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Mel Gibson Mug Shot

Mel Gibson Mug Shot

Scope out actor-director Mel Gibson’s mug shot released by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. This booking photo was taken early Friday after being arrested on drunken driving charges, making anti-Semitic remarks, and threatening a deputy law enforcement official.  EKKS!  Poor Mel!

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    God, I don’t even want to be first.

  • Alexanderina

    # 1 | CLINIQUA | – sorry C. you are :)

  • Jude

    "Poor Mel" is a fucking ass. Oof.

  • gapeach

    I’ve see worst mug shots (James Brown, Nick Nolte) – but he’s the worst person to be sure.

  • gapeach

    See = seen. Sorry!!

  • melissa

    He looks like a creepy old man….staring the clothes right off me!!! Yuck

  • Frenchy

    This man has many demons. I think his career is really over after this meltdown.


    |#7 Frenchy | ITA!Thanks Jared for finally posting this. This story has been blowing up blogs, all weekend.

  • plantain

    Poor Mel? You’ve gotta be kidding? The man is a fucking bigot…. it was only a matter of time before he revealed his true colors..

  • Somalian

    NOw, if only Lady O could get drunk and tell us how she realy feels about people who are NOT RICH.were are the family? thier father is going Nuts and they aren’t helping him?some times i wonder whats the point of havinga family?

  • pagebetty

    ================== Mel’s career over? I don’t think so! Everybody wants to crucify him now! Hollywood (mostly Jews) is just jealous because "Passion of the christ" made so much money, and he Didn’t need any help from them to do it! Nobody in Hollywood backed him up, but he did it on his own! So he made a mistake? He is human, and he has apologized! Just another day in the craziness that is Hollywood.

  • not a normal day

    The fact that he is an alcholic and is trying to get better can be forgiven, but the remarks he made about Jews is not something that should be disguised as "another day in hollywood". Mel has been rumored to have anti-semetic views for a long time and now we can see them for ourselves. Unless he changes the hate he holds inside of him, people should not dismiss this any old day in hollywierd. I won’t write his career off, but I do think the man has some serious issues that he needs to deal with, and I’m not talking just about the alcoholism.

  • Passing Through

    Hey Cliniqua – Did you see JJ’s bit on the cover where the Star has MG’s rep saying he’s entered rehab? What a shock! Lay low so he doesn’t have to do any explanatory interviews and hope it all blows over! NOT!


    Yeah I saw that PT…Mel’s idea of rehab, is a few visits to his own Catholic sanctuary where he re-baptizes himself in holy water. Dude is NOT going to Hazelten or Betty Ford…he’ll be right in his own wacky compound with his 127 spawn placing cool cloths on his forehead and bathing his feet. 2-3 days at the most, then his "rehab," is over. Heh.

  • lurpac

    He apologized – he was drunk – he lost control – he apologized — forgive – 70 times 7 — he who is without sin cast the first stone — CLINIQUA thinks its her — ha ha ha ha – and she is serious — when you are blind you really are blind.


    Breaking NewsMel Gibson In Rehab for AlcoholismMONDAY JULY 31, 2006 05:25PM ESTBy Michael Fleeman and Ken LeeMel GibsonPhoto by: Peter Kramer / STAR MAX Mel Gibson has sought treatment for alcoholism, his rep, Alan Nierob, tells PEOPLE. "He definitely entered a program," said Nierob, who wouldn’t identify or describe the program or say how long Gibson planned to be there. Gibson was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in Malibu early Friday morning. On Saturday, he issued a statement apologizing for his behavior after the arrest. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department turned its case over to the district attorney Monday. The DA’s office is now reviewing the information to determine whether to press charges. Controversy erupted this weekend over allegations that the Sheriff’s Department sanitized an arrest report containing anti-Semitic and sexist remarks that Gibson allegedly made while in custody. DA spokesperson Jane Robison tells PEOPLE, "We believe we received a complete report, but can’t comment on the details of it." An arraignment is set for Sept. 28. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Disney said Monday that the studio plans to release Gibson’s latest film, Apocalypto, as scheduled on Dec. 8. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I wonder if he is at PROMISES. I think it’s in Malibu.That’s where Ben Affleck and Charlie Sheen did their rehab at.

  • oh well

    how is it**Fucking jews**Anti-semi?If he said>i hate all jews people and i would like to kill them>that would be a Anti-semi>Fucking not a Anti-semiFucking muslims..Not anti-islamFucking christians>not anti-christains.I hate Jews>>IS- anti-semi**I hate Muslims>IS- anti-islam**I hate christians>IS-anti-christians*

  • cool mel

    That is a really styling mugshot ! It looks like a professional photographer ! Mel looks super cool !!

