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Vince Vaughn Visits Jennifer Aniston's House

Vince Vaughn Visits Jennifer Aniston's House

Reports have been swirling about a supposed real-life break-up between Jennifer Aniston and "not yet confirmed boyfriend" Vince Vaughn.  Recent pictures from this past Wednesday would confirm otherwise with Vince arriving at Jen‘s Malibu house.  The pictures of Jen are of her at her home this past Thursday.

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  • trivia

    Good for them!

  • Just Jared


  • norm’s friend

    please tell me that these pics have been photo shopped of the most beautiful woman in all of hollywood. What did they do to her nose?


    *yawn* I have to admit it, he was funny in THE WEDDING CRASHERS. Watched RUDY the other day, Vince was in that. He and Jon Favreau.

  • Brad & Madd Fan

    He Said PLEASE!!! Listen to him.Nice Car!

  • Chris

    2 pugs in a pod

  • oh come on!

    # 3 norm’s friend–That’s HER nose.

  • Be sane

    # 4 | COLD HARD MATHI watched Wedding Crashers recently since it was on cable. It was the first time I saw Owen Wilson and thought he makes good leading man in comedy. Well VV… he was the "wise crack" guy, fast speaking side-kick, just like his role in MAMS. Anyway I was impressed with Wilson.

  • ??????

    probably coming back to pick up his belonging.

  • QQQQ

    # 10 | ?????? | LOL!!!! that’s cold

  • Oh!

    too much tanning and smoking plus aging is taking its toll.

  • sad

    I actually like vince vaughn, (being a fan of brad, i love brad more) but I think vince seems to be an ok guy, I wish him and jen the best. I think when the paps are around they act a certain way, kind of like brad and angie.

  • k


  • Sheesh :(

    I like Vince but he really looks type terrible in that second pic…he looks like he needs some sleep.

  • Sad’sright

    #13|SadI agree with you. Everyone wants some part of their lives to be just that-private. These pixs of both VV and JA are not flattering of either one.

  • Never knew that..

    Her lips are very thin…is it just the way she’s holding them or are they really that thin?

  • jencandobetter

    I think Vince is great — loved him in Swingers and Wedding Crashers, but Jen needs a guy who really wants her and any commitment after Brad. I don’t know if Vince is that guy. I’d love her to take all her millions and hook up with a young hottie who wants kids and doesn’t have a wandering eye. Find a late 20′s model like Halle, Jen. You deserve and can afford it.BTW — not this thread, but in others Angie was driving a RR and in the lunch pics they were driving a non-hybrid SUV. Practice what you preach people!! Brad is supposedly green and some fan said therefore AJ is. Well, guess what, my DH and I need to trade in our cars for our family and would like to do something in return for the environment. I must say, to go green you get less of what you covet for more $, but we are going with two hybrids after countless science and my father — who has advised the DOE for twenty years — has made greenhouse not an idea, but a reality. But it BEGS the question, if Brad insists on a ‘paradigm’ shift, then begin at home and equip the family and staff with all eco-friendly’s. Why should some family in NewO care about their housing if you and your SO cannot ditch your gas-guzzlers? And I didn’t see any solar panels on the Malibu or LF/HH homes –PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. And before you sink in, this is not hating, people. It is scary science and worshipping false idols. If anyone saw the 60 minutes seg tonight they may have some inkling.

  • sad

    I will defend Brad and Angie till forever…lol..but when it comes to people bashing people based on looks…I think it is wrong….If you saw my ass the first thing in the morning …people would run..I am not an aniston fan…but you will not catch me insulting the way she looks…you can’t look your best everyday.

  • To:NeverKnewThat

    She is holding them that way out of guarding herself and they are not naturally grotesquely large. But I commend her for not resorting to the subtle fillers and other various alterations she could EASILY afford.

  • #20

    Thanks…I didn’t know so I asked. Nothing wrong with thin lips as there is nothing wrong with plump ones. It’s all in the preference.

  • Piper

    i don’t understand why people say that JA can do better than VV. Why? She’s average in looks, like him. They both have money so I don’t think that should be an issue. They’re both around the same age, again not an issue. They’re both fairly popular. The only thing JA has over him is physical fitness but in Hollywood that’s not really special. In fact, VV is a more bankable star that probably has a much longer career. In addition, he has a great sense of humour, something you have to admit JA is lacking (Don’t bring up Friends because it’s a scripted show and it’s not really that funny). If anything, JA is lucky to have him or at the very least, aptly has him. So enough with "she can do better". No, she can’t. Whoever says she can do better than VV just wants her to be with a hot guy. As much as I don’t like this girl, I don’t think she’s that shallow.

  • Shouldn’t persume

    How do you know Vince doesn’t really want her. He could be crazy about her. They could just want to hang out and maybe aren’t thinking of going the ‘forever’ route with each other. Why is everybody in such a rush to get Jennifer married off? Just because her ex has the family doesn’t mean she has to. Besides, I think if anything he should be the one being most careful here as she’s the one that just got out of a marriage.

