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Jennifer Aniston Eats at Spago Restaurant

Jennifer Aniston Eats at Spago Restaurant

It’s been awhile since we’ve last seen Jennifer Aniston.  She was spotted leaving Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills and loading up her car with a few friends this past Thursday. Below those pictures is a snapshot of Jen (legs crossed) enjoying an afternoon with a few of her girlfriends at Courteney Cox‘s beach front home on July 23. Guests included Sheryl Crow (leaning over) and volleyball sensation Gabrielle Reece.  More pictures in the gallery!

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jennifer aniston spago 01
jennifer aniston spago 02
jennifer aniston spago 03
jennifer aniston spago 04
jennifer aniston spago 05
jennifer aniston spago 06
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jennifer aniston spago 08

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  • Jackie

    Jen looks great!

  • linda

    Jen looks great. She must be a great person because she has so many friends. Good for her!

  • just me

    I love the relationship she has with her girlfriends. It shows to us what a great friend she must be.

  • Smozan

    Yeah – Jen’s back and looking good. Wonder if the dog in the group picture is Courtney’s – it’s adorable!

  • lola

    She looks gorgeous as always andI agree with #3 she has to be a great friend and that speaks volumes about the great human being she is

  • Rinna

    Great to see new Jen pictures! She looks gorgeous and looks like she’s having fun with her friends which is always good.


    Yeah, maybe she’ll go on the volleyball circuit with Gabrielle Reece. Sheryl Crow, biiiiig comedown – I liked her better when she was hanging with Kid Rock. Looks like Aniston got her nose bobbed – is that what she’s hiding? Kind of odd to wait til 40 to get your second, still whatever makes her feel better about herself. Wow…she loooooooks sooooooo unhappy….I mean she’s not smiling, she looks po’d..hiding her face….so sad.

  • CCCC

    # 7 | CLINIQUA Do you think she had too much to drink… seems like it.

  • payton

    I thought Jen was quitting smoking? That looks like a ciggie in her hand.

  • Maria

    She looks like she’s a bit tipsy. I mean between the heat and drinking, I can understand her getting a buzz. I don’t understand why people are saying she looks happy. You can’t really tell from the pictures. To me she looks sad.

  • CCCC

    # 10 | MariaITA. May be, that’s her way of expressing happiness.

  • jen fan


  • Jen=drunk

    She looks drunk, She always looks fugly and Drunk, she is soooo sad.

  • judy

    I wondered how long it would take for the haters to show thier ugly heads, It seems to me the Jen haters are a lot more obsessed with Jen, than the Jen fans…She looks great and has a great group of friends..

  • jen=drunkandUGMO

    7 | CLINIQUA Do you think she had too much to drink… seems like it. # 8 | CCCC =======================Yes she looks drunk, but I guess she drinks alot since being dumped and kicked to the crub by Brad.. Yuk Yuck yuck,, Just Drunk and Fugly


    I thought Jen was quitting smoking? That looks like a ciggie in her hand. # 9 | payton**********************Nice catch payton. That is indeed a ciggie. So much for the teaser ‘smock top,’ Jen. Trying to look preg for the tabs doesn’t really work when you’re caught boozing and smoking. Look at her, I think she’s going to toss it out the window. Muahaha.

  • Smozan

    I thought she had the handle of her purse in her hand, not a cigarette. (Not that I give a crap if she smokes or not) And hello… those tops are just in right now. What’s up with the haters?

  • 81

    Wrinkly eyes!!!!

  • reis

    # 9 | payton I thought Jen was quitting smoking? That looks like a ciggie in her hand.yes she i smoking… i love jenn but in the pics she looks bad and sad.

  • lola

    I really like both Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, both for different reasons. And I just wanted to say that being surrounded by people who love you, friends and family, show your character. I am so glad Jennifer has great friends, but not always being around your girlfriends does not make you a bad person. As a mother my children, my husband, and my family come first.

  • ?????


  • Julissa

    Hey are her and Vince still faking that relationship or is that all over with now that BreakUp isn’t in the theaters anymore?She’s pretty but I don’t think the first picture do her justice. Can’t figure out if she was drunk or if her eyes were adjusting to the flashes from the cameras

  • lola2

    sorry I didn’t mean to use the same name. I just noticed

  • just saying

    I like Jen but she looks wasted and where is Vince? Are Jen and Vince really a fake couple?

  • smoker

    yep, that’s a ciggie in her right hand all right . just blow up that picture , it show it clearly. it explains why her right hand is always hidden away from camera . she needs to smoke but also worry about her "smoking" tanishing her image especially the all american image she and her pr created to lead all her fans to believe she is one. LOLOL

  • Brandy

    CLINIQUA – You are a very hateful and annoying person. No wonder you were kicked out of a previous forum. You know what.. even the BAMZSers really don’t like you very much deep down inside. Muahaha.

  • ?????


  • p.

    i dont think shes smoking, it looks more like its the handle of something. and #7 what nose job? its looks same to me. anyway, i’m not a hater or aything but she doesnt look her best here. and whats up with her hair? isnt she supposed to be the woman with best hair or something? it sure doesnt look good here.

