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Britney Spears Toy Shopping

Britney Spears Toy Shopping

Could a mini-Britney be on the way? Pregnant pop-tart Britney Spears looked unusually chipper yesterday afternoon while shopping at "Toy Crazy" located at 23410 Civic Center, Malibu, CA, 90265. She picked up a few baby dolls sparking rumors that a baby girl could be on the way for Brit Brit!

Black-haired Britney, 24, is a little over a month out from giving birth to her second child with hubby Kevin Federline. Firstborn son Sean Preston Federline is 10 months old. More pictures in the gallery!

And for all you keen Britney stalkers, did you notice she’s wearing the same bikini top underneath her shirt as when she was on the beach with Sean P. back in JuneBritney loves her bikinis!

VIDEO :: Paparazzi ask Britney what her second child’s name is

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britney spears toy shopping 01
britney spears toy shopping 02
britney spears toy shopping 03
britney spears toy shopping 04
britney spears toy shopping 05
britney spears toy shopping 06
britney spears toy shopping 07
britney spears toy shopping 08
britney spears toy shopping 09
britney spears toy shopping 10
britney spears toy shopping 11
britney spears toy shopping 12
britney spears toy shopping 13
britney spears toy shopping 14
britney spears toy shopping 15
britney spears toy shopping 16
britney spears toy shopping 17
britney spears toy shopping 18
britney spears toy shopping 19
britney spears toy shopping 20
britney spears toy shopping 21
britney spears toy shopping 22
britney spears toy shopping 23
britney spears toy shopping 24
britney spears toy shopping 25
britney spears toy shopping 26
britney spears toy shopping 27
britney spears toy shopping 28
britney spears toy shopping 29
britney spears toy shopping 30
britney spears toy shopping 31
britney spears toy shopping 32
britney spears toy shopping 33
britney spears toy shopping 34
britney spears toy shopping 35
britney spears toy shopping 36
britney spears toy shopping 37

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  • Lee

    first time first

  • Just Jared

    Congratulations, Lee! *pins gold star on forehead*

  • jenny

    Coffee like alcohol was not advisable during pregnancy. didn’t anyone told Britney about this?


    WE LOVE BRITNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • silvana


  • Nic

    I LOVE BRIT awsome picsand for got sakes let her drink coffee other normal people do that to when they pregnat. You guys just over reacting to much because she is a star, I mean GOSH let her live as a normal person.

  • Ali

    My God, she should sack her stylist if she has one or get one if not. She looks such a state and she could look soooo much better. Apart from the fact she’s as dumb as assholes, she’s looking like the trailer trash she truly is. She should dress and try and act with a little more class (or any at all would help). You don’t see Heidi Klum or any other big stars going around dressing like tarts just because they’re pregnant. She needs to get a clue, imagine what her children will think when they look back at these pictures of her!!!

  • Miss X

    There is no alcohol in Coffee:)))))))))))

  • creativegirl

    She said coffee is not adviseable during pregnancy just like alcohol is not adviseable during pregnancy. And really it’s the caffeine in the coffee that is the problem. Too much of it during pregnancy is not a good thing.Anyway – I agree she desperately needs a stylist. I mean she always, always looks like total crap. When you see her out with her mom and her little sis, they look chic and pulled together. Why don’t they tell her what she looks like. Being pregnant it’s hard enough to look good and feel good about yourself, why make it even ten times worse!

  • Just Jared Fan

    #7 #8I agree full heartly with you, come on high heels and short shorts with your stomic hanging out with your breast….. its all a bit much she should go on the jerry spring show with her son( my ma dress like a hoe )

  • Just Jared Fan

    Where I live on the doors of all the Bars is a sign (Drinking alcohol while pregnant may harm the fetus by causing birth defects or brain damage)

  • hed

    she loooks so happy!

  • coeky

    She is so white trash!!!!!! I am sooooo sick of her….She should use her money for some self help….And her old man is cheating on her…..things will come out soon and then she will cry to everyone. loose the shoes brit and buy some cloths that fit,,,,,

  • Sarah

    I’m sorry, but Brit looks terrible! What the hell kind of outfit does she have on???

  • Niecy

    I really do like Britney but my God…she definitely looks like trailer trash. I agree with Trumps words on her a few weeks back…if she didn’t want the attention, she’d stay home….or at least dress just a LITTLE better. She looks horrible..and the black extensions make it even worst. She is ruined.

  • gossipmonger

    Doesn’t she own a mirror? There is no excuse for looking likethis-ever, ever, ever!

  • Down To Earth

    I think she looks great for a woman who is 8 months pregnant. She also can wear what she wants, your just jelous because she don’t have any stretch marks. I find it hard to amagine how your life has been for you to judge someone so negatively that you do not even know.

  • missloUiSiAna

    damn that’s alot of paparazzi, I kinda feel bad for her, but I love paparazzi pic.’s at the same time and all celebs know it goes with the business. She’s already 8mo.’s? She still looks great, I don’t care what anybody says…

  • maryann

    STILL LOOKS LIKE TRAILER TRASH TO ME!! cum stains on her shirt and all., gross..

  • superjosh

    at least she looks clean. but really, ultimately it is up to her what she wears and the fact that she’s OBVIOUSLY not just wearing what a stylist tells her to (cough*cough*jessica*simpson) is kind of commendable.and man that is a lot of paparazzi! i’m surprised she doesnt go apeshit on them everyday.

  • Ali

    Down to Earth:There is no jealousy involved here. I’m not interested in whether or not she has stretch marks, and quite frankly your comments are very childish, you must be quite young. I am simply stating an opinion that, at however many months pregnant, a woman can at least wear suitable clothing that covers her body adequately and is co-ordinated, and brush her damn hair once in a while. She looks completely unkempt and in need of someone to take her to one side and tell her she looks a wreck. I would have thought her mother would have mentioned it to her considering both she and her sister look polished. Can’t imagine why her mother would let her leave the house looking so untidy. Whilst I agree that I don’t know the girl, I am entirely entitled to my opinions, positive or negative. The girl is in the public eye and there is no denying she worked extremely hard to be there. You can’t then start complaining about the attention you receive if you courted the publicity in the first place. No doubt it’s annoying when paparazzi are following you everywhere but it comes with the territory I’m afraid, and if it weren’t for the publicity she so desperately sought at the beginning of her career and the paparazzi taking photos of her and putting them in papers and magazines for people like you and I to see, she wouldn’t be as famous and as rich as she is now. Unfortunately celebs need to understand that you can’t demand publicity to launch your career and then refuse it when you’re up and running, the world just doesn’t work that way.At the end of the day it wouldn’t hurt her to wear clean and attractive clothes and style her hair. She has lots of very young fans, what kind of an example is she setting to them?I’d much rather see pictures of a polished and styled Jessica Simpson than an untidy, shabby and downright tasteless Britney Spears.

  • dani

    She looks stuning!!, she always does… love U Brit!!

  • matt conner

    mabye she should use one of those dolls to practice her baby safety

  • http://ask chantel

    is britney’s sitter is having a baby? inways oh my god britney new songs are really cool i wish i cauld e-mail her she is so cool sack her stylist hahaha see ya later britney

  • Pregnancy

    she still looking cool preggie.