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Brad & Angelina Visit Wildlife Farm

Brad & Angelina Visit Wildlife Farm

Here’s some old news that’s just turned up.  Brad Pitt and then pregnant Angelina Jolie (holding a napping baby Zahara in her arms) made a trip to the Harnas Wildlife Foundation during their stay in Namibia. Above is a beautiful Pitt family photo with Harnas staff and friends. Friend Marianne Pearl and her son are on the bottom right.  Angelina‘s chief bodyguard Mickey Brett on the left.

HWF is a charitable organization dedicated to saving endangered wild animals in Namibia. On their official website, the staff released a statement showing their appreciation for Angelina: "We would like to thank our patron Angelina Jolie for her support!"

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  • Fae

    Cute. :)

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    They are living such a beautiful and meaningful life. Look how happy and relaxed they are!

  • Laura

    Second por first time…They look so good!!! I love them…Angie is beautiful and Brad very cute!!! Thanks Jared…

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    ….with the exception of the little guy in the red shirt? Wonder what’s eating him? Is that Mickey on the left?


    ((((((((FANFIC ALERT))))))))New update, same old place. Hope you like it!

  • Anna

    Aww, Zahara is such a sweetheart sleeping contentedly on her mummy’s shoulder. Angie looks really nice in the blue top – she should wear colour more often! Maddox and Brad look great too. Looks like they had a wonderful time in Namibia!

  • stardust

    Thanks Jared. You are too good to us. Not that I’m complaining. lol. =)They all look great. Zahara looks so cute sleeping in her Mommy’s arms.

  • Missouri Fan

    Humble family picture! To Jolie-Pitt Family – thank you for the contributions saving the endangered wild animals ! Sincerely, Missouri Fan


    Thanks Jared. They looked really happy while they were in Namibia! TOO CUTE!

  • kidi

    Just listened to the Howard Stern/Perez Hilton tape; I don’t know which one said X "always looks like she’s about to tell someone to fuck off." LMAO!! And nice comments about Angie.

  • chinny chin chin

    Man, that ad to the left of the comments here has the worst picture of Chin! Her face looks three miles long.

  • stardust

    Mariane Pearl’s is so cute. Looks like they had fun too. =)

  • Original Curious

    Thank you JJ for the new thread. What a wonderful place to be a patron of. I went and looked at the site. Don’t they look happy and well rested there. I hope they don’t overdo it now that they are home – their plates seem so full.

  • stardust

    *Pearl’s son*

  • thanks

    That’s a nice pic.

  • Alicia

    Oh Angie looks so beautiful, and everyone is relaxed. Such a nice pic :)

  • ell

    thanks JJ. today you are so fast.!!!!!1

  • QQQQ

    Thanks Jared for posting this… u rock as always

  • Passing Through

    Cool picture. They look very happy.

  • freidaflo

    I am so glad to see their happy faces.Hoping to see a similar picture of the BAMZS with his folks from Springfield, MO and with her family as well. AJ looks is so beautiful esp. when she smiles. THanx JJ.

  • Mrs smith

    Thanks Jared. You are so good to us BAMZS fans. We know we can always count on you to get our BAMZS fix, even on weekends!What a lovely picture…Angie looks so contented, with sleeping Z in her arms…awwww. Many people, including myself, were unaware that Angie was the patron of this wildlife refuge until they went to Namibia and that info became public. Just so, there must surely be many other causes that she is backing financially, but which, she, herself, does not make public. It seems that the more I learn about her, the more my admiration and respect for her grow.

  • Moi Jade

    Beautiful Family. Thanks JJ ~

  • jjoy

    Thanks JJ for the new pics……they are a large group….are they all together or some are visitors like them to this resort??Heya Ate Char….magandang hapon….hello fellow BAMZS fans….good evening/night to all…did i miss a lot on the other thread??? from time to time i lurked yesterday but then i got busy with last minute letters and meeting materials so i need to go back to the other thread and/or read CHM fanfics…BBL…

  • angelah

    Thanks j@red for posting these beautiful pics and a new thread.

  • Zaiyana

    The Jolie-Pitts certainly have a full life now! Everyone seems so happy here. And those babies..future friends of Shiloh, with a whole village for Madd & Zee to explore. I spent some time at the Harnas rescue website and there’s wonderful opportunities to help orphaned animals.. I hope more people find out about them and donate. For instance, the medical program that was started by Harnas can provide an entire course of prescription medicine for a local tribal citizen for just $10.Many thanks to JJ for providing us with more info!Peace to all~

  • QQQQ

    # 25 | Zaiyana | In the press conference they gave just before they left Namibia,Angie said one the project they were looking into with the President’s wife was a school and clinic for the sans people. So maybe part of the money from Shiloh’s pics will go towards this..

  • gitane

    ((((((((FIC ALERT))))))))chapter 6 is up! two more to go… know how to get there…

  • Leila

    Nice treat this beautiful Saturday. I almost missed this because JJ does not usually post something new on weekends. Thanks JJ and thank you to the BAMZS fan from the other thread who informed us about this new thread.

