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Jennifer Aniston: NEW DOG!!

Jennifer Aniston: NEW DOG!!

Jennifer Aniston looks on the bright side of life, snuggling up with a new dog on the balcony of her digs in Los Angeles. A white-shepherd mix puppy, perhaps?  Jen‘s other constant companion that you may be familiar with is Norman, a Corgi-Terrier mix dog that she got from the animal trainers on Friends.  Boyfriend (though they still haven’t confirmed) Vince Vaughn was MIA… More pictures in the gallery!

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 of this post?  Please and thank-you!]
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jennifer aniston dog 01
jennifer aniston dog 02
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jennifer aniston dog 04
jennifer aniston dog 05
jennifer aniston dog 06
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  • jim

    very very sexy!!!!!!!!!!

  • tb

    she must miss vince

  • Catherine

    Does she look pregnant? On the Aniston Center board they think she is quite far gone.

  • kezie

    awww what a cute puppy!!!however as the owner of 2 dogs and 2 cats.. pet hair on black shirts is really bad

  • kezie

    mmmm.. she looks kinda sad..I hope her new baby will cheer her up a bit :)

  • just saying…


  • HUH?

    What are they smoking at Aniston Center????The woman is not pregnant!!! are they blind?? far along??? CRAZY.CUTE pup.

  • Negro Observer

    I’ve sperminated quite a few women in my day, and no way is this chick knocked up.

  • anonimo

    Thanks jj for the pics and for your words. I am agred with just saying post same words on thread of bamzs maybe this will help to calm the soul. The puppy is cute, i love the pets. I hope that norman not become jealous

  • yuk

    Smoking makes people depressed and unhealthy and prone to cancer : Vince’s influence !

  • SR

    What a gorgeous babe. She looks fantastic.

  • coco

    hmmm… post-op blues, opped? or just a touch of the green eyed monster perhaps… she’s a babe, and has very loyal good pals… i think that says a lot for a person… and you can never have too much money! lol… i’d love it!

  • lulu


  • rose82

    #11-15-17ITA … TO ALL OF YOU>>>Thanx , you said it all for me.

  • amber

    i love jennifer aniston, i think she is so beautiful inside and out. what a cute puppy, it must be annoying having paparazzi waiting for you outside your house taking photos all the time

  • Apple

    I love the new pooch…’s shoo cyute. Sorry my poor attempt at baby-type-talkPets are great for curing the soul when you’re blue, and a new pup will be great for NormanShe’s so not pregnant though, I don’t think she’d smoke if she was, also when you try to concieve, you are not to smoke, so it’s unlikely that a baby is forthcoming from this lady any time soon……which is OK, you don’t have to be defined as a woman by your fertility, in my book

  • norm’s friend

    Norm better watch out, hopefully she prepared him for the new member of their family.

  • peter

    Only thing I can sa is that ….god she is sooo beautiful!!!!Lucky Vince

  • Natt

    What a beautiful dog …!I hope Normal is not jeaolous and Jen lok more beautiful than ever..because now she is with a real man

  • Sharon in Canada

    Continued……..I wouldn’t want to take her picture, I don[‘t even want to look at them, just to post my comments is why I click into it.

  • em

    I don’t get the pregnant thing either. According to them she’d be at least 6 months. There is no way. She looks good though. Nice puppy.

  • horrible

    MY GOD PEOPLE – We are on post #35 and already from post #27 we have nasty comments. If you guys respect JJ at all then please heed to his request!!!! Have some class!!

  • Rinna

    Thanks for the post Jared!It’s always nice to see new Jen pics. She looks great and the new dog is so cute.

  • Just Jared fan

    Cute puppy Im glad to see Jared is trying to keep the childish name calling under controll,

  • Be sane

    So, I’m very glad Miss Aniston keeps a very nice figure. It must take a lot of effort. I’m also glad she is getting yet another dog. She must be having a very fullfilling and happy life.

  • sally

    Only thing I can sa is that ….god she is sooo beautiful!!!! # 20 | peter———–i am amazed at people who blindly adore . I am just commenting on the pictures from this post . none of the picture show her frontal face , with view of eyes , mouth or nose to make the conclusion you have above. Are we looking at the same picture btw #24, stating opinion does not equate to nasty comments. the last i checked, this is a free country ! you can’t force someone to think alike a microscopic mind.

  • to(o) horrible

    # 24 | horrible You’re wrong. The "nasty comments", as you called them, started earlier on post # 11 | SR. Not that Iā€™m condoning the responses to it, but you should put the fault were it rests. As long as there is the first "nasty comment" retaliation to it is expected.

