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Brad Pitt: Ocean's 13 Set

Brad Pitt: Ocean's 13 Set

Franchise producer Jerry Weintraub built the ultra-hip, private poker lounge ("The Ocean’s Club") just for his cast. "This was inspired by Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack," Weintraub said. "Guys that I hung around with all my life who made the original Ocean’s 11.’ "

"This is our booze joint over here," Weintraub showed us. "It’s a great bar, real New York kind of bar, all the guys love it. This is my drink of choice, Grey Goose orange vodka, which I love. And we don’t drive after we drink. We have cars and drivers."

Jerry also showed us the lounge’s poker table, which is a favorite for Brad, George and Matt.   "The guys all love to play poker," Weintraub said. "Brad liked this most of all. These are great chips that our executive producer had made for us. These are the Ocean’s chips."

Looks like Brad Pitt has a case of helmet hair on the set of his latest film Ocean’s Thirteen in Miracle Mile, Los Angeles. Who else is back as Danny Ocean’s (George Clooney) crew of crooks?  Scott Caan, Casey Affleck, Don Cheadle, Al Pacino, Bernie Mac, and Matt Damon.  More pictures in the gallery!

WATCH :: Jerry Weintraub says Al Pacino is in O13

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brad pitt oceans 13 set 01
brad pitt oceans 13 set 02
brad pitt oceans 13 set 03
brad pitt oceans 13 set 04
brad pitt oceans 13 set 05
brad pitt oceans 13 set 06
brad pitt oceans 13 set 07
brad pitt oceans 13 set 08
brad pitt oceans 13 set 09
brad pitt oceans 13 set 10
brad pitt oceans 13 set 11
brad pitt oceans 13 set 12
brad pitt oceans 13 set 13
brad pitt oceans 13 set 16
brad pitt oceans 13 set 18
brad pitt oceans 13 set 19
brad pitt oceans 13 set 20
brad pitt oceans 13 set 21
brad pitt oceans 13 set 22
brad pitt oceans 13 set 23
brad pitt oceans 13 set 24
brad pitt oceans 13 set 25
brad pitt oceans 13 set 26
brad pitt oceans 13 set 27
brad pitt oceans 13 set 29
brad pitt oceans 13 set 30
brad pitt oceans 13 set 32
brad pitt oceans 13 set 34
brad pitt oceans 13 set 35
brad pitt oceans 13 set 37
brad pitt oceans 13 set 38
brad pitt oceans 13 set 39
brad pitt oceans 13 set 40
brad pitt oceans 13 set 41

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  • Indie

    Hey BAMZS fans I am #1 for the first time. Brad is looking fine.

  • Charles

    Brad is such a cool guy.

  • angelah

    3rd!! damn he looks GREAT!! Thanks j@red!

  • angelah

    aww little spikes..

  • jeannified

    Such a hottie!!!!! Maybe MADDOX will adopt daddy Braddy’s hairstyle!

  • angelah

    He has the stunner shades on, great as

  • fiona

    Looking hot and yummy! He is so boyish!

  • MeAlwyz

    First of all, those are NOT stunna shades. Secondly, when is this man going to realize he is damn near 45, not 25? An affair really brings the mid-life crisis out in people I suppose.


    Love u Brad! You still GOT it Brad! Angelina’s one lucky gal.

  • angelah

    IMO, the overall package is a STUNNER.

  • MeNever

    #8 MeAlwyz- Are you talking about your Aniston? Is that you scot? So many disguises. Or maybe jizzy or better yet ileah,mary,miss reality,miss orleans,miss canada. so obvious for us. Please do not leave trail of evidence.

  • bamzs fans

    Ride home safely "BRAD" and say hello to ANGIE and the KIDS for us. We love u and we’ll support u and ur family forever.

  • Della

    I will always support you Brad. You got a good family now. With Ange & the kids, how can you go wrong on this.

  • erin

    He’s still a Hottie to me. Haters are just a jealous bunch. They can just shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. Favor please!

