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Nicole Kidman: Pilates Princess

Nicole Kidman: Pilates Princess

Nicole Kidman keeps her form with a morning Pilates class in Los Angeles yesterday morning. To avoid causing a stir up front, Nicole entered and exited the gym through the side entrance.  She may be nearly 40, but Nicole was recently announced as Hugh Hefner‘s top pick of Australians to feature in Playboy.  "She’s bewitching, and the vision of her with a cigarette in one hand and her knickers in the other as a delicious French au pair will haunt my fantasies for months," said Hugh. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Lizzy

    She’s so beautiful and she’s one of my favourite actresses, so talented.

  • antiguzzler

    Is it really necessary for her to be driven to her class in that enormous gas guzzler? I’m happy for her that she finally has a normal hubby but she might think twice about the world she’s helping to leave behind for Bella and Connor with that thing.

  • Maggie

    definitely not pregnant!



  • Janine

    Who cares what kind of car or truck she rides…..there are so many people in our world who have more money and influance than NK and yet they do nothing, absolutely nothing to reach out to the third world and the devestating economic situations within those countries.

  • antiguzzler

    No #5, they don’t do anything to reach out to the third world, which I suppose means that no one else should make any efforts to do anything either since we’re not as rich or powerful as they are.And by the way, those rich and powerful people are very unconcerned about most of the third world because those countries don’t have any oil. So it’s nice to think you’re not subsidizing their indifference, but every time you pump a gallon of gas into a monstrosity like that Suburban you’re ensuring that the countries with oil are the only ones that get any attention.

  • Jill

    Hugh is so funny. Nicole is always looking down. I don’t think I could do that all the time. I’d have to look up alot or keep my head up straight. But then again, I’m one of those people who walks ahead looking at no one with my head up. Nicole, wave to your fans! We still love you, botox and all! lolol (WHAT? What I say?!)

  • Maggie

    Pilates is a little hard. And it’s kinda boring. But I guess if you do it everyday, it should work. I’d need some music though. I’m one of those people who likes the KickBoxing, Belly Dancing or even Yoga, but Pilates is a little boring for me. So, is Step Aerobics. I hate that frickin step. You could trip and fall! Yoga isn’t boring, It’s somewhat relaxing (depends) and requires some weird moves you need to work at. I like a challenge, unlike Step Aerobics. I’ll just use the stairs or step machine, instead.

  • Dina

    Nicole is so frickin thin! Wasn’t she fuller when she was younger, even in her 30s? i mean I know your hormones change in your thirties or forties or what have you, where you get thinner, but she’s thin! She’s thinner than her daughter! I think the first time I noticed how thinner she got was in Eyes Wide Shut. Before that, I think she was much better looking with a better body. I miss the OLD Nicole look, both face, hair and body, which was much sexier.

  • Kim

    I actually like her hair color, It’s not bad. It’s not perfect either, but not bad.

  • kezie

    wow first!ahh we aussie are proud of our nicole.. so glad she had a a normal hubby now.I do wish though that my bum looked as good as hers!*notes to self.. take up pilates!*

  • LILY

    I guess it’s slim picking on the pretty aussie front !!!!!!! Everyone get your eyes checked!!!!! LOL LOL LOL

  • Rachel

    i think hugh hefner is just sick.

  • janine

    Just because someone drives a SUV doesn’t mean they necessarily use more gas than someone who drives an economy car. It’s all in HOW MUCH YOU DRIVE!!!! Maybe she is on the road very little compared so someone who is in their car ALL DAY!!! I believe NK owns a Benltly whick is clearly not an SUV and her husband drives a motorcycle so they seem better than average to me.

  • Lori

    So much for the rumours of her being pregnant! She looks amazing and thin here. I am so happy for her and Keith. I am very glad that she has found a NORMAL man and a great life. I wish them all the luck and blessing in the world.

  • Chica

    She looks amazing. She looks pregnant on that second pic. I just hope she is cause she’s a great mother. Love her to bits.

  • Becky

    Hugh, that was definitely too much information….

  • Me

    I agree! Hugh’s a dirty old man. What a feral comment. Gag.


    its so sweet for nicole kidman to be with her daughter to love.bella must really love her mommy that explains why they are holding hands all the time .I love nicoe kidman i am in love with her she is soooooooooo beatiful And i swear that she must love children she has been aching to have one of her own.i am 12 years old and i love to meet nicole and bella.

    god bless the both

  • cigarettes

    I wonder if she be so popular after 10-15 years as she’s now. All around she’s 40… She looks great! Sure she’s not smoking cigarettes.

  • Joe

    She is smoken hot. All men think so. If I could I would like to kiss her on the lips;-O