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Michael Knight: Project Runway

Michael Knight: Project Runway

Oh crappity crap crap crap! Is Angela turning over a new leaf or what?  Since when did she learn to make such a nice dress?  It seems she learned a bit of restraint from her time with Laura and Michael from last week…

So this week, the Project Runway 2 designers modernize a fashion icon their models chose.  Here were the match-ups I mentioned last week: Angela & Audrey Hepburn, Michael & Pam Grier, Robert & Jackie O, Jeffrey & Madonna, Kayne & Marilyn Monroe, Uli & Diana Ross, Vincent & Twiggy, Alison & Farrah Fawcett, Laura & Katherine Hepburn, and Bradley & Cher. My favorites were Michael, Angela, and Laura‘s but check out everyone’s designs in the gallery!

And since I’m rooting for Robert Best to win, I must say: STOP MAKING BORING DESIGNS.  [/end rant]  The preview for next week shows the designers wearing boots in New Jersey.  Could they be at a garbage dump?  Landfill? Possibly being forced to make use of new materials, like recyclables?

AUF’D :: Bradley Baumkirchner
WINNER :: Michael Knight

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  • stef

    I loved Allison’d dress for the Farah Fawcett look…. I also liked Uli’s purple dress….

  • Maria

    Oh my gosh, there’s NO WAY that Jackie O would have been caught dead in what Robert made. What was he thinking? I agree, when did Angela come up with something so beautiful? Loved the Pam Grier outfit. It deserved to win. It fit the model perfectly.Sad, but Bradley needed to go. His Cher outfit was just awful……….awful! My favourites were, Michael, Uli, Angela and Laura.

  • avneo

    I loved Michael’s design!!! Finally he got some well-deserved airtime. I also really liked Uli’s mix of prints and colors. Thanks, Jared!!!I’m gonna miss Bradley’s awkward, dorky soundbites.

  • Maggie

    Are you kidding? Angela’s dress was awful!1 Audrey’s rolling in her grave right now.

  • dragonfly

    I think Angela’s dress looked very Breakfast at Tiffany’s with a modern twist, which is what they were supposed to do, right?Believe me, I am as shocked as anybody at Angela’s last two successes, I thought she was goner with her first awful designs, but she has surprised me.I am so glad Micheal won! He did a wonderful job, and he is such a gentleman. He seems like a really nice guy, and he knows what he is doing when putting a garment together.I am soooooo glad Bradley is gone! His creepy thousand mile stare was too much. I’m not surprised he designed that horrible tin foil Man-From-Mars top, cuz he’s a space cadet.Other strong contenders are Allison, Laura, Uli & Kayne. Robert is talented too, but he better get in there and pick a really bold fabric with some color kick to it next time. Tim is right, he’s putting us to sleep with all the beige and navy. And what was with that rope belt? Hideous. At Mood, he was looking at lovely sky blue fabric, and then he wound up getting that beige linen….yawn.

  • dragonfly

    Maria, are you the same Maria from the Brad & Angie thread? We keep bumping into each other! LOL! I agree, Jackie O wouldn’t have worn Robert’s dress at all. I hate he keeps missing the mark.

  • meaghan

    I am in love with Michael. The man has talent and i’m glad he won this challange because that outfit was hot. Felt bad for poor Bradley it would have helped if him or his model actually knew anything about Cher.I hated Angela’s dress. I don’t think Audrey would have worn that it was too busy, but then again Audrey only wore Gevency. I also thought Kane was way off mark with the Monroe dress. Now that i think about it his dress could have worked for Cher.

  • Vicki

    dude totally a fan of Michael – ’bout time the guy won!!!

  • katie

    Uli’s dress looked a lot like Jessica simpson’s dress she wore to the MTV awards.Okay I double checked before I posted this and they do look a lot alike. Both purple with the leopard print around the middle. I like Uli’s better because of the neck line though.

  • anne

    i think it’s project runway 3 not 2

  • Hal

    umm, it is Project Runway 3, jared.I dont get the judges…Vincent is still on? At least Angela has turned out some nice creations since getting her beating on the runway.Michael is the bomb and my prediction to win the whole season.

  • Alicia

    I would have to agree with Heidi’s comment about the Audrey inspired dress: "I want one in every color" that dress is hott!

  • dragonfly

    Jeffery is an ass. I hope he goes next. I haven’t liked anything he has done on his own. His Madonna outfit was too wacky. And he’s ripping on Angela about her bubble skirts, and he puts one on his own outfit. He’s a jerk.

  • kelsey

    I cant beleive they kicked off Bradley, he is hilarious, and I liked the pants but the shirt was off but so is Cher. I dont like Angela and I dont like Robert either.

  • angie

    i love michael…….he is great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joyce

    I love Michael. I think he will win it all and its about time that they recognize his talent. I’m so happy he won not 1 but 2 challenges in a row, he’s on fire!!!! Also I agree, Jeff’s an ass and why is Vincent still on the show!!? Are the judges on crack? They must be on the same stuff that Kayne was smoking to make that hideous Green Monstrosity of a dress.