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Keira Knightey: Weird Chest Pictures

Keira Knightey: Weird Chest Pictures

Do you like it when couples dress alike?  Well, you can add Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend to that list of couples who match their outfits.  Keira, 21, and Rupert, 23 stepped out for a bit of London shopping in matching straw hats, sunglasses, jeans, and shirts. And Keira‘s chest is still looking weird if I do say so myself… More pictures in the gallery including Keira and Rupert walking hand-in-hand… without those silly straw hats!

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keira knightley chest 01
keira knightley chest 02
keira knightley chest 03
keira knightley chest 04
keira knightley chest 05
keira knightley chest 06
keira knightley chest 07
keira knightley chest 08
keira knightley chest 09

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  • Natasha

    She looks like a mannequin. I do like it when my husband and I put the same color shirt on..but we never put the hat..glasses..and all the accessories on to match too. That’s overdoing a good thing.

  • balzac

    she has a terrible figure. she is slim, a bit skinny, but she looks like a one huge mess. her legs are short, hips are wide. nothing to look at honestly. another piece of trash.

  • Just Jared fan

    All she needs to do is eat some big macs and sit on her butt, you are seeing her sternum,aka Breast plate, she is to thin, I like her alot , she needs some meat or fat will do on her bones

  • Steph

    Her bf’s face scares me. That huge, deep cavity in the cheeks is a little much.

  • shannon

    He looks like he is crushing her hand…ouch! She is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • jen

    She has fat ass and short leg. She does not gorgeous.

  • Just Jared fan

    She is so thin cant you guys see that ? remember the pic jj had of her in the gold gown? scarry I like her in the( piriates of the Carribean) but she was covered up the whole movie only wearing even mens clothing,

  • notworking

    I think they’re cool. Edgy and british and all that.

  • A

    ew i think they look scary alike! more like brother and sister, disturbing.

  • erica

    Keira is so ugly! and I hate the way she manipulates her face for the cameras and I hate the way she talks… She looks absolutely horrible!I cannot believe anyone thinks she is beautiful/pretty.

  • lily

    omg her bf is one HOT mofo!!

  • Erin

    I think Keira can be pretty when she wants to. #10 -Uhh, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Lots of people think she is stunning, lots don’t. Who cares? :)

  • Seriously

    He scares me shitless, doesn’t he look like Edward Scissorhands? The uglier, more deadly not so friendly Edward Scissorhands? WOW! I mean he is a nightmare!

  • selma

    i can’t stand her mouth, the way she pucker up her lips.. ughh..

  • Christopher

    I think Keira’s beautiful… but her boyfriend? YIKES!

  • movie fan

    Keira is stunningly beautiful. Her face is just simply mesmerizing, and I love her attitude and joyfulness and unpretentiousness. She does make lots of facial expressions and lets it all hang out.You people make me laugh. She is either too thin, or has a fat ass, but she can’t be both! She is naturally thin, but have you seen her abs? That girl is RIPPED!! There is muscle there, not just skin and bones. She has a slight, bird-like frame, that is why she’s thin, but she is athletic, with toned arms and legs. No, she has no boobs, but she hasnt gone all plastic, either, and if she had, you all would be slagging her for that. I think she’s awesome. She’s so young, and so together. Think what you were doing at 21 — getting drunk and hoping to graduate college? She is one interesting young woman and I hope she continues on her career path and chooses challenging roles. She’s good in everyting she’s been in so far.

  • Lynn

    She looks like a man. An icky man.

  • lily

    you are all crazy. that man is HOT!!!!!!!!!

  • ssssss

    totally i agree are crazy she is beautiful and he is hot! i love this couple…

  • Lee DC

    What’s Lizzie doing with Mr. Wickham?!

  • del

    perfect young brittish couple… u guys r all jealous!!

  • Runholly

    Whoa! That boy is ugly! Someone get him a paper bag ASAP.

  • Sugar Tits

    The guy looks more girly than Keira — and saying "he’s just European" is not a valid excuse.

  • aussie hottie

    These arent the best photos of either of them. Kiera can be reli gorgeous wen she tries and usually has a great sense of fashion. and he just needs to cut his hair is all. he does look a bit…erm….feminine? here. but otherwise they look like a cute british couple.

  • Jennifer

    Her looks have gone downhill ever since she got with him. She should dump him, eat a few hamburgers, and be the stunningly beautiful woman she once was.

  • magnus

    I think she’s absolutely gorgeous. Her boyfriends kind of cute but he looks like a poor mans orlando bloom.

  • Rachel

    the breast is looking weird. women should never try to expose their chests if they’re so flat or really skinny.

  • Liis

    Keira is odd and I love it!

  • UGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!


  • dpotter

    Anyone who can not see the beauty that is Keira should provide someone who they think is soooo hot.. Keira is the Winona Ryder from the UK… Just wait and see in a few years you will all be drooling over Keira.. cut her some slack not everyone is a basketball chested freak like Pam Anderson. Pick on someone who is truly a odd freak like half of hollywood plastic surgey disasters who only wished they looked like Keira. As far as her Bo.. he is a bit of a mess but he is her mess.

