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Britney Spears' Black Hair: NEW PICTURES

Britney Spears' Black Hair: NEW PICTURES

Below is the clip of Britney Spears that everyone is saying is new and/or leaked but is not — it’s almost a year old from the bonus features of the Britney & Kevin: Chaotic DVD.  Above is eight months pregnant (already!) Britney shopping with her family — mommy Lynne Spears, 15-year-old sister Jamie Lynn Spears, Jamie‘s boyfriend Casey, and 10-month-old son Sean Preston Federline Looks like Britney‘s in mid-burp!  *burp*burp*burp* And Perry the manny’s back too!  More pictures in the gallery!

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britney spears black hair 01
britney spears black hair 02
britney spears black hair 03
britney spears black hair 04
britney spears black hair 05
britney spears black hair 06
britney spears black hair 07
britney spears black hair 08
britney spears black hair 09
britney spears black hair 10
britney spears black hair 11
britney spears black hair 12
britney spears black hair 13
britney spears black hair 14
britney spears black hair 15
britney spears black hair 16
britney spears black hair 17
britney spears black hair 18
britney spears black hair 19
britney spears black hair 20
britney spears black hair 21
britney spears black hair 22
britney spears black hair 23
britney spears black hair 24
britney spears black hair 25
britney spears black hair 26
britney spears black hair 27
britney spears black hair 28
britney spears black hair 29
britney spears black hair 30
britney spears black hair 31
britney spears black hair 32
britney spears black hair 33
britney spears black hair 34
britney spears black hair 35
britney spears black hair 36
britney spears black hair 37
britney spears black hair 38
britney spears black hair 39
britney spears black hair 40
britney spears black hair 41

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  • mahsnowy

    Gee Britney WEAR A BRA.

  • the 70′s

    What decade are Britney clothes from?

  • Jesse

    The manny is back

  • Christie

    Jamie Lynn’s boyfriend looks like the manny. Since the manny’s back, does that mean Brit’s ready to kick the sponge to the curb? He’s pretty useless except for donating his sperm.

  • joliepittme

    Yay! The manny is backHer face looks nicer than it was looking at Las Vegas.

  • Dana

    Wow. So that’s the first time I’ve ever heard Kevin talk… and prolly Brittney too. SHE’S SO COUNTRY. lol. Ew. And extremely dumb.. what? huh? HUH? Kevin actually sounds cool in this video and completely fed up with his stupid girlfriend.

  • d. c.

    Sean is a cute-cute baby and I love he is growing strawberry blonde hair..

  • mahsnowy

    I think Perry is not bad looking. I hope Brit DUMPS KEVIN. No Wonder Kevin never been with his own kids much. Perry have been there for Brit. Go OUT WITH HIM PLZZZZZZZZZZ..

  • SandiJ

    Oh Jared! I hate to be mean….but she just makes it sooo easy. WHY Britney? WHY? At least Kevin has been out there doing modeling for several mags and pushing his CD…appears to be working his patootie off. And again…SPF…such a cutie!

  • SandiJ

    BTW …is it fair that you can become a gazillionaire with that mentality? *slams table* WAH? HUH? Back to the future…WAH? *slams table*

  • Brent

    she looks amazing! a goddess.

  • maggie


  • Amanda

    I think she looks great, I can’t believe that video is making headlines when we are in a middle of a war. Oh God you need to help some people.back to the pics I think she looks very pretty she doesn’t even look pregnant, she is taking care of herself this time wich is good.Sean P is the cutest baby ever. I can’t wait to see the new little one. I hope she is having a girl.

  • ryo_girl

    Sean got cute! I used to think he was a little weird-looking, but with more hair, he’s definitely a cutie! Even if his mother is glorified white trash and his dad is a deadbeat. At least he’ll have looks going for him.

  • Emme

    ok.. normally I’m not a hater, and I never post hate stuff.. In my defense, I really did like Britney.. ‘DID’ being the keyword. But I don’t think there’s even words that can express how much I can’t stand this woman now.. Its mixed emotions really.. I feel so sorry for her, cause clearly she has just about everything she could need to have a comfortable & successful life, however she’s so dimwitted she just doesn’t know what to do with herself! She just reeks of stupidity, and her life is really on borderline pathetic. She used to be a stunner, but she has let herself go so far, I think she has passed the point of no return. Her life is in such disarray, she’s got no clue what she’s doing in terms of her professional career, her marriage, motherhood etc. I would not be surprised if in 5 years time people are using her & Michael Jackson as case studies for a psychological PhD thesis such as "How fame & fortune can F*ck up the mental stability of the uneducated in lower classes" I guess you can take the girl out of the trailer, but you can’t take the trailer out of the girl – if that makes sense. Its just so frustrating to see her fall down this spiral. Clearly she has lost the respect of the public, when she’s in the rag mags its mainly to point out how hopeless her life is. I wish her every success, if not for her own sanity, but for the two children that she will have in a few months time. She has more money than most of you will see in a lifetime, but all of that money can not buy her my respect. Forever she will be known as the trailer trash, turned princess of pop, turned trailer trash. I also feel anger, for the little girls who idolize this so called "role model". More so for the parents who allow their children to idolize her. Britney is a person who’s self worth comes from her "assets" being her fake breasts and her appearance. Lets face it, she’s not the most talented singer in the world. She never attended college. Her only achievement would be having those kids, and we all know that any body can do that. Her looks have faded, and therefore so has her self-worth, which explains her deteriorated appearance. She has lost herself, but then again, maybe she never knew who she was in the first place. Long live the Oprah’s, the Angelina Jolie’s and the other do-gooders of the world with a social conscience, who not only put their money where their mouth is but also their hands

