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Elijah Wood's Girlfriend: Pamela Racine

Elijah Wood's Girlfriend: Pamela Racine

The paparazzi have been stalking Elijah Wood really well lately.  Just this past Tuesday, Elijah and his girlfriend Pamela Racine were running errands and spotted picking up some drawer pulls (handles) and other DIY items at Liz’s Antique Hardware (located at 453 South La Brea Los Angeles, California 90036).  Elijah sported a "Festival De Cannes" messenger bag.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Dave

    Quit trying to grow a beard Froto!

  • macheath

    Not to sound way geeky, but it’s Frodo.Is it just me or does he look leaner and his head not as large? He looks all cute and longer. GO figure.

  • echo that

    macheath i echo your sentiments, he does look cuter and leaner.

  • alia


  • Anonymous

    She is a HORRIBLE dresser, omg.

  • s.p

    Now she looks likes shes about to do as susual a smug appearance.

  • bookworm

    uh, i thought he was gay.

  • alia

    She plans to do the house cleaning.

  • Lilrome

    I just saw these two at my job last saturday. They seemed really happy together. Although Elijah had a huckleberry fin look going on.

  • electric_fan

    Lilrome, can you tell us what city/state your job is based in? Also pls tell me whats a ‘huckleberry fin look’?Tx!

  • curious

    I’m curious as to why everyone is so against their relationship. Does it really matter who he dates? Everyone seems to be spending so much time debating this. Why? Are they that interesting to debate over?

  • slylar

    huh??? I thought EW was gay and out.

  • dramamama

    Is it my imagination, or is he looking a bit like Popeye with larger forearms than upper arms? Maybe it’s the camera angle.

  • w

    And the Standard Elijah Wood Fan Comments Posts ™ goes – 1 Isn’t he gay?2 Isn’t he short, he’s so short3 He is effeminate, I think he’s a girl4 He is short and thin, I think he’s a dwarf. Or a girl.5 He has a big head. And a stupid beard.6 His girlfriend is really a) a skankb) a hoc) a mand) smug/money grubbing/attention seekinge) a skanky ho of a man who is smug and money grubbing and attention seeking. 7 She can’t dress. He shouldn’t wear flip flops.8 He’s short. And gay. And a girl.9 They’re not in love, he hangs around someone he hates because he’s short and gay just to trick his fans into thinking he’s not short, or gay. (which obviously isn’t working because his fans think he is short, and gay, and hating his girlfriend)10 Just because I hate Elijah Wood and his beard/PR girlfriend/ho doesn’t mean I’m not an Elijah Wood fan. Only a true fan would hate the person they love.11 Isn’t Froto/Froddo/Bilbo gay? Didn’t he come out already? I could swear he did, though I’ve never seen him do it and he’s never had a boyfriend. He is gay though isn’t he? Froto I mean.

  • Anonymous

    They look bored together as always. PR is really working hard this week. I don’t think they have ever been photograph this much before

  • lol

    he needs to start working out alittle. he is getting little man boobs. they are as big as her’s, lol

  • alia

    I think he gets good body. I hate a fat boy.

  • anon

    maybe you should take notes W seeing as you took the time out of your lame driven life to bother to write all that.

  • pamtehman

    His gf looks better there than in the pics posted before, not so manly this time.But I do agree with 16, his boobs are bigger now than her’s. LOL

  • lol

    i never said i thought he was fat, just that he was starting to get little man boobs. anyone notice that his beard (not the girl) looks funny on the left side? it does look like he has trimmed it a little

  • UKBItch

    Oh come on! Leave the guy alone. They look cute together. And by the way she rocks (Gogol Bordello!!!).

  • biglijahfan

    curious – have you seen the comments from tunisia near the botom of this page? unlikely to me that any1 would come along well after all the arguements had already stopped to say all this if it wasnt real. Why not take a look?

  • ??

    I was wondering, do the people who think that Pamela Racine is an unsmiling, manly, untalented drum bashing ass dancer think the same thing about Elizabeth, the other girl in Gogol Bordello? They both look very similar, have the same athletic build, wear the same type of clothes and sing, dance and play drums in the same band. It’s just that I never hear anyone talking about Elizabeth this way.

