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Angelina Takes Shiloh for a Ride in Her Range Rover

Angelina Takes Shiloh for a Ride in Her Range Rover

Angelina Jolie took her two-month-old daugther Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt for a ride down the Pacific Coast Highway earlier this weekend.  The mother-daughter duo cruised along in her Range Rover this past Friday but Brad, Maddox, and baby Zahara were out of sight for the car ride…  More pictures in the gallery!

[Pictures via]
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angelina jolie license plate 01
angelina jolie license plate 02
angelina jolie license plate 03
angelina jolie license plate 04
angelina jolie license plate 05
angelina jolie license plate 06
angelina jolie license plate 07
angelina jolie license plate 08
angelina jolie license plate 09
angelina jolie license plate 10
angelina jolie license plate 11
angelina jolie license plate 12
angelina jolie license plate 13
angelina jolie license plate 14
angelina jolie license plate 15

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  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    I think driving should be off-limits. It is dangerous, and she can be distracted, as can other drivers. This is troubling…

  • lurpac

    It must be a very powerful zoom lens – she is in no danger. If they were right up against the car flashing cameras in her face I would agree with you. Love the Range Rover.

  • Madison

    awww thanks Jared

  • Zahara Jolie-Pitt

    HEY JARED! Don’t forget me!

  • Just Jared

    Hahaha. Sorry, Zahara. MAH BAD.*palm to forehead*

  • Madison

    that’s ok Jared… Z understands LOL

  • g121

    first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! angie is soo beautiful!!

  • I’m with Dad

    How would you know that it is SHILOH at the back? It is probably a decoy and the real SHILOH is with her dad having a regular visit to the pediatrician.

  • thanks Jared

    Nice to see a mom who knows how to use a baby seat the right way. *coughbritneycough*. ahem. sorry, just clearing my throat. :D

  • g121

    first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! angie is soo beautiful!!

  • sultrydame

    Sighs.. I’d be creeped out knowing that the photographers would be taking pictures of me while driving.. *sighs*

  • to JJ

    Jared, take some time off dude. You’ve been working too hard. Thanks for the new threads. We’ll survive on those for a while. Get some rest.

  • angelah

    aww j@red, thanks for the request. I thought you wouldn’t post these until Monday.

  • Missouri Fan

    Wow.. I’m late…. thanks Jared,. now you can we truly appreciate you jared & audrey.. sincerely. Missouri Fan

  • Passing Through

    How would you know that it is SHILOH at the back? It is probably a decoy and the real SHILOH is with her dad having a regular visit to the pediatrician. # 8 | I’m with Dad +++++++++++++++++++The supposition that it’s Shiloh is probably based on the fact that the baby’s car seat is facing the back seat instead of facing forward. Remember – that’s why Brit-Brit got into trouble about 2 months ago. Because he had SPF facing forward when he should’ve been facing the back seat.Personally I think hope the carseat is empty and the stupid razzi never get a picture of Shiloh! Hopefully they’ve all gone off to hang around outside of Mel Gibson’s place and B/A can get a respite!

  • Missouri Fan

    # 1 | AddictedtoBAMZsMagandang umaga sa iyo! means Good Morning to you!

  • ariel

    Wow another thread for our superb couple! I always imagine Angelina to be at the movie Matrix. Remember Brad got an offer to play the lead role. Hmmm. hey jjoy,missouri fan,leila…howdy guys. leila, where are you from?

  • Missouri Fan

    Hey ariel!Yes that movie Matrix will be perfect for Brad & Angie- action type movie.Per Leila she found Angie’s St John’s pictures.I asked her too, where she from. Que hora there?

  • sara

    I much as I love angelina cause I do. It is irresponsible for her and Brad to talk about the environment and drive gas guzzling cars.

  • nora

    I agree, there is no baby Shiloh in the back of the seat. The car seat should be facing the back, and it’s not in the picture.

  • Enemy

    I think it’s total speculation to suspect Shiloh on the back seat – it could be pretty much everything.

