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Adrien Brody is Shirtless

Adrien Brody is Shirtless

Adrien Brody and his Spanish actress/model girlfriend Elsa Pataky (tummy tattoo of a crescent, right shoulder tattoo of unknown symbol) have been kicking back with one another in Miami Beach the last few days. The happy couple enjoyed some time by the pool and played some form of racquetball on the beach.   Adrien, 33, and Elsa, 30, have been dating for the last few months.

Adrien is reportedly a demanding personal shopper. On a recent shopping spree with his girlfriend at SoHo’s Lounge boutique, Brody chose all the clothes and presented his lady friend with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down when she came out of the dressing room. In the end, the couple left empty-handed.

More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Sarah-Jean

    They make a cute couple.

  • jay

    she’s hot, looks even better than his ex girlfriend

  • me

    I saw the picture first before reading the names… I thought the girl was Scarlet Johannson at first.

  • skyla

    I like Adrian Brody and girlfriend seems to have the body (albeit very toned and well looked after) of a real woman. Curves in all the right places.

  • Bon-Bons in Bath

    what happened to michelle dupont (or whatever her name is)? i thought they were together! i’m behind on the news…

  • kiki

    She is a vulgar girl in Spain

  • Nettie

    Dang! Adrien Brody IS AL DAT!!!!

  • angelah

    wow his body’s rocking it!!

  • Koko

    She’s not a vulgar girl. She’s very famous, and she was recently named the most desired woman in Spain, so I bet a lot of people in Spain and France (where she’s also very famous) think he’s a lucky guy.

  • ovahnout

    She’s got a great body. Very sexy.

  • none

    They were also together in NYC two weekends ago at the hotel gansevoort – I saw them there at brunch. they looked very normal.

  • alguien

    she’s well known for her poor acting skills that’s why she always plays the sexy girl. And the fact that she even get those roles is because she dates famous people and lands covers in men magazines.

  • getoverit

    Alguien, you post the same thing everywhere. Do you really think it’s so novel that someone plays the sexy girl and does men’s mag covers? Gee, that’s so rare. Don’t be so jealous. He was never going to date you anyway.

  • jessica

    whoa, they both have amazing bodies!

  • UKguy

    he just looks like a really annoying UK radio DJ called colin murray. he is a right tw*t

  • Ramelle

    She’s got a stunning body and looks very sexy. I just don’t buy tis hook-up but they will probably grow on me.

  • bethne

    I LOVE ADRIEN BRODY! He is hot. Not your typical looking movie star but he is a wonderful actor and has a wonderful body. Elsa Pataky seems like a very "normal" person. They are beautiful!

  • alguien

    GETOVERIT, it is was the very first time I write in this blog!!, I have my right to speak my mind without anybody messing with me without even knowing me!!. By the way, dating that dude would be the last thing I’d do, he’s the ugliest man on earth, agrr!!.

  • Mel

    Can anyone tell me please what is the name of the game they’re playing on the beach (with raquettes and a ball)?!

  • yuhu

    Its named in Spain "Las Palas" I joined so much playing to this every days at the beach. It is a game only for beach.

  • april

    Gosh, Alguien – it’s just as well he’s not interested in you then, isnt it?

  • suckmyrock

    I suppose "Alguien" is Spanish just like me. La Pataki (as she’s called around here) started being known because of her role in some rather shitty teen series on tv. A bit like Laguna Beach (us) or Hollyoaks (uk). Then she got a good nosejob and started being on all the covers of Spanish men’s magazines like FHM. Then she started dating that french comedian who humilliated her on a french tv show, play the on/off thing with the press and also starred another crap tv show called Los Serrano and only for a few months (she hasn’t even been a regular in the cast). Seeing that she can only play the sexy kitten kind of role she flew to LA to try luck and I think I read somewhere she took some acting classes. Anyway it’s like there’s a huge dark campaign in the shadows to make her world-wide famous, just like how it happened with Penelope Cruz. In fact their career evolution seems the same. SO lay off Alguien k, thnx. Ps. Pataki’s smarter though.. Adrien>>>>> Tom Cruise

  • Cindy

    Beautiful Girl Great looking guy in love.Thats the bottom line here.Both are happy.Much happiness to you both Adrien and Elsa

  • millie

    Wow! What a beautiful girl- great face, stunning body–so nice to see real curves for change. They look great together, I don’t care if she’s a great actress or not, she seems bright, speaks several languages and looks very charming. Brody is a lucky guy.

  • Beky

    Elsa no es, en absoluto, una chica vulgar. Es muy guapa y muy sexy y con un encanto especial. En España está considerada la española más deseada. La gente habla viendo solo 2 fotos…Desde luego…

  • Silvia

    I invites you to visit her oficial web site, and after yo can think of about her.she is a beautiful girl, an the most desired woman in Spain, so, women envy her, and write mesages like the lasts bad comments in this page.she isn’t named pataki. her name i s Elsa Pataky. she’s a great women although a lot of people are in opposition of her. Is a disadvantage that she has, due to be a beautiful, intelligent (she has studied journalism, and speaks 5 languages) and a person who likes to obtain her aims in this life!She is great!

  • Carlota

    Elsa Pataky is just great : good actress, beautifull and intelligent. I hope she can find the happiness by the side of Adrien. They look fantastic together and I hope they will have a happy and longlasting relationship. Even if I’m a woman, I don’t envy her but I admire her.

  • Richard

    MMMNNN – Adrien Brody is so SEXY!!! His body is SMOKIN! Have always found him incredibly sexy!

  • anna

    Wow, what are a very gorgeous couple. I read they are really in love and are going to get engaged. I can’t blame them. They sure look happy in the photos.

  • azz

    I must remember the Spaniards who say that she is beautiful that if they remember her in the first series when she nontapeworm the OPERATED NOSE, the teats, the pomulos(cheeks) and contact blue lenses .even she has recognized that she has operated all that and measures 4.11 inches,in addition to being terrible actress,as the critics says about her,she got the award of the worst spanish actreess,and also when brody was shooting the movie manolete in sevilla,south of spain,she moved to sevilla(she lives in madrid)and followed him around all the nightclubs,until she got him.In the movie ninette she doesnt need too much acting as she is as the caracter that she played,a stupid blonde.

  • al

    go to this web,you will see her before the nose job:

  • spaniard

    to Azz and Alguien: you are absolutely right! She can’t act and very vulgar in Spain. In most of her movies, she will go naked. That’s why she needs to get very famous boyfriends because she is dumb, to all of you who said she is beautiful and intelligent: HAHAHA.. what a joke! Beautiful?? YEAH AFTER nose job, boob job, tons of liposuction, collagen injection. Intelligent? she’s so stucked up, look at her interview.. No wonder Fonsi Nieto ditched her for a better looking also natural model.. PUTAKY BIEN OPERADA

  • fony

    but why Spanish call her “putaky” or “pataki”? what does it mean