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Leo & Tobey Beach Pictures

Leo & Tobey Beach Pictures

TMZ reports, "Good friends and Hollywood Hills neighbors Tobey Maguire and Leo DiCaprio are taking a holiday in Hawaii this week. Tobey‘s pregnant fiancee – Jennifer MeyerLukas Haas and an unidentified blonde (is that Leo‘s rumored new squeeze, Bar Rafaeli?) were there as well."  All I gotta say is that I’m very relieved that filming for Spider-Man 3 is way over and done with…  More picutres in the gallery!

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32 Responses to “Leo & Tobey Beach Pictures”

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  1. 1
    me Says:

    yuck! the’re both short and flabby! there are tons of guys who way hotter than them.

  2. 2
    me Says:

    both short and flabby! what happened?

  3. 3
    Lorena Says:

    What the hell…didn’t Tobey JUST finish Spiderman? Where at the abs??!! Maybe he just ate.

  4. 4
    Ed Says:

    I agree, they both look fat and pale. What’s wrong with Leo’s hair? It looks like if he has hair plugs. Tobey really let himself go. Where’s that spiderman body?

  5. 5
    RSL Says:

    Y’all need to step OFF! Tobey’s still quite doable. I know y’all aren’t used to male celebrities having actual adult male bodies but that’s about what they look like.Come here, Tobey… Let me make it all better.

  6. 6
    kelly Says:

    whats wrong with havin a bit of flab it actually shows there human and not superficial like all these over so called hollywood hunks it’s pathetic if ppl think u shuld be perfect all the time there still cute to me so get a reality not everyone devotes there life to looking good and staying trim im sure your not perfect and i know im not so leave them alone

  7. 7
    Arden Says:

    gross. these people make me sick.

  8. 8
    Greg Says:

    Gross, you people make me sick. They’re people, not fitness machines. Get over yourselves.

  9. 9
    guest Says:

    I’m not a big fan of Leo, but i like Tobey. He’s going to be a daddy soon. How cute!

  10. 10
    ray Says:

    how long ago did spiderman filming stop? i always assumed it wasn’t actually him in the costume unless it was a closeup.

  11. 11
    rake Says:

    Stop defending flab as normal. Flab is unhealthy.

  12. 12
    Disgusting Says:

    Disgusting.Esp. TOBEY!!!Duh~~~ What a loooser!!!disgusting yuk!!!:)

  13. 13
    Angelika Says:

    I agree with Kelly, a little flab just shows they’re human and not better or THAT much hotter than us ;)God, and rake, how can you say that a ******’ FLAB is unhealthy? Being fat and not doing any sports is unhealthy, but not a little "belly" like this!Why can’t we just go over that skinny-to-death body ideal in Hollywood?

  14. 14
    Marilyn Says:

    I am sure that all of you have "perfect" bodies! LMAOThey are real people..HELLO!!!!!!

  15. 15
    3monkeys Says:

    They can still act and Maguire steps up everytime he has to go through a physical change for a role.Spiderman 1, 2, 3, Seabiscuit , ride with a devil…If they want to relax with their millions I could care less.

  16. 16
    bohy Says:

    leo is not short… he’s about 6’1"

  17. 17
    Ed Says:

    All the flab defenders must be lard asses.

  18. 18
    hotbitch Says:

    from Tobey Maguire to Tubby Maguire!!!!!!

  19. 19
    kelly Says:

    bohy to be a flab defender doesnt actualy mean were lard asses im 7st 5 but im sure in your eyes i must be fat of course theres nothing wrong with being fat or a little flabby it’s natural and believe it or not there are people that aren’t rakes out there it must be shocking for you to hear of course seeing as you msut be so perfect

  20. 20
    kelly Says:

    sorry that was meant for Ed and leo isn’t short really sorry bohy

  21. 21
    Terry Says:

    LOL, RSL #5. I think Leo’s cute. I wasn’t attracted to him until a couple years ago, when he got a little more manly, lol. I didn’t think he would ever grow out of his boyish looks.I don’t like Leo’s choice in women. He goes for these blonde, model-looking types (or actual models only). And why always blondes? Have you noticed how his last two girlfriends have a face cut similar to Leo’s mom? His German mom. And Leo’s supposedly a momma’s boy. I am not attracted to Tobey, but I think he’s the anti-Leo. Tobey’s woman is not all that attractive… not attractive at all and short. But he loves her and doesn’t go for these models or ***** and he can get any girl he wants, being a celeb.I wonder what Leo was doing with Giselle recently? DOES HE HAVE TWO GIRLFRIENDS NOW?

  22. 22
    Diana Says:

    OMG WHO CARES if they are flabby, good for them not worrying about Hollywood Standards, can any actor/actress be good enough?? They are either too skinny or too fat, some of you all must be PERFECT!!!

  23. 23
    april Says:

    They are NOT flabby – they’re NORMAL. I know you people dont know what that is – being the American magazine shove skinnier-than-all-hell lollypop people down your throats, but can we get a little realistic? And if you take into account the 10-15 lbs the camera adds – these guys are STILL better built than most of you.

  24. 24
    Angelica Says:

    Hate to break it to you guys, but Bar Rafaeli is not "a rumored new squeeze", she’s been there for a long time by now (over a year). I do not know if it is her since the picture’s taken from the back, and as far as I know, Bar should be in Israel these days, but still – she’s not "new" with Leo.

  25. 25
    Roxy Says:

    I saw Leo in LA a few weeks ago and I gotta say he’s hot in person! Looks like someone else spotted him too!

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