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Nicole Kidman & Daughter Isabella

Nicole Kidman & Daughter Isabella

In a somewhat of a rare occasion, Nicole Kidman was spotted walking hand in hand with her 13-year-old daughter Isabella Cruise this past Sunday. The mother-daughter duo enjoyed some bonding time together and shopped at Fred Segal Clothing store in Santa Monica. Meanwhile, out in South Dakota, hubby Keith Urban (pictured in the gallery) was spotted at the inaugural Rock’n the Rally festival during the 66th annual Sturgis Bike Week.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • judi

    Its nice to see a pic of Nic and her daughter shopping, and doing normal mother daughter stuff…

  • Lori

    They look awesome! She looks so happy since she married Keith. It is so nice to see her with one of her kids. Life must be really great for her now that she is away from the alien and married to a REAL man. Rock on Nicole.

  • Lori

    They look awesome! She looks so happy since she married Keith. It is so nice to see her with one of her kids. Life must be really great for her now that she is away from the alien and married to a REAL man. Rock on Nicole.

  • gloria

    isabella looks like she kinda likes her mom. she doesn’t seem too pissed over being abandoned. i really feel like that whole thing is blown totally out of proportion. and like it’s tom’s doing, not nicole’s. and like isabella, probably the son too, is smart enough to know that.

  • gloria

    isabella looks like she kinda likes her mom. she doesn’t seem too pissed over being abandoned. i really feel like that whole thing is blown totally out of proportion. and like it’s tom’s doing, not nicole’s. and like isabella, probably the son too, is smart enough to know that.

  • huh

    I know Tom is not her bio father but she looks like him to me.

  • scaryshit

    they probably have ways that they can arrange that at the scientology center.

  • Maria

    I love that they are holding hands. How cute is that! You’d think at 13 she’d not want to hold onto her Mum’s — we all know teenagers. Shows alot of love their and Mum’s protective of her little gir. I’m glad we finally got to see pics of Nick and Bella. Got tired of seeing ‘The Alien’ and his ‘Alien Bride’ and the soccer matches all the time. Yes, she does look happy. Go Nick!!!

  • christy

    Ok…so not trying to be mean here…but if you are a celebrity…and not just any celebrity mind you…but the Botox Queen of the World…and you have access to a freaking gonzo expensive dermatologist…WHY DO YOU NOT HELP YOUR DAUGHTER WITH HER ACNE? I mean…Proactive Tom…you could easily afford it if you’d stop paying women to marry you! And Nicole…do you spend too much on botox for yourself to help the girl out???

  • judi

    Cristy: How do you know they haven’t had her to a dermatologist? A good friend of mines son, had terrible acne, and it took them 2 yrs to find something that actually worked for him..

  • Katolina

    Her acne isn’t that bad, besides she is very young so maybe she has just started having to deal with it! Sometimes it goes away on its own if you just keep your face clean and don’t pick the spots. Besides all those chemicals mess up your skin big time. Let her be!

  • JL

    Why does everyone always talk about Nicole’s botox? How do people know? I’m just curious because guess I’m too dumb to tell and everyone is constantly referring to it in the mags and talk shows. Has she admitted it?

  • DBM

    I love Nicole too and I really hope she gets preggers since I believe she miscarried with Tom, but I can’t help myself. She needs to deepen her haircolor. This washed out blondish orange hybrid is so aging to her. As I was pulling up the pic I thought it was Shirley MacLaine at first. I thought her haircolor a few years ago at Cannes for Moulin Rouge was so flattering to her — best she ever looked. A deeper, but not dark auburn.And the Botox distorts your face — the eyebrows get sorta pointy and wicked, the forehead cannot be raised normally and often the inner eye gets crinkly and the eye looks beady cuz you’re trying to squint or frown but all that happens is the inner eye along the nose muscle gets over-worked since between the eyebrows is motionless. For the poster who said they don’t know how to tell about Botox, think about how similar Marcia Cross and Nicole Kidman look in the ‘set’ of the forehead and squinty eyes. That’s the look.

  • Stacey

    I agree about the hair color. It does wash her out and makes her look older. She definitely needs to go with some reddish/auburn highlights….her natural color was beautiful. She has just gone too light. I find when older women die their hair too blonde it often ages them. And yeah she needs to lay off the botox as well.

  • Lena

    The kid is ugly.