  • Madison

    It’s not a crime to look 25 when you are in fact 45 yrs old!!! Damn Brad looks so fineeeeeee

  • Madison

    I meant near 45 lol

  • scot

    Brad you are the man! Thank Goodness the X is out your sight. Enjoy your life with Angie. Rock on BAMZS

  • Shades

    Brad looks great….but those sunglasses have GOT to go! LoL

  • ck

    Brad looks good on the Ocean set and rockn on his bike, Brad is bless with happiness to have Angie and their children. Brad is in love with his family and it shows on his face.

  • b4bitching

    Brad look so hot ! better than a 25 y/o old. Thanks god! He finally get rid of that selfish, whinny bitch, Maniston.

  • arnold

    Looking great Brad. I love Angie so Brad is on my good book.

  • boohoo

    # 8 | MeAlwyz You better told this to Maniston, she is damn near 40, not 25. stop acting like a teen, hold some responsible in life.

  • piyutra


  • +++

    Hot dad! still look so yummy. Luv this guy.

  • missshiloh

    Brad is like a fine wine, getting yummier as yrs go by. Brad rock!

  • Hot and Cool

    Brad is hot and cool!

  • Sheny Roselle

    Thanks so much JJ. you made my day complete. Brad, you’re so delicious, I thank God that you and Ms. Angie made a beautiful family. Thank you also for making a very nice moves and decisions in your life, especially by getting rid of that chiny Chinifer

  • Cynthia

    Who ever said he look old and haggard ? He look so good and great. I’m glad he’s movin on with his life, dumping his shallow, boring, self-absorbed, passive-aggresive ex-wife. wasting 7 long years with that bitch is too much. I’m glad he finally found more meaning in life with Angie aside from red-carpet, tanning, tequilia, blonde highlight with his X.

  • MeAlwyz

    You star crazed fans are foolish! I don’t like Aniston either but Brad Pitt is in full midlife crisis mode! He in no way looks 25, he looks 45 and desperate! Most importantly he looks completely pathetic! No one is jealous of him, the guy is a loser!

  • em

    He looks insanely hot lately.. Better than he has in years. Old and haggard? I think not. The hair is cute. :D

  • briseis

    # 29 | MeAlwyz Brad is in full midlife crisis mode? I think not. Most 45 year olds would wish they look like him. He’s desperate? Boy, are you reaching! Why is the guy a loser? He’s got his looks, his career is red hot with Oscar buzz for Babel, he’s got the hottest partner and three of the cutest kids in the universe — if that is what you define as pathetic, then I don’t know what’s successful to you.

  • Cynthia

    29 | MeAlwyz Midlife crisis ? if he stay with his x, then that’s a crisis . This guy is rich, had a hot career, a beautiful and supportive partner, 3 cute, lovable kids. what can a guy ask for ?

  • me2

    His life is complete. He’s happy, in love and has beautiful children.

  • Mirror, UK

    DAD BRAD’S PITT-CAST TO KIDSEva Simpson & Caroline HedleyDOTING dad Brad Pitt has found a hightech way of staying in touch with his family when he’s away filming.The actor, 42, sends private internet podcasts to Maddox, his adopted son with Angelina Jolie, 31. In turn Maddox, who’s five this Saturday, sends films of his paintings and bicycle stunts.We’re told: "Brad and Mad are so inseparable they need a way to keep in touch when Brad’s away." We love you Brad!

  • hate skanks

    He’s happy at last…away from skanky mangy.

  • noodles

    he’s a twat

  • piper, with a low

    # 29 | MeAlwyz |BP is a loser, huh? Well, that ‘loser’ has gotten your attention, hasn’t he? So much so, that you’ve spent your time writing comments about him and seem to have a knowledge about him to proclaim that he is in mid-life crisis mode. All of that thought for a loser, right? You see, most people opt to ignore people they deem being beneath their sensibilities, instead of wasting their time convincing ‘fans’ that he is the loser.

  • Family First

    Brad is happier than ever ‘coz he has a loving family.

  • Seminole

    That isn’t the WB set. That was for costume fitting and pictures. You won’t see any of them filming on the WB lot once full production starts. WB will release and allow video to the entertainment networks when they want to.

