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Justin Timberlake FutureSex Lovesounds Download

Justin Timberlake FutureSex Lovesounds Download

The cover art for Justin Timberlake‘s album "FutureSex / LoveSounds" has been released.  The LP hits stores next month on September 12, while "All Eyes On: Justin Timberlake" airs on Tuesday, August 15 @ 11PM on MTV.  Scans from Justin‘s article in Teen Vogue September 2006 in the gallery!

Justin Timberlake may think that he’s bringing "Sexyback,” but according to Diddy—it never left.  Diddy said, "I’m a big fan of Justin and he’s allowed to use my catchphrase ‘sexy’ and run with it.  I mean, I got it from somebody else, so it’s all good. [But] I am the king of the sexy, Justin. Let’s not get it twisted."

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justin timberlake futuresex lovesounds 01
justin timberlake futuresex lovesounds 02
justin timberlake futuresex lovesounds 03
justin timberlake futuresex lovesounds 04
justin timberlake futuresex lovesounds 05
justin timberlake futuresex lovesounds 06
justin timberlake futuresex lovesounds 07

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  • Emma

    1st wooooo

  • Emma

    I don’t knwo why i even did that……i don’t even really care maybe just cause all u guys do :PGo justin….can’t wait!!!

  • Jade

    his foot looks like a clowns foot!

  • bored at work

    Uh, Diddy, "sexy" isn’t a phrase.Justin, like Christina, is rocking a vintage-style cover.

  • joliepittme

    STFU P Diddy. Nobody cares about you or your lame manufactured girl bands anymore.

  • ME

    Am in the only woman on the face of the earth who finds Justin Timberlake COMPLETELY unsexy? He looks like a 12 year old boy.

  • design_officer

    a 12 year old that’s been beat down? he’s looking rough and that cover is just so blah. poser thing is getting old.

  • Grimmy

    Nah, your completely right, this guy is totally un-sexy, there is nothing about him that screams out MAN. Woudln’t mind seeing someone like Clint Eastwood (a mans man) beatin the shit out of him.

  • Megan

    Justin looks like Charlie Chaplin in one of those photos. He is so frickin UGLY. Damn, I can’t see why people like him. But I haven’t heard his latest songs, and I am guilty of liking a couple of his old songs. His first and only movie made it straight to DVD. Congrats, loser!

  • Leslie

    "STFU P Diddy. Nobody cares about you or your lame manufactured girl bands anymore. # 5 | joliepittme | August 9, 2006 08:13 PM "WOW, JOLIEPITTME, YOU’RE JUST AS NICE AS YOUR CRAZY BAMZS NON-FRIENDS. TALK ABOUT PSYCHO.

  • Leslie

    GOSH, YOU GUYS (BAMZS) JUST HATE EVERYONE…What a group of negative, bitter, hateful people u r.

  • Diana

    I love Justin. I can’t wait for "Futuresex/Lovesounds" and of course, he’s looking so good.

  • Love Jones

    I don’t think justin can bring sexy back, especially looking like that. Where has he been living lately, Under a bridge? Justin has never been sexy, ever! I can’t stand all this fools (Justin, Ginuwine, Ne-yo etc..) making money off Michael Jackson’s Voice and dancing. Sit the hell down and shut the hell up! Like Jenifer Lewis said "They all STOLE from…"Justin stole and still can’t match up to Michael talent, 40 years in the industry and still on top.Justin be yourself and use your own voice, Biter!

  • n.

    Are you sure those scans are from Teen Vogue? I read my issue from front to back the other day and I didn’t see that article at all. I know I wouldn’t have passed it either. It looks like a Vogue layout as well.

  • black

    I can only agree in saying:SHUT UP DIDDY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria

    Love Jones: I could not agree with you more. Let’s take away all the MJ ‘stuff’ and just talk about what he brought to music and how he MADE MTV. If it weren’t for MJ’s videos, there would be no MTV. I don’t give a ‘caca’ what people say about MJ, he’s still the one they all want to copy. Justin is a big fan of MJ’s, so if he’s copying him, then it’s a form of respect, I guess. Now Diddy. All the monies this man makes and he comes up with this lame girl group, who, in my opinion now, have made the most boring video I’ve ever seen. They look like street walkers ‘trying’ to sing. One girl has a set of pipes on her, but the rest — yuck!Diddy should just go and hang out with his friend Paris, who thinks she can put a patent on the phrase ‘That’s Hot’. They do all flock together, dont’ they?


    Yeah, Justin isn’t exactly the personfication of sexy…I think it’s cause he looks so young. The look he’s doing now is very British dandy/aristocrat – you know the type that have soft hands and lots of money…anyway, he has some great music so you can’t really hate on him any more than that.

  • Maria

    We’re discussing Justin here, NOT Brad or Angie!! KNOCK IT OFF!!

  • Maria

    We’re discussing Justin here, NOT Brad or Angie!!

  • Me

    oh phew! I thought I was the only one..

  • Maureen

    Sexyback ROCKS! Btw, Diddy, sexy isn’t a "catchphrase". Geez, now Diddy’s like Donald Trump-trying to trademark everyday english! Puh-leeeeeeze!