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Jude Law & Personal Assisant Ben Jackson

Jude Law & Personal Assisant Ben Jackson

Jude Law and his personal assistant Ben Jackson of five (?) years share a few laughs on the est of My Blueberry Nights. More pictures in the gallery from filming this past week including Norah Jones inone scene and Jude wearing a wifebeater in another!

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jude law wifebeater 01
jude law wifebeater 02
jude law wifebeater 03
jude law wifebeater 04
jude law wifebeater 05
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jude law wifebeater 07
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  • Daphne

    Thanks so much for the pics. I love watching Jude — such a fascinating guy. Jude in a wife-beater heheh the movie looks scrumptuous already.

  • Caza

    Jude’s not very interesting any more – on screen or off. Surprised he’s still getting good parts. We need some fresh and talented new blood in the movies again. Jude has been overexposed in the media.

  • Fawley

    Jude is one cool dude. Plus he can act rings around pretty much anybody of his generation and the next crop too. People who actually watch movies appreciate him for the artist he is. The tabloid watchers … who cares? Let them watch POTC2, 3 and whatever.

  • Caza

    Jude can act rings round pretty much anyone of his generation? Fawley.. do you actually watch movies or is it that you just find him attractive – I quote "Jude is one cool dude"?? Maybe you should lay off the ‘tabloids’ yourself. Or are you just passing thru Just Jared?

  • Fawley

    Yes I watch movies. I am not the only one who think he is a very fine actor. I say Jude is a cool dude because that’s clear from his film choices. I don’t have to read the tabloids to see that. Of course he is also very attractive. I am not the only one to see that either. He is both beautiful and extremely talented, and his work shows his courage and integrity. I admire the actor in him AND I lust after the gorgeous man he is.

  • Fawley

    Forgot to add — I come to this site because one of the Law fan sites refers to it for photos. I am not into tabloids though I know other people do. They are perfectly entitled to do that, but if that’s all they have as basis for their opinion about films, then their opinion is worthless to me.

  • asher

    I wish I too could date my PA but unfortunately, I’d get fired.

  • mary

    wow, and I thought jude was hot! That assistant is very fine indeed. #2 Caza, I agree he has been overexposed due to his relationship with Sienna (who is totally overrated imho), but he is actually a very good actor- enemy at the gates, closer, existenz, cold mountain, gattaca- he was fabulous in all of these.

  • sandy

    My biggest fear is that we will have a long wait to see this film by WKW but it will be worth it I’m sure and it intrigues me more with each set of picures Isee. The feeling of wtching a man at easewith his surroudndings and himself and his career are only intensified by the way the camera wraps itself around his face and his body. I’ve watchedJude for years now and it only gets better and better and better

  • Dolores craeg

    i just saw jude on the set last tuesday. lets set the record straight. he is more beautiful in person than on the screen if that’s possible. he oozes sex….the crew told me that he has no ego. he is one of the guys and talks to them and jokes with them all the time…there is nothing anyone can write anymore than can alter my feelings about jude law. just watching him that sweet and generous with himself to everybody shows me the human being that he is. i also spoke to his assistant ben jackson and his minder sheldon….if there is a nicer or better looking guy around i haven’t encountered him. i just lucked out being able to visit the set of my blueberry nights. jude is just starting to ripen…with his acting chops he can go on for years. this is not only an extraordinary beauty but a character actor…and character is something he’s got plenty of.

  • Sphh18

    Dolores you are so lucky I’m dying to meet Jude, I LOVE HIM

  • laura

    OH MY GOD i love these pictures thank you. And thank you Dolores for sharing your experience! That is wonderful!

  • Adam

    I need more pictures of Ben Jackson!! The man is gorgeous!

  • Dannielle

    I think Jude Law is an amazing actor. I think as usual the media gets in the way, and some people base his acting ability on what they see in tabloids. He is an amazing actor whether it be Cold Mountain, Closer, or Road to perdition or smaller parts like Midnight in the Garden of good and evil. I don’t think Sean Penn (one of the best actors ever) would have stood up for him if he was not a great actor. I just wish that people would get over this Nanny stuff and look at his work… at least he owned up to it unlike some other people who cheat and no one seems to care (like people who’s names begin with a B and last name begin with a P). He’s a great actor and I cannot wait to see All the King’s Men!

  • rosalind76

    I love Jude making movies like this… this is what he’s best at. Not playing the lead, but a character actor who just happens to be drop-dead gorgeous. He’s very talented; I just wish he was more like the Jude I first fell for. Before he got to the "leading man" status. Ugh.

  • Dolores

    rosalind…what is the difference between the jude who played supporting roles and the jude who is an a list star. according to any one who works with him…he never acts like a star, has no ego….how has he changed?..unfortunately he gets more tabloid fiction written about him since he’s a bigger star….but they don’t give you real insight into the person he really is.

  • Eileene

    Jude Law not interesting anymore? Of course he is. Just looking at these pictures renews my interest in him, and I’ve never even been a fan. Jude’s a fine actor….But then so is Tim Roth! How is it Norah Jones and even Jude Law’s personal assistant are named as being in these pictures but not the fantubulous Tim Roth? :)Anyway, I’ve loved all Wong Kar Wai movies I’ve seen to date. I’m greatly looking forward to this one.

  • Anna

    I really like Jude Law as an actor too-I think he is enormously talented. His "Alfie" is a masterpiece that beats the original hands down, let alone his other films. I agree that he’ll always be in demand, either as leading or character actor. As for his impossible beauty… gets a life of its own from his personality and manner of speaking….

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