard bras and the fried hair and the facepaint. I think it’s gross. People seem to think she’s so fashion-forward and IN MY PERSONAL OPINION she is gross. Need I remind you of her mullet and braces???

  • AC

    She isn’t pulling a britney because pulling a britney takes more than just bad clothes… Gwen doesn’t look her usual spectacular self and I think that is why we like it. She’s totally down with being a normal every day person too. Im thrilled to death she looks so healthy, because I was scared she’d ZOOM back to ULTRA almost scary thin and that would have been horrible. Sure the clothes she’s wearing are weird but that woman can do no wrong BECAUSE we KNOW she’s spectaular. A spectaular song writer, fashion desiner, performer … she’s proved herself on every level and is proving herself to be a good mother too. She can’t pull a Britney because she is showing an appreciation for motherhood that only a woman who has desperatly pined for a baby and a family for years and years can have. So of course we love her!!!!