  • :-)


  • :-)

    hi to all the BAMZ fan, i’m new here and i love BAMZS

  • theo

    nice!! hope they have a good time

  • PI

    To PIThanks for the congratulations! Say Hi to your mom!, lol on mom’s cell phone- I’m like your mom in recent cell phone and computer technology… I feel kind of idiot.. lol… Computer at work are set up for my job. At work I excel in appealing unpaid hospital claims to this big insurance companies to get it paid inspite of poor grammar, they ask me how I manage to get it paid- i told them i use my intelligence – lol- I work 10 hrs a day – M-TH purely working BUT I told @ work my reward to myself after working 10 hrs when I get home is to go on line for Jolie-Pitts @ Just Jared site…their eyes are rolling and shaking their heads that I am a BRAD PITT & ANGELINA’S avid fans…I don’t care what they think> all I know I enjoy being one of the fans on this site… How are you? How’s the weather there? Hows your job? # 1082 | Missouri Fan | July 28, 2006 09:40 AMHi Ate Char… and thanks for the heads up everyone on what’s going on here. *Kampay* to all. Jjoy, Angie (angelah), ariel, leila, magandang hapon. I’m good now, just came from recuperation from week long bedrest. There’s flu virus going around and I’m one of the first catastrophe. Job’s fine but since I work in a bank you’ll understand if I say I really don’t get a strong hankering to return to it ASAP, I’m happy I can now lurk at JJ’s full-time lol. JJ do I get some sort of medal for that? It’s pretty hard to visit JJ once and not return back. Ironically, my siggy can also be interpreted as Passing Indefinitely? No offense PT and I still like your siggy best You’re still a riot. And you know it’s hard to laugh and cough at the same time. Reading books and reading hilarious and witty rejoinders on this site are the only thing to break the monotony of being bedbound. I’m nearly ambulatory with boredom. Next time I’ll think of that before I decided to get sick. I don’t tend to comment on AJ/BP personal life coz frankly my dears, I don’t give a damn! (I couldn’t resist the Rhett moment), I don’t know what really happened to that relationship and I don’t want to believe one thing the mags are saying above another one, but from what I can tell is ANGELINA+BRAD+CHILDREN=HAPPY, and at the grand scheme of things it’s all that really matters. I’m a fan of these individuals but more than that I’m more of a fan of their fans. If that makes any sense lol. You fans articulate so much what most of us wanted to say but could not because of the language barrier. Ate Char, you do not have to be genius with modern technology and grammatically perfect to be excellent at your job. You just have to do things that you’re good at. My mom is a retired school teacher and lives in the farms and computer technology isn’t actually a prerequisite to ‘simple’ living lol. I think Zaiyana mentioned she’s a teacher too? I look up to these people who effect changes with great personal sacrifices on their part. I speak from personal experience. What job in the world requires a daily “bring-home” extra work, checking test papers, assignments, drafting of lesson plans, supervising the choir, the dance competition steps, a peacemaker, psychologist, among other things and all doing all these simultaneously or even at the same time? Teaching has got to be the most undervalued and underrated job in the world. My first month of job when I finally received my first payroll I was happy but at the same time really sad that my salary is double that of my mom who worked as a teacher for 20 yrs. Think about an unfair world. There is just something in their job that makes you somewhat touched and honored … to be able to take these young minds and have a hand in molding it. I think it’s a marvelous job. It takes a special group of individuals to be able to commit to this kind of job. My hat’s off to them. These are my role models, and I take great pride in saying that I was raised by one such individual.

  • SARA

    from just jared.The mother-daughter duo cruised along in her Range Rover this past Friday.SORRY BUT NO SHILOH!ANGELINA WENT TO THE SANTA MONICA AIRPORT BECAUSE OF HER FLYING LESSONS.

  • Angie

    Thanks for the pic JJ!It really looks like she went flight.I knew there’s not Shiloh :)Love BAMZS4ever!

