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Anderson Cooper IN DANGER

Anderson Cooper IN DANGER

How much in danger are you? The place where I’ve been staying, Kiryat Shmona, has been hit really hard, particularly in the last several days. A couple of reservists were killed here.

I’ve seen rockets fall. Everyone has experiences where they’ve seen rockets fall. There’s constant shelling here, most of it outgoing. That you ignore. But you very quickly adjust to the sound of incoming. For outgoing it’s boom-whoosh. For incoming it’s whoosh-boom.

So when you hear the whoosh first, you know you’re in trouble.

Do you get frightened?
  Yeah. Anybody who claims never to be scared is a fool or a liar or probably both. I’ve been doing this for 15 years. There are some things I’m used to, like being around soldiers and being in a combat environment. The things that scare me go beyond. Kidnapping, that really scares me. Being taken hostage really scares me.

The Houston Chronicle has a great article today titled, "CNN’s Cooper sees rockets fall, but he’s staying" about Anderson Cooper‘s experience on the frontlines in the Mideast.  "It was one of the most unpleasant experiences of one’s life," Anderson said. Above is an excerpt of the interview.  Bigger pictures in the gallery!

Check out Anderson‘s blog entries from the Mideast:
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Tracking Hezbollah with a Puma (August 7)
History repeats: Blown up once, blown up twice (August 7)

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  • anonimo

    Thanks for the pics and the article. Anderson Cooper is a few reporter that go where the news is. I remember when he was to New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina. Now he is in Mideast for this horrible war. I hope that he stay well and safe.

  • Lexi

    Bill Hemmer always went where the story was too. I miss him at CNN, but Anderson keeps me watching. He’s a remarkable reporter – the best one on TV at present.

  • Natalia

    He is hot! and smart – who knew?

  • Serena

    Are there larger versions of those pictures? I’d love to make desktop wallpapers out of them!

  • Just Jared

    No there aren’t, I’m sorry! Just this b/w version…

  • don wachowski

    Bill Hemmer never goes to where the story is. Has he ever even been in a war zone? He was a cute morning personality, never even left NY (except a few times to do a "roadshow"). In fact he left CNN because he thought Fox would give him a better opportunity to do "real" stories. If you’ve watched him lately, you’ll know that he should’ve stayed with CNN.I love Anderson’s newspaper suite by the way.

  • Ed

    Jared, could you post a bigger version of the People magazine pic of Anderson. The one where he’s on a lake deck. Thanks.

  • Just Jared

    Sorry Ed, I don’t have a copy of it! If anyone else does, feel free to share!

  • syd

    # 6 | don wachowski | ITA. Bill should have stuck to CNN.Anderson is one of the few reporters that goes out of his way to cover a story. Not one of those news types who stays in his expensive suits and just reads the telepromter. He’s cute and smart. He doesn’t need the money…he’s already rich. I admire him for his dedication and sincerity. He is the only one who actually devotes time to the Katrina mess still. Everyone just moved on once they got their high ratings. And now he is right smack in the middle of the Middle East conflict. Thanks for the pictures and the article Jared. Hope AC stays safe.

  • gemini soul

    Anderson Cooper is COOL ***

  • Lexi

    Are you kidding me, Don? It’s obvious you don’t follow Bill or you’d know he’s ‘been where the story is’ – reporting live amidst war – on SEVERAL occassions….Baghdad….Afghanistan…Kuwait…….Israel. It’s what he’s known and respected for. You might want to do some research before presuming things. Hope you’re not a reporter because your credibility would be at zero right now!

  • faux news

    Lexi – you watch Fox don’t you? I don’t consider anything coming from the Faux News Channel true. Fair and Balanced??? Pffft!

  • Lexi

    I don’t watch Fox – only CNN – so I can’t speak to it. Fox is not as well known here in Canada.

  • hateander

    Hate anderson. Self absorbed yuppie. CNN mad a BIG mistake

  • me

    I like Anderson but I wish they had not fired Aaron Brown. CNN was wrong to do that. Aaron Brown reminded me of the old school type of reporters like Brokaw, Rather and Jennings.

  • Zaiyana

    Anderson travels where many reporters don’t dare. He’s brave to show us these issues and he’s certainly calm and collected despite the stress that such a job brings. He gets my vote!*May the higher powers keep him safe from harm.* ~Peace~

  • Human

    Anderson Cooper is indeed one of the most respectful journalists out there. But i must say his coverage of the middle east conflict was nothing but propoganda against the Lebanese resistance force, it is so one-sided and only demonstrate Israel’s vision of the war. It isn’t smart from a renowned journalist to favor sides and he clearly does in his coverage, he’s job is to deliver the truth not what Israel sees as truth. Thats what i admire about ‘BBC’ they don’t sides and they usually refrain from using labels to please any side, while Cooper kept using "terror..terrorists..message of hate..tactics of terror..propoganda..staging events..etc" whenever he was describing Hezbollah while words like "victims..fear..retaliation..etc" for IDF. God could he get any more bias than to travel on the tank of IDF and deliver the news from THAT side?? I wonder if he is going to do the same with Hezbollah vehicle.