  • Teresa

    IS SHE PREGNANT YET? Goodness, she looks thinner than her daughter.

  • Ed

    Her daughter looks just like Nicole prior to all her cosmetic surgery. Umm JL everyone knows about Nicole’s "facial work". Go to and look up Nicole Kidman just to see the before and afters. She used to look completly different and hasn’t aged in years.

  • Ed

    Here’s a before and after of Nicole:

  • Baltazar

    Ed, how the hell does she look ‘just like nicole..’ when she’s adopted? lol

  • Andrea

    That girl needs to change her hairstyle. It’s always the same flat ponytail. You remember when she was a baby with curly hair like Nicole’s?I just look at these older actresses and I kinda feel for them. It must be really hard to live a normal life in this industry. What I mean by that is having babies, basically. All these actresses wait a long time to have their babies and that’s great! I’m all for women waiting until they’re ready to have babies. But you have to wonder why they wait so long. It must be really difficult for them. Maybe it’s a trust issue? Maybe they have difficulties in finding the right one to have a baby with? Maybe they feel they still have alot to accomplish, financially, to catch up to their male counterparts. I mean it was their life long goal to make it big. And now they’re there, what’s holding them up on having kids? It must be their busy lifestyle. Or just the fact that they maintain a high pressure to stay slim. Their looks is what helps them to make it big and you can’t deny it. There are plenty of women out there who are gorgeous and have children, but it’s hard. I just wonder why Nicole didnt have that biological child with Tom. For men, as they get older, they probably feel time is running out and they want a biological kid of their own.When you hit 40, some men probably feel frightened and think, well I was hoping to get pregnant (through my wife) by now. When a man wants a child of his own, he’ll do anything to get it. Men feel life’s short and you’ve got to do what’s best for you. Despite what other people think. For some men, and i mean good-hearted men, having a biological child is an ultimate goal for them in life. We criticize men like tom Cruise for having his baby the way he did, and we’re probably right for criticizing him, but the way men think, it doesn’t matter. They want a child of their own and if it means taking a different route to do it, then so be it. The end result will be better than anything else for them. I just think if my mom had waited so long to have a child with my father, I don’t think he would have stayed with her. Love is love but it can only go so far. Love is not like the soap operas or movies or fairy tales. Love wears out.Over time you think, what am I sharing with this woman? What does our relationship mean? Where will this all go? I know my dad’s ultimate goal in life was to have a child of his own and for his parents and siblings to have grandkids and nieces and nephews. Men, they long for these things, and I think we take it for granted. Just like having a job or a house or a car is a goal in life, so is having a family, especially for men as well as women. Otherwise, they feel empty or depressed. If I were my dad at 40, I’d be depressed as hell watching my brothers and sisters with their kids and going to functions where I’m by myself with no offspring to proudly show off or yell at. At the same time, it’s hard for men to understand why certain women wait. Women probably don’t always feel upset over not having a child. Times have changed. Women want more out of life and we deserve it! Men think, ‘well, what’s the hold up?!’ They don’t understand what women have to go through, what they have to brave through. For most women, getting pregnant is the biggest step of their lives. It’s a lot of weight to carry on your shoulders, literally. It can be daunting and you can be unsure if now is the right time. It’s not easy for some women to take that step. In a way, it could be called selfishness, basically. But then again, you can call men selfish too. I think women though are trying to be smarter about having babies. Waiting is not a bad idea and i would never shun any woman who waits. It’s just a conflict that some men and women go through for many different reasons.

  • Andy

    hello!!! i loooooooove Nicole and she’s just gorgeous!! she’s natural and an amazing actress and her daughter is just really pretty too!!!! you people shouldn’t talk about what you don’t know…you talk like you live with famous people!!! don’t say bad things about people you don’t even know!!! bella’s acne is normal!!! she is a teenage girl and it’s a normal thing!! i believe she went to a dermatologic doctor but these things can’t dissapear from a day to another…it’s a teenage thing!!! you can’t take it away…magic does not exist!!! stop criticizing people!!!!!!!!!Love you Nic************* ;)

  • Anita

    iT’S CLEAR, She is NOT her daughter. Nicole looks her elder sister. YUKK[hat].[xmas] [jump8]