  • jeez

    I don’t wish to take sides at all – but – BAMZ fans bash JA in the BAMZ threads, and they even encourage each other to do it there and "vent". How come then the JA fans cannot say anything about AJ in a JA forum???


    mmmm.. she looks kinda sad..I hope her new baby will cheer her up a bit :) # 5 | kezie ****************:-DOh, and I am sorry, I take what I said back — she has not had a nose job. I think the aviator sunglasses illustrate that very well, they’re not for everybody.

  • horrible

    #29You are right – and unfortunately I had already posted when I noticed. I was thinking the exact same thing as you. However, the real nasty ones started after #27. But don’t be angry at me – I was trying to make a point…

  • mandy

    #30 jeezyour post indicate how childish you are . so u want a tic for tac ? it’s precisely with fans like you that the entire tabloid continue to exploit and write garbbage to sell so you can read them.

  • jeez

    #33 mandyUh so let me see – you’re also on this forum so I guess you also read all this "garbage" that you talk about. I was trying to bring up the matter that it is being done but only certain people get bashed for it. How quick are people to be calling other people names, especially people they don’t even know….

  • in the known

    Well, it look like a calculated PR move. JA knows that the papz are around snapping away and she is delibrately clutchin her poochy and walking up and down that balacony so they could snap at her and her cuddly poochy. Let’s see what’s her next calculated move coming up soon.

  • anonimo

    # 29 however the discussion is better of the other day about 200 post and almost all nasty comments. Thanks jj for keep the thread under control, thank so much. You have the best pics on the net of all celebrities jj.

  • just me

    It’s still to early in the post to see how harsh things will get. I agree–I find that there are more evil comments form the bamzs fans on JA threads which proves that they have a problem with letting go of the past. The odd occassion I do post, I never say anything bad about BAMZS, just how rude and immature certain fans can get. And, even though I don’t care for BAMZS, I take the classy route and don’t bad mouth them one bit. I don;t care if they are happy together–good for them. This is a JA thread about Jen and her new puppy, yet somehow this triggers BP and AJ comments? HOW?

  • Dancer

    Is she still with Vince? A lot of the blogs are saying she is not anymore. Her tummy looks a little out there, but it could be the way she is standing. Really cute dog!

  • just me

    # 38 That’s right…the fact that her new puppy needed some air or a look outside means she spent half the night calculating when to walk outside on her own balcony. Are you for real? It’s like saying BP’s bike ride the other day wasn’t cuz he wanted to, it was cuz he was waiting for the right paparazzi moment. Give us a break!..What do you think we are 12?

  • kezie

    when i said i hope her new baby cheers her up.. i meant her new puppy.. i do not think she is preggers.. lol i call my dogs my babies..maybe it’s an australian thing..

  • Mia

    There is a video of jen and vince on from August 3rd.

  • payton

    What a cute puppy!! I wonder what she named him? I don’t think she looks pregnant, but she does look a little sad.

  • free country huh

    #28 sallyThere is freedom of speech and then there is derogatory negative on purpose comments. Stating your opinion is not relating anyone to an animal in a really negative way….I guess the comment got deleted but if you read it, you would agree with me.

  • Sarah

    How do we even know that’s her new puppy? There has been no mention of her buying a new house. That could be her friend’s house and her friend’s dog. I have no idea what’s behind the pregnancy talk but why and where would people get that idea from? That’s just silliness. She hasn’t looked pregnant like ever. Thanks Jared for trying to keep the nastiness down. Can you ask the same for the next Brad and Angelina thread?

  • Sarah

    Another thing…If people can’t handle themselves, how about getting rid of the comments section for all Brad/Angelina/Jennifer posts? I really don’t get people treating this place like it’s a message board or a chat room.

  • eh

    The puppy is cute; and the flowers are very nice.

  • just me

    # 41 | kezie I call my dogs my babies too…but, thanks for clearing that up. Because, she isn’t preggers..Not even sure where that one was conjured up from.

  • chris

    The cutest thing in these photos is the dog…sorry Jen, you just don’t do it for me.

  • Scooter

    I hope she adopted her new pet from a shelter. Don’t breed don’t buy while in shelters others die.

  • lookwhaticando

    jj, I am very sorry, I did make a not to nice comment. I did not see your request to be nice. wont happen again

  • TP

    She kinda looks freaked out and pissed off. Doubt that she would pose like that, looks to me that she feels her privacy has been intruded on. Feel bad for even lookin at this pics!

  • just me also

    I really hope the best for Jen in the future. She has had a rough couple of years. A new puppy would make anyone feel good. I hope she gets everything out of life that she wants.