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Ian Thorpe & Michelle Williams Pictures

Ian Thorpe & Michelle Williams Pictures

WHOWHATWHEREWHENWHYHOW?  25-year-old actress Michelle Williams (not yet married to Heath Ledger) and 23-year-old Australian Ian Thorpe (good friends with Heath Ledger) were spotted entering, what seems like, a cheap, seedy motel in the middle of no where.    Heath and nine-month-old daughter Matilda were MIA…  And why does Michelle seems thoroughly appalled that the paparazzi are taking pictures of her?  Hellooooooo, you’re a celebrity!!!!

Thrope is a five-time swimming Olympic gold medalist but American Michael Phelps (woohoo!) recently snatched the world No.1 ranking and US Open 200m freestyle record from him.  The Thorpedo‘s world 200m record is currently now in danger…

UPDATE :: Added more pictures of Michelle Williams shopping at the Marni store in Hollywood last Wednesday.

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  • jodie

    I want pics of her little girl and Heath together lol they cute together. I think this is just innocent………

  • moonbeams

    This is the same guy who hosted Heath etc. for BBQ on the 4th of July. He happens to be a FRIEND of Heath…and Michelle’s Sorry. No story. But you can inflict a lot of pain by insinuating. What an assinie thing to do, Jared.

  • Maria

    Jared. Shame on you!! Michelle and Ian are just friends. I mean really! Don’t make something up there. Too bad Mr. Thorpe is covered up — what a yummy body on him. Did anyone watch the Summer Olympics? Yummmmy!! They call him ‘The Bullet’ in Australia. Wow! Good for Phelps!

  • chris

    doesn’t Ian swing the other way?

  • Just Jared

    That’s what people say, Chris…

  • logan

    I thought Ian was gay too. Maybe Heath and Ian are going out, and they just asked their old friend Michelle to pretend to be Heath’s hubby just to throw of any suspicion! DUN DUN DUN Or maybe they have this threesome thing going….

  • Bon-Bons in Bath

    i love her dress!

  • Just Jared

    Her dress reminds me of a Daniel Vosovic creation, actually. The one from last season’s Project Runway.

  • Betsy

    Is it just me or does SHE look a little preggo in that dress?

  • jay

    Ian is gay. It’s a common knowledge in swimming world.

  • pagebetty

    ====== All of this that is being said is so confusing! Heath may be gay and Michelle is the cover up? See how a guy cannot take a gay role in a movie and still be considered straight? Look at the situation with Jake. So he’s friends with Lance and Matthew, but people can’t help thinking otherwise. But I thought Hollywood was "so open minded, so liberal?" On the outside they say "Oh yeah it’s fine, sure, it’s entertainment" but meanwhile, people talk, they suspect. It was only a movie role right? (Eh. Just forget about that stuff that acting is an "art". This is what these actors get for practicing their "art") they got to live with "is he or isn’t he?" I feel bad for Michelle in all of this. That girl never looks happy.

  • Lynn

    Maybe she is supporting him in his visit to someone at a seedy motel. She is a pretty girl, too bad she looks like my husbands ex girlfriend.

  • Glamour Diva

    Ian Thorpe is fine as hell! Michael Phelps is my baby daddy (well one of many really) but I still loves me some Ian! Summer Olympics can’t come fast enough! Woot!

  • Miss Realistic

    Or maybe she’s fucking him

  • j

    why won’t heath just marry her? she’s good enough to bear his baby but not be his wife..? translated: just a temporary arrangement. heath brok naomi watts’ heart..he’s quite a player..

  • robin

    Oh Jared, as if I needed another reason to love your blog! Thanks :D

  • Dude

    # 15 | jThey’re engaged. Just because they’re not getting engaged and then married in the span of a month like most Hollywood freaks doesn’t mean he’s not planning to wed her.I love Heath & Michelle but they gotta lose Thorpedo. That guy is an ass, being a great swimmer has shoved his head way too far up his ass and all he does thes days is flog sports drinks and attend social functions.As for the Michelle/Thorpedo/Seedy Motel insinuations. ITA, that is a assy thing to hint at.

  • veryvery

    yeah, i’m pretty sure mr. bullet is gay…michelle williams has perfected the starved, white ghost look. at least she’s put on a little weight, but barely.

  • Steph

    Whatever! You Americans SUCK at sport.. especially swimming- Pull your efin head in!

  • kc

    Why is Ian swishing his ass going up the stairs? Doing it for the camera? lol Mighty nice calves, though.

  • asher

    Holy god, he looks amazing from the back!

  • jan

    Ok, why is she going into a motel room with him? I read he denied, he’s gay…

  • +++

    She looks like 16 and she’s so thin. I think "stars" shouldn’t be role models for young girls. And it wouldn’t surprise me if there was something between them. Most stars cheat on their partners.

  • Marie

    There are more photos of Ian here: http:/

  • bunni

    Michelle is so adorable and Ian is hot as a pistol.

  • Dave

    Hmm, for some reason justjared broke the link you posted Marie. has quite a few photos that can be found here.


    I love Ian Thorpe, he is the best swimmer ever!