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Russell Crowe: American Gangster

Russell Crowe: American Gangster

Russell Crowe was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn yesterday filming his new crime drama American Gangster about  a drug lord smuggling heroin into Harlem during the 1970s by hiding the stash inside the coffins of American soldiers returning from Vietnam. Russell, 42, plays real-life detective Richie Roberts, who busts up the Harlem drug ring. Denzel Washington also stars in this film.  And is it just me or does Russell have five pounds of make-up caked on his face?  Eeeew.  More pictures in the gallery!

Meanwhile back in Sydney, Austrailia, Russell‘s wife Danielle Spencer
and 2-year-old son Charles Crowe enjoyed a day at the park.
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charles crowe russell crowe son 01
charles crowe russell crowe son 02
charles crowe russell crowe son 03
charles crowe russell crowe son 04
charles crowe russell crowe son 05
russell crowe american gangster 01
russell crowe american gangster 02
russell crowe american gangster 03
russell crowe american gangster 04
russell crowe american gangster 05
russell crowe american gangster 06
russell crowe american gangster 07
russell crowe american gangster 08
russell crowe american gangster 09
russell crowe american gangster 10
russell crowe american gangster 11
russell crowe american gangster 12
russell crowe american gangster 13
russell crowe american gangster 14
russell crowe american gangster 15
russell crowe american gangster 16

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  • Maria

    Could you makeup from movie and sun mixed — he looks different. Is the little girl actor in movie. She’s a cutie.

  • Renee

    OMG! When did he become so unfortunate looking? Is that a third eye/zit above his nose? Yikes. I thought he was better looking than that. He is a good actor and looks aren’t THAT important in Hollywood, but still…….Oh, Denzel is in the movie! Wow, this movie is going to be GREAT then.

  • Just saying…

    He looks like an Ogre.

  • Sidney

    I think he’s gotten into some Botox! Or maybe the Botox has gotten into him…

  • Maria

    Oh my gosh, his son is gorgeous. What a cutie pie!! Yup, pictures don’t look good. You know it’s going to be a good movie if Denzel’s in it. As they use to say in Hollywood — maybe still do — MAKEUP!!!

  • Francisca Susi

    Yay! That’s definitely tons of make-up job on Russell’s face! Nope, he doesn’t look like that. Maybe just some touch ups to make him look more like the character, Detective Richie Roberts. Ogre? LOL!! OK, that’s funny. Tee hee… But I think Russell would do this part really well. We’ll see. :) His clothes and hairstyle are definitely the 70′s. Oh, this movie would be great! Ridley Scott as the director, and Denzel plays the ultimate bad guy? Super cool! I’ll definitely be the first in line when it comes out next year! And btw, is it just me or Charlie Crowe looks cuter day by day? What a gorgeous little boy! Soooo handsome! Russell must be over the moon to have him. Wonder what his little brother, Tennyson, looks like.

  • bitchytoo

    Who would have guessed (not). Happy family pics again. *yawn*. You’re so predictable, Russell!

  • dent

    screw you bitches, Russell looks yummy. This movie would be fantastic!

  • Igby

    The costuming is right on, but he looks all greasy and his face is getting covered in boils as he gets older. He used to be such a great looking guy but now he looks all bulbous. Gross.

  • huh

    He looks like a wax figure in the pic of him holding the kid.

  • Wewe

    How can anyone say his son is gorgeous?He is not cute at all!!

  • Wewe

    How can anyone say his son is gorgeous?He is not cute at all!!

  • kokopuff

    So Russell has some moles (which ALWAYS have been there)–big deal. I suspect his makeup is accentuating them, since they never look THAT noticeable in everyday candids. Ridley obviously wants Russ to look older and un-matinee- idolish for this part. And we all know Russell does whatever it takes to assume the physical characteristics demanded by a role. "The Insider", anyone?

  • Luella

    I’ve seen Russell from close up, just a foot, or two away, in May of this year and believe me, he doesn’t look like this! Must be TONS of make up!

