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Pamela Racine: Elijah Wood's Girlfriend

Pamela Racine: Elijah Wood's Girlfriend

Elijah Wood in a plain white t-shirt goes grocery shopping with girlfriend Pamela Racine earlier this week.  Check out Elijah Wood (along with Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, and Robin Williams) in the trailer below for CG animated feature Happy Feet, which is out November 17. More pictures in the gallery!

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pamela racine elijah wood 01
pamela racine elijah wood 02
pamela racine elijah wood 03

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  • jenny

    ooooh…that’s sooooo sweet.I love the trailer—I’m really looking forward to this movie

  • s.p

    pam looks skanky as usual.

  • ffordegroupie

    he looks like he’s smelling something bad. yeah, he looks soooo happy and in luv. she looks smug tho. giant gap between them.

  • tiffy

    big package for someone so short.

  • noodle

    I hear he cancelled some convention to take a vacation with this GF. Is he making a face at the photgrapher?

  • ffordegroupie

    reports are clashing, some peeps say that he is with his gf, some say he was djing in canada instead. other peeps say he was scared of a crazy fan who said she was going to ELF. this was taken earlier in the week, maybe before the other pics.i tell ya this, he should dump her skanky ass if her influence is to make him drop his commitments. a good gf would tell him to honor his commitments. then again, he’s her gravy train.

  • Kay

    Hey, new pictures of Pamela and Elijah!Now we get to watch crazy people fight over a celebrities girlfriend. some of you need to get a life.

  • noodle

    How can you tell when a picture was taken?Sorry to hear that their relationship is not so good.

  • ffordegroupie

    hey kay, the people who try to start trouble just cuz other people don’t like someone NEED TO GET A LIFE. pretty sad when someone can’t cope with the idea that hello, we can dislike someone and that isn’t wrong.noodle i dunno when it was taken, all they say is earlier this week. course, often they don’t know when exactly.

  • genie

    Kay, it takes a loser to know one, doesn’t it? The losers are generally the ones who like to pretend they’re superior.

  • w

    They both look pretty hot there, poor Elijah doesn’t seem to like the paparazzi and I can’t blame him. They never seem to follow him when he’s single. And speaking from a man’s point of view, she doesn’t look skanky at all, she looks nice. I don’t see what’s so bad about shorts and a t-shirt, but each to their own.He has got a big package too! :)

  • s.p

    I meant more like a skank and smug attitude. Yes your right w the paps do seem to latch onto him more when he is with a girl .

  • w

    She’s only smiling in one pic and doesn’t even really look happy, to me it just looks like a polite smile, like she doesn’t like the paparazzi being there either.I’d hate to be followed by photographers, it must be so awful.

  • Freedom

    Lovely pictures….Pam looks quite lovely…Elijah pissed at the camera men…and thats all I need to say….yup!P.s. I don’t really believe the person who posted these picture actully took them…i think they bought them off a site somewhere.Who knows.


    Please. They need to call that SAVION GLOVER’S happy feet!! Somewhere Gregory Hines is pissed for his boy! They could have cast Savion in the voice role too – not just the ‘happy feet’ dance part — anyone who sees that little penguin jamming and knows anything about dance, KNOWS that that’s Savion…I mean it’s not like they soooo needed to cast Elijah Wood (of all people) to get people into the theater. Johnny Depp maybe….Elijah? no.

  • alia

    CLINIQUA The celebrity need not be on the animated film. animated film should have professional voice actor.You are a fool.

  • Sheridan

    Isn’t Frodo gay?


    CLINIQUA The celebrity need not be on the animated film. animated film should have professional voice actor.You are a fool. # 16 | alia *******************You’re the fool you illiterate cow. Savion, like Wood – has been acting since he was a child. I’m pretty positive he could handle voicing an animated penguin. The point is, the animated pic is about dancing penguins, and since Savion’s every movement has been incorporated for the main animated character, they could have signed him up for the whole damn thing – including the voice work. Are you this brain dead that you can’t comprehend what I’m saying? dumbass.

  • Gillian

    I agree with you w, he does look like he has a big package. Whever my hubby asks what Elijah has that he doesn’t I’ll say "a bigger package". Hubby of course tries to say it’s just a sock stuffed down there. Think hubby’s just a tad jealous, as I should only have eyes for him. LOL! Bless him.

  • ffordegroupie

    elijah just looks pissed, period. even when he’s not lookin at the camera. he doesn’t mind paps normally, so i think he’s just pissed, pissed, pissed.sp, of course, that is why pam is there, and why his agents try to push her at evens like Cannes where she would never be noticed. "look! he has a girl!"as for happy feet, come off it. he’s been in voice acting before, is doing video games and he’ll make money for them. guess what! he IS a pro voice actor because he does it and has before.