  • vicky

    The reason why people keep talking about her botox is because it’s so damn noticeable! Her face looks ODD now. People who have grown up with her see a difference. As you get older your face tightens and then sags. Hers has really tightened and at the same time it looks like it’s trying to sag but the botox is preventing it from happening. It’s hard to look at the acting when her face looks odd like that. Look at her last couple of movies which were poor. I feel bad for her because I’m sure that’s not what she wants people to think of when they look at her. But her face looks odd now! It looks kinda wicked! When she was younger, her face was much softer and prettier. There’s no doubt in my mind that she would keep it a secret that she has botox. But at the same time, if people were really noticing, then I’d do anything to try to hide it. Bring down the hair. Don’t tie it back so much. I don’t know. Anything to soften the face. Even here in these photos, she’s gotta softer hair bun or ponytail. But it’s still noticeable. so, basically don’t tie it back anymore. All the Desperate Housewives (except Eva) and Nicole and Priscilla Presley and so on all look horrible with their botox. It’s NOTICEABLE. Especially when they smile or laugh. It looks horrid. How they can’t notice this on themselves boggles my mind. Maybe they feel so incredibly insecure about themselves, they think well if they DON’T have their botox, then they’ll look WORSE. Which is not true.

  • ricardo

    she doesn’t look botoxed to me anymore. i remember i saw her on letterman in spring 2004 when the stepford wives came out and i thought i was going to scream, it was the scariest thing i ever saw. but i definately thought she looked better at the grammys and the oscars (even though she did look totally washed out there) at that uifem thing and at her wedding, and in all the candid shots since around that time. i think she’s stopped. god, she needs to dye her hair though. is there anyway we could get together a large petition going somehow. she really, really needs to do something about that.



  • Layla

    Jesus….some of you people are long-winded! Excuse me while I lapse into a coma…

  • Chica

    Her daughter is so grown up. Good to see Nic with her daughter. That last pic of her looks like there’s something in her tummy. Hope she’s pregnant.

  • Imogen

    oh thank the lord, I thought I was the only one who was frightened by Nicole. Im an aussie and have grown up with Nicole plastered on the tv or in homegrown films and, believe me, she did NOT used to look like this. Too much botox, waaay too much hair ligtener and, for crying out loud, stop scraping your hair off your face, Nicole. It’s so ageing. Makes her face look so hard. Softer and darker hair around her face would make her look so younger. Then she could lay off the botox.

  • Alison

    I am another Aussie here and she really does look alot different than what she used to. I still think she looks attractive and has the clearest skin I have ever seen on anyone, but her face does look tighter and not as relaxed as it used to be. Maybe being married to TC for 10 years did that to her though….. maybe we can’t blame the botox! Lol! I think it is nice that she is able to spend some bonding time with her daughter.

  • daf

    holy crap people who cares about the botox. its her face she can do what she wants to it. i think shes gorgeous for her age.

  • DBM

    daf, yes she can do what she wants but often one cannot see that what they are doing to help or retard the aging process actually makes them look older. Don’t ask me why cuz the idiot plastic surgeons haven’t all figured it out yet. You’d think if you lost all your crow’s feet, you’d look younger, right? Unfortunately no… least not with 99% of the docs.As for Andrea, one thing I think is unfortunate is that some women may say I want to wait til at least 30 and then discover there are infertility issues that may take years to overcome. But, yeah a woman has to be mature and ready and not just need to find love through a baby. I still hope Nicole can get pregnant though, cuz I saw her rubbing her sister’s belly at some awards show and she seemed to really want to experience it. And Nicole, please, deepen the hair and lose the tox — do a laser treatment instead.

  • dcc

    Her daughter is adopted as is her brother Conner.

  • gizmatage

    I agree botox doesn’t look good, but my gad, let the woman be. It’s her face and it’s her money. If she wants to screw up her face, it’s her right. Why should we bring it up every time there’s any news about her, for goodness’ sake. I’m just glad that she looks "better" now (since she hooked up w/ Urban). She looks more natural, and she looks cute in this picture w/ her daughter.

  • to gizmatage

    To gizmatage, ITA, but those who love her — and are truly not hating — want her to appear even more natural and happy….and if she wants be the best fertile, botox is not conducive and could be harmful, but I’m sure she knows and is letting it leave her system.

  • JoAnn

    Nicole takes good care of herself by staying out of the sun and always wearing sunscreen. That’s why her skin looks great. I follow that myself and I always get compliments on how good my skin looks, even though I’m now 53! I’ve never had botox or cosmetic surgery in my whole life. I do get facials regularly. Try that sometimes. You’ll look and feel younger, too.