  • Julie

    They have put prosthetic cheeks on Russell to change his look . They ahve also put fake teeth in as well . He’ s ugly in real life . I don’t see what the CroweHags see in him .

  • ladedade

    Oh so those are moles on his face. I thought it was some kind of bump/bruise from someone throwing a telephone at his head. LOL

  • Duude

    Dislike the guy but he’s one heck of an actor. Denzel and Russell? Should be one great movie!His kid Charles IS gorgeous.Oh and Jared, it’s AUSTRALIA not AUSTRAILIA. I sugest you just say Sydney as it’s pretty obvious where Sydney is anyway (it’s unlikely it’s the Canadian Sydney!)

  • Mary F

    Julie… CroweHags???? Whatever…. You know nothing.

  • say what?

    Julie is an insecure hag who don’t know shit and should just shut the fuck the up. Russell Crowe look so much better in person. This pictures doesn’t do him any justice at all.

  • Susi

    Hey Francisca – and just how is it Russell Crowe’s fault, that you are bored by family pictures that paparazzi took in Australia? Pedictable? I think not. Otherwise all these people here wouldn’t be so suprised about his looks for American Gangster.Can’t tell too much about the movie from just seeing these pictures. I just know that Russell Crowe always gets into the roles he’s playing with everything he has. So yes, he worked hard on his body for Gladiator, ate Burgers to look like Jack Aubrey and took boxing lessons for Cinderella Man. If he is not supposed to look like a model of 2006 he won’t look like it. He will look like a guy from the 70ies. It doesn’t matter if it’s make-up, botox or if he’s found the fountain of youth. It’s his day job and he will do (almost) everything to make it look real. That’s what makes an actor good and believable – changes.

  • LML

    I didn’t know moles and boils and greasy look was from the 70′s Susi.

  • Susi

    Well maybe the real guy looked like that, maybe it was in the script or maybe it doesn’t matter too much to the people in charge what you think ;)On the other hand you could be right – things like acting, directing, screenplay, music and so on really don’t count and the movie will probably do very bad because on or more of the people involved have a mole….

  • tofog41

    I think he looks great! And yes, that IS a lot of makeup that he’s wearing. And I’ve seen him from just a few feet away in concert, with NO makeup, all sweaty and just a regular guy. And even then, he’s still gorgeous and has a magnetic charisma. I think that this’ll be one of his best roles, pairing him with Denzel again (they co-starred in "Virtuosity," in which Denzel said that Russell stole every scene he was in, even though Denzel was the "star of the film). It’ll be interesting to see who gets top billing in this film now that they’re both Academy-award winners, as well as Ridley Scott. I can’t wait for it to come out.As for the moles, Russell has 3 on his face; one on each cheek and one between his eyebrows. It’s never bothered him or any of his fans. Physical flaws don’t matter when you’re an actor; it’s what comes from inside you and how you present yourself in the moment that counts, if you can make the audience forget that it’s you, the actor, up there on the screen in the character. If you can’t do that, then you fail as an actor — you’re not believable and you haven’t prepared yourself to be there on the set or the stage and don’t deserve to be taking up everyone else’s time. I’m speaking as a professional in the media industry and quoting some of the jist of what Russell has said in interviews he’s given.

  • Ann

    Well, Zelig-like character that he is, our Mr. Crowe has once again morphed into a middle aged Brooklyn (or Jurzey) cop. He just IS that person, leaping off the screen from a candid photo. I remember those undercover guys and they were a schlumpy, schlubby, oily bunch – not a metrosexual among ‘em. I very much look forward to this. Just for fun, Jared, put up a still from AGY next to AG, same basic shot – waist up, facing the same way – both left or both right and simply admire the great work (and, i’m sure Russell’d agree, kudos to make-up artists).