  • Leila

    Hi to BAMZS fans and of course to my "kababayans."Let me see if I can remember, ariel, jjoy,missouri fan, angelah, PI. If I made a mistake or missed someone, I apologized. BTW, ariel and missouri fan, I’m from California. How about you guys? I probably know where you’re from missouri fan, lol.Thanks JJ for AJ’s picture. You are a hardworking man. ITA with you PI. There are BAMZS fans here who are so articulate and I admire them too. I wish I can articulate my feeling and thoughts like them. Anyway, I will just keep reading and post from time to time. Madaling araw na dito, time for me to go to bed.

  • mmm

    haha she looks so sad again?? what happened to her???

  • mmm is DUMB

    haha she looks so sad again?? what happened to her??? # 29 | mmm |===================There’s a moron standing on the side of the road taking her picture, why would/should she be happy about that?

  • Lin

    Angelina is a very beautiful woman as her lip is very nice :) She cares for her priority children. Fabilous! Luck for Brad Pitt who has his relationship with Angie Jolie because she gave a gift of baby for a dad Brad Pitt.

  • Heh

    #29 must see people on meds while driving because I can’t even remember seeing someone driving alone who’s got a sh*t eat’n grin on their faces while driving. Especially with an infant ( I do think the baby is with her. Just because she went flying doesn’t mean she didn’t have someone watching the baby at the hanger) in California traffic. The razzi isn’t in the street but following her in a car. Probably zig, zagging in front of her to get the picture. I’d be concentrated too.

  • ela

    # 32 | Heh must see people on meds while driving because I can’t even remember seeing someone driving alone who’s got a sh*t eat’n grin on their faces while driving.hahahahaha so true!

  • piyutra

    Angie is sooooo cool ;DGo Angie Go!!!


    AFTER YOU>>>>>>>>

  • Press Man

    Pearl’s friends hope for accurate movie By Ghanashyam Ojha, Berkshire Eagle StaffSunday, July 30PITTSFIELD — Sixteen years ago, he left Berkshire County and later started at The Wall Street Journal. Four years ago, he was killed.But people here still cherish their memories and friendships with Daniel Pearl, especially when they hear something new about him.Pearl, who started his journalism career from the North Adams Transcript and The Eagle, made his comeback into those old memories of Berkshire County residents when they heard that Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie would play the role of Pearl’s wife, Mariane, in an upcoming Hollywood movie. Jolie’s husband, actor Brad Pitt, is a producer of the film.The movie, based on the book "The Mighty Heart," written by Mariane soon after her husband was killed by terrorists in Pakistan in 2002, is supposed to reflect Pearl’s life, his love for Mariane and his life as a journalist. » Foundation to remember Pearl with music The Daniel Pearl Foundation has announced it will hold the fifth annual Daniel Pearl World Music Days from Oct. 6 to 15. Musicians — amateur and professional — worldwide are invited to participate in this global event that aims to use the power of music to help spread a message of hope and unity. Each artist during this time spends a few moments to remember Pearl during their performances.Since World Music Days’ inception, artists from more than 60 countries with musical events large or small unite in a global network of concerts, a press statement from the foundation said.This year’s World Music Days’ honorary committee is composed of luminary musicians and artists from many genres, including Herbie Hancock, Elton John, Yo-Yo Ma, R.E.M., Barbra Streisand and John Williams.Glenn Drohan, editor of The Advocate in North Adams and someone who remained a lifelong friend after working with Pearl in his early days at the Transcript and The Eagle, said he is skeptical but hopeful about the upcoming film."Hollywood has a way of trivializing truth and glorifying spectacle, and I doubt that Angelina Jolie, however glamorous, can match Mariane Pearl’s natural beauty and intelligence," he said. "Still, if this movie brings some recognition of Danny’s integrity, humor, zest for life and compassion for all humanity — and with luck, much-needed money to the Daniel Pearl Foundation — it will be worthwhile."Drohan said he is still coping with his grief over Pearl’s brutal death, which was reported by his captors on Feb. 21, 2002."Danny brought joy wherever he went and taught me a lot, not only about good journalism, but also about appreciating life on so many levels," he said. "I’ve always said Danny collected friends like cooks collect recipes — and kept all of them. That is evidenced in part by the music festivals throughout the country on or near his birthday. His memory lives and is cherished in the Berkshires, Atlanta, Washington, California — wherever he lived or worked."John Barrett III, the mayor of North Adams, who calls Pearl the brightest journalist he has ever met, said he hopes the movie will tell the complete story of Pearl."It should reflect Danny’s life, beginning from graduation to the tragedy he met in Pakistan," Barrett said.Barrett fondly remembers Pearl’s "mischievous" side. The mayor recalled one humorous event in which Pearl disguised himself as a woman so as to report on a male dance revue and then broke the story in the Transcript."I just loved his sense of humor," Barrett said. "Therefore, I find ‘mischievous’ as an appropriate word to describe him."Barrett, who has served as mayor for more than 20 years, said, "Lots of journalists came and went in my 23-year career, but Danny didn’t go. He is still in North Adams."Daniel Bellow of Great Barrington, another of Pearl’s friends who worked with him at The Eagle, is pleased to hear about the movie but concerned how the film might define Pearl and how it will negotiate his death."I am interested to see how they will handle it," Bellow said.Although Bellow began his journalism career with a dream to become a foreign correspondent, he changed his mind after Pearl’s death."Danny’s death changed my life. It changed my perspectives (in how I) look at the world," said Bellow, who worked at The Eagle and is now a real-estate agent and potter. He is also a freelance writer.Lewis C. Cuyler, who was the business editor at The Eagle when Pearl joined as a reporter, said Pearl’s story should be told to the world."I am so glad he is being celebrated, and the world should know about Danny as a journalist," he said.Unfolding those past memories, Cuyler said, "You know, I was in my late 50s and he was in his early 20s. … To my surprise, he got it. He was very respectful."Nick Noyes, who became Pearl’s friend when they worked at the Transcript, has been organizing an annual musical program coinciding with Pearl’s birthday in October ever since he was killed.Noyes invites Pearl’s friends, some people who know Pearl and some who want to know about him."It’s a kind of informal gathering," said Noyes, who works as the public relations director at the Berkshire Visitors Bureau in Adams."I just want to keep the memory of Danny and hold this kind of musical program because the entire world celebrates it as the World Music Festival in Danny’s memory," Noyes said.

