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Heidi Groskreutz: So You Think You Can Dance

Heidi Groskreutz: So You Think You Can Dance

I gave up my dream that Ivan Koumaev would win this season’s So You Think You Can Dance competition. And now, very surprisingly, Heidi Groskreutz is fast becoming my favorite to win. Yesterday, she performed the Smooth Waltz and a Pop routine with partner Travis Wall.  And both performances were fantastic.  The African pop routine was choreographed by world-renowned Wade Robson and can be watched below.  And was it just me or did Ivan dance his solo to a Wade Robson song?

Donyelle Jones and Benji Schwimmer performed a Broadway and Hip-Hop routine. Ivan Koumaev and Natalie Fotopoulos performed the Jive and a Contemporary routine.  Watch Ivan, Travis, and Benji‘s solo here.  More pictures in the gallery!

WHO’S GONE TONIGHT? ::  Ivan and Natalie (?)

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  • covington666

    i’ve never posted here before, but seriously, how much do i love travis? a lot.

  • lester

    this show is just gross. i hate it. i hope it is over soon because my girlfriend loves watching it. these nights are so damn boring..

  • Sally

    wtf natalie is the best f-ing dancer on the show

  • Lina

    Not only did Ivan dance to the song by wade robson, but that song was featured in Britney Spears: Live from Vegas, the show that she did on HBO in 2001, which Wade Robson was the choreographer and the Tour Director for.

  • kaybizz

    travis or heidi will win this!! crybaby natalie will go home tonight and she’ll take that doofus ivan with her.

  • Dan

    Seriously Heidi is the most imporoved adn the most ALL AROUND dancer left for girls, Natalie is goo dbut what Mia said last night was 100% true, she tries too hard with her face aka. FAKE, and Travis he has this in the bag, send Donyelle and Ivan home NOW….

  • suzanne

    The jidges were harsh not only in what they said but in pairing Nat and Ivan for the first time at this stage. The other 4 had all danced as pairs so they were already ahead. Donyelle needs to go. She looks like she’s hating this while Natalie is throwing everything she can into what she’s doing. She is an actress but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a versatile and talented dancer. Donyelle has ridden on the talents of her partners. She should go while Natalie will go next week!

  • tab

    party’s over!!!!time to go…donyelle & ivan!! why is she still there anyway???

  • CCornel

    I hate to say this, because yes, she is the only one of color left, but Donyelle needs to go. Yes. She’s a good dancer, but not as good as the rest. And I just don’t see her in a Vegas/Celne Dion show. She doesn’t have the "dancer’s body" and presence. — especially when you have to be ‘vice president of the Big But Dancers Club’ with Mia as the president. It pains me to write this, but in my opinion, Donyelle is not that well-rounded a dancer. Whereas Heidi, my favorite for weeks now, can obviously handle ALL forms. Natalie, comes in a close second for me. These are truly talented ladies. I can see Natalie’s unforgettable and characteristic face on the Dion stage for sure.

  • ori

    ivan is lucky to still even be in the competition. he skated through and should have been eliminated a long time ago.

  • J

    i am so happy that ivan is gone. His baby face made me want to shoot my T.V everytime the camera zoomed in on it. As for Natalie, good riddance. I hope America is happy keeping that sobbing exuse for a dancer on the show longer then Allison (who was the best dancer there PEIRIOD). Last week this show really pissed me off because Allison got kicked off but this week it could not have made me happier. Ivan you were just okay in my book so i kind of hope you go further in dancing (just not with Allison). As for you natalie, i hope you are happy for depriving allison of a spot in the top 6 and may your career NEVER reach new heights (for all our sakes). I still love you Allison and always will!

  • J

    And one more thing, what is wrong with you people thinking that natalie could have been in celin dion. I mean can you imagine that!? she would have to run off stage every 20 seconds to grab a f-ing tissue. And then she goes and blows kisses to allison after her solo tonight. WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS!? Sure they were probobly good friends and i respect that but she might as well appologized to her on live T.V for stealing her spot in the top 6! I think the only reason she cried when she beat out allison for that spot was because she knew in the back of her mind that allison was more of a dancer than she will ever hope to be. Try to OPA your way out of that one natalie! Did you understand all that CCornel cause you and i both know it’s true. When Donnelle leaves us next week i recomend she go sign up for the new season of "The Biggest Loser" why she still can. Allison, you were robbed last week and i love you to death!

  • HIM

    Yikes, you are quite harsh in your delivery. I agree100% that Natalie stayed past due and that Allison was the better of the two but unfortunately the voters didn’t agree. My favourite female is Heidi by far and has been for a majority of the show. She has such energy and looks as thought she enjoys every moment. GO HEIDI, HEIDI, HEIDI HO. I was disappointed to see Ivan go but knew it was coming. I thought he fun to watch and loved when he danced his style. He is a dancer that grows on a person. I just want to say all the dancers are exceptional and think it is important to stay positive.