  • JINX

    #18Put the crack pipe down. Saying "fucking Jews" is pretty much saying I hate them. Even if you change the tone and emphasize differently, its still fucked up.Anyone who backs this man is really showing their true colors. Let his career burn!And G’nite

  • mark

    HAHAH.I love how every Jewish person on the planet is all over the supposed hearsay of anti-semetic remarks. You realize that first Hollywood tried to rake him over the coals because he made his movie outside their boundaries and had factually based (as factual as religion can be) harsh potrayals of Jewish people thousands of years ago. Now…this much time passes and BAM! They take their shot again at slandering him.Give up the agenda guys. It’s really fucking old and does more harm than good. It’s not backwards to dismiss rumous or something that might have been said. Whatever. The guy kicks ass and is richer than Mexico.Looking forward to Apocalytpo!

  • Love children

    Mel saying "fucking Jews" … BADJews killing innocent Lebanese children … WORSER than WORST!

  • MC

    Mark, you got it all wrong. Only the media is bashing Mr. Gibson right now. As long as he can bring in the big bucks at the box office, his career is fine. But I suspect that when camera stops rolling, he is going to be pretty lonely. No one is going to invite him to parties, lunches, etc., because they don’t know what he will do next. And if he talks that way about Jews, what does he say about Hispanics, Afro-Americans, and Asians when no one is looking?!!!! No, it’s too risky. Perhaps rehab will help him. That would be great.

  • HA!

    Get over it ppl… saying something against Christianity or Islam is not being anti-anything, but the second something is said about Jews, its anti-Semetic… seriously referring to his comments that "Jews are the one’s starting wars all over the world" is what everyone has been thinking but has kept quiet about… Christians are pawns of Jews… its all leading up to the coming of Jesus… Israel can be an aggressor, kill, kidnap, raid, rape Palestinians on a daily basis, and its never reported in the jewish US media. But the second a jew dies or is kidnapped, all hell breaks loose…

  • anon

    He probably freaked out when the new war in the Middle East started, got in a deep depression and then started to drink again. There are a lot of "end times" people out there who are saying that everything that’s happening now is written in Revelations. As a strict Catholic Mel probably noticed this as well and went off. Yeah his career, as we know it is over. He may do other things later on but he will always be a sad & pathetic figure.

  • Oh well..

    #18Put the crack pipe down. Saying "fucking Jews" is pretty much saying I hate them. Even if you change the tone and emphasize differently, its still fucked up.Anyone who backs this man is really showing their true colors. Let his career burn!And G’nite # 20 | JINX^^^You need to put the crack pipe down^^^Last time checked*FUCKING did not EqualTO hate**Is calling a jew stupid an anti-sami?**************************************Hey pagebetty, you fucktard, I am sick to death of you backwards ass wingnut conservative ‘christian’ bitches who wouldn’t know what being ‘christlike’ was if jesus himself tutored you personally.# 12 | CLINIQUA ** guess she is An Anti-christain.

  • bandicoot

    His career is not over, people will forget all about this, it’s not a big deal. Apocalypto is gonna be great; also can’t wait for the movie "Borat"……."throw the jews down the well, throw the jews down the well, grab them by the horns….."

  • Oh Well

    "throw the jews down the well, throw the jews down the well, grab them by the horns….." # 27 | bandicoot ^^please that’s IS A ANTI-sami^^^"Any life that is lost in war is a human life be it that of an muslim/Arab or an christian/Israeli. A wife who becomes a widow is a human being entitled to a happy family life, whether she be a muslim/Arab or a chirstian/Israeli. Innocent children who are deprived of the care and compassion of their parents are ours. They are ours, be they living on muslim/Arab or christian/Israeli land. They command our full responsibility to afford them a comfortable life today and tomorrow."

  • bandicoot

    ^^^^ oh please, get a grip. i’m not an "anti-sami" or an anti-semi. have you ever seen "Da Ali G Show" it’s a sketch from TV

  • disc

    Let’s play a game…Cliniqua is…an anti-christian: : you fucktard, I am sick to death of you backwards ass wingnut conservative ‘christian’ bitchesWho believes Jesus tortures people: if jesus himself tutored you personally. According to her definition, she is evil too: HATING PEOPLE AND SLURRING THEM IS EVIL & WRONGWho prefers her men cut: you bigoted racist bitches can go suck Mel’s uncircumcised peanut dickThinks Christians = KKK?:Shaddup you dumb bitch, and go strangle yourself on your white sheetAnd has gentital warts on her mind: He’s a walking talking genital wart.Oh my, you are the overall package, aren’t you sweetie?