  • To#21

    Thanks, I actually appreciate that her lips are typical of most caucasian women and she has not resorted to pressure.

  • #23

    was a response to #18. Meant to put that in my initial post…I just can’t get why so many fans of Jennifer bag on Vince in that he’s a good guy for ‘right now’, but not the ONE!

  • To #24

    That’s cool…I personally prefer fuller lips, but as I said it’s all in preference :)

  • Can we please?

    #18 No offense, but can we leave B & A out of this thread? It has nothing to do with them and is only a catalyst to get stuff started. They’re happy doing what they do and tis couple is trying to do what they do. Leave it at that,

  • Joy

    24 | To#21 Sorry and no offense, my in-laws and friends are caucasians and their lips are not that thin.

  • Be sane

    # 18 | jencandobetter"Jen can do better"? Are you putting some kind of validation she needs by hooking up with a "hotter younger man"? And now WHY do you think she needs that, why can’t she stand on her own? Does Miss Aniston always need some arm to hang onto to make her look and seem "better"? Or is that just YOUR needs out of jealousy hoping Jen would somehow "show up" to Brad? That’s outright demeaning to any woman.

  • #28

    No offense taken…ITA in that I have friends that are caucasians and their lips aren’t that thin either. I’ve never paid attention to Jennifer’s before and when I saw the pic I wanted to ask. I’m assuming people who are fans of hers would know so I took a shot :)

  • Sheny Roselle

    Chinifer, you know girl dont be silly, are you still in the process of finding a yummyberry guy, wala ka talagang dala ano. Anyway, Thanks JJ

  • aycaramba

    Vince’s eyes, looks like they’re swollen was he in a fight club? hihihi, also looks like he lost a lot of wieght good 4 him, i think the X wants him lean like Papa Brad but hey there’s only 1 Brad Pitt the original hunk….

  • jencandobetter

    Piper, just STFU, really — do you give a crap about Jen….NO. She’s not shallow, but average, whatever. 6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other. You still got your mean point across, What about the solar panels?The reason I came back to post before your passive aggressive muhahaha, is that the GODFATHER of greenhouse effect/global warming, who everyone now subscribes to as right-on, when, for the last twenty years prior to this century was dismissed, is that he said on 60 Min tonight we could actually STOP all emmissions NOW and still the avg global temp will rise 1 small degree globally. So what? Well, as he said, this will still MELT the ARCTIC. So again, celebs who hook onto this, need to be ‘paradigms’ of example first and then talk to NO displaced who just want an f’ing house. Much more credibility that way. Really. It begins at home.

  • janelle

    to the person who said "worshipping false idols". this is not worshipping idols at all. worship idol means u worship idol more than you worship God. u valued the idol more than u value God.Just because I like certain people, defend them against defmation does NOT equate worshipping the idol.

  • sad’sright

    Why all the trash talk about VV? If he and JA enjoy being with each other, why not support them?

  • To All Thin Lips

    Depends on genetics, obviously and I still applaud her lack of plastic surgery………hmmmmm.

  • eva

    they make a great couple i think!=) they really make more sense!now are those pics real?? because Jen’s nose looks really weird??=o

  • jencandobetter

    I would love to believe vince was it for her — if not, she SHOULD NOT hang on. Seriously, don’t fit a square into a hole. She should not feel the need to hang on for whatever reason, like, hey I’m in a rela too. You have all been VERY harsh about the pics from thet rela, so don’t act all concerned for her. If it ain’t workin, she needs to move on, pure and simple and all Vince’s interviews have been as passionate as Brad’s. Jen has every right to find a soul mate or a Hot Mr Right NOW.

  • plasty

    # 36 | To All Thin Lips but it was rumor she had done something on her hairline and nose. and remember she was real brunette but dye it to blonde.

  • tootsie

    # 37 | eva Thats her real nose. what we saw in the glossy mag was retouch or airbrush. yes, that nose seems bigger than her prominent chin.

  • janelle

    i’m not a fan of vince/jen. but i will definitely refrain comments on them particularly if the comments dont cast them in favorable light. however i will certainly comment on any posting which have an un-substantiated theory.i will not comment when fans sing praise to jen/vince. i feel this is their preference and they are entitled to that.

  • ToBeSane&Janelle

    Really, girlfriends, I am talking about a person which someone looks up to and their responsibilty IF they are going to talk about it. And Be Sane — get real…you do not give a rat’s ass about Brad’s ex, so stop preaching about her best interest.

  • ToJanelle,

    Nice try, you are a hater in disguise, or, if not need some clarity. We should not force this rebound rela when Vince acts so f’ing milktoast. So if you are one of the haters, run with it, dude….VINCE IS GAY…yada, f’ing yada….