  • J

    You are right HIM, i was a little too harsh but you have to admit it was all true. I will try to more positive even though beloved Allison is gone. Love you Allison!

  • Meredith

    yeah, i think it SUCKS that Allison is gone, but i don’t hate on other dancers…..i’m really sad that Allison & Ivan are gone, i loved em both dearly…i bawled when Alli got the boot, for like 2 hrs. straight, and i cried for about 30 min. when Ivan got sent home..i kinda expected it with him, he was GREAT, but his partner dances didn’t get great reviews this week….i think that if he had done them with Allison(especially the contemporary) they would’ve been AMAZING!! but i just don’t think Natalie & Ivo had the chemistry that Alli had with Ivo…it’s obvious…Alli & Ivo were AMAZING partners, and i cry everytime i watch their "Sexy Love" hip hop(the last dance they did 2gether) performance…it’s AMAZING!! i just love it, i love them…i think they were both WRONGFULLY eliminated, more her than him, but…cause when she got booted, her dances that week were AMAZING!!. his dances this week were not so good, but i don’t blame it on him, i blame his partner, cause she just wasn’t the best with him…Allison should’ve won it, but America didn’t vote for her(which is shocking), so she’s moving on to do better things, and you’ll DEFINATELY see her doing GREATER things, she’s already been offered teaching jobs, convention jobs, and modeling jobs, so watch out for Allison, cause she’s gonna hit the WORLD(especially the non-Alli voters) like a falling brick… if you’re an Allison fan, or Ivan fan, go watch their hip hop dance at you tube or something, cause it’s TOTALLY AMAZING!!! the best dance i’ve EVER seen…there are some people out there who think that Allison can’t connect with the audience, and that she doesn’t perform her dances, well look back at her broadway dance, when her hat fell off, and she made the little face, picked up her hat, and went on….like the hat was SUPPOSED to fall off, that’s called PERFORMING & connecting with the audience, cause i’m at home watching, and she just reaches into my soul and makes me wanna watch her EVERY dance move, and it works…so she does perform her dances, AND the mistakes, and she connects with the audience….GO TEAM ALLISON & IVAN!!!! I love ya both to death!!!! hope to see you on the tour!!! Luvs Always, Meredith

  • J

    I compeltly agree Meredith Allison and Ivan’s last dance together was probobly the best i’ve ever seen. Love you Allison!

  • J

    Either Benji or heidi will win this thing would’nt you all agree?

  • Meredith

    yeah i agree….i don’t think they are the BEST, and i can’t really see them performing in a Celine Dion show……..cause they do ballroom, etc……but i do think they will win…..or Travis…..he has a big fan base, and he would do AMAZING in a Celine Dion show……so would Allison, but…….anyways….i don’t think Donyelle has a chance……..yeah, she’s in the top 4, but she’s not up to par with the other dancers in the top 4……….

  • Bianca

    I think Travis will win. I like him and Benji mor than Heidi and Donyelle. Allison was my favorite but now that’s done. And yes Natalie is an incrdible dancer but her mannerisms and facial expressions got on my nerves sometimes. I loved Ivan and am sad he left but he did awesome and I’m sure he’s psyched to have had such a wonderful experience.

  • J

    I wish I could get over allison being gone but every time I hear "sexy love" by ne-yo on the radio I remember her last couple dance with ivan and become depressed again. What should i do!? Love you Allison!

  • J

    I just want to say that i take back what i said in my #12 message about donnyelle, she is a very good dancer (just not ANYWHERE near as good as allison). Sorry about that donnyelle. I adore you Allison!

  • J

    Has anybody noticed that in shows like "american idol" and "last comic standing" the really talented people always seem to get what they deserve and end up winning?, where as on "so you think you can dance" the great dancers sometimes get screwed out of the competition early on because of the crappy elimination system, i mean when it comes down to it (in my opinion) this show pretty much went to hell after allison got kicked off. So i think that we should start a global complaint towards "so you think you can dance" to have the elimination process left up to the judges for the entire show except the finale. Think of who might still be on the show right now if the judges, not america, had decided who left (definitly allison and maybe even ivan). SO WHO’S WITH ME

  • VJnet

    I love Travis and I think he should win! It was sad to see Allison go, but when Mia that her facial expressions were kinda fake looking… I realy didn’t notice it until she mentioned it and the replay. But Benji has the most FAKE facial expressions that just bother the heck out of me. I hope Travis or Heidi win because they’ve both improved the most and damn they can dance!