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Keira Knightley & Rupert Friend: Grocery Shopping

Keira Knightley & Rupert Friend: Grocery Shopping

"Keira Knightley may be dying to get out of corsets, but I’m dying to get into one."  – The Illusionist’s Jessica Biel, on getting passed up for period dramas for looking too "modern," to Time

Natural waif Keira Knightley showed off her ultra-thin figure on a trip to the grocery store with boyfriend Rupert Friend earlier on today.  Not digging Rupert‘s clamdiggers… More pictures in the gallery!

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keira knightley rupert friend grocery shopping 01
keira knightley rupert friend grocery shopping 02
keira knightley rupert friend grocery shopping 03
keira knightley rupert friend grocery shopping 04
keira knightley rupert friend grocery shopping 05
keira knightley rupert friend grocery shopping 06
keira knightley rupert friend grocery shopping 07
keira knightley rupert friend grocery shopping 08
keira knightley rupert friend grocery shopping 09
keira knightley rupert friend grocery shopping 10
keira knightley rupert friend grocery shopping 11
keira knightley rupert friend grocery shopping 12
keira knightley rupert friend grocery shopping 13
keira knightley rupert friend grocery shopping 14
keira knightley rupert friend grocery shopping 15

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  • Pandy

    I thought it was Orlando Bloom..

  • manhood

    he does look like bloom.she needs to gain weight.screw hollywoods standards.real men like women’s bodies-not 13 year old boys…unless ur a jackson.:-]

  • Randi

    I thought it was Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth when I first saw the picture.

  • Diane

    Keira looks like she gained some weight. Her boyfriend’s really cute here. Especially with those shades and long hair and torso…yum. ANYWAY, ahem, if I were a guy, I’d think Keira was hot as hell here. Looking at these photos, she looks more attractive. if she were a guy, I’d go for her. I don’t like it when she puts on eyeliner though! It makes her nose look weirder than it already is. And she’s always PIOUTING. That’s so noticeable. Just look naturally at the camera. Don’t pout like that. It looks ridiculous. But for some time, Keira did look anorexic. She was always skinny though. Maybe it’s the workload that caused her to be skinny at her last premiere. Either way, I didn’t like her body at that premiere. Maybe it’s chic or something in Europe but us Americans, we like meat on our bones! I know, i know. That’s somewhat not true. Because when I talk to guys they always SAY they like women with some meat, but then I notice they’re always going for the skinnier girls. I mean I see guys go for ugly skinny girls over beautiful more healthy girls. and I don’t mean manly like Jessica Biel. Jessica’s cute with makeup, but her body’s just manly. I am glad though she is at a good weight. Jessica doesn’t need to lose weight. She’s just right, atleast with a dress on. When she’s underdressed, she’s so not attractive. She looks like a guy. Even in a bikini. Maybe she needs less muscle. Lindsay looks like a 12 year old boy. And Jessica looks like a teenage guy. What’s up with that? Lindsay’s brother has a better body than her!



  • Diane

    When I meant pouting in front of the cameras, I meant in the fashion magazines. Here in these photos, as you can tell, she looks normal.

  • larry

    She is beautiful, and I think she has a great body.

  • Diane

    Or is she still pouting here? ok WHATEVER… can’t help but concentrate on her pouting, which looks fake.

  • Just Jared Fan

    I agree she has put on some weight and looks alot better not so sickly… I am happy for her, hope she stays strong she has her whole life ahead of her looks like it could be golden if she plays her cards right

  • manhood

    yes diane, but ur a girl. all grils (most) want to be real thin. Have u not seen Paula on the real world n her conversation w/ jon when he says if she put on 10lbs shed look better?guys like more meant… i never said she was aneorexic, ugly or as thin as nichole or jessica or lindsay, she has an incredibly beautiful body.shed just apeal more too me n my friends if she was more curvy n womanly. she has gained wait n she does look better- but still…even she says she wish she could have more curves.

  • manhood

    and i disagree w/ u bout jessica.shes effin smoking. because she has muscle, u know u could play sports w/ her w/ out breaking her. u know shes athletic.shes just amazing. her face, body-boobs, butt. everything a guy could ask for. shes in shape. that is how a woman should look.w/ keira-i dont think u could play ball w/ her w/out being paranoid- jessica could keep up.n also- my roomate says to say hes from italy- men in europe love gurls w/ meat. the despise skinnt women… to them its a sign of being poor. so

  • just passing by

    Kiera – has a kind of pretty face – but ruins it when she talks. Also she has to stay rail thin (no chest) becasue if she gains weight her thighs which are massive take over completly – she has that jhodpers (sp) syndrome – like the pants that horse riders wear – but that makes her unique in the movie celeb set – don’t know of any others who have that body type.

  • Desert

    I love Keira’s dress. She looks like she’s put on some weight, which is good. But I don’t think she’ll ever have a remotely voluptuous figure, even in pre-famous photos she was really thin.

  • paula

    At least she hasn’t gone the plastic boob route. To me, that automatically makes her superior to many other fake celebs.

  • bunni

    Kiera and Rupert are so beautiful – look how slim he is and she is my favorite actress ever. Star them together in a love story, quick!

  • black

    and again I can only say that she had always been that slim……just watch her movies adn look closely.But yeah….her boyfriend is scary…..

  • Angela

    They make a cute couple. Rupert was in Pride and Prejudice with her, that’s how they met. When I first saw him in the film I thought it was Orlando Bloom. He looks so like him.

  • Ayça

    They keep walking around the same neighbourhood over the last couple of weeks. One can recognize the street.

  • +greenpeace+

    I thought when she first made very famous by POTC she’s was already way very skinny. I think she’s naturally thin and don’t gain much.

  • André

    Lately I’ve been thinking Keira Knightley is the most beautiful woman on Earth ever!I’ve never seen such an perfect face like hers.And her body is hot. I’m guy and I can tell you I prefer the skinniest girls. And I don’t think she’s so sknny as you’re saying. She was skinny on that premiere but she has always been and that dress was kinda weird..LOLThey are a nice couple, a coolone i think..just like Rachel bilson and Adam brody.

  • André

    And I don’t think she pouts. She has a long and slim neck and that makes her jaw go a lil’ bit forward (you can see that on her profile pictures on premieres..some say it’s a ugly posture but i likt it). her teeth are also kinda big so she needs to pout so that her mouth closes. Natural pouting. really hot.:d

  • Alix

    Doesn’t he look like Orlando Bloom?

  • nobody

    i wish it was orlando bloom with her.

  • allie

    OMG! would you guys just leave kiera alone and quit trashing her? you people must be incredibly insecure about yourselves to have to put down someone like Kiera. and quit saying she has jhodpers syndrome! some people are naturally thin and don’t have to do anything to lose weight! she’s always been thin! if you see some of her earlier movies, you would know that! in some of those movies, she looks really healthy and well muscled. check out her 6-pack in bend it like beckham. i so don’t think she has a pouty face. you wanna see one, look at mary kate and ashley! now those girls are the ones you should be worried about. so just leave kiera alone. she’s an amazing and inspiring actress and i wish her and rupert the very best!