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Kate Hudson Drinking Beer with Baby

Kate Hudson Drinking Beer with Baby

Pony-tailed pair Kate Hudson and two year-old son Ryder Robinson enjoyed some more fun in the sun along the renowned Malibu shoreline this past Saturday afternoon.   Kate got her drink on with a Corona Light and played around with Ryder‘s toy sword. Come on Kate, you know better.  Alcohol and violence don’t mix!  More pictures in the gallery…

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  • Original jpf

    He’s a doll. I think I read that they were following Jewish tradition about not cutting his hair until he’s three. If someone knows about this, please educate. Anyway, she seems to be a very devoted handson mom, and I never see her with an antourage ala Britney (in fact, Britney seems to be the ONLY hollywood mom who doesn’t go it alone). Anyway, thanks JJ.jpf

  • Maria

    She’s cute, but falls into the same league as J. Aniston. Her movies do not make money, and if her mother wasn’t Goldie Hawn, she’d be a starlet trying to get into movies. I also can’t stand the mouth wide open — like her Mum’s — everytime I see a picture of her. What’s that all about? Her son is adoreable, BUT CUT THAT HAIR and stop making excuses about it being a "Jewish" thing. Oh, and by the by, that beach is nasty!! It’s suppose to make people sick. Why would you want your kid playing in that yuck?

  • Maria

    Hi Original jpf. There is no such thing as not cutting your hair because of "Jewish" tradition. The Hasidium (spelling) are close shaven on the top and have curls on the side (can’t remember what you call that). I’ve spoken to several of my Jewish friends who have told me — now this is what they’ve told me — SHE NEEDS TO GET A NEW STORY TO TELL. Maybe the little guy sees his Dad’s hair and wants to be like his Dad — nothing wrong in that, but don’t make excuses about it, as I’m sure she gets this all the time. He is adoreable though. Oh, about drinking a beer on the beach. I’m sure it was hot as heck and there’s nothing better than a cold beer when it’s cold. I mean it doesn’t look like she was drinking the beer while walking the baby.

  • minks

    Maria, you need to take your PMS pills. What a witch. There IS a Jewish tradition, but who cares? She can do what she wants. It’s her kid. When you’re perfect, you can waste time dumping on everyone else. Until then, chill out, girl.

  • t

    kate is a beautiful woman, enjoying a summer day with her son..leave it at that.

  • Maria

    Hi Minks. Gee, I’m not perfect, trust me. It’s just my opinon. I agree, her kid, she can do what she wants, again, my opinion. If she is indeed following a Jewish tradition, please enlighten me so I can tell all my Jewish friends that they don’t know what they’re talking about. Promise to chill. Have a good day.

  • Violette

    Hey, I also read that and I don’t know the details but it is a jewish tradition – its because trees only begin to grow fruit when they are three years old, and thats why its tradition not to cut your babies hair until they turn three.

  • Violette

    PS. Don’t take offence if i’m wrong! I know very little about the Jewish belief system, and am only repeating what I heard.

  • Maria

    Hi Violette. Wow. Traditions are something else, aren’t they? If true, it sounds so cool. Maybe non of my friends know about this, as they don’t practice this tradition. Oh well, ‘it is what it is’. Enjoy your day.

  • ryo_girl

    Who cares if she lets his hair grow? He’s almost three, and if he hated it, he can tell her to cut it. She’s actually said he likes it, and if he likes it, it’s his choice.

  • Alex

    good she is cool!!!Britney sould get some help

  • Alex

    good she is cool!!!Britney sould get some help

  • Alex

    good she is cool!!!Britney sould get some help

  • Alex

    good she is cool!!!Britney sould get some help

  • JoGirl

    Kate’s adorable, and it’s not uncommon for a young boy to have long hair in Los Angeles, especially when his parents are "granola munchers" like Kate and Chris.BTW, why would it be wrong for her to drink the beer while walking with her child? De-mystifying alcohol may actually prevent one’s child from having a drinking problem later in life. It would be entirely different if she were acting like Courtney Love, getting trashed and slurring in front of her child.As far as the cleanliness of that beach is concerned, I live a few miles south of Malibu, but I can tell you that based on official reports from Heal The Bay, the pollution level of the water changes on a daily basis, and as a rule is quite excellent in the summer. It’s only dirty after a rain storm, and it hasn’t really rained since May. (Most years, it doesn’t rain *at all* from April through October.) In other words, the water is clean.Do I sound defensive? Well, let’s just say that I’ve been swimming in that water quite a bit lately, after checking the reports, of course.