  • janelle

    i’m for green. we had solar panels in our old house while growing up. it never worked. may be solar panel is not the answer. may be that is why builders are not using them. may be what we need is another solution, another type of device (yet to be invented) to solve this. this is the reason why i am not practicing what i preach.

  • janelle

    i can still advocate clean air etc without endorsing solar panels , that is, putting solar panels in my house.

  • janelle

    one more comment about "worshipping false idols". i am rooting for brad/angie, like any New England Met or Boston Sox fans, rooting for their team. In real life, i do pray to God, i’m not perfect, confess my sins etc. i dont pray to brad/angie. but i do pray for them. therefore, we are not "worshipping false idols"

  • amber

    i love both of them, i think they are well suited for each other. as for the jennifer aniston not being that funny, if u have read many interviews with her the interviewer always comments how funny and down to earth she is, you can also see it in television and radio interviews, also, as for friends, if u ever watch the bloopers, she is hilarious in them.

  • janelle

    even i am not a fan of jen, i have to say, i like her clothes. i used to turn on the tv on friends, just to see what she wore and tried to find the same things. i have to give her credit, even i am not her fan and will not root for her.

  • virgo

    I agree with # 22, Piper, I dont understand why people especailly JA fans seems to think that Vince is not good enough for JA. I just think she is lucky that Vince seems serious with her, to think that he is single and has not been married yet, a bankable star, no kids from other women and younger than her by i think 1 year. JA is not really a great beauty, and quite high maintenance and already quite old, she is near 38 yrs and passed her child bearing days. If not for Vince, i dont think TBU will actually do well. Though i personally dont like Vince, I think a lot of really good looking young girls are running after him especially with his career as a solo comedian seems on the rise. I know his ex gf, lauren adams is not so great either and a nobody. I think loud and rough as he seems in his movies, i think Vince actually is a shy type in the romance dept and underestimates himself in the looks dept. It comes out in his TV interviews, though im not sure if he really means it, or just a bit condescending.


    SO OBVIOUS:1) They are weaning the public off their very publicized purported ‘relationship’ that they fostered to promote their film. They don’t want to look like COMPLETE famwhores pimping their personal and private lives out to sell a movie, even though that’s EXACTLY what they did…they don’t want the truth to come out immediately after their film leaves the box office charts.2) When I first saw this thread, I laughed out loud, as if you’ll recall in the lead up to their movie’s release, there were often reports in various rags and mags that Vince actually had moved his stuff in, and was LIVING WITH Jennifer — and they didn’t deny it. That was written about quite a lot. Now we get stories that he’s only ‘visiting,’ – lol, what happened? It’s hilarious that they’ll just assume we have short term memory and won’t recall the ‘living together’ lies that Aniston and her people fostered.3)Nice new corkscrew toupe Vince.4)Lovely eyebags.5)Again, I must add…that aviators really do not suit Aniston. ((Shudder))6)Agree about Vince’s interviews, like Aniston – he’s not known for being the wittiest character and funny guy OFF screen – his interviews are ALWAYS quite dull. He’s never funny. He can deliver a line, and deliver a rapid fire phrase — but he’s gotta have the framework for his adlibs…then he pretends to be ‘that guy,’ who we find hilarious ON screen, however OFF — he is a major dullard. Like his so-called gf.7) Whoever said Aniston was "funny and down to earth," needs to stop watching Friends, as she is not Rachel Green, and that is painfully obvious in all of her interviews as well. Like Rosie O’Dnnell said, "the woman has nothing to say." Her answers are monosyllabic, or terse, or leery or ALL of the above. She is a poor conversationalist, who never says anything witty, interesting or funny. She is a BIG BORE. Only when she’s discussing her X, and labeling him a cad, is when her interviews even approach being non-comatose. The reason for that is, it’s always EVER been about BRAD. …and you KNOW THAT. does she. 8) If by a very slight chance, Vaughn ends up doing anything with Aniston that might tie him to her irrevocably – he will rue the day, mark my words. First of all, he may think – oh wow, despite her clingy neediness, and super dysfunction and self absorption – hooking up with her and having a kid is still better than doing the same thing with a broke stripper or playmate that will undoubtedly take half. One thing to say to Vaughn. Don’t be so sure Vince – and just remember, this woman is holding a 10 year grudge with the woman who gave birth to her, fed, clothed, housed and raised her til she was an adult. If you tie yourself to her, and worse – have a kid — and it doesn’t work out?? Oh. My. God. Ask yourself if you think this woman is capable of giving you joint custody to a baby of yours? Ask yourself if you think she’s capable of having another woman help raise her kid? Vince, if the rumors are true, and they are not being the phoney baloney stars I know them to be — Vince, will inhabit so much misery, it won’t be funny.

  • Athletic

    Jencandobetter/#18Right on! I completely agree with you! Before preaching to the masses, start at home!