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Jake Gyllenhaal Car Chat

Jake Gyllenhaal Car Chat

Jake Gyllenhaal (he loves the white t-shirt, olive shorts combo) was spotted chatting up more, presumably, ladies during some carside chit-chat in West Hollywood this past Friday.  More pictures in the gallery!  Does Jake really have no film work coming out until 2007?  What a slacker!

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  • merv

    does he find random girls to chat with when ever a camera is around so we think he is straight and hitting on these girls?

  • mark

    He’s gay.And why is he leasing a car? He can’t just buy one?

  • Rinna

    He’s so fine!:)

  • LD

    Jake looks so good!He’s not gay. Give it up. Ted C. has no credibility what so ever.

  • tina from germany

    he is a hottie. he should drop his shirt. at least his shirt.

  • pagebetty
  • Jakefan

    Jake is such a gorgeous man!! He’s beautiful from head to toe. Who the hell cares whether or not he’s gay…so what !! No one can control who he chooses to sleep with. It’s his business. He’s a talented actor. Love him for his work, not his lifestyle choice – whatever that may be. Grow up folks !! Stop the hate. There’s enough of that going in the middle east.

  • moonbeams

    Actually, this was taken when I stopped to ask directions of an attractive, friendly young man with a winning smile. Of course, I knew it was Jakey! I’d been cruising that particular area for days! The paps left just before I lunged and, with superhuman strength, pulled him bodily into the car. If you don’t see any pap pics for a few days, it’s cuz he’s my prisoner. And he likes it!

  • angelah

    # 8 | moonbeams lol

  • Susan

    mmm yummy! What I would give to have him leaning into my car window!

  • Rachel

    he doesn’t seem to be doing anything except this.

  • Norgay

    Jake is very handsom! after watching BreakBack M I become gay~~ just because Jake!! It`s no matter gay or not, but love,is only.

  • aycaramba

    i love Jake, i think he’s a great actor n very good looking man….

  • Pas

    I do hope he is gay..that would be one of my hottest moments in my life: every fuckin man can have HIM! god bless him

  • Lisaa

    What a shame that we can’t see the girl. I beg it’s a ugly old grandma or a full-time mother with four children at the backseats. :-)Those endless discussions about Jake wheter he’s gay or not make me sick. Maybe he’s BI and now what????? Wheter your girl’s or boy’s – he’ll never love YOU – so, why do you care??! Thats just not your problem..

  • dalphine

    I think Jake is a very nice and handsome man and he’s not gay it just proves he’s a great actor because people thinks he’s gay and that just proves he a great actor because he has people thinking he’s gay because he played a gay character and played it so well. He’s straight people give it up. I think his parents did a great job in raising him he seems to have great manners from the interviews I have seen him do. I just love this man and wish he was mines all mines. GO JAKE YOUR GREAT!!!!!!

  • Robin

    Wow.I’d hate to be a celebrity.They can’t even talk to someone in a car without being bombarded by fucking paparazzi.I mean,I know some celebrities dont mind at all.But they’re people.Just because they’re famous doesn’t mean you should take hundreds of pictures of them doing normal human being stuff.IDK,sorry about the ranting.Jake is gorgeous.I cant deny that.But sometimes people just need space.& I feel bad cus no celebrity can get that unless they hide.& even then they get in the tabloids as being evasive & whatnot.They just cant win.