  • kace

    I met Russell this spring and he is drop dead handsome in person. He has all the movie star looks and charm you could imagine, plus he was extremely nice. Forget whatever rubbish the tabloids print about him to sell papers. So he’s wearing tons of makeup to look like his character. What’s wrong with that? If that’s what the character is supposed to look like, then that’s his job.

  • Duude

    Well said tofog41, Ann & Kace!!!

  • bitchytoo

    The Crowe-hags are at it again. Tell me, what is it like to have a (fantasy) life that is connected to somebody you don’t know only? I’ve met the guy on several occasions and believe me, he’s all the bad things the press writes about him.

  • anaconda


  • Bobby

    I’m laughing my head off. Are you people really arguing about a movie that’s still in the works and not even in the theaters yet?Or are we all starring in a commercial for Clerasil and/or cosmetic surgery?Or maybe we are playing my fantasy life is better than yours? (heck what’s wrong with a healthy hot fantasy now and then?)Or ‘whose your favourite actor"?Denzel Washington has made some great movies.Russell Crowe has made some great movies.I don’t care about the rest.

  • Francisca Susi

    Susi, why are you aiming at me? The comments about being bored of looking at the happy family pics and Rusty being predictable were not posted by me! They were bitchytoo’s comments. Pls be careful before you attack me like that! Geez! I like Russell Crowe as an actor, he’s great and excellent.

  • Susi

    Susi – so so sorry. Accept my apologies please. I try to be careful on boards, but this time the mistake was mine. I just read the wrong signature for that one post. Sorry again!

  • Susi

    Duh, now I wrote the wrong name…I meant Francisca of course.It was very late where I am when I wrote that post yesterday. I was half asleep but wanted to reply right away.

  • grace rodriguez

    Russell Crowe is great and he has a beautiful son, he is a masterpiece of an actor. kudos! to him.

  • Francisca Susi

    Susi, peace here. Apology’s accepted. Sorry if I was too emotional myself. I was just surprised, that’s all. You can call me either Francisca or Susi. It’s OK, they’re both my name. (smile) Well, I guess Francisca would be better, so people won’t get mixed up. I really really can’t wait to hear more news and see more pics from this film’s movie set. So excited!

  • jewel

    About those moles…my hubby is a Russell Crowe look-alike who actually has moles in exactly the same spots as Russell’s (!) and I have noticed when he is hot and the humidity is high (remember it has been in the middle 90′s in NYC) that his moles "plump up" and become more prominant than normally. So that is what I am guessing Russell’s moles are doing as he is working in such heat, especially with jeans and a long-sleeved shirt on like he has to wear. And that probably accounts for the "greasy" look also. Let’s see those of you who are complaining about his face in the pictures look perfect in that heat! And I agree that he has got quite a bit of makeup on, I see that his chin is a different shape, a little wider and like they have tried to fill in the cleft that he naturally has; and also puffier cheeks. I have also seen him in person, and he is very, very good looking, with a much thinner face than it looks like in any pictures I have seen online.

  • Pam Gale

    I was exiting Peter Luger’s steak house in Brooklyn NY, the very night that the film was shooting. My daughters and I saw all the costumes and cars. It was blistering hot that evening and all I know is that I could not believe that these actors were actually working in that heat and humity. I could barely stand it and I was wearing summer clothes. They must have been roasting like potatoes. I think he is one of the most talented actors in the whole world. I fell in love with him when I saw the movie, "At the Moment." I just KNEW that he would amount to something. I love his "bad-boy" image. That must be why I dig on Mel Gibson. I only wish I were one of the girls that Mel partied with. Bring it on, Mel, Russell, and Robert Downey, Jr.

  • Barbie

    Russell Crowe is in Character , he will be terrific in this role . All his movies are Oscar Caliber .This will be a good movie.Cant wait to see the movie

  • URCispathetic

    The deepsters secretly love Russell Crowe but they’re all too ugly and wicked for him.

  • MBee

    This is really a good site with recent pictures which fill-in-the-gaps between film releases! However, would someone please enlighten me on the makeup issue? For AG, he DOES look different to me.