  • jessica

    finally ive seen nicole and her daughter out together apart from the the lakers phtos.awwww. look at them holding hands. Now at the age ?(not tellin) i dnt hold hands wt my mum but if i was in bella’s position ,definitly, anytime. Nicole is good wt her kids. I wish nicole all the best . I think botox is a nooo noo. i will never try it. Com on im only young, lik really young. If nicole never uses botox , i think she would look naturally beautiful not that she looks ugly now. "Go nicole……… that’s such a girly comment, i noe"

  • vicky

    see, what I mean. People can only concentrate on her botoxed, odd looking face and not her acting. I am not against Botox. Because I am sure one day I might have to get it (God forbid). Hopefully, when these stupid, idiotic, money-making plastic surgeons have improved their botox or face lifitng procedures. (Damn doctors, I hate them all. Arrogant people). Anyway, I won’t go on a tirade about how i feel the medical & pharmaceutical industries are cheating us out of our money. (I really do hate doctors). Like I said, I’m not against Botox or any form of beauty procedure. What I am against is the fact that these older women, and even younger ones, are allowing their faces to get MUTATED! I mean, BE SMART, about the beauty procedures you take! Gawd! If the botox is really all people can talk about when looking at you, instead of your acting or skills, then you need to change something! You know who I think is WORSE than Nicole and Priscilla with the Botox? That blonde Desperate Housewife with the twin kids on the show. SHE LOOKS HORRIBLE WHEN SHE SMILES!!! SCARY!!!! SCARY!!! SCARY!!! I can never look at anything else, except when that woman goes to premieres or interviews and makes that UGLY, UGLY, WEIRD smile. HORRIBLE! GAH!

  • Katie Holmes

    She is the epitome of class and elegance. The reason you don’t see the kids with her is because Tom made her give him more custody that she has. She has always wanted her kids to be around her. She is lovely and a great mom. I made a grave mistake. My parents are heartbroken and totally embarrased by my actions. My baby is a beautiful chunky little girl with gorgeous eyes. Until Tom says so, I can’t take her out. Like I said, I made a huge mistake and unfortunately for all parties involved, I don’t know how to fix it-

  • kellirc

    I think these women in Hollywood are being told that Botox will keep wrinkles from happening. So they are getting it before they need it so that the wrinkles never form. But, because they can’t use the muscle that the Botox has paralyzed they have to use other muscles more and that makes their face look odd. By the way I know that 30 something seems old to some people, but I am around the same age as NK and my face doesn’t sag and I don’t have wrinkles. I think she just jumped the gun on the Botox and that is why she looks odd sometimes. I guess when you see your face magnified on a movie screen you get overly critical of yourself.

  • LILY

    Wow spending time with her kids is she hard up for PR or what??!!

  • LILY

    Wow spending time with her kids is she hard up for PR or what??!!

  • Audrey

    I cannot believe someone would criticize Nicole’s daughter’s appearance. Specifically, criticizing her complexion and calling her ugly. How small can you be? What if she read your comments? Get a life! Nicole’s hair looks washed out because it is. I believe she is about 4 to 41/2 months pregnant, therefore she cannot be dying her hair! Maybe she looks stern and tired because she isn’t feeling well because of the pregnancy –or perhaps she is tired of the press stalking her when she is trying to have a little one-on-one time with her daughter. Look at the pictures on if you don’t think she’s pregnant or check it out at the grocery!

  • Nessa

    K, shut the hell up if you’re making fun of Nicole Kidman, get a life!! Like she does!

  • cricket

    Her hairs been that nasty shade for a couple of years it’s got nothing to do with being pregnant looks like she has a bird nest sitting on her head

  • KIM

    Am I the only one to see how sad it is that this is a rare picture of Nicole and her daughter. Kids crave their parents attention so much so, that when any is given they lap it up. Why do we feel that just because someone is attrative, rich famous that they are good parents. Mommy Dearest anyone?

  • Sue

    I don’t know what kind of custody arrangement she has with Cruise, but I personally think it is a disgrace that the children appear to spend so little time with her and KU. Niki Taylor, Urban’s former g/f, has the right idea about motherhood – it beats career /celebrity anyday!

  • shannon

    if i was nicole,i would do something with isabella’s acnee..and weight..and style…i would make her look more feminine..

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    i love nicole kdman she must love her chid alot

    god bless them both