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Heidi, Seal, Leni & Henry

Heidi, Seal, Leni & Henry

Singer Seal and his supermodel wife Heidi Klum (who is five months pregnant with her third child), arrived at Los Angeles airport yesterday with their two children — two-year-old daughter Leni and 11-month-old son Henry. They were joined by Heidi‘s mother and the family nanny for their trip out of town.  Be sure to look out for Heidi at this year’s Emmys, which will broadcast live on BC from L.A.’s Shrine Auditorium on August 27 @ 8PM ET/PT. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • emma

    such a cute family. t4p. Leni is beautiful. i hope shes pregnant with another girl this time.hey. where are youre reese witherspoon updates, im nearly having withdrawls cause you always have at least one a week or something and there havent been any for weeks lol

  • Scherriea

    I love Heidi & Seal…they are so cute…and they look so good together….I hope they stay together….i hope they stay together forever…:D

  • Marissa

    Wow, that’s Heidi’s mother? She’s cool looking. I still don’t see what Heidi sees in Seal. What’s he like? He’s ugly. If he didnt have those scars on his face, then maybe he’d be cute. But I couldn’t go to bed with that. Scary.

  • dmoss

    #3 MarissaThe scars are tribal and deemed a sign of beauty. Many people understand this– generally it’s the ignorant ones fixated on looks that don’t.

  • Desert

    I think Heidi and Seal are great together. Anyone who judges someone based solely on their looks is superficial and shallow. *hint hint* And Heidi looks lovely in the dress.

  • lmnop

    Seal had Lupus which he has the scars from

  • mellie

    dmoss |Seal’s scars are from an early bout with Lupus and not a result of tribal scars. Anyways, I love seeing pictures of this family thanks for posting…

  • AWWW


  • JustME

    That little blonde girl is Seal’s daughter? Somehow I doubt that……….

  • Angelika

    Wonderful pictures, thanks a lot! They are such a lovely, adorable, down-to-earth family, I’m really jealous of them ;)

  • mellie

    AWWW #8, The little girl is not Seal.. but he has been with Heidi since her birth(he was even in the delivery room) and he consider Leni as his daughter….

  • shawannay


  • krisy

    They are a beautiful family!!! Congrats!! These two are an example for other couples of mixed color. Enjoy the kids, they grow so fast.

  • lovie


  • Original jpf

    Love this family. Seal & Heidi, Brad & Angelina, and to a lesser degree Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony, and Ben Afleck & Jennifer Garner, these are the only couples that come to mind that would surprise the hell out of me if anything but death split them up. They’re the only ones I get a sense of real deal committment/love from. Seal just looks like he would rather be with Heidi and the kids than doing anything else. lovelyjpf

  • L

    That’s a cute family.

  • some sick O’s

    these are just pictures, lets remember that.

  • Dana

    I never knew he had the scares because of Lupus. Lupus us a tough disease. It’s pretty brutal on a person entire body. I like Seal, though. He has a very strong face, and looks like a great husband and father.

  • Diana

    It’s sad how superficial some of you can be.

  • Original jpf

    # 17 | some sick O’s And? I mean, what’s your point? JustJared provides pictures, and it’s the main reason people "like yourself" CHOOSE to look at said pictures and post.jpf

  • adranni

    New Britney Pictures

  • Celebrity Fan

    Heidi looks so cute. And, they look like a loving family. Hollywood needs more celebrities like these two. Both what I call the real A-listers.

  • susie

    scars or no scars, Seal seems like an incredible father and you do not always see that. They look like a truly happy family.

  • black

    Seal is cool, I really like that guy….and Leni is cute…….Heidi is such an arrogant bitch….and this boy Henry, well……….

  • Ana

    This is Heidi’s mother, not her nanny…

  • Rossella

    AWWW – Leni is the daughter of the Italian Flavio Briatore. Oh, posso vedere i geni italiani di Leni…

  • Lynn

    They look happy. I agree Emma, I am having Reese update withdrawls, where is she Jared? I know that she must be hiding, hee hee. I love this website.

  • mahsnowy

    hey can anyone tell me I can buy same as Heidi’s Sunglasses?? As these Sunglasses is popular now coz wentworth miller, lindsay lohan have bit same brand but i could like to know what it called? I want to buy one as it look COOL.. PLEASE HELP……………………………

  • notworking

    She’s the prettiest pregnant mommy ever! And to really get an appreciation for Seal’s sex appeal, you have to see him in concert. I thought he was ugly til I watched him perform. Talent is HOT. Also, there’s something to be said for inner beauty.

  • joe

    the sex between them most be increible!!

  • wow

    thar lilttle boy should be WAY cuter to be their kid…why is that baby so FUG?????????????

  • neil

    # 31 why don’t you shut up racist , the baby is not ugly you are just saying that bacause he’s half black

  • tandem

    It’s hilarious that people (black, white or whatever alike) think the scars are tribal…they ARE from a bout with Lupus during childhood. No African rituals here my friends . Thanks to those who clarified that before I had to. :)

  • jodie

    It is so sick that people judge Seal on his looks looks at him! He is carryikng his kids like most celebrity’s dont his takes them out he is a beautiful person l dont think he is gd lookin but l dont judge ppl on tht! also it is VERY sick to saya kid is ugly no kid is ugly they are all a gift


    Flavio Briatore is Leni’s biological father. He is not involved in the little girls life.