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Angelina Jolie St John Ads - MORE!!!!!

Angelina Jolie St John Ads - MORE!!!!!

Even more star-striking St. John ads featuring Angelina Jolie have sufaced, which will appear in the upcoming issue of Vogue amongst other magazines this month.  Check out the gallery for the rest of the advertising campaign!  And just because it’s interesting, below is a video of Jon Voight shedding a few tears over his daughter and Angelina addressing the relationship with her father.

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angelina jolie st john ads 01
angelina jolie st john ads 02
angelina jolie st john ads 03
angelina jolie st john ads 04
angelina jolie st john ads 05
angelina jolie st john ads 06
angelina jolie st john ads 07
angelina jolie st john ads 08
angelina jolie st john ads 09
angelina jolie st john ads 10
angelina jolie st john ads 11
angelina jolie st john ads 12
angelina jolie st john ads 13
angelina jolie st john ads 14
angelina jolie st john ads 15

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  • Sher

    Wow, my girl looks the hotness… what a goddess.. Go Angie!!

  • freidaflo


  • trullesand

    sometimes i think she knows a little too much how she looks the best. come on, angie, give us some blemish.

  • Poll

    Oh dear God! She looks absolutelly gorgeous!

  • trullesand

    and the video: everybody is nuts. i wonder why she´s so convinced she´s not. maybe because she knows that there´s something she has to work out. this psychology on it´s basics.

  • Kellie

    Beauty is only skin deep. What they let you see in the press is exactly that…What they "let" you see. No matter who many candid shots you see of them out and about, you still do not see who they are on the inside. Some one can donate money and time to causes all over the world but you never really know who they are behind closed doors. Be carefull who you put on pedistals.

  • jenny


  • Sher

    Poster#5 Sometimes there is nothing to work out, you just need to cut of the source of your pain, period. Let it go and dont look back. She doesnt have to let JV in again if she doesnt want to, shes got at leaset 3 other grandparents for their kids.Poster #6 Totally Agree, Thank God beauty is only skin deep. Looking at these images of Ange is like enjoying a painting or sculpture, or savoring fine wine. Underneath all tha glosst, sheś a real person. Not fake. Thatś what I appreciate most about her. Pedestal, what pedastel??

  • A-ha

    She look so gorgeous ! classic beauty!

  • Gemini Soul

    Goddess *** those incredibly long and shapely gorgeous legs … the best pair i ‘ve ever seen !!!

  • ell

    My video on JJ. That’s wonderful. Thanks JJ.

  • gitane

    lovely! lovely! jared, you are too good to us!

  • jared for jen


  • Elle_

    Simply STUNNING!! A Classic beauty…

  • CCCC

    Wow, she is one gorgeous woman – absolutely stunning!

  • A

    Just Great! get out daddy…Kiss!!

  • ((chanel))

    wow she looks so beautiful!!!!angie 4 life!!!

  • Just Jared Fan

    I love Jolies profile, she is so dam beautful, Braddy is one lucky, lucky man… I love her button nose and her big eyes and lips she will look good in the comming years as she ages, Her father acts like he has no sense she has not forgotten his regressions, nore should she after all she has children to protect

  • ((chanel))

    hey guys does some one know a s ite that angies says somthing beacouse i want to put it on my ringtone angie 4 life!

  • African Girl

    #13 / Jared For JenNow…Now don’t say that. You know JA fans always whine to him…..even throw insults at him because they think he doesn’t like her. We KNOW he loves AJ and BP……and that’s enough for us. Seriously, let them have all the warnings and special requests they want, the truth still stands……they are a bunch of crybabies.Great Pix, Thanks Jared.

  • ana

    Thanks Jared for the pics! She looks gorgeous even when pregnant. I love her legs.

  • the tempest

    G O D D E S S.

  • ((chanel))

    i want to see new pics of angie!angie 4 life!

  • emma

    shes pretty-but in my opinion-nothing special.

  • piyutra

    Angie is the most beautiful women in the world :DThanks Jared!

  • ((chanel))

    # 24 | emma——————what?? do u know what are u talking??? shes not special are u blinde and crazy?? she is special in side and out shes beautiful in side and out

  • Missouri Fan

    GOOD MORNING JARED & AUDREY ! Thank you so much for these picturesof one of the most Beautiful woman in the world !

