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American Gangster

American Gangster

Heaps more pictures of Russell Crowe filming American Gangster directed by Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Hannibal, Black Hawk Down). Today, was a Star of David day.  Check out the posts below if you haven’t been following…

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american gangster 01
american gangster 02
american gangster 03
american gangster 04
american gangster 05
american gangster 06
american gangster 07
american gangster 08
russell crowe american gangster 01
russell crowe american gangster 02
russell crowe american gangster 03
russell crowe american gangster 04
russell crowe american gangster 05
russell crowe american gangster 06
russell crowe american gangster 07
russell crowe american gangster 08
russell crowe american gangster 09
russell crowe american gangster 10
russell crowe american gangster 11
russell crowe american gangster 12
russell crowe american gangster 13
russell crowe american gangster 14
russell crowe american gangster 15
russell crowe american gangster 16
russell crowe american gangster 17
russell crowe american gangster 18
russell crowe american gangster 19
russell crowe american gangster 20
russell crowe american gangster 21

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  • creativegirl

    JJ please does anyone really care about Russell Crowe? Multiple posts about anyone else but Russell Crowe.I love you though!

  • TingSK

    Crowe fans around the world thank you. Flowers, candy ~ what shall we send you?

  • Crowe fan

    Yes, I believe there are a great many of us who do really care about Russell Crowe. Thanks, Jared!

  • emogurl

    Yes there are many people who cares about Russell Crowe. They are also fans of good acting and excellent movies . They don’t care so much about the latest antics of Brangelina or TomKat unlike so many people apparently. Again, thanks Jared for posting these pics. It’s very much appreciated.

  • notha

    Ew! He looks weird. Too bad, he used to be really hot untill a few years ago :(

  • uh_oh

    Thanks for posting more pics of Russell. It’s nice to see a guy who’s not all metrosexual for a change — not that there’s anything wrong with that. ;-)Wonder which decade this movie is set in? His hair cut does seem to be kind of 80s.

  • OiVei

    "JJ please does anyone really care about Russell Crowe? Multiple posts about anyone else but Russell Crowe."Half the people mentioned here I have no interest in, so I just scroll on by instead of making a derogatory ‘it’s all about who I like’ comment. "Ew! He looks weird. Too bad, he used to be really hot untill a few years ago :(" It’s all in the eyes of the beholder. I used to think other actors were hot. Things change.Thanks JJ for all the photos you’ve provided. I don’t think we (fans) thought we would ever see such an open set. It’s certainly generating interest in the film, at least on this end.Thanks again.

  • OiVei

    "Wonder which decade this movie is set in? His hair cut does seem to be kind of 80s."If I remember correctly, early 70s.

  • Lindsay

    wow he looks like Benjamin McKenzie from the OC but I guess more like in 10 years. Too bad for him, Russel is definatly loosing whatever it was he had maybe ‘Ryan’ will have better luck

  • kace

    yeah more pics of Russell! Thank you!!!

  • Karen (c4c)

    There are so few left to care about. TG for Russell!!

  • uh_oh

    Oi vei — yeah, that makes sense. it does look like a 70s hairstyle.Thanks again JJ for the pics. They are appreciated.For those making snarky comments about his looks, did it occur to you he may look this way because he’s in character. This guy is a real actor.

  • Elizabeth McCallister

    For those of you going "ewww" and commenting about how Russell Crowe is losing his looks – he’s in makeup and looking like his character is supposed to look. Remember how he looked as Jeffrey Wigand in "The Insider"? And then followed that up with "Gladiator"? Crowe has always morphed into whatever is required by the film and character, so if you don’t like his 1970s Richie Roberts, wait and see what "American Gangster" is like. IMHO, I don’t care how he looks because he is the best actor I’ve ever seen, and has never failed to deliver outstanding perfomances. For those of you who don’t care about Crowe, why visit this category? Just wondering.

  • creativegirl

    I guess I stand corrected – there are people who care.

  • 7dlh7

    Good onya, creativegirl. Not many naysayers actually come back and stand corrected. ;-) I salute you.JJ, what would you like? I don’t have kids so first born is out of the question, but dude, you’re THE MAN! :-D

  • shirli

    Finally, a REAL actor. He made it in Hollywood through sheer talent, and not simply by virtue of his looks, or by sucking up to the phony celeb media(like People magazine.)- the way a lot of no-talent celebs are doing these days.Thanks Jared.

  • LML

    You all remember to thank for the pictures when paparazzi nab a picture of Tennyson, Russell’s newborn son, in the same way they nabbed supposed pictures of Suri Cruise. Don’t dare b*tch about it then when you bark and scream for more paparazzi shots like these and pay thanks for them. Russell is getting thick around the middle but nobody notices that because they’re too busy looking at his crotch.

  • Francisca Susi

    Russell Crowe is one actor whom I admire with all my heart and mind! He won’t do things halfways, just total concentration and commitment. That’s why he’s never afraid to appear "ugly" as long as it fits with the character. When he reaches that level of resemblance with the character, guess he doesn’t give a damn of what people say about his looks. This movie would be awesome to watch. I can’t wait! Bless ya Jared! Just keep ‘em coming. (hugs)

  • Just Jules

    Russell loves horrible. Ugly and fat. He’s so NOT hot.I can’t believe I used to have a crush on him!

  • dent

    whatever, I love me some Russel!

  • Rachel

    i think he just wants to left alone.

  • Funny Fan

    Some of his perhaps not so great look in this film is due to make-up, but come ON, he needs an eye-lift right away. And I am laughing my rear-end off at the comment "he made it without kissing up to People" Yes, he made it on talent alone, but did you not read that he sucks up to the tabloid and legitimate press ALL THE TIME in order to get them to print nicey-nice stories about him? He sucks up to the media to try and garner a positive image. A media whore is a media whore. He’s just a very talented media whore.Myself, I’m looking forward to this film because it’s likely to be very good, and not because I think Russell Crowe does or doesn’t look "doable".

  • UKnowWho

    Evah since Russell hooked up with DoraDumbell he has looked horrible. He needs to lay off the booze, broads and herb , it’s aged him . Do you realise that he’s the same age as Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Keanu Reeves ? Russell – dump the leech and get thy self into rehab and then the spa , STAT !

  • People Lover

    Russells obsession with the media is legendary by now. You betcha he’s willing to pay for good publicity.

  • Psychologist

    Wow! There are some nasty comments here. I find it amazing that someone they don’t know can generate such hate and bitterness. Or, maybe that’s the problem. They don’t know him and never will.

  • LML

    Nobody here knows him, seems some people need to be able to accept nasty comments with the good. It happens deal with it.

  • AussieDace

    Rusty has other things to worry about these days rathter than his looks, like running a footy team GO THE RABBITOHS. His wife is a hottie and she doesn’t seem to mind his looks. If you wanna see him looking primo hire out Romper Stomper!

  • memyselfi

    russell how many months are you aren’t you just about due looks like you can barely move you should be on bed rest till the baby comes you should not over do it and have the baby that early love the big belly on you by the way you look good with meat on your bones and the long hair buddy that has got to go you look better with your hair whacked off really short very becoming style love the beard and moustache when you keep it nice and trimmed up and not long and shaggy makes you look older than you really are when the hair is long and bushy love the austrailian accent you have mate