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Adrien Brody & Elsa Paraky Pictures

Adrien Brody & Elsa Paraky Pictures

Adrien Brody and his Spanish actress/model girlfriend Elsa Pataky
took a romantic break together yesterday afternoon,  The happy couple snuggled up with one another,  walking down the streeets of SoHo.  Adrien, 33, and Elsa, 30, went shopping at Scoop NYC, snapped pictures of the paparazzi, and walked (what looks like) Adrien‘s new dog!  More pictures in the gallery!

In movie news…  Heath Ledger recently beat out Adrien Brody for the role of The Joker in 2008′s The Dark KnightAdrien‘s upcoming film Hollywoodland co-starring Ben Affleck, Diane Lane, and Robin Tunney will be out next month on September 8. Watch the trailer below; movie stills in the gallery!

The story follows 1950s private detective Louis Simo (Brody) who, investigating the mysterious death of "Superman" star George Reeves (Affleck), uncovers unexpected connections to his own life as the case turns more personal. The torrid affair Reeves had with the wife (Lane) of a studio executive might hold the key to the truth.

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  • brad

    they make a cool couple!

  • Elle_

    Elsa wants to make her mark in Hollywood and I think she’s choosen Adrien to do that. I don’t doubt that she likes him but there are too many coincidences.I give this till Jan 07..HAHAHAHA!!!It’s worked for Penelope (but she’s got talent to boot)I’ve never seen her act much, know more about her love life than her career. If anyone has seen her act for more than 60 secs (like me) how does she rate??

  • Glamour Diva

    I LURVES me some Adrien! I can’t wait to see this movie!

  • mL

    not very good, rent the movie Ninette- her first starring role..bombed. the dog is hers, she’s had it forever…

  • Angelika

    I think they look cute together, I don’t know that much about any of them though. Adrien is amazingly tall, she doesn’t even get close to his size though wearing such heels ;)I think it’s good that Adrien didn’t get the Joker role, it wouldn’t fit, I guess.

  • MMM

    I can’t explain it but this man is so hot to me…anyone else? I mean he has something to him, can’t explain it!

  • FAML

    I agree MMM… He’s really hot… and i can’t explain too ;)

  • Elle_

    mL, I thought as much!I guess she’s just good to look at, she’s in the new ‘SNAKE’ movie with Samuel L Jackson that does not look promising for either of them. What’s it called??Her hook-up with Adrien happened very very fast! And just in time for her to make ‘waves in Hollywood ; ) Good luck to them!

  • SPAM

    They are a very nice couple. She is very known in Spain, France, Italy.. She studied jurnalism and Dramatic Arts and speaks 4 languages. In Spain we love her so much. She deserves beeing happy. Wish them long and happy relationship.

  • Rachel

    i think he is definitely sexy!

  • viky

    They look very happy together. Cool couple!

  • SPAM

    Brad, she did about 15 movies and 3 TV series. The last moviie directed by the Academy Awarded Jose Luis Garci is called NINETTE (she is Ninette) and she had very good critics. Her problem is that she is too beautifull and atractive and people appreciate more her face than to her acting. She is always saying she wants an ugly role to show her talent and she is right, because beauties like Halle Berry or Nicole Kidman only were awarded when they were characterised as ugly women.Sorry for my english, is not very good.

  • Samatha

    Wish Adrien and Elsa a very long and happy relationship.(who knows maybe marriage.)Beautiful couple.Elsa is beautiful.Both look so happy.Best Wishes

  • silvia

    Hello! I want to say , that elsa is the most wished woman in Spain, She is actress, not model, she has made 13 films, and I hope more still; she’s so beautiful, and she’s fighting ell her life to obtain a her protagonist or good role; she has all that every woman like to have, it’s beautiful, is intelligent and she likes her work over all the things, They are in love, what’s the problem, why do we look for the problems???

  • Elle_

    No one doubts that Elsa is liked in Spain, it’s her home country. She seems to do more modelling in my eyes, GQ, MAXIM etc, etc!You do not need an ‘UGLY’ roll to show that you can ACT? If you can act you can do it PERIOD! I don’t doubt, her intelligence or her looks…it’s just about can she act?? Her looks give her an advantage that she will be picked for movies regardless. But Ms Jolie & Ms Cruz are beautiful & intelligent they did not need an ‘ugly’ role to prove that they can act. If she is not offered diverse and intense roles it’s probably the directors who think she can’t do it?? In Spain the TOP phenomenal actresses that I’ve seen are Penelope, Pilar Lopez de Ayala, Elena Anaya, Aitana Sanchez Gijon, Paz vega and Natalia Verbeke (even though she’s Argentine, she works and lives in Spain) just to name a few.They seem to get GREAT roles and offers in Spain alone why is it that Elsa can’t?? She is as beautiful as them…the bottom line is TALENT not looks.’Her problem is that she is too beautifull and atractive and people appreciate more her face than to her acting’Come on, we all know your looks can take you places but only so far? If ‘ugly’ means no make up and a synthetic nose that’s ridiculous…as well as Charlize in Monster and Angelina in ‘Girl Interuppted’ they ACTED THEIR ASSES OFF. But Reese won her Oscar for Walk The Line, she didn’t do ‘ugly’ she did acting.Don’t get me wrong, I like her and I hope she and Adrien are happy together but Hollywood is full of pretty faces and not enough raw and talented actresses except the few mentioned when they really put themselves into it. It would be nice if Elsa was a part of that too, not just for being pretty & Adrien’s main squeeze but time will tell.

  • Jada

    So happy for Adrien and Elsa.They are so in love.Very lovely for both of them.Elsa is beautiful.Much happiness to them always.

  • millie

    I’m happy they’re together. Adrien deserves someone beautiful and ambitious. I have yet to see Elsa act but she surely tries hard to break into HW.. I don’t blame her one bit. They make a nice couple.

  • demi

    OMG i am soooooooooo PHREEKIN in LOOOOOVE with adrien!!! he’s supaSEXXXY!!! lol sorry had to get that out there :0P

  • azz

    I must remember the Spaniards who say that she is beautiful that if they remember her in the first series when she nontapeworm the OPERATED NOSE, the teats, the pomulos(cheeks) and contact blue lenses .even she has recognized that she has operated all that and measures 4.11 inches,in addition to being terrible actress,as the critics says about her,she got the award of the worst spanish actreess,and also when brody was shooting the movie manolete in sevilla,south of spain,she moved to sevilla(she lives in madrid)and followed him around all the nightclubs,until she got him.In the movie ninette she doesnt need too much acting as she is as the caracter that she played,a stupid blonde.

  • Natali

    She is the most stupidiest actress in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I I don’t understand adrien brody!!!!!!!!!!!How can he be with such pathetic woman!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Natali

    elsa is bien operada.picka joj materina.jebi se kucko!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nicola

    i agree with azz and natali.. this stupid blond is all plastic! while not many people in america aware of this but spanish people know! she is called the queen of plastic surgeries.. she did nose job, boob job, correction of her philtrum, etc.. her whole face is fake.. if you guys don’t believe go goole: elsa pataky operada.. the whole websites are in spanish but they can be translated in english automatically.. you guys can find the huge difference.. i think they still have her old photo before the surgery.. in addition to this, in every movie she’s in mostly she will go naked… she can’t act and that movie called ninette is rubbish, all she did was shower naked etc.. she’s very ambitious and obviously ‘see’ adrien as her voucher to hollywood and please don’t compare this fake puta (whore) to Elena Anaya and Penelope Cruz, both of them are very talented and they don’t need men.. this pataky is a total hollywood climber..