  • ZeNd

    Beauty is the curse of the world..Keira has the curse.. lol

  • movie fan

    You will notice that people who complain about stars being too skinny (and I don’t mean the disasters like nicole ritchie or lindsay lohan) are usually chunky. Maybe not really overweight, but certainly not anywhere near in shape. And you will find that plump women love Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kate Winslet and women like that with full figures. So with a naturally thin woman like Keira, the natural thing for them to do is criticize, because then they don’t feel so bad about their own chubbiness if it’s BAD to have rock-hard abs and be thin like Keira Knightley.Great post #30, dpotter, by the way. So true.

  • Courtny

    I think Keira is great. I love some of the crazy stuff she says in interviews, and I love her choices as far as which roles she takes. She’s real, and we don’t make them like that in Hollywood. In Hollywood we have the same stupid sluts with fake boobs everywhere, and I for one am sick and tired of it. I’ll admit she could use an extra 5 lbs, but I sympathize with her problem (she doesn’t look anexoric, she looks like someone who is naturally thin). Most people think I’m too thin, but I eat what I want to eat when I want to eat, and I’m as inactive as a living person can be. If I was as active as I’m sure Keira is, her job alone probably requires a certain level of activity, I’d be 5 lbs lighter and all skin and bones too. I know because I used to be active and I was all skin and bones then. I looked sick, but I wasn’t, that’s just how some people are built (and it gets really annoying explaining that to people who feel the need to let you know you’re too thin). I really don’t believe she’s starving herself. I can’t think of a woman in the entertainment industry today who actually has a personality of her own and is prettier than Keira, though Kate Bekinsale comes in at a close second. As for her boyfriend, he’s not my type, but I’m not sure he’s her type either. He looks nothing like her last boyfriend. Maybe he’s got a great personality. I think he often travels to visit her while she’s away filming, whenever they go out he always seems to pay attention and take care of her without being too clingy or possessive. I hope they’re very happy together.

  • movie fan

    I totally agree Courtny!! You look at people who really are too thin, and they have no muscle, literally skin and bones. Keira just has no fat, but she has muscle. She is LEAN, there’s a huge difference, and she’s healthy. l love her attitude, too, she seems really happy, and intelligent, and totally aware of how lucky she is and what a great position she is in and doesn’t take it for granted. She is totally cool!

  • Wilt

    Keira is so talented and gorgeous. Love her.

  • blah

    OKAY. where to begin. moviefan you can stick your ridiculous words straight up your arse. do not say that people who say celebrities are too skinny are usually chunky. i’ll take that personally since i am absolutely not chunky, but i certainly prefer curvy women more than those like keira knightley. a curvy woman is absolutely gorgeous in every way. i’m a beanpole and i wish more than anything i could be shaped more like selma hyack or kate winslet. i don’t think keira’s anorexic and i certainly think that she is beautiful. don’t cut people down who are just stating their opinion. if you don’t agree with them, deal with it. but don’t stereotype people and say that they must be jealous chunky people if they (god forbid!) think differently than you.

  • Sonya

    Keira is real. she true to herself and her own opinion. she has a unique face and her body is her own. of course she has flaws like the rest of us! and about this ‘too thin’ thing…tell me one time shes been anything but skinny. the girl has a wide hips (shes a woman – hence she has hips!). shes got a toned stomach and arms. She has thick (athletic) legs. to me she is a role model of sorts, not giving in the the hollywood image thing. And i think Rupert has a unique look in his own right: beautiful cheek bones and lovely eyes. (of course his body is amazing too! rawwr).leave the poor girl alone you nit pickers! too damn picky the lot of you.

  • saad

    he is very weired…i think she look better wid jaime dornan..its sad they broke up..i hope they get 2gether back…

  • Keira’s cousin

    Keira is just like I am, skinny on the top, with flesh on her hips. I also have short legs, ans to be quite honest, it’s not that beautiful, but there is no one who made himself or herself ain’t it? I think keira is still a very natural girl. She does what she wants and what feels good to her. I eat everything i want, and still, I don’t get any weight. Keira is about my size, and we have the same weight. guess it runs in the family.I also know about the rumors about her being anorexic. Every one has seen the pirate films, the fighting scenes, but do you honestly think that you can fight just like that? you need hard training for that, and during training like that, you lose weight, wheter you want it or not. And of course being skinny like keira, and than losing some weight, give the impression of being anorexic. BUT SHE’S NOT!

  • Nenad

    i hope you read this text
    you are the most beautiful women i ever had seenI LOVE YOU so much
    i wish me i can take ONE picture with you

  • polly

    i think this pictures are odd…….she looks like her boyfriend………they have the same outfit…….evn same hat……..and the shirt…….odd

  • polly

    keira is pretty but this is oddd

  • Loverlay

    Keira Knightley sucks…she is so not pretty and she’s sooo fake.I hate the way she acts too!