  • bandicoot

    according to Extra, Mel said during his arrest:"the jews are responsible for all the wars in the world—fucking jews"i see nothing anti-semitic about that; it’s an accurate observaton and a personal remark

  • Oh Well..

    according to Extra, Mel said during his arrest:"the jews are responsible for all the wars in the world—fucking jews"i see nothing anti-semitic about that; it’s an accurate observaton and a personal remark # 31 | bandicoot |^^i’m glad we agree on that^^

  • lurpac

    This justjared blog is a microcosm of the world at large — just read the hate and blindness on the various threads – put a gun in the hands of people like Cliniqua and her minions and we would all see Anti-Christ in action – her anger and pain is palpable – wonder who hurt her. Instead of encouraging her on this despicable path true supporters would redirect her talent as a writer into more wholesome endeavours – and she does have a talent – I for one would love to see her rise to a higher plane and bring her glassy eyed followers with her.

  • lurpac

    #30 Disc — I agree with the content of your post. I do want to make one small observation though and for a reason — if you will notice you mentioned that the writer believed Jesus tortured people when she actually said that some wouldn’t recognise christ-likeness if Jesus tutored them himself (paraphrase) — I mention this only because if she comes back with a response she will no doubt fixate on the one error in your post totally disregarding the truth of the rest of of what you wrote. She is pretty predictable and as irrational as are those who defend and idolize her. The saddest thing is that she has an imature, selective knowledge of Christianity and I wonder if she sees herself as putting forth a Christ-like persona. That being said, she can on occasion make intelligent observations and remarks about varied subjects and she has a talent for writing even though her thoughts and words take her into the gutter.

  • anna

    What if he didn’t say it? I mean maybe he did but there’s no proof, the sherriffs dept have emphatically denied that they sanitised the arrest report – I mean when did the media become so trustworthy and squeaky clean – when did we start going ok some hack somewhere, says its so, so it is?? Really half these posts read like the modern equivalent of a lynch mob, guilty till proven innocent on the say so of a news media that will make anything up to sell paper or score a rating – dats just plain scary shit.

  • curly

    Israel just murdered 60 people in Lebanon. 36 of them were children. Are you saying that the press in US didn´t write about that? People in europe are furious to say the least. And to be frank, every one are wondering why US is so cautious about their comments. Israel are slaugthering people out there and that´s a fact. Mel´s career is hardly over. He has his own points of views and a that makes his movies very unique. That´s always interesting. I hope he´ll battle his alcoholism and continue making great movies. Can´t wait to see Apocalypto.

  • lurpac

    #35 Anna — I seem to recall reading that he was video taped and actually saw himself in action on the tapes when sober – he was also on audio tape. However, he was really drunk and out of control – he does have a problem with alcohol and admits it — I do not believe that a sober rational Mel Gibson wouldsay and do what he is accused of. I think he is mortified and this woke him up enough to put him back in rehab and apologize — the apology should be accepted I believe it was sincere.

  • Yvonne

    There’s a saying how drunk people and kids always speak the truth so he apparently hates Jews. I also read an interview that his father denies the holocaust and that Mel Gibson believes everything his father says. So … hmmm, not being a Jew myself but a citizen of the world makes me believe that the Gibsons aren’t nice people.

  • bandicoot

    ^^^^I’m not advocating hate, but so what if he hates jews? it’s not like he hates puppies. israel is murdering innocent children in Lebanon and if the U.S. wasn’t so far up their ass, then we would condemn their attacks and even perhaps take military action (but wait, they don’t have any oil wells do they?) so bush won’t speak out against them, and when this whole debacle started weeks ago, bush had a chance to denounce their actions but he wouldn’t (while practically every other leader at the G8 summit in Russia did). Bush and his America have no shame.

  • Caza

    lurpac – now here is someone who has some sense.. how nice to read something right on this hate-filled site. Cliniqua is one screwed up, hate-filled bigot. Just like a lot of other people I could mention on here. Try sucking it up and thinking nice thoughts for a change folks.

  • Angie


  • brit

    I totaly agree with you bandicoot you’re absolutely right, and mel just said the truth, it’s actually what is hapening in the world.

