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Brooklyn Beckham Covers Mom's Face

Brooklyn Beckham Covers Mom's Face

London, Britain :: I think this is a first for celebrity babies around the world.  Brooklyn Beckham takes to protecting his mother at a very early age.  Brooklyn, 7, tries to shield Victoria Beckham, 32, from the hoards of  paparazzi with a pad of paper.  Posh just finished her meeting with her management company, 19 Management.  Daddy David Beckham is currently in Styria, Austria for Real Madrid training camp.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Maria

    I’d cover her face up as well. Her head is bigger than her body, her fake tan stinks. The woman was OK when she was with the silly gorup — what were they called? Anyway, Brooklyn, keep covering up her face. You’ll be doing alot of people a favour. AND WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT HER PICTURE TO BEGIN WITH?

  • SpiceGirl

    I think its cute that her son is protecting her. And for the record – Spice Girls RULE

  • jodie

    Victoria is beautiful Maria why do you have to be so mean and judge her by what she looks like all the time.Brooklyn is always trying to protect him mummy from the camreas soooo cute!

  • wow

    mommy why can’t you wear a nice pair of capris or slacks? you look like a ho, mommy. maybe if you covered up yourself i wouldn’t have to hold a manilla folder on your face.

  • Miss Orleans

    Maria is right.

  • Anon

    Brooklyn you’re right to cover that leathery anorexic ho’s face. The trout pout alone puts me off seafood.

  • Mariah

    I agree 100% with Maria… not only that, but "Posh" is one of the most useless and pathetic "celebs" around… she is only "famous" for being married to DB and for starving herself! IF she wasn’t married to DB, she would just be another ex-spice girl looking more haggard than her years as well as looking for "work"HATE HER!

  • Elisa

    You guys are so ridiculous. He is just protecting his mummy of the paparazzi and OF MEAN JELOUS PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!He is soooo cute.

  • Sam

    How can you say Maria is right. It is opinion’s!

  • Fae

    Leave Victoria alone.

  • Maria

    I think that Brooklyn is a sweet boy protecting his Mum, I truly do. I just don’t think Victoria should be going about looking like she’s looking for a job off the road — if you know what I mean. Yes, if she wasn’t married to Beck man, she’d be just like the other gals, although the other gals don’t go looking like they ran away from some skelton exam, and the cutest of all the ‘girls’ was the blonde one — wasn’t she called ‘baby spice’? Yes, she was a cutie.

  • C

    Maybe he can make her eat something?

  • big head

    she has such a big head???!!

  • Beebee

    It says a lot about a mother who would allow her 7 year old to "protect" her. She should be protecting HIM!! What image has she been putting in that poor childs mind? He obviously doesn’t see her when shes out just trying to get noticed while out shopping. She really is useless.

  • lovely

    She is to thin

  • lovely

    She is to thin

  • Maria

    What makes her think that being so skinny is sexy and glamorous? I don’t get it. Well, as long a Beck likes it — WAIT! Didn’t he have fun on the side with someone else? Maybe he wanted to feel what real skin feels like — HA! HA!

  • +greenpeace+

    i would cover my mom’s face if she’s wearing a short pant like that. but i love Brooklyn’s pretectiveness.

  • miss diplomatic

    everyone has their own opinion and there is truth in what everyone has said. As a mother myself, I just think she should watch more what she wears in the presence of her children. I do not think it appropriate to wear such short shorts on an outing taken with her son…REALITY: his shorts are longer than hers!

  • Maria

    #19. You are spot on. She could have looked glamorous with a nice pair of slacks and not those ‘street walker’ shorts.

  • marvelousarvis

    Maria, andall of her lackeys–It is an opinion. Neither right nor wrong. But, regardless of why people are taking pictures or why she’s famous, her son, who’s something like seven years old now? He’s trying to protect her. Good for him.

  • erica

    No matter what anyone says, Victoria Beckham is the most fabulous person of our time!

