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Brad, George & Matt: Ocean's 13 Set

Brad, George & Matt: Ocean's 13 Set

The gang’s all back!  Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Matt Damon were all spotted in Sin City yesterday were location filming started for Ocean’s Thirteen. Though their visit will be short,  they will be returning briefly next month too. Brad, 42, George, 45, and Matt, 35, filmed (or will be filming) scenes mostly around the Bellagio, where previous Oceans‘ locations were shot, and at McCarran Airport.  More pictures in the gallery including Brad filming scenes with a mask on back in Los Angeles last Thursday at KB Toy Works Store!

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brad george matt oceans 13 set 01
brad george matt oceans 13 set 02
brad george matt oceans 13 set 03
brad george matt oceans 13 set 04
brad george matt oceans 13 set 05
brad george matt oceans 13 set 06
brad george matt oceans 13 set 07
brad george matt oceans 13 set 08
brad george matt oceans 13 set 09
brad george matt oceans 13 set 10
brad george matt oceans 13 set 11
brad george matt oceans 13 set 12
brad george matt oceans 13 set 13
brad george matt oceans 13 set 14
brad george matt oceans 13 set 15
brad george matt oceans 13 set 16
brad george matt oceans 13 set 17
brad george matt oceans 13 set 18
brad george matt oceans 13 set 19
brad george matt oceans 13 set 20
brad george matt oceans 13 set 21
brad george matt oceans 13 set 22

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  • Maniston

    I love you Jared and Audrey!


    Wow Thanks Jared & Audrey! You made my day! Gorgeous Brad! George & matt are good-looking too. Love them

  • PoppyCock

    This is one fine ass looking bunch and the finest of them is BRAD PITT!!!Way to go Jared, you are the best.

  • aileen

    Love these 3 handsome guys…But Brad is the most handsome. Can’t wait to see the movie next summer. Thanks Jared!

  • Pol

    Understatement: You´re hot Mr Pitt!


    Cool Ocean’s 13 Set PicsDanny Ocean’s gang is back (yes girls, Brad Pitt, George Clooney AND Matt Damon) … … And this time it’s even bigger. By one person.But just who that extra person is remains a secret. Could it be Catherine Zeta-Jones’ character, Isabel, or Vincent Cassel’s mastermind criminal, François Toulour, from the previous film? We’d like to see Brad’s squeeze, Angelina Jolie, join in… But as the main Ocean boys are back out filming, it won’t be long before they’re joined by their new inductee.

  • ana

    Thanks, Jared! Damn Brad, he’s so hotttt!

  • sw

    its al pacino thats joining

  • beth

    Wow…Brad is HOT! Love him & Angie too. Matt & George is hot too. Thanks JJ

  • sara

    hot brad is back….omg brad i missed you with your blondie hair, with your great body!! thanks…the dark hair and the horrible grey clothes were so so terrible!!

  • aileen

    But sw, We already know about Al Pacino…it’s no secret BUT this one is secret. Who could that be? Hmmm

  • QQQQ

    Thanks Jared, Brad looks soooooooooo HOT!!!

  • Lynn Campbell

    Thanks, JJ for putting these up so fast. What a threesome, and the best part is all three are down-to-earth and nice guys. Brad makes everyone around him look better and shine brighter. Also three of the best smiles in Hollywood. (not to mention bodies) :):)

  • fiona

    Sorry Jared, i read your post in the other thread a little too late, but you are quick, I must say. Thanks a lot!


    All I can say is: yummy, yummy, and YUMMY

  • freidaflo

    #6-WHO COULD IT BE?My key word is BIGGER>AJ is my guess. A cameo role… dancer, hostess,waitress,gametable dealer,pitboss..or whatever will do for me.Just want to see AJ/BP together even in a short segment of the film. They’re both HOT!!!

  • Maria

    Hi All! Where’s the ‘COLD SHOWER’. After viewing these pictures of the three gorgeous hunks, I started to sweat — no, not perspire — SWEAT!!! HA! HA! Jared, you rock! Thanks for the picutres.

  • sw

    omg, i just looked on the imdb thing it says it is celine dion, ick

  • Just Jared

    No problem at all, Fiona. Thanks again for sharing with all of us!!!! (:

  • CCCC

    Many thanks JJ for the new pixs… the boys are cool!

  • Maria

    How about this for an ending to O13? Brad says his good byes to the boys. He drives to the airport and as he approaches the plane, AJ appears. She gives him a kiss and they get into their plane and fly off. What ya think?

  • FITR

    Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. I really have nothing else substantive to say but that. All three of them. Yum. ;-)

  • gitane

    jared, you’ve spoiled me for any other site! i just made you my home page!the boys are looking hot! i just might have to go see this one in the theater!