  • j

    Giglijahfan I think right now we can’t belive it because this person has no proof…just saying things… someone can obvously say things, but it could be wrong. I mean you’d have to know pamela personally to actully see whats she’s like….that does not mean hanging out with her for one day. I think pam’s family truely knows what she is like and also poff pam is not that way is when Elijah went to visit his friend at a high school elijah said "fuck you." to his buddy in ranfance about him ever reading a book and pamela covered his mouth…proves she is a polite person. Just people don’t like her and that poster Tunisia could really be anyone just saying things.Unless that person has valid proof she is like that…caught on video then I’d believe, but for now I’m behind pamela. She is truely nice to loads of people.Even Elijah’s friends think she is wonderful. Maybe the reason she may look mean or whatever the hell you have agenst her is because she got a bad vibe off of you and in her way of protecting herself she gets mean. Who knows. Anyways lets disregared what Tusiia wrote because there is no proof!

  • ffordegroupie

    ??, Elizabeth has been said to be a much nicer person, she doesn’t have that grim look all the time, and she don’t use a bf to get things like catwalk modelling jobs. so why would anyone have a prob with her?lessee, three oh so convenient sightings in one week. im startin to think that elijah’s pr people are behind this, same way they were spreading pam’s name around cannes and getting her picture taken without elijah. "look it’s a girl! a real girl!" they do this all the time with all sorts of celebs, specially when they want the celeb to get photoed.

  • ffordegroupie

    J you totally make me laugh. first, I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. you alwaqys write the same, and you totally need to let go of your big crush on pam. it’s sick.second, you tell people to ignore some1 becuz they have no proof, then give an obviously fake account and expect peeps to bleieve you! YOU HAVE NO PROOF! why should we believe you, huh? you say it "proves" whatcha say but it doesn’t. it just proves you’re willin to lie for pam.that story is laughable, doodles. what kind of awful nasty fan are you to make up shit about elijah just to make pam look like a better person? if she were as nice and sweet as her aging fans said she wouldn’t NEED elijah to be defamed to make her look good. just proves she must be a rotten person, if people have to talk trash about her nicer BF to make her look good.GETS A BAD VIBE? puhleez. how does the ho get bad vibes from peeps on the compuiter? and before anyone sez that she isn’t a ho, we have a mov file of her foolin around with a bandmate.and finally NO PROOF NO PROOF NO PROOF of doodles/J’s account, so don’t believe her. Tunisia’s a lot more likely to be tellin the truth.

  • Yoda

    Wars do not make one great

  • ffordegroupie

    hey can someone explain to me why pam’s name is even known to this site, let alone in EVERY SINGLE TITLE of the articles she’s in? she’s a talentless dancer who bangs a drum for a band that ain’t very well known, so how come ANYONE knows her name? hell i wouldn’t know her name and neither would any other fans, if it weren’t for the freak patrol digging up info on every girl elijah even talks to.

  • elfinmagic

    I wonder how big his magicstick is, either way I’d do him. Lil bastard is hot and those eyes. but he has fucked up fingernails though.

  • s.p

    I hope you do anon that would be hilarious. Id love to see her face.

  • bc89

    to the thing about elijah looking more built..maybe he has been working out or it could be the white shirt…either way he looks the elijah haters. why can’t you just be happy for him. what the hell is wrong with him falling in love with someone. it makes me very angry to here people talk about wlijah the way some of the people on this comments page do. i think elijah is not gay and he has never really seemed gay too me. the thing about him being short, most people in america are short. the average height is 5’9" and elijah is about 5’6" 3 fucking inches. does it really matter how tall someone is. it doesn’t! no one is going to base there feeling for someone off of their height. you guys should just be happy for him. most stright actors are always mistaken for Gay. all i have to say is that if you son’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. i think elijah looks great with a beard and the short hair. i think pam looks good but i don’t really like the outfit a lot. They look happy but i am sencing some distance. what ever makes elijah happy makes me happy. the whole thing about people hating someone you love is very twisted but try. in a sence. people seem to nit pick about every little flaw. we are all flawed people. learn that and stop picking on ELijah Wood’s height,beard and girlfriend.

  • s.p

    it seems to me bc89 you cant deal with people who disagree with you.If people want to dislike pam then they are allowed so stop coming here and dicating to everyone.

  • freedom

    Um I though you guys made an agreement not to fight with one another…J has been honoring that you guys hate pamela. You guys seemed to make an agrremrnt that you wouldn’t go about bashing one another. J hasn’t been speaking about hater…or whatever. At least stop fighting with eachother and just say what you wish to say inest of saying to to eachother. its wrong.

  • ffordegroupie

    J isn’t saying anything becuz i called her out on her real identity. she doesn’t wanna have anyone knowing that she has been spreading trash about elijah.and besides, unless she’s getting better at lying she isn’t the only person who’s hating on us.