  • Maria

    #21. Gee, I didn’t know I had any lackeys. Nice to know, thanks for informing me. I never said that Brooklyn wasn’t a cutie pie to protect his mother, but like I said before, I agree with Beebee. What’s this woman going to do when she starts aging? Gosh, I hope the ‘plastic shops’ are ready when this woman decides to show up, because she’s got to ‘touch’ up those ‘tatas’ of hers — you know that mother nature didn’t give those to her — and whaterver she feels has fallen — which is not much, as there’s nothing there to fall, except her big fat head!! So, to all my lackey’s out there. Have a super day!!

  • Baby Zahara

    He should be covering his mommy’s coochie cutters instead of her face. She looks like she’s about to pull a Paris!! It IS a very sweet gesture on Brooklyn’s part, though. :)


    WTF?! What’s up with those shorts?!! Oh, Posh!

  • Lae Yee Maung Mau

    Woo!What aclever boy. He knows he should protect his mum only he is about 8. David is lucky to have Brook. He is so lovely.

  • gigi

    Something is wrong with this picture – besides the leather hide and and sour puss. Clearly, it’s all about "ME! ME! ME!" with this woman… She is so focused on herself that her son has obviously picked up on it… She lives for the adulation. In fact I believe she feeds on it like a vampiress, but her deep insecurity is in the driver’s seat. Grow up, please!

  • gigi

    P.S. A 7-year-old should NOT be worried about protecting his parents! This old spice should be protecting her child, not the other way around. Ego-maniac.

  • gee

    If her husband and her family is ok with what she wears or how she looks when they are with her who the fukk are you to judge her. none of you have ever walked a minute in her shoes…she is not my favorite person…hell i only think of her when i see her ( I think of her husband a lot more than that) but to each his own. It’s not gonna make or break her what you’all think and you all are coming off as some hateful spiteful bitches… no wonder her son has to protect her…….

  • movie fan

    Oh goodness, the jealous heifers are out in force, today! This is a woman with her son, well-loved by her family, who is always with her kids or her husband. So she has money and spends it — she earned it. So she’s married to one of the sexiest men on the planet — he loves her and she loves him and they obviously have values and goals in common. So she’s pretty and is thin — she works at it.You all are so jealous and your envy and bitterness are oozing out of your computers and it shows!! Put the chips down, get up, and do some aerobics. You’ll feel better.

  • Bon-Bons in Bath

    i’m actually very strangely touched by those images…

  • Maria

    "Most Fabulous Person of Our Time"????? NOT!!! Now, for those of you who cannot express yourselves without using ‘naughty’ language — your brains cells can’t be too functional — let me say that (1) I’m not jealous. I think if you’ve got it spend it, (2) Bitterness — no, again, if you got it spend it and (3) Again, if you got it spend it. Bottom line is, she does nothing for all the press gives her. Let’s get people who really do something for UK and US society — sure it’s not her.

  • gee

    The “naughty” words were not used to express what I wanted to say rather they were there to accentuate the level of jealousy I detected in the preceding “expressions”. With that said …I will functionally add…leave her the FUKK alone and who the hell are you trying to kid that you’re not envious…why can’t you be happy that she is spending time with her kid and he is being a gentleman to her. Like you always wear the perfect thing when running out of the house?. Maybe if there was a camera in your face 24/7 we could pick up on your objectionable wardrobe choices…the difference she has David Beckham ……hell I’m envious of that .

  • Maria

    #33. I wear slacks and shoes out. I don’t wear makeup and my hair is in a pony tail when shopping or I’m out and about. NO, I am NOT envioius of her and never will be. Mr. Beckman is a cutie, but not my type — give me Hugh Jackman anytime!! She picked this life, so she needs to deal with it. Do I feel sorry for her — NO! I feel sorry for the kids that have to have the jerks following their butts everywhere, but again — they picked the life they are in, so I’m not going to feel sorry for them. Please don’t presume to know me by saying that I am envious. The only person I’m envious of is Mia Hahm — NOW — if I could play soccer like her — I’d be saying something!!