  • casey

    I wonder if brad is singing this song to Angie, his version lmaoSexy Back[Verse 1] She’s [Angelina] bringing sexy back Them other boys/girls don’t know how to act I think you’re special what’s behind your back So turn around and I’ll pick up the slack Take em’ to the bridge [Bridge] Dirty babe You see these shackles Baby I’m your slave I’ll let you whip me if I misbehave It’s just that no one makes me feel this way Take em’ to the chorus [Chorus] Come here girl Go ahead, be gone with it Come to the back Go ahead, be gone with it VIP Go ahead, be gone with it Drinks on me Go ahead, be gone with it Let me see what you’re working with Go ahead, be gone with it Look at those hips Go ahead, be gone with it You make me smile Go ahead, be gone with it Go ahead child Go ahead, be gone with it And get your sexy on Go ahead, be gone with it Get your sexy on Go ahead, be gone with it [6x] Get your sexy on [Verse 2] she’s bringing sexy back Them other fuckers don’t know how to act Come let me make up for the things you lack Cause you’re burning up I gotta get it fast Take em’ to the bridge [Bridge] [Chorus] [Verse 3] She’s bringing sexy back …..

  • old lady

    Finally there’s something for me to look at and read about. I have been feeling sad for want of aj and bp news. Thanks JJ. You do know how I feel.

  • freidaflo

    Just found out that songwriter Chip Taylor- ofWild Things hit is the brother of J. Voight. He had written hit songs for W. Jennings, E. Harris, A. Murray, J. Deshannon and the late J. Joplin.Another brother is a Prof. at Penn State. U.J. Voight graduated from Catholic U . of DC.Shiloh will surely get some of that smart genes.The JOLIE-PITTS rocks.

  • Jennifer

    aww the whole family even holly and mickey!

  • 81

    Am I wrong in thinking that the woman @ bottom right of photo is like MP and her son Adam?

  • casey

    you’re not wrong. That is indeed MP and her son.

  • stardust

    # 33 | 81 No you’re not wrong. It is MP and her son. There were other pictures that showed that she was there with her son visiting BAMZS.

  • 81

    Opps! Missed reading JJ’s comments that it’s MP and son. Silly me!

  • ntt

    Beautiful picture. I have to catch up on the reading again.AG, your post in respnse to MAZ is hilarious.

  • Courtney

    Thats adorable! I LOVE THEM!


    ((((((OMG Gitane!!!!))))))))))) You hit another one out of the park!((BRAVO!!))) Just a beautiful scene — very emotional…I could see things unfolding just this way…waiting patiently for more! :-D # 580 | CLINIQUA |************************Wanted to bring this here gitane! :-)

  • angelah

    # 29– LOL

  • African Girl

    Wow! Nice pictures……awww, AJ looks adorable, like an earth mama. They sure were happy and free in Africa.Thanks Jared for the pix.Can’t stay too long….got something to do with someone….somwhere….guess I’ll work the details out sometime. BBL

  • Cinnabana

    Coolest guy ever: On the German GQ site they have a poll running ‘Who is the coolest guy ever?’ and of course Brad is nominated. He doesn’t have a lot of votes yet, so my fellow Brad fans: • V O T E!

  • read it and weep

    "Rumours coming out of LA suggest Brad Pitt andAngelina Jolie are to have a trial separationwhile he goes to film Ocean’s Thirteen."- Popbitch

  • Missouri Fan

    # 42 | Cinnabana I vote.. not sure if it went thru- showed 1%-Brad

  • Missouri Fan

    # 23 | jjoy – magandang gabi Eneng !!# 28 | Leila – Did you find Angie’s St John’s pictures?

  • Kearnie

    Did Popbitch find out where O13 is filming? hmmmCause last time I checked it was a top secret and in Location…Plus, what is wrong with these BITCHES@Popbitch.Didn‘t they see Brad on NBC taking about not wanting to be away for so long because he is afraid to miss something.Or are they using "selective brain processing" when it comes to Brad and Angelina.See, it is bitches like these that make all bitches seem like saints

  • kidi

    # 43 Oh bullshit.

  • Kearnie

    make all bitches seems like saint when THEY aren’t BUT BITCHES period

  • This is so sad!

    Ignore #43 read it and weep.This person is tring to get a rise out of you,that’s all.Remember we heard this stale rumor over a week ago.

  • Zaiyana

    # 26 | QQQQ |Angie said one the project they were looking into with the President’s wife was a school and clinic for the sans people. So maybe part of the money from Shiloh’s pics will go towards this.I think so, also. Imagine how many people in poverty would have their lives changed so completely. Many people in the US and other countries who have health care take for granted the fact that they can visit a doctor in an emergency or serious situation. (Yes, I know those inflated health care costs prevent so many from this access, but that is another issue..) I read where one of the founders of this organization, Harnas wildlife, married a doctor who set up a clinic in the village. There is a working relationship between the villagers and the wildlife organization, as they employ many natives. You can contribute directly to buy medicines, or you can designate a donation for many other needed areas of the refuge. And to think that $10 here, people spend that on Starbucks.. Just makes me wonder where the priorities are sometimes.I do hope to see Shiloh’s pictures fund education projects as well. That’s so much money… anyone know if they have to pay taxes on it? It would be a shame to have half of the 4 million go to gov. taxes.