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Angelina Jolie: Airplane Flying Again

Angelina Jolie: Airplane Flying Again

Angelina Jolie gets back in the pilot seat in Santa Monica on Friday. It’s the first time the new mom has made use of her private plane since giving birth to daughter Shiloh last month.

Angelina Jolie‘s back in the cockpit!  Good for her!

UPDATE :: More pictures have been added!

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angelina jolie airplane01
angelina jolie airplane02
angelina jolie airplane03
angelina jolie airplane04
angelina jolie airplane05
angelina jolie airplane06
angelina jolie airplane07
angelina jolie airplane08
angelina jolie airplane09
angelina jolie airplane10
angelina jolie airplane11

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  • Hana

    Yeppee! I am the first one!Great for Angelina! She’s fantastic!

  • kidi

    Go get ‘em, Angie.

  • jenpo

    Any truth that she will be joining Sin City 2??? love her :)

  • mrs smith

    Great to see her back in action! She looks great.

  • Sally

    SICKK iwanna do that cuz im a lezbien

  • angelah

    Thanks for another thread, j@red! You so rock!

  • Andrómeda

    Great !! new photos of Angie….She looks so beatiful and so focus in flying…Hope I´ll see some new pics of her and Brad and their children very soon…

  • Estelle

    JJ you should put this under the same thread as AJ ride in Range Rover…Do you think she was on her way to the Airport for her flying lesson?…same outfit, same eyes wear,…?

  • Jude

    She looks gorgeous as always–but what is that hedgehog attached to the back of her head? Is that her hair? Does she have that much hair? It’s freakin’ me out a li’l bit.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new thread. I am glad Angelina is flying again, good for her and she has her flying instructor with her

  • Zaiyana

    Jude, I think there’s someone else in the plane with her. Angie, you’ve clinched my heart girl! I’ve been working on becoming a pilot (for hobby) for awhile myself. She’s needing to keep up her log hours. It’s usually required to renew licensure.You go, Ange!

  • Pitt

    Angelina Jolie’s back in the cockpit!LMAO she’s always been there, in the cockpitt.

  • QQQQ

    # 12 | Pitt | LOL!!!!!!!!

  • lol

    # 12 | Pitt |You have a dirty mind there missy and I like it. LOL.

  • angelah

    # 12 | Pitt hmm lol

  • angelah

    that’s GREAT for her!

  • syd

    Way to go Angie! Keep flying high! ;)

  • alida

    Good for you Angie!!!

  • Jeannified

    Good for her! If everything that’s been in the magazines lately is true, then she probably needs a break and some time to fly by herself and be "free spirited." Her life in Malibu sounds like it’s under constant scrutiny. Perhaps this will help her to feel like more of an individual again and will help her and Brad to get back on track as a couple, provided that what the mags say is true. I love them as a couple and want them to stay together FOREVER!!! I hope they get married eventually and have many more babies and adopt too! (Is this an unrealistic expectation for me to have?)

  • lurpac

    #9 Jude — ha ha — the hedgehog attached to the back of her head is the head of her lying instructor – that made me laugh – not mocking – just your wording was humourous.To some of you other’s – is it necessary to always go into the gutter – you are cheapening this site.

  • alida

    #19 JeannifiedDon’t belive tabloids. They have to invent at least a bit of drama to sell. When is quiet and they just live their life, it is not interesting for them, so their negative stories come out ( just remember when they were in Paris).


    Es una gran alegria, ver a Angie en una de sus actividades favoritas. Me alegro de que ya este volviendo con su vida… Eres maravillosa y te deseamos lo mejor. Ansiosos de ver la pelicula de Marianne Pearl… the Oscar.. God Bless You

  • sara

    # 21 | alida.the tabloids are very boring, when they are in paris or namibia poor brad he is so miserable…when they are in malibu..crazy angelina is miserable…!!!

  • Alexanderina

    # 12 | Pitt | – lmao

  • cool

    that’s awesome she’s still flying!

  • alida

    #23|saraYup! And it doesn’t matter that Angie said in her interview that she has so many reasons to be happy, and that Brad said that having kids is the most amazing thing he ever did, they will continue to write their crap, no mather what! That just how it is, and one must not pay attention to them!


    |# 12 Pitt |LOL!I remember her saying in her INSIDE THE ACTOR’S STUDIO interview, that she said, flying was better than sex. I wonder how Brad feels about that? LOL! Looks like things are pretty much back to normal. We’ve had three Angie sightings in the past week!

  • marian

    I bet she’s not even wearing making and she still looks beautiful. I’m jealous of her fans…I wish Jennifer is prettier than her and more involve in humatarian causes.

  • marian

    I bet she’s not even wearing MAKE-UP (SORRY TYPO) and she still looks beautiful. I’m jealous of her fans…I wish Jennifer is prettier than her and more involve in humatarian causes.