  • love4babies

    ugh! she is so skank! That kid’s diaper has about 4 pounds of urine sand and water in it, totally gross. I don’t mind boys with naturally long hair, but she needs to keep it NOT in a girly style pony-tail! BTW, they are not granola- they are among the many parents who "have the look" but could not be farther from natural parenting.

  • Punk_of_a_tomboy

    love4babies, i take it you haven’t seen many babies in diapers. I know what a sagging diaper looks like, and it doesn’t look like that. As for his hair, he’s old enough to know what he likes and doesn;t, so the onytail must be fine with him

  • juliette

    he’s almost three and he’s not toilet trained yet? Ugg, she should be ashamed of THAT not the kids long hair.

  • tigerlily

    juliette..a boy potty trained at 2.5 yrs would be a miracle! FWIW, most boys don’t even begin to train until they are closer to 3. I like her, she seems like a normal Mom, no shame in that!

  • pr

    They look so cute together.. However, I have not seen Kate’s hubby with them in a long time.. Hope everything’s alright, cause they seem such a down-to-earth family..

  • Violette

    Yikes, people are getting wound up! It’s really not worth it. (PS. Maria – have a good day too)

  • Laura

    I was in Paris recently and I was at a park near where a lot of jewish families live and almost every toddler boy had long hair or in ponytails and when I asked my friend about it (who is Jewish) she told me they can’t cut the hair until age 3. I think it’s cute on some boys actually and even though we’re not jewish I’m thinking about growing out my 3 yr old son’s to his shoulders.

  • Nika

    It’s a secret, but the hair is long because it’s a GIRL.

  • gala

    nika are you stupid?Why wouldn’t they say their child is a girl?

  • abby

    There is a Jewish tradition not to cut the hair of a boy until he turns three. It is a symbol of the way Jews do not take the fruit from a tree for the 1st three years, allowing it time to develop naturally and without any restraint. When a boy turns 3, those who follow this tradition often have a party to celebrate, cut the hair and begin formal Jewish education. This is usually when boys start wearing a Yarmulka (Kippah), and also many also start to wear a fringed shirt (called Tzit Tzit) under their regular shirt. Also, most people agree that 3 is when you start encouraging more ‘adult’ like behavior, for instance if you keep kosher, you might start encouraging a child of three to not eat milk and meat together (although obviously there is still much leniancy until the child is of age)This is a Chasidic custom, and not something every Jew follows. The side curls refered to are called Payot, and are because Jewish men are not supposed to cut the corners of their beards. Some men actually grow long locks, others just keep longish sideburns.

  • Kyah

    Why is everyone so mean? And it’s a little swimmer thing he has on, so if he does happen to have an "accident", he doesn’t do it all over the beach or in the water.And yes, a 2.5 year old boy being potty trained is just a pipe dream.

  • Kelly

    I think he’s adorable! Who cares about the hair? To each their own. And about the diaper thing, what’s she supposed to do, strip him on the beach in front of everyone? These pictures surely don’t encompass the whole day’s events so I’m sure she changed him at some point.

  • Kelly

    I think he’s adorable! Who cares about the hair? To each their own. And about the diaper thing, what’s she supposed to do, strip him on the beach in front of everyone? These pictures surely don’t encompass the whole day’s events so I’m sure she changed him at some point.

  • Trish

    The Jewish tradition is called Upsherin.

  • TJ

    There actually is a Jewish tradition (upheld by the most religious) where a baby boy’s hair is not cut until he is three.

  • Adam S.

    They should’ve shown more of her kid and his diaper. For some reason I just can’t see her changing a diaper, I don’t know why. Also, she should put one on too, it would look real kinky on her, not to mention incredibly sexy.

  • What?

    This is old! Her son Ryder is 7 years old! The kid in the picture is her son but he is about 2 in this picture-wearing diapers! Shows you what the stars go thru with ridiculous media putting old pictures of them drinking beer and saying shame on them for drinking while pregnant.