  • Freedom

    well you sure haven’t seen her community lately. She hasn’t said one thing agenst you or about any of that…its been strickly news.She care a whole lot more about Elijah then she does about pamela honestly. Doesn’t really give you the right to call her a lesbian. In which she is not. J has a life of her ownand a Job. She hardly is online and its just sad you just broke your deal with her when she mention that you and her we no longer going to be speaking about one another.

  • thankyouguys!

    So, ffordegroupie you get it! You totally see what’s going on, glad to hear that! Makes me happy to see people agree with me. I have no idea who ; is or 89bc or whatever her name is, so I hope. You guys weren’t talking about me?Anyways, give me some more juicy sites! This is fun! I like THESE meassage boards, YOU CAN ACTUALLY say want you want and how you feel without being banned for having an opinion like some OTHER Elijah sites!Then again they kiss anyone’s ass that elijah remotely mentions or says he likes. Like they are programmed robots with no opinions of their own.Hey, how are you like-minded people? I,d like to see more of you.

  • thankyouguys!

    So, ffordegroupie you get it! You totally see what’s going on, glad to hear that! Makes me happy to see people agree with me. I have no idea who ; is or 89bc or whatever her name is, so I hope. You guys weren’t talking about me?Anyways, give me some more juicy sites! This is fun! I like THESE meassage boards, YOU CAN ACTUALLY say want you want and how you feel without being banned for having an opinion like some OTHER Elijah sites!Then again they kiss anyone’s ass that elijah remotely mentions or says he likes. Like they are programmed robots with no opinions of their own.Hey, how are you like-minded people? I,d like to see more of you.

  • ??

    Token Asian Chicks? Elizabeth and Pamela are token Asian chicks?I can’t believe how disgustingly racist that comment is.

  • wakeupbitch

    It’s true and it’s not racist you idiot!Now, if they said all asians are slutty whores that only know how to give massages and do fingernails … Maybe then I can see the racist card.She’s no Mel Gibson Jr.

  • ??

    That you’re even trying to defend your comments is reprehensible.

  • ??

    Charming.You do realise you just lost yourself what little support you did have? No one is going to come in here and agree with a bigoted, offensive, irrational obsessed woman. Everyone will know that the only person who will come in here ‘defending’ you will just be you writing under a fake name.You’ve shown yourself for what you really are, and you ought to be ashamed.

  • observant

    WHAT ARE YOU DOING READING THESE COMMENTS?If you are reading all this you are just as bad as those posting here even if you condemn it elsewhere. The ones saying ‘stop fighting’ or ‘get over it’ are NOT superiior or ‘above it all’. You are just as much part of the problem as ppl commenting. Don’t tell ppl to get a life because obviously you don’t have one either, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, would you. Don’t be hypocrites please.Most ppl who like Elijah & find him attractive are going to feel a tad jealous if he’s involved. That’s normal. But it would be possible to feel jealous yet still approve of whoever Elijah had chosen if the person felt right.Anyone claiming to be not at all jealous is either not attracted to Elijah OR they are lying to themselves & everyone else. Any shrink will tell you that.Maybe some around here are racist but not everyone is. Trying to reduce all criticism of her to simple jealousy or racism is just trying to draw attention away from justifiable doubts that many ppl have. Havent you ever had a friend/relation who’d gotten themselves mixed up with someone you felt uneasy about? Weren’t you worried & tried to warn them off that person? You would if you really cared about them. Why shouldn’t ppl care about Elijah if they like him as an actor or a person?If Pam had made it in her own right & matched up to Elijah in terms of success, talent, wealth & looks then likely many of these comments wouldn’t be here.Ppl are sick of not being able to express an opinion without someone jumping down their throat. There’s nothing wrong with having a crush on someone, gay or otherwise, but there IS something wrong with obsessing about them, trying to BE them & impersonating them on the net or elsewhere. Using different IDs all the time. Who is all over every single remark about Pam or Elijah like a rash.Some ppl don’t like the impression given by Pam. Some ppl aren’t keen on that relationship. Some ppl think Elijah’s gotten himself involved with someone who’ll turn out to be bad for him. They have every right to express those opinions. They’re not about to change their mind because of ppl on here disagreeing with them or trying to make out they have to be racist or jealous. DEAL WITH IT.If you don’t like the negative comments here, stay away & don’t read them. Certainly don’t bother replying because that makes you just as ‘bad’ as them even if you can’t see it yourself.

  • ihateignorantpeep

    Ffordegroupie, I really wanna talk to youi about something, is there a way we can comunicate other than here ? Let me know. If you don’t wanna give out personal info. , hey I totally understand. But you’re gonna wanna hear this!Thanks sweetie.