  • freidaflo

    Glad to hear AJ is resuming her flying .She needs the kind of peace alone up there.It will invigorate her. That will be great for kids and of course for Brad.

  • Interesting Stuff

    OFF THE MOMMY TRACKIn her book ‘Baby Proof,’ Giffin examines a woman who wants to get off the childbearing pathHeather Maddan, Chronicle Staff WriterSunday, July 30, 2006Call her books chick-lit — she doesn’t mind. When it comes to writing stories that resonate with real women, best-selling author Emily Giffin has hit her stride. Her latest novel, "Baby Proof” (St. Martin’s Press), is the story of Claudia Parr, a 35-year-old book editor so opposed to becoming a mother that she divorces her husband when he broaches the subject of having a baby. While bookstore shelves have long been lined with works that explore different "Mommy War" perspectives, "Baby Proof” is among the first to shed light on the women who opt out of the battle and childbearing altogether."There’s an expectation on women that first comes love, then marriage and then the baby in the baby carriage. Not everyone wants to take that path," Giffin said as she watched children swing in Huntington Park on Nob Hill. San Francisco was just one stop on a six-week-long book tour during which she felt the pangs of being away from her own 2 1/2-year-old twin sons, George and Edward, who were home in Atlanta with their father. She was just as eager to answer a call from their nanny to hear an update on the whereabouts of George’s favorite missing toy as she was to pick up the phone when her publicist called to tell her that "Baby Proof" made the New York Times Top 10 best-seller list.Impeccably put together in slim jeans, a seersucker blazer and sunglasses, Giffin explained that she wrote the book to question whether there is ever a deal breaker when it comes to true love. After considering basing the book on religious differences in a marriage, she decided on the issue of parenthood, since she believes that it is the biggest all-or-nothing proposition in life. You cannot have half a child or reverse the decision once they are born and you have decided to raise them — it’s forever. In that vein, the story makes the point that choosing the father of your children is more important than choosing a husband.Initially, Giffin planned the book to focus on a husband with very resolute feelings about not having children and a wife whose maternal instincts kicked in, but changed the angle because she felt it was more interesting to write from the perspective of what would be perceived to be an unsympathetic heroine — a woman who wanted to live a child-free life. Giffin emphasizes that term instead of the one more often used — childless. The book begins with the sentence, "I never wanted to be a mother."Two months into her novel and having made the switch, as rumors began to circulate about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s marriage, Giffin wondered how readers would react to her treatment of the material. The Angelina Jolie factor had yet to surface, but rumor had it that the Hollywood couple was breaking up because Aniston did not want children yet."It was fascinating how quickly women sided with Brad and said he had to leave her, instead of saying that the couple had a commitment and his love for her should have been stronger than his urge to have kids," said Giffin, who believes a third party — even Angelina Jolie — cannot end a mutually satisfying relationship. She cites the high-profile brouhaha as just another example that illustrates the stigma against women who pursue careers or their own interests instead of reproducing.Full Details below

