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Lance Bass & Reichen Lehmkuhl Pictures

Lance Bass & Reichen Lehmkuhl Pictures

Lance Bass stops by ex-bandmate JC Chasez‘s 30th birthday party in West Hollywood on Sunday. Bass, who attended with boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl (inset), also caught up with former ‘N Sync-ers Justin Timberlake (who arrived with Cameron Diaz) and Chris Kirkpatrick at the bash.

How about Joey Fatone??  More pictures in the gallery!

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lance bass reichen lehmkuhl 01
lance bass reichen lehmkuhl 02
lance bass reichen lehmkuhl 03
lance bass reichen lehmkuhl 04
lance bass reichen lehmkuhl 05
lance bass reichen lehmkuhl 06
lance bass reichen lehmkuhl 07
lance bass reichen lehmkuhl 08
lance bass reichen lehmkuhl 09
lance bass reichen lehmkuhl 10
lance bass reichen lehmkuhl 11
lance bass reichen lehmkuhl 12
lance bass reichen lehmkuhl 13
lance bass reichen lehmkuhl 14
lance bass reichen lehmkuhl 15
lance bass reichen lehmkuhl 16

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  • Maria

    Cute pictures. They look like they had a great time. Love the picture of JC and Lance — JC making face ’cause he’s turned in another birthday. Cute!

  • Maria

    Never watch the Amazing Race, but my sister said that Lance’s new steady was on the show with his former partner.

  • candice

    how sad that joey wasn’t there!

  • G

    if i were lance, and i was doing someone like Reichen, i’d NEVER leave the bed…….dayum!

  • dickinass

    lance is butt fucking ugly

  • Alicia

    Our first pictures of the couple since Lance has come out! Yes!! *twirls* Aww, too cute. But they’re all totally trashed lol.

  • Alicia

    i suppose there’s another "Alicia" here now, cuz i didn’t write that ^^^^

  • I’m Not Alicia

    Alicia, there are alot of Alicias in the world as well as this blog. Just call yourself the "Original Alicia," lol.

  • I’m Not Alicia

    You think Joey Fatone didn’t go because he’s against gays? Or maybe he’s just a dad with responsibilities.

  • Fatone Sux

    No photos of Cameron with Justin? I never like Joey anyway. He’s ugly and fat. The only thing I thought was somewhat good about him was the fact that he was dedicated (unless he cheats) to his ugly fat woman (who looks like him).

  • Ed

    Lance is totally the power bottom in the relationship. Since when did Lance become such a flamer. He’s all gayed out with that nose job and Jesse Metcalf brows. I wish he confessed to his botox and plastic surgery too.WOW more than one Alicia. Who cares.

  • Mike

    Fatone is actually real close with Bass and they are developing a show about 2 best friends/roomates (One of them is gay).Also I heard that Reichen is the one on the bottom of things. Lance isn’t butt ugly, he just isn’t as good looking as JC.

  • whit

    Cameron n Justin do have A pic together. But they are facing opposite directions in an attempt to be ‘private’,psha. I think they make a bigger deal than if they’d just pretend there weren’t photogs.. I see him w/ a nice southern/down home girl.

  • Baltazar

    great pics, i had only seen a few small ones on jjb last nite…anyways it always looks to me like lance could lose 13 pounds. i hope that tv pilot thing works out, sounds good.

  • John

    I knew this guy was gay the second i saw him in N’sync.. i hope these 2 dont adopt a child, that would be the worst thing for the mind of the kid.. And i would have been pissed off at lance if i was an x-nsync member for not telling me that he was gay back when the band was together.. i would have been creeped out having to change in front of him.. eeek

  • Stella Kiriakou

    who are the two people behind Lance and beau?

  • radical queer

    hey John your ignorant post makes two assumptions: a) that you’d ever be talented enough to be in a boy band and b)that if a bandmate was gay they’d be attracted to your bigoted idiocy. Change in front of whoever you like, you still won’t be worth any play.

  • Baltazar

    lol! at John’s comment.How’s the weather in Kentucky?

  • FunMe

    BODY LANGUAGE tells me that Lance is being used by Reichen. How many times did Reichen touch Lance?hmmm …

  • Ali

    Hmm, okay FunMe. I don’t see that, I think you’re looking a little too much into it but whatever lol. I think Reichen and Lance seem like a cute couple. I really hope Reichen *isn’t* using him.The only thing I have to criticize here is Lance’s shirt. Me no likey.

  • Perez Hilton

    i bet reichen has a big dick he shoves into lances tight ass

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  • gabriela

    soy de venesuela y solo queria desearte buena suerte es tu vida te amo mucho por tu cara por tu pelo por tu sonrrisa por todo aunque seas gay pero se que tu no eres gay ese eres tu que dices eso pero para mi tu eres mi hombre y mi amigo y te quiero de todasformas…….cuando supe que eras (gay) yo no lo pude creer y no pude creer que estubistes con rechen ….bueno no te escribi para reprocharte solo te escribo para decir lo que siento por ti piensa en lo que te dije te ama gabi adios saludo tomate un poco de tu tiempo para leer esta carta

  • Bozzy Lewis

    Is Reichen a power-bottom ? I think so ! When he was on The Amazing Race a good 10 years ago, and gay couples were still a rarity on network TV, his boyfriend was more masculine and seemed to be the TOP man in charge. Later, he dated Lance Bass, and it got more confusing. He is certainly a gorgeous Nordic hunk and is slightly effeminate. Nothing like the overt queens on A-list now plating on Logo-TV. He does not look gay just walking down the street, however, gay men have well-tuned “gaydar” and can tell he is gay….and most probably a bottom with some tireless ass !