  • ??

    ffordegroupie you are just embarrassing yourself by continuing to post under pseudonyms in order to ‘agree’ with yourself. Everyone knows it’s you, you’re not fooling anybody with your charade. Why not stop now and show some dignity?s.p. – I have been reported for what? Nothing I have said is abusive. You complain that my name "??" is anonymous – it’s no more anonymous than using the letters "s.p."If you are genuinely concerned about reporting those who can’t stand others disagreeing with them, why not report ffordegroupie? In her posts she has been abusive and offensive. Look at the things she has said simply because I disagree with her:you idiot!wakeupbitchYou breathing is utterly offensive to me.Go fuck yourself you condescending bitch!Once you get off your high-horse that is.ohshutthefuckup you’re ignorant.You sound pretty lameYou’re a waste of sperm.IhateignorantpeepIf you think my saying her calling 2 women "Token Asians" was racist, when she herself admitted it was, then how do you find it acceptable for her to say my being alive is offensive to her and calling me those vulgar, crass names?ffordegroupie – "that is how Eugene Hutz sees them. how is that racist of me"When did Eugene Hutz say he hired those two women because he needed "Token Asians" in the band? He, and the rest of the band, hired two women to play percussion, sing and dance. It is you who chose to see them as Asian, and token, no one else. And I don’t need you repeatedly ‘explaining’ things to me. You admitted yourself that your comments were racist and you were fine with that.Being racist isn’t so bad when you’re bashing a slutty gold digger.Being racist is always bad.Pamela has never "peed" into his hat. That was another band member.

  • s.p

    ??? if you dont like whats said here you dont have to come here simple as that why torture yourself?? just comment on the pics and leave it i dont get why you come back for more???and wont leave it alone you say f.groupie attacks you for your disagreeing with her but you are doing exactly the same.

  • ??

    You obviously do care very much what I think or you wouldn’t be getting so upset, ffordegroupie – or do you now prefer to be known as ‘selfrighteouscunt’?Your blatant bigotry and racism is sickening. That you think you can rant and scream obscenities at me and somehow sound superior to me would be laughable if it weren’t so sad.You and s.p. (if you aren’t one and the same) complain that if I or anyone else here doesn’t like what you say we should shut up or leave (or both), yet you cry that you have the right to dislike Pamela and to disagree with us. Well, I have the right to dislike you and disagree with you and no amount of swearing and vulgarity is going to make me leave anywhere. If you think I have no need to be here, then you too have no need to be here, you’ve said what you want to, ad nauseum, yet you still stay. And so shall I. As you said earlier:This is fun! I like THESE meassage (sic) boards, YOU CAN ACTUALLY say want (sic) you want and how you feel without being banned for having an opinion like some OTHER Elijah sites! And strangely enough, "s.p." reports me for supposed abuse, though nothing I’ve said is abusive, yet the only person’s comments that are being deleted by Just Jared are "s.p."’s comments.And for your information I have visited the A and F board only once, and saw reference to some racist comments being made there about Pamela too. I guess everyone here knows who must have said them.

  • ??

    If I’m sad for still being here, what does that make you? Sad by your own definition.Everyone knows you’re ffordegroupie, you’re not fooling anyone. And you’re the one talking to yourself, using different fake names pretending to be someone else. It’s embarrassing.And if you’d read my comment you’d know I didn’t say I saw a racist comment at A and F, I saw mention of one, and it was a little while ago. I have only been to A and F once, not everyone is obsessed with the place like you are.If ranting racist epithets about people you don’t even know and swearing your head off because you can’t formulate a decent argument is your way of having fun, my dear, you are the one who is sad.

  • s.p

    I wonder why elijah chose la brea to go for door handles as there are plently of places near where he lives.*curious*

  • Anon

    Well, they probably went there so they could have take pictures of them, lol. Now lets see how much we see them together now that she is back on tour. Since he only goes to her shows (I’ve read stuff that he sometimes stands in the back and looks bored, not really into the show) that happen to be near where he is working or there is press or there just hasn’t been photos of them in while (at least that’s what it seems like to me sometimes when he is at her shows). It is weird that their picture has been taken three times in a week and half. Yet they never really had their picture taken (out in public other then her shows and press stuff) before until that other shopping one back in December. I like how people were commenting that you never seem them out doing stuff (shopping, eating, walking down a road…etc.) and then here comes two photo sets of them out and about, lol.

  • s.p

    ^^very true and well put.!