  • freidaflo

    Enjoy a morning with BRAD’s pix.What a way to start a day . Thanx ….JJ

  • pp

    #29 MealwyzI think you’ve got the wrong angle on this! Most guys who go through a mid-life crisis ditch the family, ditch the stability, run around trying to avoid their responsibilities, ditch the family wagon for a porsche, ditch the wife for a self-focused, taut’n'terrific fake-tan bottle blonde! Seems to me Brad did quite the reverse – family, wagon, settled etc etc! What you can’t handle is that what he did do was ditch the bitch!

  • Original Curious

    Thank you Jared!For the ladies from the Angie flying thread: the right hand ring is back for sure! And, yep, the "no commitment" ring is missing – any coments? lol Thanks for the insight Seminole – makes sense doesn’t it? Since we see him in costume, but are we sure it isn’t the set? Wouldn’t he just put his clothes back on and leave if it was just for fitting?

  • remember da truth

    Hell yeah, he’s in mid-life crisis mode! When a man is in his 40′s, he starts to question where he’s been and what he’s been doing with his life and where it’s all going. Where’s the meaning? Men have spent their lives building careers, and then they stop and miss their youth and get a red sports car and try to find where they should be going. Brad hit a wall with that boring life and said, "Is this all there is?" HELL NO!!! In full mid-life crisis mode, he realized he was still IN his youth, hadn’t grown much with that shallow whiner as his partner, and looked around and noticed he could MAKE his life meaningful if he just ditched the selfish anchor holding him back. The one who didn’t support anything he was interested in, the one who put him down when he tried to do something of substance, the one jealous of his friends and colleagues. So, he became involved in the ONE organization, he found peace and fulfillment with a woman who supports his endeavors, opens the world to him, and lets him be free and totally himself. He got the family he always wanted, and is raising three kids and wanting more.Yeah, sometimes a mid-life crisis is a good thing — and Brad found a more meaningful life, and is so much happier, sexier, and more at peace than ever!! I think the crisis is over and what we are seeing now is a man living a full life, happy he made this move before it was too late, and not even wasting time to regret the wasted seven years before it. He has everything a man could want or need now. Including a hot body and a happening hairstyle to keep having fun even with a deeper, more giving lifestyle!

  • remember da truth

    Oh yeah, Brad looks 25 — and it’s HOT!!! So much for looking old…. I love how people just want to criticize. Like on the Keira Knightley thread, where they say she’s too thin and then say she has a fat ass. Can’t be both!! Brad is HOT, HOT, HOT!! And it’s his happy, confident demeanor that makes him that way, no matter what he does with his hair.

  • ((chanel))

    brad looks great! did i posted aready my new video?? lol 4 life!

  • lainey gossip

    Brad Pitt fights for the Freebie 5I took him off – but was it a hasty decision?Feast your eyes on Madd’s dad back to work for Oceans 13…and who can rock a crisp, five thousand dollar suit better than Brad? Seriously, ya’ll…the genius costume designer for all Oceans movies deserves a special Oscar.Which is why I’m going to pull out the special shots, something I don’t do too often. Not because they aren’t loin quivering molten frickin’ hotness but because they are MUCH TO MUCH loin quivering molten frickin’ hotness, to the point where it becomes a dangerously addictive visual, just thinking about it makes me lightheaded, my hands are kinda numb, stomach in knots – I’m swooning and almost hysterical and you will be too.So don’t say I didn’t warn you. Be careful and enjoy.

  • heh

    Who gives a sh*t about "Lainey" she’s an idiot and wannabe. Puleeze

  • Just Jared fan

    Good morning to all , Braddy looks happy, so Im happy, helmet head and all ….still a looker

  • gitane

    even yummy with helmet hair! dear God, can i PLEASE be angelina jolie for just one night? PLEASE!on second thought, i’d get addicted and want to stay and there’d be nobody to be me. sigh!

  • heh

    I knew those heffer’s over at FF were delusional, crazy and racists but I didn’t realize exactly how desperate they really are until this morning. They’re over there talking about the VV/JA break-up rumors coinciding with *insert snerk* InTouch’s article that Angelina can’t stop calling her ex and that some randoms claim they saw Brad/Angie out in Malibu and something didn’t seem right, to mean Brad’s trying to get back with Jennifer!!!!!!!! ROTFLMAO to the 10th power