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Keanu Reeves & Girlfriend: Dinner Date

Keanu Reeves & Girlfriend: Dinner Date

Keanu Reeves was spotted dining with his girlfriend (?) at the ArcLight Hollywood yesterday afternoon (located at 6360 W. Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90026).  He even took the time to take pictures with fans during his dinner date (inset). Keanu‘s animated film A Scanner DarklyRichard Linklater’s animated drug surveillance saga — has only pulled in $4 million while the movie’s budget is an estimated $8.5 million.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Leelee

    A Scanner Darkly is a GREAT movie, but for small audiences. It’s only in 260 theaters by now, not much room to make big bucks. But it already made half of it’s money back. Keanu just ROCKS as Bob Arctor in that movie, he is just great in it.

  • StarJam

    Hey, it’s nice to see that Keanu doesn’t always go for the ‘Gumby’ stick figure type of female, what? This woman looks like she’s got some chops on her…something to hold on to…yeah!

  • jean

    I thought he’s engaged to Claire Forlani, that woman don’t look like her.

  • kiki

    No he denied that engagement rumour. Still single ;-)

  • Manoukia

    The woman with Reeves is his assistant, she’s been working for him since "Constantine". … and as to "only pulled in": Scanner hasn’t opened wide, it’s only screened in ~ 260 theaters. It’s a success.

  • cdawg

    i think the better question is who dressed the white haired chick? or better yet, who let her dye her hair that color?

  • marlys

    ‘A Scanner Darkly" is a very good movie and thought provoking. It’s opening slowly but if it comes to your twon, see it. He’s nice to the fans. That must be hard shaking hands, posing for photos and signing autographs all the time.

  • aesira69

    He’s been going out with claire forlani for a while now. This is definetly NOT his GF.

  • gnosis

    This guy is supercool!

  • nunya

    Jesus – it was 90 degrees in LA today (and yesterday). Why the HELL is homeboy wearing that fucking sports coat?

  • Marie

    Dammit! Couldn’t he wait until Friday? We’re going to be there then. All these freakin’ years living in the same city with Keanu and I’ve yet to run into him.

  • Yseult

    You don’t run fast enough

  • holly jean

    If he did not wear a sports coat, where would put his cigs.

  • Gea

    Now I understand the whole dress-code. I think he needs a new assistent!

  • countrybae

    I know if he like women who look like that I have a chance.I think it would be better to go the surrogate route with him.

  • Trustive

    Claire Forlani is NOT his girlfriend. She has a boyfriend. And this woman in these pictures is NOT Keanu’s girlfriend either. Stop making girlfriends out of every woman Keanu is with… gosh!

  • BunGirl

    #16…….WTF are you babbling about? Put the drugs and/or booze away.

  • marlys

    r 16, go back on your meds. Just stick with them and they will help you.He said Claire is already in a relationship on an entertainment show.

  • Jess

    That’s Keanu’s assistant. :D

  • Trustive

    BunGirl and marlys, I guess you are people that believe in every gossip rumor. Claire is not his GF and this woman isn’t either. Go and get a life (or meds if you like).

  • Eve

    Someone has to make peace between Trustive, BunGirl and marlys: I think their words were to supressed Samantha #16 before(she was saying that Keanu was witched or something like that, and spitting Claire & Amanda)…

  • BJ

    No…I don’t think Keanu is dating anyone in particular at this time, I’ve been following his routine for years…this is probably ‘hookup’ time, scouring the biz for new movie leads and so forth. I wonder if he’s made his yearly pilgrimmage to see his sis in Italy yet…

  • georgina

    leave the guy alone he looks good no matter what hes got on. life is life we all have our own choices. his films are all good he as his own distinctive ability to wow you and pull at your heart, other great actors stand out and so does he.

  • tina

    I went to a party a longggg time ago, back when he was filming Point Break. He was there. He was such a sweet guy. Really down to earth. Not pretentious at all. Only thing is there were a bunch of girls that made a circle around him with their chairs, with him in the middle. That seemed weird to me. He didn’t strike me as the type of guy who would ever date or fall in love with someone because they have "movie potential, or great for his ego". That doesn’t or didn’t seem to be his bag…

  • miki

    she`s ugly!!

  • iris

    she`s not ugly

  • baffled

    Who cares who she is the boy is never seen with anyone attractive or even remotely intersting looking. He dates ugly pigs all the time.

    At his age he should realize that there are some very successful,intelligent,interesting,humorous,AND

    Hey Keanu you want to give one of us a chance some time??? Why did he not date Charleze Theron?? I’ll bet he did not even try.

    She is talented and good looking. There are women far beyond even her on all fronts out there and he could have many of them…Helll almost any of them? I think he is too frightened by the rejection of his equals.

    Stop digging around in the garbage Keanu and get a clue..

    The only girls that think it’s great that he goes for “regular” chicks are the one’s that ARE regular…EWWWWW!

  • Kim

    I was at Arc Light waiting at the concession counter and saw Keanu Reeves standing next to me placing his order. It was about 8:00pm and he was wearing his bicycle helmet indoors. Sorta funny. Made me smile.

  • gudrun

    the fukking women is so ugely and fet !!!!!!! keanue belongs tu mi alon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is mein four eva nd longa okaiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im se won gudi

  • Rhonda

    What a sexy, stylish, cool, great looking, and relaxed man. He always looks nice. I hope he gets twice as much work in films as he is getting now.