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Black Hair Britney Spears Carries Sean P. To The Recording Studio

Black Hair Britney Spears Carries Sean P. To The Recording Studio

Expectant mommy Britney Spears has been unusually chipper lately, waving and smiling for paparazzi. She was just spotted yesterday carrying 10-month-old Sean P. (he’s filling out in the face!) into a recording studio yesterday morning. On the way out, she was covered up by a team of people holding up a blankets (literally) of protection.  Watch the video below.

Britney, 24, is expected to give birth to her second child with hubby Kevin Federline in about a month.  She was recently spotted picking up a few baby dolls at a toy store, sparking rumors that a beautiful baby girl could be on the way for the Federline family!  More pictures in the gallery!

VIDEO :: Britney Spears Escorted To Car With Blankets

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black hair britney spears 01
black hair britney spears 02
black hair britney spears 03
black hair britney spears 04
black hair britney spears 07
black hair britney spears 09
black hair britney spears 10
black hair britney spears 11
black hair britney spears 12
black hair britney spears 16
black hair britney spears 18
black hair britney spears 21
black hair britney spears 23
black hair britney spears 27
black hair britney spears 28
black hair britney spears 30
black hair britney spears 32
black hair britney spears 34
black hair britney spears 35
black hair britney spears 36
black hair britney spears 37
black hair britney spears 38
black hair britney spears 39
black hair britney spears 40
black hair britney spears 41
black hair britney spears 42
black hair britney spears 43
black hair britney spears 44
black hair britney spears 45
black hair britney spears 48

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  • sbitty

    She looks gorgeous! So happy to be having a baby girl I’m sure! Sean P is growing on me, his longer blonde hair is really cute, but what a chubbo!

  • creativegirl

    Once again, this woman’s sense of fashion just boggles the mind.

  • here we go again

    I won’t go as far as to call the woman ‘gorgeous’ but I will say that the tacky tart seems to be more weight conscious then before. she’s not just woofing down burgers, fries and milk shakes ALL THE DAMN TIME!And before any of the lovers (if there are any)of all things Britt-Britt start biting my ass. You do not have to pig out during pregnancy and yes there is some weight gaining, but Britt-Britt just went overboard with it. I have 3 kids and never gained as much as this very young girl did with her first.Like I said…glad to see she’s taking her nutrition or rather her food intake a tad bit more seriously.

  • Lali

    I think she looks great! she doesn’t even look pregnant cute dress Brit. I hope she is having a little girl she would be so cute like Sean.Aww Sean P is so big now he is so adorable.

  • Cute

    She looks amazing! Sean is such a cutie.

  • Love her

    I’m glad that she taking care of herself this time around, I can’t believe she is giving birth next month she looks like she is 5 months pregnant.I hope she is having a girl.

  • Susan

    I’m happy for Brit and hope that she is having a baby girl. I don’t like her hair and wish she would leave the extensions out along with her natural color. She seems happy. Good for her.

  • Maggie

    She’s so trashy! It makes me sick to think that little girls look up to her.

  • yea.. so

    before Brit had her first chld she was always with k-fed’s other children but now that she has a toy of her own she doesn’t want to play with the others anymore? Pffft…whata joke.

  • joliepittme

    She looks good, I’m glad she continues to do whatever she wants, she doesn’t have to look like all those stupid Nicoles and Lindsays. Go Brit Brit!! Sean looks beautiful too

  • msguidedmama

    since she is going the elective surgery route again, she knows that it takes SO much longer to loose weight afterwards. I am glad she is not packing the pounds on as much this time.

  • Me

    Gorgeous!?? Huh??

  • Baltazar

    She hasn’t looked this good in a while. She is fascinating and a very nice person.

  • Maria

    Oh my gosh. The baby boy is gorgeous!!! What a cutie pie. You could just kiss him and not stop. She’s blessed, but I’m sure she knows this.

  • tucker

    I think Britney Spears is just plain trashy. I couldn’t stand her from the very beginning. For someone who doesn’t like the paparazzi following her she sure like to bring attention to herself.

  • New Yorker

    Ummm..does anyone but me realize thats a skirt??!!…what, shes got to the point where she can’t even afford a real dress?!! HIRE A STYLIST ALREADY!!

  • Felicity

    Give the poor girl a break. Her outfit looks very cool and comfortable to me, which is just what all pregnant mother’s wish for at this late stage. She also looks very happy and healthy too! Have you seen some other women who only have six weeks to go. UGGH!!!

  • butthead

    sean is a cutie.

  • Shannon

    OMG!!! Leave her alone!!! The poor girl can’t even pull out because there are so many photogs in the way… There should be some kind of law protecting people from that kind of harrassment!! As much as I enjoy looking at the pictures, I would rather have celebrity safety than a bunch of pictures up peoples noses because they get so close and in your face…

  • juliw

    Britney looks great im so excited to see her make her comeback. Im glad that she is happy and sean p is gettin so big.

  • joha

    wow!that is so freaky!you all are so ——

  • maryann


  • Bebe

    SHE’S JUST BEING NICE TO EVERYBODY BECAUSE SHE’S GOING TO PROMOTE HER NEW ALBUM SOON. AND PLUS SHE FOUND OUT ALL THE NASTY THINGS THAT WERE BEING SAID ABOUT HER ON THE BLOGS. THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH AND YOU SHOULD FACE UP TO IT.On a kinder note, I think she has good shoulders, strong ones. Looks like she might be workig out a little. BUT… and you know there’s always a ‘BUT’… she needs to be a little more discreet when hiking up her baby doll dress or whatever you call it. Atleast don’t stick your elbows out like wings, showing the world your boobs can’t hold up your dress. AND can’t she afford to touch up her roots? I’m sure she can just call someone right up and ask them to come over for a bit and touch them up. Gawd, she seems so lazy at times. What does she do all day? Sit around talkin trash talk with that southern drawl and drinkin beer & eating?

  • Bebe

    And don’t tell me that she’s livin like a "NORMAL" person and that we’re criticizing her too much. EVERYONE and I mean everyone gets criticized just like her. If I was driving around with my baby facing forward in the back seat with the head tilted crooked and the top open where strong wind could take the wind out of a baby, I WOULD BE YELLED AT ON THE STREET OR CRITICIZED AS WELL. I am so sick of these mothers who defend celeb moms. It’s like all their brain cells fell out after their pregnancies.And as far as walkin around with the hair like that or hikin up the dress in public without an ounce of discretion… the girls I know walkin around like that are trashy, immature girls or trashy women with no class. WHATEVER industry you work in, you need to conduct manners and looks in public appropriately. I don’t know about Britney or the rest of you, but I was raised to look and act DECENTLY in public, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU’E WORKING AS A PROFESSIONAL and esepcially if you have all eyes on you! Celebs think they can look like bums off the street and it doesn’t matter. I’m not sayin to look all glammed up! I’m saying to look natural if you like but at the same time don’t look like something out of an alley way!

  • T

    I Kinda Like The Hair On Her , But She Was Better Blonde . I`m Tired Of Celebs Going Dark , Why Not RED ? I Don`t Really Like Her But I`m Glad She`s Happy .Oh & Number 16 , THAT IS A DRESS , NOT A SKIRT .

  • soccergirl26

    She’s white f*ckin trash..

  • rosimar

    ok, dejenla en paz, es solo una una joven famosa que ahora esta viviendo otra etapa ,"transitoria" de su vida,como la es ser madre,y pero aun tener otro bebe, tan seguido ,no planificado debe ser muy dificil luchar contra todo, dejenla en paz, ok, estoy segura que va a superar esta etapa.

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  • sandra407

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.