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Posh's Neck Tattoo

Posh's Neck Tattoo

Deciedly darker Victoria Beckham was out shopping in central London yesterday.  Her new short do uncovered a tattoo running down the back of her neck, which has been hidden for years by her hair extensions. The tattoo is apparently from the Song of Songs 2:16 and translates to: "I am my beloved and my beloved is mine."  Her hubby David Beckham got matching Hebrew tattoos on his left forearm on their sixth wedding anniversary tattoo during a recent trip to Singapore. More pictures of Posh, 32, in the gallery!

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posh back tattoo 01
posh back tattoo 02
posh back tattoo 03
posh back tattoo 04
posh back tattoo 05
posh back tattoo 06
posh back tattoo 07
posh back tattoo 08
posh back tattoo 09
posh back tattoo 10
posh back tattoo 11
posh back tattoo 12
posh back tattoo 13
posh back tattoo 14
posh back tattoo 15
posh back tattoo 16
posh back tattoo 17

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  • Posh

    She used to be lovely during her Spice Girls days.

  • stephanie

    FYI, Jared: she and david got the tattoos only last year, this very month in fact. their sixth wedding anniversary was spent in singapore, but it was last year. they were married on july 1999.

  • Sarah-Jean

    I want her shirt!!Cute tattoo

  • Sin

    Good job she doesn’t have a hairy back.

  • kempeke

    I think her poor diet is really affecting her skin. her forehead does not look good.

  • Maria

    Kempeke: I agree. Her face is not a good look right now. Love the shirt, but hate that she likes to show off all those bones! She wants to look sexy, but when I look at those bones, gosh — makes me a bit ill.Posh: Yes, she did look better then. What in heaven’s name happened to her? I mean, she’s credited for making David look good — as if he needed any help — but she’s not taking care of herself. She’s not one of my favourites, but she needs to ger herself together before she fades away into really ‘health crisis’.

  • rah

    i agree! her forehead looks B-A-D.. like covered with acne or something.

  • Me

    Women should stick together NOT rip each other apart. Society provides us with enough woes to last a lifetime, no need to add to it.

  • Maria

    OK, let me understand something, since I don’t know much about boob jobs. When someone who’s never had big boobs gets bigger boobs, can they (I’m sure it depends on the size) just go around without a bra? I don’t understand Posh’s bra thing going on. Heck, if I was that skinny, with purchased boos, I’d go without a bra. Naughty me!! HA! HA!Me: Yes, women should stick together, but there are times when we just don’t. It’s nature, I think — only kidding!! HA! HA!

  • Nika

    Unflattering shoes.

  • mariah

    GAWD do I hate her!! She is as ugly as you can get, no personality (never smiles), has an arrogant persona as if she is "queen bee" and above everyone and everything else, is an inspiration for people who have eating disorders, doesn’t parent her three boys’, yet talks about wanting more and instead spends her time on what? shopping, beauty makeovers, tanning, primping, posing, etc… ya, I guess this her legacy to her boys’… Mummy couldn’t be with you because she was way too "busy" and selfish making sure she kept up with her own needs— basically being seen and keeping up that public front of being famous and being a "celeb"What a waste of a human being! I wish that she would just disappear from the radar, why do we need to be bombarded with pics. of her fugly mug, NO THANK YOU!

  • Maria

    Mariah: OK, tell us how you really feel? HA! HA! The kids are with their nannies. This is what rich people do. They have babies and they turn them over to the nannies. Look at Tori Spelling, she was raised by her nanny. When she got married, she didn’t burn a picture of a family member who’s gone or a friend, but her nanny — (some kind of tradition on the island they got married on — suppose to burn pictures of the ones you love who have passsed away) of her nanny that past away. Tells alot, doesn’t it?

  • Sandbitch

    oo-ee a back tatt! It looks like someone scribbled on her back with a felt tip. Now it’s clear why the hair extensions came off *when* they did. Bitch has has been waiting for the scabs to fall off. She should stay indoors until the big scab falls off it.

  • erica

    To all you jealous motherfuckers:Victoria is FIERCE!!!