  • Glamour Diva

    LOL ya’ll are out of control! BTW, I like Victoria’s denim panties. However, I’m not skinny or brave (or foolish?) enough to wear them all around town like she does. WOOT and more power to her! LMFAO

  • Susan

    She looked soooo much better in her Spice Girl days. I’m sorry but I just couldn’t see wearing shorts like that around my son where one wrong bend and my ass or crotch is hanging out.

  • jodie

    why is she and how is she going to protect him from the press she cant do what she does with Cruz and romeo and pick them up plus l think what he id doing will make brooklyn feel so much better he is the man in the house! while his dad is away he is just copying dad!

  • glitterkitty

    Of course he is covering her face, no one in the UK/Europe wants to see it! So I am jealous? Okay I will remember that one! First of all I know where my husband hangs out every night and with who, second I am slim without having to starve myself, and third I dress better and make enough money to keep it that way. So, jealous no. I pity her and having seen her up close about 3 times all I can say is: Love invest in some clearasil…

  • Mariah

    Seems like the only reason Becks keeps her around is because she can at least pop out those kids— and then not take care of them herself! He’s just biding his time to get hi "longed for" daughter and then "Posh" will be useless to him.How much respect can he have for her? None whatsoever if he cheats as he does… Becks knows he has a good thing– he can cheat all he wants and little wifey will keep getting thinner and thinner until she keels over from heart failure~! Can’t wait to read that in the press!# 27– Gigi, I couldn’t have said it better myself! I completely agree!

  • killersoffun

    I don’t think that Brooklyn was protecting his mom’s face… it looks like he was trying to show her something.

  • Wondrin_bout

    Beebee~ I was thinking the EXACT same thing…. shame on mommy!!

  • renee

    How pathetic that this poor child is his mommy’s slave…."Mommy Dearest???"He should NOT be protecting HER, SHE should be protecting HIM!!!

  • Anita

    I think he is just trying to get her to look at his drawing, like my kids would do till I looked at them "momma, momma, momma"And she just ain’t interested!

  • mimi

    vic needs to add some weight, and put some clothes on too

  • Rachel

    HAHAHA. cute.

  • Thair Ei Swe

    Brooklyn is a so clever boy. It is hardly to find such a baby, even in my country at his age. Women have theri children but Victoria’s baby is different from other’s baby. He knows well how to protect and help his parents. He will be a great man in the future!

  • Thair Ei Swe

    Brooklyn is a so clever boy. It is hardly to find such a baby, even in my country at his age. Women have their children but Victoria’s baby is different from other’s baby. He knows well how to protect and help his parents. He will be a great man in the future!

  • Maria

    Good Moring All! OK, I’m not a VB fan, but if he’s trying to show her his painting, she can’t well do that trying to walk down the stairs with those heels and trying to avoid the photo guys. Now, if she really wanted to see his painting, she would have stopped, looked, then walked. No, this is all about HER. I think, as I said yesterday, Brook is a cutie pie. My biggest disappointment with Beckman was the first time I heard him speak. I thought he would have a deep voice, but I was disappointed — no matter, looking at him was a good thing. Oh, my friends in London who have seen her up close have told me she’s got tons of pot holes — hence the amount of makeup she puts on. Envy, let’s see, yesterday I said I was envious of Mia Hahm, I forgot — I’m more envious of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection!! HA! HA! Now, if I could just, once, just once, in my life wear her diamond ring — the 62 carat one, I’d be really happy. Have a super day everyone!!

  • Mariah

    Goodness, for all of you Posh Lovers out there who think she is the most beautiful being to grace the earth— what I would like to know is who do you consider fugly then? Christie Brinkley, Heidi Klum? who dare I say posh is and could never be in the same leauge as those two lovely, beautiful ladies– not to mention the grace and class each one has…I’m sorry but I think Posh’s parents’ hit her to many times with that ugly stick as she was growing up– she is hideous, hideous, hideous! Oh, and by the way– have any of you seen her new "do"? gag, gag, gag— just reinforces her fugly looking face!

  • wundersmack

    I love Victoria! She’s wonderfully hot and beautiful, a great style icon. I really like her new do, much much better than the xtensions (which kinda creeped me out… someone else’s hair…?? ick!)