  • angie fanjsr

    Angelina Jolie is a special person, she takes time and money from herself and lots of energy and give it to sound causes for the betterment of the otherwise voiceless underpriviliged poor refugees and children all over the world and for that many haters want to take her down. Angelina Jolie is stronger than any hater, she’s a blessed one and gorgeous one too and beautiful, way way way too beautiful. Love you Angelina Jolie.

  • zizou

    Love the video. Father knows best. TOTALLY AGREE WITH POST #5.

  • rowena

    ganda!gwapa!maanyag!c’est jolie!bravo jared!

  • Missouri Fan

    Good Day to all the BAMZS fans!!going now to work…

  • Press Man

    talk of our town: susan guyettPitt’s sister looking to adopt overseasTalk of Our Town has it on good authority that Brad Pitt’s younger sister, Julie, is following in her brother’s footsteps and plans to adopt an infant from Ethiopia.The actor’s sister was at the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard on Sunday and shared her plans to add a baby boy to the family just as soon as the arrangements can be made. She’s already mother to three of her own kids, including a set of twins.Why was she at the race in the first place?We hear Julie and brother Doug Pitt are friends with Jeff Gordon’s parents, Carol and JohnBickford. The pair are race fans but got chummy after Carol and Brad’s mom, Jane Pitt, appeared in one of David Letterman’s goofy Top 10 lists a few years ago. Anyway, Julie showed up for Sunday’s race with a few friends who came in from her home in Springfield, Mo.Pitt, who recently became a dad himself with the birth of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, the daughter he had with Angelina Jolie, also has legally adopted Jolie’s other two children: Maddox, a boy born in Cambodia in 2001, and daughter Zahara, who is Ethiopian.Copyright 2006 All rights reserved

  • d. c.

    American Godess nearing her peak..

  • zizou

    She looks like a man. Lets talk about her nose job, lips and jaw line to name a few.

  • Be sane

    I wonder where these were shot—Paris? She doesn’t look too pregnant yet, maybe even before Haiti??Re: Brad being luckyJust wondered if he took part in browsing the proof sheets, like actors do for headshots, choosing and circling ones for publication. An old boyfriend did that (for my perfomance photos) and kept one of the "out" ones he personally liked. I’m sure Brad got his personal favorites. When you are at this level of glamour, what do you do with those photos of your wife? Put it in your iPod? Screen saver? Carry around in your wallet? LOL

  • guli

    Thanks JJ! What is so mesmerizing and unbelievable about our Angel is that she is gorgeous inside and out. Bradley you are one lucky guy!

  • kk


  • Be sane

    # 34 | zizouWhat are you doing here? Why don’t you go to JenJen thread and admire HER nose? It seems to have started growing again after her last rhinoplasty…

  • zizou

    Are you going crazy ready my comment? LMAO.

  • piyutra

    zizouPlease stop talking nonsense and go to this thread or FF!, Jared I don’t like the video!

  • zizou

    Can’t handle the fact that her father knows she’s NUTS. lmao.

  • zizou

    Love you JJ. Thanks for the video.

  • piyutra

    # 38 | kk |Really ? Now Brad is actually THE LEGAL FATHER OF MAD AND Z ?I need more information, pleasezzz… :D

  • Maniston

    Fuck the haters! I love the video. Angie has every right to not have her father in her life and to keep that nutjob away from her kids.Also I love that Brad’s sister is adopting a child from Ethiopia. Methinks Angie and Julie and the rest of Brad’s family have a better relationship than the tabloids want us to believe. Long live the Jolie-Pitts.

  • Be sane

    # 47 | ManistonITA. This way Zahara will have a cousin in Pitt’s clan. That’s wonderful. However, I read this news way back when. Lainey reports Jane Pitt and Angie’s mom is getting very close. Sharing three grandchildren that’s wonderful.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    zizou,,,we all have some issues, you know

  • zizou

    Are you nuts too?

  • CCCC

    # 47 | Maniston Methinks so as well. I think there are a lot of things we do not know about this couple. I love mysteries… don’t you?

  • Maniston

    Be Sane,During the Davos interview didn’t Angie say that some people in her life were in the process of adopting? I think she was talking about Julie. I really do think J. Maniston is becoming a distant memory for the Pitt family. Poor poor pig nosed J. Maniston.

  • Mrs. Lenny

    Zizou, You are a complete clown. You are so jealous…. Jealousy is as cruel as the grave. You should not be on this thread, but just know that you are not a nice human and your mother would be very disapointed in your wipe his crack comment. You have a lot of class,its just that its all low.