  • anonimo

    This is the thread more interesting that jj has published since 1 year, i hope that jj continue on this route. Now for the topic Mel has wronged and is right that he went in rehab. He has wronged to drive booze because he can kill someone and hurt oneself. as well as his comments are out line

  • ck

    I lost respect for Mel Gibson along time ago when I found out he was a racist. I’m glad he got a good shot of humble pie to go along with his mug shot.It took being arrested on drunken driving charges, making anti-Semitic remarks, and threatening a deputy law enforcement official. Its a shame that his behavior just now catching up with him. He disgrace himself, family, friends, co-workers and fans, now I feel only pity for this man. He has a problem with alcohol and it clouds his better judgement, I wish him well on his road to recovery and maybe someday Mel can put his millions to good use for humanity instead of spewing hate.I guess Mel won’t be looking at any jail time theres always a different set of laws for the rich and famous.


    Wow, such forgiveness, for someone who wouldn’t hesitate to slur entire groups of people, and harbors bigotry against anyone who id’s as a jew, or a woman (OR, I guess most of you character-LESS wingnuts think it’s perfectly okay for your daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives to be called "sugar tits" on the job – yet another wack sick statement that came out of this piece of shits mouth) – look, the jig is up….your holy Mel Gibson who made that WWF version of Jesus, has revealed himself to be the black-hearted waste of space that he is. t’s okay he’s still got 750 million dollars and 127 kids, he can go buy a small isalnd somewhere and make himself King of the drunk religious epithet spewing male chauvinst swines. Hypocrites.

  • Lina

    45 | CLINIQUA I really liked your posts even back in BPC and the other brangelina boards but reading your personal opinion, although you´re entitled to it, all I can say it´s that I feel a bit disapointed by your extreme comments about MG. Yes he made mistakes, but who is entitled to throw the first stone? He said things he shouldn´t have said under the influention of alchool, he recognized he had a problem and he apologized. i´m sorry, but that of cruxifiction seems a bit hatefull for me. I guess, unfortunnatelly he gave his haters a reason to start attacking him for something his movie somehow touched a hidden spot. Otherwise that movie wouldn´t have so many haters.JIMHO.Give him a break. Like you have neven commited any mistakes!

  • brad

    jews are killers, they killed children women in paletine and lebanon, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE DO YOU HAVE ANY SENSE, CHILDREN ARE KILLED BY JEWS IN LEBANON,

  • jen


  • Lina

    #45 Cliniquayour holy Mel Gibson who made that WWF version of JesusJus my last one about this as I overlooked it on my post above:With this comment Cliniqua, you do seem to hate someone or something and it´s not Mel Gibson. You´re just using an excuse to ven your hate. I hope you do come back to your usual rational standpoints. It´s very disapointing to see a comment like this one about that movie. In case you didn´t get it, you´re now supporting the most stupid thing which is a religious war.Have a nice day.

  • Beth

    He looks like Osama Bin Laden in those last pictures. This guy has some serious issues. Feel bad for his kids……


    #46, Lina – we throw stones every day — and for a LOT LESS than what Gibson has revealed himself for. You know, once upon a time a man named Rodney King was high and got pulled over -and I sure didn’t see millions of non-black people wondering why a simple DUI turned into an excuse to nearly kill a man. But somehow Gibson’s DUI not only is immediately dismissed (nevermind the fact that he could have killed innocent people), but also his racist and sexist comments are overlooked and forgiven. Since when did having one too many tequilas become the equivalent of ‘temporary insanity?’ Uh, excuse me – but Andrea Yates is insane, Mel is not. Last time I looked, if you got high before you committed a crime, that doesn’t EXCUSE or EXPLAIN the criminal behavior – likewise, the statements uttered while committing it. Most rapists have a few drinks too before they commit their acts of violence against a women, and I’m sure they say some sick and disgusting things – however a defense attorney won’t use a 6-pack as a rationale for a lesser sentence. What is wrong with you people? I’ve almost gotten a sense that some of Mel’s more holier fans, think the arresting officer was in the wrong. Now that’s REALLY special, a hard working man doing his job, scraping by on less than 30K, bears the brunt of their wrath for writing a report that exposes the racist, sexist, anti-semite almost billionaire. ….and people wonder why our society is so fucked up and full of inequity. This is a prime example. That’s right keep turning a blind’s eye to the working class and rolling out the red carpet and the throne to the Mel Gibson’s of the world – it’s one reason, why you’ve got a barely literate former drunk oil and gas baron and his buddies running the govt and ignoring foreign policy RIGHT NOW. If Jesus stepped off the cross today, and needed health care in George Bush’s so-called ‘Christian’ America, he’d just be shit out of luck with the rest of the non-millionaires and non-Gibsons. But sure…forgive Mel of his sins….and I expect you to do the same for the next creep who does something vile after a few beers.