  • Love it

    I love her ride. I wish we could see Shiloh. Angie looks great. Angie will show Shiloh to us, when she gets a little older. 2 months is young.



  • rose82

    38-Interesting StuffThanx for the post.Love truly left the AJ/BP household long before AJ. SO far we can only get EX wife’s side of the story.Unfair to AJ, she became the object of vicious verbal assaults from the media and from the ex’s fans as well.Next cover photo in the tabs is JA holding the book-BABY PROOF. Just a guess…..

  • sara

    Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Sleeping In Seperate RoomsSo he can get his sleep….Sleep-loving Brad Pitt has apparently moved into a separate bedroom as Angleina Jolie takes care of the their baby Shiloh.The Fight Club star is supposedly struggling to get his beauty sleep in following Shiloh’s birth in May, so has decided to sleep in a different room to his gorgeous lover whilst she stays with their infant daughter.A source tells The People, "She wants to keep an eye on her. Brad needs his sleep but he helps when he can."That’s big of him.

  • stef

    sara…and they know this how? goodness unless flies can talk no-one will ever know what goes on behind closed doors! how the hell can these tabs even think that its believeable? talk about scraping the barrell!

  • hmm…

    looks like she needed some alone time (also went flying) but had to bring Shiloh along b/c she’s nursing.

  • Seminole

    UK source/gossip. Case closed. Let’s be real. The FF’rs have now decided to come to JJ, and just post negative gossip stories "to generate some interesting conversations" They are extremly mad that their racist, over the top hatred is not allowed. In fact one of them posted when viewing a link of AJ flying Friday that they hoped her plane crashed and her c-section burst open. Sick MoFo’s

  • merger

    "It was fascinating how quickly women sided with Brad and said he had to leave her, instead of saying that the couple had a commitment and his love for her should have been stronger than his urge to have kids," said Giffin, who believes a third party — even Angelina Jolie — cannot end a mutually satisfying relationship.# 38 | Interesting Stuff———————————-If Brad truly loved X, he would not dump her, inspite of his yearning for kids. However, theirs (Brad and X) was no longer a mutually satisfying relationship, so it ended in divorce. Their relationship was best described by Brad as a merger. The merger could not survive the continuing deceit on both parties. Angelina was not the cause of their break-up.

  • Alexkziel

    Angie is the woman, i missed her . Cute pout BTW.

  • Orchid

    #45 (Seminole)…….In fact one of them posted when viewing a link of AJ flying Friday that they hoped her plane crashed and her c-section burst open. ——-Now that is a sick person! Very sick.

  • Tabloids Suck

    #42 sara, "The People" is a British Tabloid, in other words it’s bullcrap.

  • Seminole

    #49 sara knew exactly what she was posting and her intent was to post a negative article and make people respond to it. As soon as I saw the UK link I knew it was a FF person who posted it. Sure enough, as I said up thread they’ve now decided to come to JJ and just post negative tabloid stories.It is beyond their comprehension why their posts are reported and deleted and blame Jared for being pro Brad/Angelina instead of looking at their own inappropriate behavior using racists and hate filled words.