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Cameron Diaz Looks Like A Frying Pan

Cameron Diaz Looks Like A Frying Pan
  • Dustin Diamond, aka Screech from the TV show "Saved by the Bell," told a Tampa radio station that a woman tried to mug him in his hotel in Omaha, Neb. on Monday.
  • Jared Leto gained so much weight for his role in "Chapter 27,"  he developed the arthritic disease gout. At least, this is what he said as he explained his reason for wearing clogs while at the Fila swag suite at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago.
  • Lindsay Lohan tells Elle magazine that she wants to follow in Marilyn Monroe‘s footsteps and entertain U.S. troops abroad.  "It’ s so amazing to see [Monroe] just going somewhere, this beautiful sex kitten, who’s basically a pinup, which is what I’ve always aspired to be," she told the magazine. Lohan also said she’s not afraid to go to Iraq and has been trying to set up a trip with Sen. Hilary Clinton. She also plans on taking shooting lessons in L.A.  Check out the pictures here.
  • Former Laguna Beach stars Lauren “LC” Conrad (now on spinoff The Hills) and Kristin Cavallari have split from their beaus.
  • According to a few Malibu residents, Mel Gibson is not the only member of his family causing a stir in the neighborhood.  Some of his children are known as the "holy terrors of Malibu."  One resident recalled a situation where two of Gibson‘s sons tried to purchase kayaks and demanded the store put them on credit. When told the family didn’t have an account there, they went into a shouting tirade.

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  • Just…EW

    OH MY GOD! WHAT HAPPENED TO CAMERON’S FACE?? WOW, TOO MUCH SUN! ARE HER CHEEK BONES SAGGING LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON’S? I never thought Justin Timberlake was cute. I always wondered what the girls, especially ALYSSA MILANO OF ALL PEOPLE, saw in Justin. He is so damn ugly. He needs a nose job. His nose looks like an elf nose or something. And he is sooo cheesy. i just can’t stand him sometimes. What in the world does even Cameron see in Justin? Jeez, she’s losing her looks. What happened to her? She is SO toned though. Wow. I wonder how I can get toned like that. Like …. a MAN. LOL. Her shoulders look like men’s shoulders! Ew. And where’s the chest? Where’d her boobs go?

  • Maggie

    geez Cams, wear sunblock! I’m so glad I do!

  • Ann

    Okay, now I do believe Mel Gibson is an anti-semite, and I am againstall forms of bigotry and will never support him again. But I alsobelieve it was the alcohol talking. Alot of us have gotten intoreally embarassing, sad, awful situations while being inebriated. Just yesterday, I did something really, really foolish at a storeafter downing two bottles of wine. It was such a coincedence thishappened because it was after I had criticized Mel Gibson for hisbehavior. It was as if my inebriated state & the ridiculous thing Idid yesterday, was a lesson. I am sorry that Mel went on his tiradeand I blame it on the alcohol. Hopefully, this incident will teachhim never to touch alcohol again and to help support Jewish people invarious ways. I am sure he feels completely humiliated and completelyregrets everything. Mel is an idiot for thinking what he does aboutJewish people and faith. But at the same time, I have toagree it was the alcohol. Despite the fact that alcohol is somewhatof a truth serum, you have to feel bad for the guy, if you’ve everbeen in or witnessed this same time of situation with alcohol. There’s only one lesson to be taught here. And that’s to never touchalcohol. Because one day, it can totally mess up your life. Iforgive Mel for his tirade, but at the same time I have lost supportfor the guy.

  • Jane

    Mostly everyone, except jews of course, agree with Mel. It’s just they don’t have what it takes to say it. The truth is we’ve been talking about the Holocaust for years, and though I totally agree it was a terrible masacre, I think jewish are clearly showing us they haven’t learned from their own history. They’ve been doing exactly the same nazis did to them since they’ve taken Palestinian land as their owen. Just killing inocent people, thousands of children and women, with absolutelly no mercy, using "terrorism" as an excuse to just exterminate whomever stands on there way…but OF COURSE, we can not say that, it’s absolutelly forbidden, arab children just don’t count for them…If you are against jewish actions in any way, if you dare to say anything against there killings and what they are doing to this world, you are just anti-semite. Please…give us all a break. Go home. Build your own Wall, and please, please stay behind it. The world will be better, a lot better.

  • lee

    cameron look so drug out i that pic

  • Lisa

    Jane, I understand where you’re coming from. But do you realize WHY alot of people side with Jewish people? Believe it or not, it’s not just Jewish people who are against Muslims. There are Christians and people from other religions who do not support Muslims and/or are against them. Christians & Hindus, for example, have some dislike for Muslims. If you know their history, you would know why. My parents are Christians and when I asked them, would they rather have me marry a Jew or a Muslim, they immediately got angry and said, "Hell, no! You’re not going to marry a Muslim. We won’t allow it. We’ll disown you if you do! We would rather you marry someone who is Jewish or another religion." Because Muslims have a history of terrorism, many, many people are against ALL Musilms. Doesn’t matter where they came from. I personally have some qualms about Muslims, only from what they tell me, but I am friends with them and would never go against them and if they needed my support in the community, I would give it to them – no NOT in a bad way! I don’t want the government to start on me now! Anyway, believe it or not, Muslims have created alot of enemies against them for their own selfish reasons.

  • Manny

    One reason why I am against Muslims is because they use anger to justify their beliefs. I do not believe in using anger as a source of strength and justice. Arabs and Muslims complain that they are the victims. But they have been fighting with different religions and bombing different countries for years. That use of fighting is why people are agianst Muslims. People are fully aware of the fact that there are good Muslims. But that still does not change their views on Muslims. Muslims have created their own enemies. They have been doing criminal activities, killing people and bombing areas and terrorizing people in many different countries. From India to Europe to other parts of south Asia to America. They’ve managed to create enemies around the WORLD. Now the WORLD is against them. This is what they asked for.

  • celebrityavalier

    her skin is too white and sensible what makes her skin get red easy and fast , that’s why looks like damged, but it’s better than er skin was before, full off pimples