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American Gangster Movie: Russell Crowe

American Gangster Movie: Russell Crowe

Rapper T.I ("ATL"), John Ortiz ("Miami Vice"), RZA ("Wu-Tang") and Carla Gugino ("Sin City") have joined the cast of "American Gangster", which already stars Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe.  —

Russell Crowe was spotted yesterday filming the new Ridley Scott-directed American Gangster with rapper RZA and John Hawkes from HBO’s Deadwood.  The cast was filming in the Brooklyn area.  In other exciting casting news, Christian Bale is close to a deal to star opposite Russell Crowe in James Mangold‘s "3:10 to Yuma."  More pictures in the gallery!

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First "American Gangster" Set Pictures

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american gangster 01
american gangster 02
american gangster 03
american gangster 04
american gangster 05
american gangster 06
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russell crowe american gangster 01
russell crowe american gangster 02
russell crowe american gangster 03
russell crowe american gangster 04
russell crowe american gangster 05
russell crowe american gangster 06
russell crowe american gangster 07
russell crowe american gangster 08
russell crowe american gangster 09
russell crowe american gangster 10
russell crowe american gangster 11
russell crowe american gangster 12
russell crowe american gangster 13
russell crowe american gangster 14
russell crowe american gangster 15
russell crowe american gangster 16
russell crowe american gangster 17
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russell crowe american gangster 20
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  • Cat

    Is that any way to talk about John Hawkes? Seriously, I think Crowe looks great, and HELLO! These are movie stills, he’s making a movie. As for salary, Crowe makes what he wants, he takes less money for some roles, as many other in-demand A-listers do. I’m betting he’s making his usual $20m for this, as that’s probably what Denzel is making. As for his wife, Danielle, you sound like just another jealous celeb wife hater, Gee Whiz!

  • OiVei

    Wow, you really don’t like him, it seems. Personally, I don’t think he did F* up his career, and is doing exactly what he wants to do – taking the mark off his back. Btw, he’s making a film, and what looks to be a gritty dark film. How else would you expect him to look?

  • LML

    Taking a wife doesn’t have anything to do with Rusty’s downhill slide in movies. But people were prolly more willing to give him a break with the bad boy behavior when he was single. Drunken binges and assaulting people and biting people look worse on a supposedly happily married father than they do on a happy go lucky single dude. Seems he never grew out of it and the public doesn’t want to pay to watch him if that’s how he’s going to be.

  • Randi

    Thanks for the pics! With all the famous names in this one, I have a feeling there will be a lot. Should be a good movie.

  • bg

    Great Pics. I feel that Rusty is at a point in his career were he doesn’t have to sell his talent anymore. He has proven time and again (despite occasional bad behavior and bad press) what a great talent he is. He will, I’m sure, continue to put 110% into any role he portrays. A good professional actor usually does. He will no doubt be great in this new film with Denzel, another great actor. I for one can’t wait.

  • Gladiatrix

    Where is the evidence for wasting money, the Crowes have one home in Sydney and another in the Oz countryside; they are not conspicuous spenders like some of their contemporaries. I fail to see how making 2 films with Ridley Scott, and another coming up with James Mangold plus "Tenderness" can be described as a downhill slide, on the contrary Russell seems to be in huge demand.

  • Lorraine Shaw

    Boy, a couple of posters sound like sour loosers….uh, just a guess, but I’d say Russell Crowe is a movie star who makes a hell of a lot more money at an honorable job that requires talent.

  • Slade

    I wouldn’t measure an acting career in money, nor in blockbusters. Whether the movie hits or not, Russell picks good characters to play. Cort, Steve, White, Maximus, Weigand, Thorne, Nash, Aubrey, and Braddock are all very good characters, I’d have been thrilled to play them. Tom Cruise makes much more money as Ethan Hunt, but that’s a really crappy role. I’m also glad Rusty didn’t get the part for Da Vinci Code, that would have been really bad for him, the movie was terrible.Hit doesn’t mean good movie. Big salary does not mean good actor.Hate Rusty’s attitude all you want, but when the camera rolls, he delivers.

  • Titia

    He’s a fantastic actor, but a lousy human being.Sorry Gladiatrix, ‘Rusty’ spends money like water.

  • Gunnar

    Thanks for the pictures… I can’t wait to see it. Crowe really gets into character, doesn’t he? He’s completely different in every role he takes on. Crowe is just a man… I don’t think any of us can judge his worth as a human being. He seems to have many friends, his co-workers speak well of him, he’s got a family, directors want to work with him and really, just giving us our money’s worth in the theater is all we can ask of any actor. He’s never disappointed.

  • Robin

    You said it all Gunnar

  • kace

    This looks like it’s going to be a great film. Russell looks perfect for his character. I hope he gets another Oscar.

  • Karen (c4c)

    ‘He’s a fantastic actor but a lousy human being?’ Hmm, since it’s doubtful that you know him, personally, that’s a pretty shallow statement. But, I agree with you about the fantastic actor part and I’m looking forward to the film.

  • moolib

    Good grief, who cares how he spends his money???? It’s HIS fricking money, that he earned all by his fricking self, and I think he oughta be able to spend it however he fricking wants. Ya know? You guys need to get your stories together….either he’s not making much money anymore, or he’s spending it like water, can’t have it both ways.He always picks interesting movies, he doesn’t just go after the big paychecks, and I think that’s great. When he does get paid the big bucks, it’s because the suits know they’re gonna get quality for their money.

  • dent

    Wow! Thanks a lot for the pictures Jared. I think this movie will be fantastic. Russell and Denzel are such excellent actors, and Ridley Scott is a master director. This sounds like an Oscar contender already. I can’t wait.

  • anonimo

    Thanks for the pics, Russell is a great actor and seems that this movie will be great with Denzel and other stars. Just Jared is the best.

  • jay

    listen up, I saw them shotting this movie in the bronx and there was this gorgeous puerto rican girl playing Russell’s girlfriend. Heard her name is Roxanne Amandez. She is real hot. Guess Russell’s Crowe got smart and is getting down with the latin thing now.

  • Barbie

    Cheers to Russell Crowe, a magnificant Actor..All his movies are Great ..Cheers

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