  • carly

    how does anyone know he is pissed at the photographer? maybe he is just pissed in general. maybe his shopping came to too much money. maybe he couldnt find his fave gay mag. maybe he still cant get over franka. oh, and why isnt her helping her with the obviously heavy bags? he has one hand free….. whats the prob. no gentlemen. although with the size of her arms she could carry all the bags AND him. he is only wee.

  • s.p

    Lol yeah carly. heheee.

  • Lazy arsehole

    HMmm, I sense something in the air, and it smells like "break up on the way". Him not carrying her bags is actually a big sign for someone like Elijah who has manners.. oh dear!

  • anusol

    I can’t see it being the photog because in past pap pics he hasn’t looked like that he has seemed just "ok". I aslo foind it odd how we get pics of all of their jaunts, that aint normal, Elijah isn’t the kind to be staked by paps.. I smell set up baybee!

  • bunniewankit

    Hi to all at BUNNIEWABBIT’S LJ, calling US nuts! My god at least we aren’t as Niave to think that the paps stalk Elijah WOOD HELLO HE ISN’T THAT FAMOUS LADIES! Are u really that naive not to think that set ups happen?? lmao!

  • killthebunny

    the bunniewabbit people are as funny as the tabloids. they think anyone is nuts if you don’t automatically agree with the 60-year-old virgins who write X-rated fanfics about eli’s sex life, cuz they won’t ever have one of their own. they’re so funny! almost as amusing as the stalkers in denial."oh, uh, he can’t possibly be pissed off becuz his beloved pam is with him, so… uh… he must be mad at the paps even tho he never has been before! Yeah! that’s it! it’s all the evil paps’ fault. he can’t be pissed off for reasons of his own, becuz obviously life with some ass dancer must be perf!"like the paps sit round and wait for elijah. they tool around until they get tips, and then they photograph. elijah isn’t that big a deal for them, and pam is no deal at all. more likely some1 was walking down the street, saw elijah and took some cell phone pics. then they sent em out on the web.

  • Anonymous

    He never looks happy anymore, especially with her does he?

  • Rachel

    omg the movie is so damn cute!

  • Anon

    I notice he is never seen with any of the LOTR gang anymore either. He might stay with her to tame those gay rumors weather or not they are true. I think they broke up sometime ago and maybe are just friends now. Might explain why they are hardly seen together. You can tell she is just using him. He seems like a person with a big heart, so he might not see it or he just puts up with it, trying to be nice. It is odd that him not helping her with those bags. There is always a distance between then. And he always seems pissed off in the photos or bored. There is always at least one with her smiling for the camera too…

  • *sigh*

    um he was never gay and he said it himself on live Tv. No pam and Elijah have not broken up sorry for those who were just hoping they did. And for those judging pam who they do not know personally you sound extremely rasisit now just in what you are saying about her. People have asked everyone to stop with this fighting and I hope you do stop.

  • oh

    He’s not carrying her bags? What century are you living in?You might also want to check your eyesight because you can see quite clearly in all the photo’s, especially number one, that he is carrying to very big bags, as well as the bag draped over his shoulder while she is only carrying 4 tiny, very light-weight looking bags.And if you can tell someone is using another person by looking at three photos of them shopping, you really need that eyetest fast!

  • s.p

    Looks like the trolls are CLEARLY INVENTING reasons to attack people that disagree with them now i see NO racist comment here and i consider it slander if things are said that is untrue so they will be reported for abuse. lol.

  • anon

    Why do they keep taking pics of his rag of a gf? I didn’t realize that she was suddenly a star.

  • Karlos

    happy feet is so cute and funny

  • haha

    She thinks she is… Poor thing!Than again why feel sorry for her? She’s living the highlife for doing absolutely nothing.

  • .

    he is only carry two bags in one hand, if they were heavy he would be using his other free hand. otherwise he could carry hers.

  • simone

    Any hate groups for her? Livejournal that is easy to join or myspace or anywhere else? Let me know.

  • simon

    I don’t know Simone, but I did see some hate groups about you out there ;P

  • whatdoiseeinhim

    My husband never carries my heavy bags when we’re out together, nor does he help in with the shopping from the car. When I want anything doing I do it myself.

  • simon

    God, she’s really ugly. She looks like she would smell!

  • simone

    Yeah that’s a really smart comment, she looks like she would smell. You’re bright! /sarcasm

  • PissedOff

    can people stop having a go at pam, just cos she isnt a super model like people expect she is original talented and fun and i can see why elijah would want to spend time with her. and to those saying he never looks happy then that is probably because he has cameras in his face 24/7 not because she is the witch you think she is.

  • PissedOff

    and wtf any hate groups? how the fuck can you hate a person that you dont know, all you know is that she is the drummer of an amazing band and that you probably never gave them a chance. jezz guys get some originality in your lives and stop hating people tht you dont know.

  • trewyu

    kaltak pam!!