  • Brent

    lmao at Emme. Britney is a manipulator of the highest degree, and how the hell do u know what sort of life she has? from what you see online? lolget a life.

  • Emme

    LMAO @ Brent.. Let me guess, you whack it to Britney huh? Did you not see her breakdown during her interview with Matt Laurer? I would’ve thought that was self-explanatory. Need I say more? For the record, I have a life, I am cultured, I am attractive, I have a career, I am successful, I am happily married, and OMG shock horror! I have a masters in psychology and I’m 24 that means I’m the same age as Britney! So before you say ‘Get a life" look in the mirror and get your own instead of living through your fantasies of the pop princess that is no more.. I wish her success, but jesus, maybe it just takes a professional to see a lost cause.

  • Sarah

    WOOHOO!! Go Emme! I agree, I just wish I could put my thoughts together as eloquently as you. Britneys just a waste of space.If she fell of the planet and was never heard from again I’d be happy. I hate the white trash she is with her sh!t a$$ husband. If she is that stupid to marry a sponger like him she’s gotta be really dumb. Its idiots like Brent who think with their d!cks and not their minds and can’t see her for the trash she really is. You’ve got my vote Emme! Angelina forever! Britney NEver!

  • John Paulus

    That isn’t Britney – it is Jessica Simpson…YOU DORFUSS

  • Alex

    ya al know what???I just to be Britney Spears fan but in the past 2 years or soo we saw the real Jessica Simpson type of person….I don’t like her she is so country but not like smart but so stupid


    hey why is evry1 bein so horrible 2 brit i mean shes got pregnant again jus 9 months after givin birth 2 sean so obviously she’s gonna put on weight wouldn’t u ??? shes jus happens 2 be doin this in front of da whole world !!! SHES JUS TAKIN TIME OUT 2 B A MUM!!! leave her 2 get on with it !!!!! xx

  • sarah

    brit is my idol i love her so much in that picture she looks absoultly beautyfull and you jealous girlfriends shup the f***k up please and let the girl leave her life the way she want to CAN SHE PLEASE HER LIFE.i love you britney spears

  • sarah

    i love brit she’s my idol and she looks absoloutly beautyfull in the pictures and you jealous girlfriends can you please mind your own business and shut the f***k up britney is young beautyfull in the inside rich famous and happy and you’re not and ya just jealous i love you britney

  • sarah

    i love brit she’s my idol and she looks absoloutly beautyfull in the pictures and you jealous girlfriends can you please mind your own business and shut the f***k up britney is young beautyfull in the inside rich famous and happy and you’re not and ya just jealous i love you britney

  • Chanel

    Why’s Jamie’s boyfriend probably 17 going on 18? Britney’s TRYING. But, I’on know…………..

  • whatever

    OK, she is on "X" in that video, the drug Ecstasy. The way she is talking, her manurisms, and obviously the retarded "converstation" they are having completely look like some on ecstacy…and the fact that she is extremely unintelligent adds to the effect. Wow, it is amazing our culture adheres to shuch nonsense as those two.

  • bandit

    I used to like britney, i saw her with nsync back in the day, and i know everyone talk’s about how she did this and that,but i still don’t believe all the shit that goes on. she’s a mother, as i also am and the way she looks is pretty dame good. it’s not such an easy task to be pregnant. i know i just had my daughter under 2 months ago. i just wish everyone would just let the F*****G gurl do her thing. i also know she hasn’t been the pop princess everyone thought she was these last few years. And yes marring Kevin probably wasn’t the best thing for her, but i think she’s happy where she is. i at least give her that much. But i do think that she need’s to straighten up a ‘lil bit,


    wat is rong wit jamie i mean a baby or 2 i hope shew goes back 2 the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (p.s. get that baby out of ur stomach!!!!)

  • http://britneyspears Syaif Afgan Aguilera

    really sometime Britney look like Jessica Simpson with like her this style’s,but it’s OK…U look so pretty with hair black color,something different to Ur fans.