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Rachel McAdams Bus

Rachel McAdams Bus

Rachel McAdams was spotted listening to her iPod (center) in Vancouver, B.C. this past Thursday.  She waited for a cab to take her to lunch with an older man (bottom center) and hopped on the bus to go home. Since Rachel is a Canadian native, she was able to help a pair of Asian tourists (top center) figure out which bus they needed to take. Rachel is currently in Vancouver filming her upcoming film Marriage with co-star Pierce Brosnan.

To the right is boyfriend Ryan Gosling and his sister Mandi Gosling at the premiere of his upcoming film Half Nelson at Tribeca Cinemas this past Wednesday in New York City.  Half Nelson hits theaters nationwide this Friday.  Ryan, 25, and Rachel, 29, met on the set of The Notebook and have been dating for over two years. More pictures in the gallery!

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rachel mcadams bus stop 01
rachel mcadams bus stop 02
rachel mcadams bus stop 03
rachel mcadams bus stop 04
rachel mcadams bus stop 05
rachel mcadams bus stop 06
rachel mcadams bus stop 07
rachel mcadams bus stop 08
rachel mcadams bus stop 09
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rachel mcadams bus stop 21
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  • hed

    i love rachel..she looks so cute..and theyr a great couple..

  • A

    He looks like to D. Arquette.

  • lauren

    Ryan is so adorable, & I always think he looks like Adrien Brody for some reason…probably the eyes and mouth are so similar :)

  • Bon-Bons in Bath

    I think it’s so cute how they met on the set of The Notebook, but that they didn’t actually start dating for a while after that. So you know that their relationship wasn’t just some publicity stunt (ahem Ashton and Brittany).

  • p.

    i dont really like them indiviually but they do make a really cute couple. and i loooved the notebook. seriously, i dont know one chick who doesnt adore that movie.

  • tongt0ng

    hahah you know i love them! thanks for posting~

  • Melissa J

    There one of my favorite couples In Hollywood, they’re great together! I wish them the best!

  • Amy

    She’s just so cute, no entourage no bodyguard, doesn’t even need a driver. She rather take the bus and is more than happy to help out a tourist :)

  • katryna

    I love these two! They’re just both really down to earth and both seem to be complete regular people who don’t really see Hollywood as their life. Everytime I watch The Notebook I see how much chemistry they have…it’s no wonder they eventually ended up together!

  • angelah

    aw that’s really nice of her. They’e such an adorable couple, more power to them.

  • meow

    they are so down to earth. i wish other hollywood couples do the same as well.

  • shades

    Wow look at that. You could see that Rachel is a good girlfriend. Ryan Gosling gain a little bit weight. And you could see in his eyes he is happy and contented. Wish them good luck. Love the NOTEBOOK.

  • shades

    Ryan is so lucky to have Rachel Mcadams. Because Rachel have beauty and brain.

  • Anon

    PR stunt, those photo’s are staged, her "people" or the company behind her film Marriage (the film is making right now) have done this before. Just before they announced the project and her as a cast member we get candid shots of Rachel going to her car carrying what looked like a script. Now while she is filming this fairly low budget pic we shots of Rachel playing up to her nice girl image.She bores me, but you can’t blame whoever’s feeding the press this for capitalising on her popularity.

  • Sara

    I LOVE them!

  • J

    Quit your hatin’ and bitchin’, Anon.

  • yoyo

    love her shoes. Does anyone know who makes those? please?

  • Anon

    Sara, I stand by what I said, if you really think I’m bitching about Rachel you need to get some perspective. Not everyone thinks she is great.

  • Steph

    ^ Jealous much?Yes. Everything is a gigantic conspiracy theory. But they can’t fool you. Oh no. *rolls eyes*

  • Reychael

    Anon if you don’t care about Rachel why even bother reading or looking at pictures of her, that doesn’t make any sense

  • Liz

    Aw Rachel owns an ipod, I wonder if she has Ryan’s song on it.

  • Will

    It’s good to see Rachel uses the padestrian crossing instead of J walking

  • Anon

    Steph I never said it was a big conspiracy… actually you do know Rachel is responsible for all the ill’s on the plant? She’s a bad, evil person and should be stopped right now. God if only you people didn’t love the notebook so much we could put an end to this she-devil. You know it starts with a few innocent pictures and then the next thing you know she‘s denying all knowledge of nuclear weapons, next thing we know we‘re fighting an unjust war.(for the benefit of Rachels more hard core fans this is a joke)Anyway just want to say, I’m not jealous, I’m just surprised at how some fairy light weight comments about that photo make some posters on this page think I hate Rachel.

  • ka6a

    :))) Ok, that was a good one, Anon:) I don’t hate Rachel, I just find Ryan much more intriguing.

  • Beth

    Anon,You obviously have a boring life and no right to even look at these beautiful pictures of Rachel. Even if it’s a PR stunt for her new movie "Marriage". All I can say is I think Ryan and Rachel make an awesome couple and hope they marry and live happily ever after. So, get off this site and get a life.Beth :)

  • giggles

    Well, I don’t hate anyone but she is one of the worst actresses ever. She looks old, she looks tall and clumsy looking and according to Lainey Woo, she is mean and feisty. She looks like she has homicidal tendencies and she looks manly. Ryan run, please run!

  • anonymous

    She looks like a tranny. She has linebacker shoulders,she has laugh lines deeper than Clint Eastwood she looks like the poster child for steroids , and she has a nose like pinocchio, according to Lainey’s Gossip, she be making up stories about Ryan and her are getting married. They are dating, but he is not marrying that man looking wretch, because he said it in an interview in W magazine.

  • Ava

    Mean and feisty, she seems clingy too, well Ryan knows what to do if he decides to dump her, and if she won’t be dismissed, he can always file a restraining order against the ugly cow!

  • lzk

    Rachel and Ryan together, they just love each other… Pls. marry….

  • Esmer

    I love the movie the notebook and the bth looks cute.