  • Passing Through

    # 24 | Alexanderina Hey Alex – How was the moving?

  • Trish

    nice to see she’s got time to fly around…

  • Passing Through

    # 27 | COLD HARD MATH Hey CHM…Uh…I think she’s probably changed her mind about that by now!

  • Passing Through

    # 31 | Trish Let’s see….you say AJ’s "selfish deviant"…BUT…everytime there’s a new BAMZS thread you practically shit in your pants because you can’t wait to make a nasty comment about them. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  • gitane

    # 27 | COLD HARD MATH she said that BEFORE she met brad. i’ll bet she’s changed her tune, now.

  • kidi

    Remember, Trish was the one who said her swanky gated community didn’t allow tattoos; she also knew Jackie Onassis (cue Twilight Zone music…….)

  • cycloneblondie

    | Moi Jade | Estelle | & | CLINIQUA |Hey Mateys!!! “:)I won’t be doing this on a regular basis now…soooooo, don’t worry. I do hate sending shit!!! However… I did think you might appreciate the story on the cover of the latest OZ’s “Woman’s Day” here!!!Ange runs back to her exAs tension mounts at home, new mum Angelina Jolie is seeking solace with the man she says she’ll ‘always love’, former hubby Jonny Lee Miller. Upset that lover Brad Pitt had been hiding his secret meetings with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, friends say Ange fell back on the one person she can always rely on — her first husband.

  • LOL

    omg great 4 her she probly went out 2 relax from the non stop crying of baby shiloh:)lol im so glad she is starting 2 go out now and start doing the things she loves 2 do. good 4 u angie:)

  • heh

    From this weekend. Apparently, they went back there with the Fam:Let the backlash begin! Various gossip rags are beginning to chart the demise of Brangelina, saying they sleep in different rooms, etc. How can that be true, we ask, when they’re taking the kids out on lovely family excursions and so very publicly enjoying themselves? This weekend they hit up the Paradise Cove Cafe in Malibu, an upscale version of a fish and chips-style beach shack. It’s quite literally on the beach, so you can catch your own dinner, and located in a pocket of the Earth that seems to stay warm, sunny and full of celebs year-round. Despite this being health-conscious (or rather, bikini-conscious) Southern California, the Cafe’s fried goodness, such as the onion rings, gets the highest marks, as does the house clam chowder. Plenty of opportunity to walk it off on the beach afterward.

  • mr. maichan

    three words…mile high club!If she put on that eye patch from Sky Captain, even better!

  • angelah

    # 39 | mr. maichan Hahaha. This calls for rica’s fanfics, dang I forgot what chapter it was..

  • mommalibu

    I saw that post on woman’s day and this is what I wrote back to them:***********************************Your information is bogus-I am forwarding this pile of crap to their attorney J. Lavely I hope they sue the hell out of you-you ppl will write anything at the expense of others-Brad and Angie are living their lives and you have NO IDEA what they do-They have millions of fans-especially on JJ so I am sure you just lost potential readers-There are many positive things the Jolie-Pitts contribute to-why did you not choose to write about those-you strive for sensationalism in order to boost your sales-again, I hope you end up in court and walk away penniless!!!***********************************

  • Alexanderina

    # 36 | cycloneblondie – I think this story is a bunch of crap

  • lol

    # 41 | mommalibu Omg. Did you really email their lawyers? I think that might scare the hell out of that magazine. lol

  • haha

    Guys ..why do you even respond to tabloid shit, it is obvious that the tabloids are in a panic, because they don’t have as much pictures as they want, so the make up shit, This australian tabloid made up a story based on the shit about brad and jen from the national enquirer. the best way to deal with this shit is ignore it, just like brad and angie do.

  • alida

    #42|AlexanderinaOf course it’s a bunch of crap. No need to even coment on that.

  • gitane

    # 41 | mommalibuhey there! yours is the only fic i haven’t read so far. which thread does it start on? rumors of hollywood hills?

  • cycloneblondie

    # 42 | Alexanderina |Cheers Matey!!! ":)

  • Estelle

    # 46 | gitane -love your latest chapter, you are so talented. mommalibu’s latest is on Brad Home’s thread, not the rumors thread

  • Estelle

    # 41 | mommalibu-OMGoodness, did you really write that?…you’re ROCK!!!.

  • Mrs smith

    #31..Trish…FYI, countless other moms, including myself, who had 3 children all under five at one time, were out and about by 2 months, swimming and playing tennis. Actually, it is encouraged to get back to enjoying the things you normally did. Perhaps in your gated community, getting out and enjoying life, without a baby in tow, makes you a ‘selfish deviant,’ but in the real world, where Angie and the rest of us live, life goes on.