  • Mariah

    Maria– I hadn’t heard that story about TS and the nanny picture– pretty sad if you ask me. And to Erica— I for one am NOT JEALOUS of that pig-snout, anorexic, snobby, arrogant, pathetic/useless excuse for a mother! All I am saying is that with all of her $$$, she has the luxury to be able to spend oodles of time with her boys’ but what does she do instead— she shops, shops, shops~! PATHETIC!! Who suffers in the long run? Those boys, that’s who– materialistic crap can only take you so far… children need to feel loved, a sense of security and they should have stability in their lives… How much stability do those 3 boys have when their parents’ are all over the place due to their "careers"?, and they themselves are on a plane back and forth between teh UK, Spain and who knows where else… not much stability there, I’m afraid… when you have children your priorities should change and it should be about them and not YOU anymore– which is something the Beckhams’ are sorely lacking, they need to set their priorities straight!!

  • katieholmes

    oh so FUGGGGGGGly… with all that money and look like a monkey… so fucked…

  • Athletic

    She dresses fantastic most of the time. She does need to take better care of her body. Her skin looks terrible and so do those protruding bones. Why does she always look so damn miserable? Well, I guess I’d be miserable too if my husband cheated on me multiple times.

  • jen

    i like your bag victoria….

  • Rachel

    she just can’t stop showing off those stick-thin thighs with her skiny jeans, can she?

  • lety

    Maria, from someone who does have a boob job, yea you can walk around without a bra, I rearly wear one.

  • A

    holy sh*t christina aguilera has the same tattoo wonder who copied who i think mrs beckham did .naughty beckham! such a copy cat always has to out due every woman her man lays eyes on. maybe she wouldn’t be anorexic if her hubby loved her. poor posh

  • wundersmack

    I adore the VB, I think she is stylish and thought-provoking. But girlfriend needs to have her boobs redone! They look horrid, lopsided and hard as baseballs. You can afford it, Vic! Get some better, more normal looking implants this time.

  • wundersmack

    Oh, and I agree — this is our next ProActiv poster child. Get thee to a dermotologist pronto, VB!

  • Sandbitch

    Maybe VB wears a bra because without some padding, it looks like she’s got Lego for breasts. Come to think of it, she is Lego.

  • Queensshorty

    Am I the only one who thinks she seems horribly insecure? Remember when the paps caught a picture of her bald spot and she immediately went and got her weave redone? Why does she care so much what people see in these pictures?

  • A

    Like I said Queensshorty. Myabe If she didn’t have to compete with every other woman that walks past David in the slightest chance he might cheat again then she wouldn’t be so insecure and try to look her best or rather what she thinks is her best.

  • c

    Victoria: You are not Jewish. I repeat: you are not Jewish!If you want to be Jewish, convert, and let David get the snippity doo dah.Otherwise, stop trying to coopt religious traditions that don’t belong to you. It’s not cultural, it’s religious, and it’s quite disrespectful to have it tattooed on your skeleton-like frame.

  • Eme

    She’s to be actually quite attractive… what is she doing to herself? She’s way too dark… and obviously it’s ruining her skin. Her make-up is all wrong — everything is so dark – why Victoria why? What happened to glamour?

  • Maya

    I dig the tattoo (religion traditions or not) and short hair is way better on her! Thts about the only compliments I can give her.

  • LeahTard

    She looked better with a little more weight on her though, her legs are like toothpicks…eww.

  • Sera Dolphins

    VICTORIA ROCKS !!!!!!!

  • Lady T

    Why does Victoria never smile?!? I mean she’s a famous celebrity, she’s got three beautiful children (all boys), and a HOT husband! If I were her i’d be Miss Grinny Grin-Grin. She needs to get up off that “High Horse” she’s on and start enjoying her life instead of going through the motions. I love her style and taste in designer things and such but, she just needs to SMILE! COME ON GET HAPPY!!!!!

  • danielleByrne

    i am geting that tatoo tomorrow, but the tatoist said that i have to translate it myself but i dont want two, hurs looks better and i want but hurs says but do yu think i should or get something that means soemthing ????????? ,
    but hur writting looks betterrrr x

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