  • judy

    So what if she is smoking? What does that have to do with anything? And so what if she’s drunk? When I go out with my GF, I always have a couple drinks…And to the BAMZS fans on here, when the JA fans say that BP and AJ are not guys always say " they don’t have to smile with the paps in thier faces all the time" well the same goes for JA…she has her hands up because she doesn’t want her pic taken, why don’t you guys go praise your idols on the " JOLIE GOES ON A FLIGHT BLOG" we Jen fans don’t want you here…take a hike losers…

  • Nose Job?

    OMG! What did my Jen do to her nose? Did she get a nose job? It looks like it is pointing upwards now? Confused.

  • ccw

    Its great to be surrounded by friends, but at her age, I would prefer kids, husband and close relatives.

  • sprite

    CLINIQUA – You are a very hateful and annoying person. No wonder you were kicked out of a previous forum. You know what.. even the BAMZSers really don’t like you very much deep down inside. Muahaha. # 26 | Brandy |Brandy your entitled to your opinion, but NOT the opinion of BAMZS fans!! I for one enjoy CLINIQUA. So please DO NOT speak for others.You can have Jen and leave CLINIQUA to the BAMZS fans.

  • sara

    please leave brad and angelina alone,no more please!!! it is very boring!this post is about jennifer aniston.I like jenn, she looks tired and angry with the papz,she doesnt look her best here but well… jenn is 37 yeard old woman!!

  • She does Charity2

    Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Inspire Jennifer Aniston to Charity By Julie PikeAug 2, 2006 Jennifer Aniston is planning on giving Brad Pitt, her ex-husband and current unmarried boyfriend to Angelina Jolie, a run for the charitable time and money a published report claims. The All-American beauty is contemplating becoming the public face of a major charitable organization and is weighing her options, reports In Touch Weekly. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Inspire Jennifer Aniston to CharityThe friend adds – "Jen has always been generous with charity, but now she’s giving more than just her money, she’s giving her time as well. "She’s planning to become more involved and more visible in the causes she supports."***Jolie and Pitt are both UN Goodwill Ambassadors and Brad just returned from New Orleans where he is trying to help those misplaced during Hurricane Katrina get into more environmentally friendly homes.So Jennifer certainly will have her work cut out for her.***But according to the report, in an LA studio on July 19, Jennifer filmed a PSA for FilmAid, an organization that brings films to refugees around the world.And according to friends, that’s just the beginning of her charitable work.Her pal tells the weekly magazine, "Her ex and the woman he left her for want to save the world and now Jen is going to as well."***Jennifer is making the right choice; she will be a fabulous spokeswoman for causes.–Julie Pike writes from San Francisco

  • care

    To 3 29 JudyIsn’t she preparing to have a baby ? smoking and alcohol could affect her fertility.

  • Renee

    My goodness – she has an interesting life. The world is going to hell but Jen and her friends are out eating, drinking and smoking. She does look like she has a lot of girl friends. Too bad she wasn’t a girlfriend or sweetheart to her husband! I think she is gay and in denial….- not that there is anything wrong with it. I’m just saying…

  • aa

    the last pic, in courtney’s house, is jennifer aniston pregnant. looks like the chair is conspiciously put in front to hide her belly.any opinion?many times, i see her carrying her bags higher than normal people carry referring the last pictures which jj posted, near the studio.just wonderingno bad intent

  • Maria

    Hey, if she smokes, it’s her lungs. Who cares? She doesn’t have to be tied to Vin does she? Now, I’m not a fan of JA, but some of you guys are really harsh. I never watched fFriends — no, I watched two episodes once and I found it to be the dumbest show on the planet. I could not get what all the atrraction was. I don’t like her movies, like I’ve said before she’s in the ‘Meg Ryan’ category, so she better get into something like real estate, because she’s not going to see another good movie unless Vin is in it. Now to my girl Angie — she ROCKS!!

  • judy

    I don’t know if she’s trying to get pregnant or not, Im not a close personal friend of hers, and I don’t believe 99% of what I read in the ragmags…I don’t think she’s pregnant, if she was I don’t think she would be drinking, as much as some of you would like to think she’s stupid, I do not…And I agree that the world is in turmoil, what do you think Jen and her friends should be doing? Hiding in the basement?…pleeeeese

  • judy

    And as far as Jen following in BP and AJ footsteps, Jen has always given to charities..this isn’t the first time….

  • xyz

    # 37 | aa She’s not pregnant, she’s still smoking and drinking . where’s Vince ?

  • charity

    Yes, she donate her X old cloth to charity.

  • Just wondering

    Does anybody know if Angelina Jolie smokes or not. I don’t remember reading about it anywhere.

  • Vince

    # 37 | aa |+++++++++++++++++++++++++The Cow is Drunk as a skunk, I sure hope she is not having a baby

  • Anonymous

    #45 She quit when she adopted Maddox,who will be 5 on the 5th of Aug.

  • An

    Yes, and for charity, she burnt her wedding gown instead of giving it to charity .what a scorn worman


    Malibu is a small community. Just once, I would love to see Jennifer and her friends run into Brad and his family.

  • Lynn

    I like Jen, she seems like she loves the Hollywood life but who cares, I probably would too. Such a big business she may as well get in on it too. ew is that Kirstie Alley in there. Oh and Sheryl Crow annoys me like a spoiled brat but I totally admire her and give her props on being in remission from breast cancer.

  • LOVE_Cliniqua

    We love Cliniqua

  • Mrs. Lenny

    Don’t mess with Cliniqua. We BAMZS have got her back.Peace~