  • Me Too

    Heee’s Baaaack! Those who turned their back on him because they thought he had changed…start weeping! He is more gorgeous than ever and a devoted family man, doesn’t get any better than that!!!!

  • Mrsrawh


  • Maria

    Hi Jared. Do you know if Brad ever modelled when he was younger? Some of the pictures could used for advertising in clothes mags. If you know what I mean. Thanks again for making my day!!

  • piyutra


  • MattFan

    Matt Damon is the best of the 3!

  • Maniston

    # 29 | MattFanI like Matt too. I don’t agree with you but to each his/her own.

  • pp

    Can you imagine working on this set???? I’d be happy to volunteer for massage duty!!!One of my daughters & I were having a girl talk last night – you guessed it, about what we’d want in a great guy & we came up with the High 5!H – Height – she’s 5’9” & likes heels!H – Hunky!! doesn’t have to be handsome, but does need shoulders & a fine butt! (drool factor)H – Hands!H – Humour!H – Heart – why do we leave the most important one to last!Anyway – struck me that these guys are probably all qualified for a High 5! I’d be happy to run auditions of course, just to make sure!!Thanks Jared.

  • judi

    George is yummy, and its nice to see a smile on Brads face…

  • julia

    omg I am in heaven,, Thank you Jared.

  • yer

    ok i hate brad pitt because he was a jerk with jenn, but the man is very beautiful and hot,he looks hot hot,george clooney is aging but i love george and matt? he is a cute boy but very boring.

  • Desert

    Man, they sure know how to wear a suit. *salivates* Brad looks hotter than ever.

  • georgefan

    George Clooney – he totally does it for me… the salt and pepper hair, the deep voice, the way he always dresses…. I have to stop, thank the world for George Clooney.

  • Justjaredfan

    Good morning all!! beautful day is it not? knowing that there is a Braddy in the world hummm… after seeing the new pic btw thanks Jared..has put me in a dreamy mood

  • trish=witch

    You know who’s the witch Trish…the hag with 2 dogs. Hmm. Who could that be?

  • smelly yer

    Brad looks good…but I hate jenn-jenn. can you beat that yer!

  • ANON

    # 31 | pp | August 8, 2006 09:10 AMThey wouldn’t pass the first "H"…Matt an Georgy boy are both under 6feet and Braddy is just at 6feet…They just look taller…most actors do…but they all are shorty

  • pp

    #40 – AnonBummer! Maybe I’ll just have to go barefoot!

  • ANON

    pp…I’m with you on that one…I LOVE TALL men with big feet…my boyfriend wears a size 15 shoe…large heart among other things…But if I could have a chance…i would just have to go barefoot as well…

  • Maria

    Why are we discussing JA? It’s NOT about HER. It’s about the boys and how gorgeous they all look. Matt boring? Yer, you know this on a ‘personal’ level? Why would you say he’s boring?

  • Murphys law

    Dam this is going to be one hot movie with all three handsome men !!I can’t wait for the MOVIE … I personally think all three are hot .

  • HOT! HOT! HOT!

    olamsdlsdlgma……words fail me..drooling..Brad..HOT!!!! George and Matt..YUM!

  • karen

    Can someone please explain to me HOW Jennifer could have filed for divorce from this man? Like, seriously, what was she smoking? The guy is gorgeous, rich, a perfect father and husband…. why did she do it? Because HE did NOT file for divorce. SHE did. I’m really confused how a person could be so dumb. Could someone clue me in? And please don’t tell me that he cheated — that’s like so dumb and old. We all know he didn’t.

  • D

    They just look taller…most actors do…but they all are shorty# 40 | ANON 6 feet is not considred short. Goerge is 5 11 not a shorty.. Tom Cruise now there is a shorty.

  • sara

    Can someone please explain to me HOW Jennifer could have filed for divorce from this man? Like, seriously, what was she smoking? well… because his husband was in love with angelina jolie.

  • Maria

    5’11 not short. 6′ not short. Tom Cruise — very short. I was very surprised when he visited New York and saw just how short he was. WHY ARE WE DISCUSSING JA? LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS!! As my friend from France once told me, "She made her bed, let her change the sheets". Let’s not mess with a great morning by discussing JA. Ahhhhhhh the boys!!! They are just toooooo yummmmmmmy.

  • pp

    # 46 KarenI think it was Brad being the gentleman again & letting it appear that she filed to save face! But still doesn’t explain how she can be so dumb to let a man like this slip through her fingers! I guess it was cause her attention wasn’t ever on him – it was firmly fixed on herself!

  • 81

    I suppose the haters will now come on to say how happy Brad looks now that he has managed to "escape" from Angie for a few days. Sheesssh!